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Xerath Build Guide by kalabi

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kalabi

Freaking nuke

kalabi Last updated on April 22, 2012
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February 5 2012 = Guide published
February 12 2012 = Ganking and got ganked chapter added; Sion added in the Laning phase chapter; Chapter Items modified
March 31 2012 = Games Posted

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Xerath is an nuke champion, it takes a ton of damage, but when the enemy is full-life hardly ever u can kill him at once, so the best for u would be lowing his life and then u use all ur skills to get an kill, an 60% of life (not a tank) can be killed with ur skills

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Summoner Spells


it will be ur escape rout

Use this to be able to Back any time and to help ur friends in their lane too

Another ones

Use this instead of , with ur locus of power u get lots of speed

Well, its heal u and friends, its useful, but its better for ur tank got it

Useful for guarantee ur kills in lane, mid phase, but end game doesnt help that lot as or

its good have some CC in team battles and all, but u already have some CC and slow in mid lane its not good as in bot/top lane, its better for ur AD carries

Don't even think about it

Seriously? Its only work on early game, and it can be worst, u give more exp and gold for the enemy and one lvl in early game helps a lot

Can rise ur AP, but c'mon, Asped? Why do u need it for?

U can be mana starving but not that much

This is more for melee carries

let ur support get this

u are not a freaking jungle

my opinion, Nb spell

Dont even know WTF is this

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Ur best skill for farming is arconopulse, can hit lots of minons and even the enemy, and early game it hits an significant amount of damage, so dont hesitate in use it whenever u can

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Itens of Early, mid, and end game

First Itens

I think its the best option in early game, nice AP, nice Mrgn and gives you health.

Since u have teleport u don't need in the start, and wont be necessary, even if u are mana starving, go back and use teleport.

Another early itens would be this, can turn into an

Early Game

Buy this item because in mid its easier to farm and if u got some good ganks u can have the first blood and buy ur first staff

As i said, its easy to farm in mid, so in my opnion if u got able to buy an that early u can buy it without buying the shoes of speed

If u got more than 4 kills less than 10 min. u can try and buy this OP AP item

Mid Game

When u get ur u already have more than 70 AP and 25 Mpen, its already enough to be mid game, and if u got money enough got , if u dont got this lot of money an its already a good AP, Mpen item.
Or even a can be good enough, why its not on the main items i tell later

End game

Everyone's fed and now its time for baron-chase, super-fasts-team-battle, dragon-5seconds solo, and other things, your next item can be the or even if u dont have that much money.

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Laning phase

In mid ur good farmer, not too much in start game, but lvl 5 u can have some good money, dont hesitate in arconopulse every time u see it will hit an enemy champion, remember u can Back to restore Mana/Health and use ; for this i recommend only Back if u got teleport, or when u can let ur enemy with low life making him back too.
Blue buff is pretty good, so try to get one, combine's with ur jungler to get one in his second appear
U may have some difficult against some enemies, like for example
Has his silence and lvl 6 has his damn flash
Her spear hurts a lot, has her damn heal and lvl 6 she can become in that ****dammit tiger and easily kill u when locus of power
Has that freaking flash and lvl 6 his ult annoys u even in the base
She is a great 1v1 champion, hurts a lot and can kill anyone easily
now lets see, if he is AP, take care, he is equal as nuke with and , so take care, if he is AD take even more care, a fed AD Sion is the best AD 1v1 ever, with he easily beat an Master Yi or Tryndamere, so DONT DIE to him even twice in the lane phase

Almost all of champions who has silence and have something like flash can annoys u because he can avoid ur Stun
An AD champion would be better for u, ur passive its not the best but can help a lot, 15% more armor for Full AP is significant.

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Ganking and got ganked

Its kinda easy for an Xerath gank, stay stealth in a bush, use icon=locus of power and stun the guy, ur piratically useless in auto attack, then only attack if the guy is low-life, dont u worry in ks on your friends, u gank u kill, unless of course if u just last hit them.
Get used to be ganked, ur mid, its normal be ganked for the junglers. If u get ganked for some not-well-gankers with no CC to stop u back, u can stun him and get out with ur icon=flash, here is some gankers...
Annoying, get stealth and have fear, take care and pay attention if u saw some smoke in the bushes or near u, its shaco getting stealth, good luck with that
Evelynn or Twitch
Good luck with them
he has stun and push, and his ult able him to gank u in the turrent, so if u see him, flash, or he will stun u and push to his friend, take care
he has only his ult to gank, so when u see him, u can or stun him when u get back to the floor
Good luck with him, my suggestion would be to stay near the turret when u got all "blind", if u know he ll gank u, dont hesitate in use
stun him and get away from his and his , the range is small, so
just wish to him to miss , of course if u know he is there try to avoid , when u see him lvl6, u can because his ult...
Dr. Mundo
he can be a jungler, but i dont think he is a good ganker, so if u avoid his u can even try to kill him or escape without
when he appears in the , he has that 3 sec. fear and silence for 1.2 sec

There a lots of others one, (all of them actually) but basically u stun and flash, not hard isnt't?

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Usually these items are in ur build:
1- Its an AP , any AP has
2- Its like an AP but its better
3- With ur u hae 60% MagPen

Main build

This goes when u got kills (For ur mejai's) and 14435 of money

Build 2

Build AP/LowTank, when u can kill but its killed a lot too, this LowTank can help, u already have the 15%Armor and with this you "stay" alive, 16795 of gold

Another items

The other boots u can get is this one, its Phreak recommendation

Who knows, u are pretty slow

its a good option to always have AP along the game, it works in long games, more than 1 hour duration, but u have to get this in early game, get instead of
Get this if u dont like

Items i dont like that much

Why i am not used to get its because doesnt give that AP and the spellvamp for Xerath is not that good, only his Q and Ulti can be a good spellvamp, but its a ULTI, so... its better ur tank/ap or support/ap got this for u

The range its not so big and u ARE a good range mage, so again, let ur tank/ap get this

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Team Battle

In TB u can stay our of range of ur enemies, use locus of power, stun the carry or squishy and everyone or the max u can.
If some DPS's comes on u, starting like hell in yourself, u can probably get some kills or lately some assists

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Damn, this game I was God-Like like twice, and was a 4v5 (Me with 4 of course)