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Galio Build Guide by Brzzi

Galio - A guide to agressive galio

Galio - A guide to agressive galio

Updated on June 20, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Brzzi Build Guide By Brzzi 2,968 Views 0 Comments
2,968 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Brzzi Galio Build Guide By Brzzi Updated on June 20, 2012
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Hello Mobafire,Brzzi again here.This would be my second guide here and I will explain my way of playing Galio,making it GaliOP.Before I start with anything else I would like you to check out my Cassiopeia guide which has only 4 votes for 2 months (all positive tho).You can find it HERE...
Okay so turn some music on and lets get started.

Okay,I guess Ill be recieving some questions related to my build,screenshot should prove it,I dont play much ranked games but this one should do it:

Am I capable of guiding anyone,you judge,but before/if you downvote at least try the build out,and if you die because of overextending,towerdiving at low levels etc etc its not guide's fault,wanna thank Jhoijhoi for some templates Ill use,it should really make guide look nicer.
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+ Amazing burst if played correctly.
+ Does great damage while still tanking.
+ Easy to dive tower with.
+ Dangerous enemy infront of his tower.
+ Counters 95% mages in game.
+ Hard to gank due to his Righteous Gust

- Your lane gonna get babysitted.
- Your opponent may switch lane with his solo top and be annoying
- Somewhat squishy early game.
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This is what makes Galio...well,Galio..The more tanky you get you are even stronger dmg dealer,amazing early-game,amazing mid-game,amazing late-game.

Your strongest source of damage,crowd control ability.Its a very slow skill shot that might take time to master,but its damage is amazing.Use it to harass enemy,destroy back minions,combo front minions with it + Righteous Gust and more.

Amazing.As its decent damage dealer,it speeds your whole team up,helps chasing,escaping,securing kills,even speeding up minions (which is pointless but cool xD).

Bread 'n' butter.Arguably best ultimate in game,if positioned correctly you can taunt up to 5 enemies,taunt enemies near towers,save your teammates,etc.To get in better position,dont regret using Flash,its totally worth it.Good landed ulti can turn around the outcome of whole game.
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Woah,man you are going with standard AP carry masteries,you insane,Galio is offtank wtf?
Indeed he is,and he still is going to be,but as I mentioned before our goal is to still be AP carry and a tank in same time,masteries help you with that since Executioner and Archmage really are good when it comes to damage.

So lets go step by step.

Mental Force - Pretty obvious choice,dont see why I should bother explaining this.

Sorcery + Arcane Knowledge - Both great masteries,every AP carry's must have.

Havoc - Not my favourite but it is only logical choice sadly.

Blast - Boosting your AP a bit.

Archmage - Lets say you are gonna roll with 700AP lategame,its 35 bonus which is like 2 Doran's Rings,I like it.

Executioner - Finish him! ^^

Summoner's Insight - Im big fan of flash so I like this one.

Expanded Mind - Tiny mana boost,helping early game and also only reasonable choice.

Meditation - Also tiny mp5 boost,doesnt seem like much but its decent early game.

Runic Affinity - Thats why we were going into utility tree,my favourite among all.You are going to get that blue buff pretty often so this fits great.
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Summoner's Spells

My personal favourite. Flash to make the best position for your ulti, Ignite for finishing off,but lets check other viable options.

Pretty good spell but it just doesnt fit my playstyle,I'd rather take ignite,it has got lower CD and I prefer picking up the kills rather than my enemy running away with 100hp.

I just dont see the reason for it.You already got bunch of CC,nitro this just isnt necessary.

As I mentioned above im a Flash lover,in my opinion mid should always have flash over ghost,but if you really prefer playing with this just go for it.

- This is also viable......not.
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Buying order

Start off with Null-Magic Mantle and 2 Health Potions or Boots and 3 Health Potions.

First trip back get Chalice of Harmony and upgrade your boots to Mercury's Treads and if you have gold Catalyst the protector.

Next trip back Rod of Ages , Negatron Cloak or Chain Vest depending on what you need.

Go for Zhonya's Hourglass or/and Abyssal Mask and then get Rabadon's Deathcap.

Later is situational and we will discuss below.
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Items Discussion

Not my favourite item but it fits well on Galio.If you rush it early game it has time to reach its full potentional,gives you nice HP and MANA boosts,also sweet amount of AP only bad side is time it takes to be worth its price.

Still the best AP item in game,boosts your damage drastically.

Be careful,it gives more AP than it looks like.Seriously,MR + AP is just a thing for Galio.I love this item,makes you unbeatable on your lane,boosts your damage and still reduces enemies MR. Couldnt ask for more.

Armor+AP,great to balance out MR/ARMOR and it is going to be useful for sure since 90% of the teams have 3AD in team.Above all of that,still gives you invulnerability for 2 seconds and LARGE amount of AP.

I used to buy this before,then I realized,its not that big of a difference.Lets analyze it: If you are in need of this item it means enemy is stupid enough to focus Galio and you should be happy,on the other hand,it can mean your whole team is dead and you are the only one left so you get crushed.Either way its pointless,since you are going to get killed again.True it gives MR/ARMOR boosts,but you will realize yourself you have enough with your core items and Bulwark

You already have slow,althought its nice amount of HP it just isnt worth it.

With this new patch they really made chalice useful.This upgrade makes you even more happy,fair amount of MR,AP and a decent passive,I like it.

Another situational item to get when fighting heavy CC teams Warwick, Skarner, Malzahar, Leona etc.
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What should be your main goals in lane?
- 160+ cs before 20min
- zoning your opponent
- ganking other lanes
- dont get ganked

It all is pretty simple so lets get on with first thing:
This is very easy objective for Galio.Smash back minions with Resolute Smite,if it results pushing too much take a trip to wraiths camp,do your combo and get some free gold.

In other words,not letting your opponent take last hits for free,make him take some damage,you are really great harasser with your Resolute Smite and Righteous Gust,make use of it.

Bot/Top being pushed? Fly over and smash!
Before you make a small trip to side lanes,ask if there is a ward or you are just wasting time,if not just fly over there,engage with Righteous Gust,slow,taunt BAM!Freekills ftw.

Eh...Nobody wants to get ganked neither do I.
As I mentioned before,your lane opponent is probably gonna cry for ganks,therefore you need wards. There are 2 locations you should place wards,watch minimap and chill.Be sure not to place it in bush since it might be too late for you to see if there are fast junglers like Alistar or Pantheon
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That would be it,I am planning to extend it with whatever you guys feel it needs,I was tending to make it short and understandable and I think i succeeded at that.
Bye fellas.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Brzzi
Brzzi Galio Guide
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Galio - A guide to agressive galio

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