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Ezreal Build Guide by Ferehn

AP Carry Full AP Ezreal: ARAM

AP Carry Full AP Ezreal: ARAM

Updated on May 10, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ferehn Build Guide By Ferehn 163,425 Views 0 Comments
163,425 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ferehn Ezreal Build Guide By Ferehn Updated on May 10, 2015
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Hello, everyone! I'm writing this guide in an attempt to expand the number of ARAM guides. My favorite champion in ARAM is Ezreal, so I figured this would be the best way to go. The guide is structured a little oddly, first outlining the purposes of your abilities as full AP Ezreal and then showing what else you need to do to make that happen. If you don't have time to read, just follow the 'Full Burst' build tab.
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Why AP Ezreal?

I played Ezreal for the very first time on ARAM. I was nervous about trying him for the first time, but I had no rerolls. Seeing that we had three AD carries on our team, I decided to try out a full AP build. Though it took the majority of my first game to get the hang of him, I immediately loved his ability kit. I was fortunate enough to end up with Ezreal 3/5 ARAM games that week, so I quickly became accustomed to his play style. Deciding to compare my build and strategy to that of others, I took a look at a few Ezreal guides on MOBAFire. After reading this guide, I knew that AP Ezreal had definite potential. Need some convincing? Here you go. Also from this guide:

AP Ezreal boasts the highest DPS burst on 5 champions in 2 seconds, this test was done by a player called "Makerofhay" and was done with a test of 400AP.

#1 Ezreal 9220 damage
#2 Rumble 9150 damage
#3 Brand 9095 damage
#4 Galio 8500 damage
#5 Karthus 8450 damage
#6 Maokai 8350 damage
#7 Annie 8225 damage
#8 Gragas 7992 damage
#9 Fiddlesticks 7755 damage
#10 Viktor 7620 damage

Now that you understand the terror that is AP Ezreal, let's get started.
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Pros / Cons

- Great range
- Poke for days
- A skillshot that can pass through minions
- A flash-like ability with bonus damage
- Great AP scaling on abilities

- Doing well relies entirely on skillshots
- Squishy (like almost every mid/AP carry)
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Ability Summary

Rising Spell Force: This isn't very useful to AP Ezreal at all, but I suppose it does have slight merit when paired with Lich Bane and if you have the Arcane Blade mastery.

Mystic Shot: The bread and butter of AP Ezreal. This will hit any unit. When it hits a unit, each of Ezreal's abilities have their cooldowns reduced by one second. The cooldown of Mystic Shot starts out at 6 seconds, so it should definitely be spammed. If you can't hit a champion, last hit a minion with it. The mana cost never exceeds 40, so it shouldn't put a huge drain on you. The last thing to cover on Mystic Shot is the use of Lich Bane. Mystic Shot will apply on-hit effects, so that means Lich Bane gives it bonus damage equal to 50% of your AP. This is pretty nice to have on an ability that has a cooldown of six seconds or less. When you spam Mystic Shot like I do, Lich Bane can be a great idea.

Essence Flux: Does not hit minions. It will hit any champions it passes through, so this is great for poking enemies hiding behind minions. Hitting your allies or yourself with it gives an attack speed buff. This a great ability, but it's too mana intensive for ARAM. I only use Essence Flux to punish enemies, contribute to a team fight, or secure a kill.

Arcane Shift: Fantastic for killing that enemy with low health that just walked forward to send out a skillshot. This is Ezreal's only ability that isn't a skillshot, though you still have to land the teleport correctly. The cooldown is 19 seconds on base at level 1, so try to use it only to escape or get a kill.

Trueshot Barrage: Possibly the aspect of AP Ezreal that makes him so viable in ARAM. You can count on hitting 2 to 3 enemies nearly every time you ult, so it's worth sending out whenever it's up. The 90% AP ratio puts down a considerable amount of damage, even with the damage being reduced by each unit it hits (to a minimum of 30% damage). Having 40% cooldown reduction and hitting your Mystic Shot every time it's up will allow you to ult every 30 seconds or so. I rarely use Trueshot Barrage for team fights or sniping. If it happens, that means it came off of cooldown during the fight or as that enemy barely got away. In ARAM, there shouldn't be any worries about you picking off low-health enemies.
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Ability Sequence

"Ferehn, why would you max Mystic Shot first?" Well, the cooldown of Mystic Shot gets shorter each time you put a level into it. More Mystic Shots means more of everything. Since I don't use Essence Flux or Arcane Shift much, it also makes sense to get more damage on the ability that I spam. After maxing Mystic Shot, you'll max Essence Flux for the extra poke damage. Seeing as there's only Arcane Shift left, I'm sure you've guessed to max it last.
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

The runes I use for AP Ezreal are purely offensive. In a normal game, I would play different runes on him for laning and defensive purposes. In ARAM, there isn't much need to build defensive runes on him because you shouldn't be taking a whole lot of damage if you're playing Ezreal at range. Mana regen runes might be a good idea in ARAM, but I tend to conserve mana by spamming Mystic Shot.
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I'll start off the items section by going through any item I would ever build on AP Ezreal, then end it with items I would never build on him. Explanations will be given, of course.

Abyssal Mask: A great defensive item for any AP carry or AP tank. This gives you AP, magic resist, and an aura that lets your abilities hit enemy champs harder. What's not to like?

Archangel's Staff: This item has the potential to be great on Ezreal. Assuming you haven't built any mana items besides Archangel's Staff, Seraph's Embrace gives a level 18 Ezreal just over 120 AP. Assuming again that this is the only mana item you have, the activated shield will give you a 574 HP buffer for three seconds. I wouldn't build this normally, but I've grabbed it on occasion for the extra AP.

Liandry's Torment: A decent item to have when going against tanks. The percent health burn and magic penetration make this great for punching through those annoying walls or even just getting a little extra damage down. Giving 300 health as well, this is a well-rounded item.

Lich Bane: Works really well with Ezreal's Mystic Shot. It's a good option, but I find myself going for other items most of the time. If I get a Lich Bane, it's only because the enemy champs aren't dodging any skillshots successfully.

Luden's Tempest: I love this item on Ezreal because of his Essence Flux. It's super easy to get your proc when you can only hit champions with it. The damage arc from Luden's Tempest might not hit only champs, but it's still nice to get an easy proc.

Morellonomicon: Only build this item if you're up against enemies building max health. This is a nice way to punish tanks who can't dodge.

Rabadon's Deathcap: A must-have. Every single AP carry should build this, it's common sense.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: 100 AP is a lot, and getting the extra 400 health is great. I would only get this if your team has no crowd control.

Spirit Visage: Not exactly the best for AP Ezreal, but it's a decent defensive item on anyone. Magic resist, health, and better health regen for 2750 gold. Pricey, but not a terrible buy.

Void Staff: A very cheap item, coming in at 2,295 gold. 70 ability power is okay and the passive helps with Ezreal's abilities. I build this in most games.

Zhonya's Hourglass: One of the highest AP items, getting 100 armor with it is pretty sweet. I don't like the passive much for AP Ezreal in ARAM, because you shouldn't ever be close enough to use it. That, and I can't count how many times I've just waited for the enemy's Zhonya's Hourglass to wear off so the entire team could stomp them.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity: Only grab these if you have no cooldown reduction. It helps, but sorceror's shoes are a better choice if you can help it.

Mercury's Treads: Anyone building defensively can take these boots. Magic resist and tenacity do wonders.

sorceror's shoes: The boots I build 95% of the time for this build. Magic penetration is always needed on AP carries.

Now for the items I wouldn't build on Ezreal that may seem like a good idea to you. I used to think certain items were great for him, but I've come to find a specific build that works best for him in ARAM (in my opinion).

Athene's Unholy Grail: If you conserve your mana, this won't be needed whatsoever. The mana cost of Mystic Shot is nothing, so sticking to that will keep you sustained longer.

Banshee's Veil: In ARAM, spells are constantly connecting. It's nothing for a team of 5 people to get your shield down so one of them can start ulting you. If it's up, it means you're too far back for them to be targeting you anyway.

Hextech Gunblade: You won't benefit much from the spell vamp. There's no sustaining; you're either standing way back or bursting someone down.

Iceborn Gauntlet: Good item overall, but a waste of a slot for only 30 AP.

Nashor's Tooth: It's not work buying an item that puts too much weight on your auto-attacks. You're looking for long-range poke and burst.

Rod of Ages: It gives 80 AP, but the extra mana would only be worth it if you're trying to go for an Archangel's Staff.
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Bringing It All Together

Now that you've seen your options and have a vague outline of what your play should look like, it's time to try it out. I strongly advise going into a custom game to get comfortable with the range and width of the abilities. If you think that's unnecessary or you're already familiar with Ezreal, go ahead and hop into queue. When you finally get Ezreal, start following the ability suggestions. Mystic Shot is easy to connect, be sure to punish anyone who gets out of position. Once you hit level 6, hit anyone or anything with Mystic Shot at all times. You want to get Trueshot Barrage out as often as possible. Be sure to keep your distance at all times. Your abilities have enough range to keep out of the way. As the game progresses, your items will make your damage insane. Luden's Tempest helps with farming a lot, as does Mystic Shot if you're hitting for cooldowns instead of poke. When you're ready to use Trueshot Barrage, make sure your Luden's Tempest is at max stacks. If a low-health enemy is hanging around and they keep stepping forward, get full Luden's Tempest stacks and use your Arcane Shift to pick them off. When a teamfight breaks out and the enemy champions are grouped on a team member, use Essence Flux to lay some damage down. You'll eventually get the hang of AP Ezreal like I did, which makes him so much more comfortable to play.
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Vote and Comment

That's everything I could possibly tell you about playing full AP Ezreal in ARAM. I hope you enjoyed the guide, and good luck on any games you try this out on. Votes and comments would be appreciated so this guide will receive more attention and catch eyes. Thanks for reading.
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