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Galio Build Guide by Niv

Galio - WTF he takes no damage!

Galio - WTF he takes no damage!

Updated on September 3, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Niv Build Guide By Niv 4,058 Views 0 Comments
4,058 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Niv Galio Build Guide By Niv Updated on September 3, 2011
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Introduction - Who is

Galio is a TANK with supportive abilities, great laning phase with great damage, and also great abilities to save your allies and win the teamfights.

Do you like:
Taking 0 damage?
Having an epic neverecall early game?
WIN MATCHES as long as ur team doesnt have too many bastards?

If you answered YES, Galio is the champion for you!
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Pros / Cons

So, whats so good in Galio ?


- Is VERY fun to play, never gets you bored.
- Has great laning and can neverecall in early game, earning you massive gold amounts and over leveling your enemies.
- Has great damage, especially early game.
- The best counter to Magic Damage, and is also great against Physical Damage champs,, he just deals less damage (because of his passive, gains 1 AP per 2 MR)
- Easily win teamfights, especially if your team has more than 1 AoE.
- A life saver
- Deep, Sexy voice.


- Galio has no cons, hes perfect.
- Cant spam skills in early game because of his mana problems (Mana regen runes are for loosers!)
- Must be positioned correctly, Flash solves the problem, usually.
- Is a skill shot champ, some might have problems in the beginning.
- Deep, Sexy voice. Wait... What?
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So, we chose Galio .
Now its time to STUDY him.

Runic Skin

Galio's passive is what makes him such a great Magic Damage Counter, giving him 1 AP per every 2 MR, means more damage when fighting heavy magic damage teams.

Resolute Smite

Galio's Q is his strongest skill, its an AoE skillshot slow with a very nice amount of damage, and is very important in early game, used to save your lane mate or slay your enemies (easily) , and is also your bread and butter skill for farming, usually combined with E


Galio's W , the skill that makes Galio a supportive champion, giving 90 (!!) Armor and MR to a friendly champion and healing yourself for each time that the unit takes damage, your key for ultimate laning, is also great to counter fast attackers and DPS spells (like Brand's passive) because every time they attack, they: A) heal you, and B) deal less damage because of the bonus.

A great skill that i choose to max first because of its bonus, and after all Galio is a Tank and after the laning phase, his tanky-ness is more important than his damage.

Righteous Gust

Galio's E , a great skill that boosts your team's Movement Speed and deals a fair amount of damage. This skill is not as important as Galio's other skills, and its why we leave it with 1 point untill we maxed all the other skills.

Idol of Durand

Galio's R , is THE BEST skill for teamfights, taunting all the enemy champions around you for 2 seconds receiving less damage, damaging them when the channeling ends/is disturbed, for magical damage + 5% damage for each hit he takes while channeilng, up to 40%!!.

This. Skill. Rocks. (heh, heh, ROCKS, get it?)

Its INSANELY useful for teamfights and is combo-ed epicly with ultimate's like Katarina's, Fiddlesticks's, Nunu & Willump's ETC

Flash is used for ganking with the ultimate or positioning yourself correctly for maximum damage

You can find the skill raising order at the top of the page.
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Items according to the enemy team and to the game phases.

Finally, we got the the important part of the build.
The part where you "WTF I TAKE NO DAMAGE".

Item builds.

Always pay attention to the enemy champions, to their builds and they type of damage.
Galio counters MAGICAL DAMAGE champs, NOT AP CHAMPS.
What do i mean?
Champions like Kog'Maw usually use AD builds, but their skills deal MAGICAL DAMAGE, that is to be considered when you decide your item order.

Galio MUST start with Meki Peמdant and 2 potions, i usually start with 2x Health Potions for EPIC laning and neveraclling.

Now, PLAY SMART and use your skills ONCE IN A TIME, DO NOT SPAM THEM or else you will have to recall, losing exp. try using Q when you see 2 enemies close to each other attacking minions, means they wont pay full attention to your skillshot.

Recall when you have 1450g, make sure your lane is not defenseless, purchase Giant's Belt and Boots, and teleport back to your lane (unless you see a lane in danger / a pushable lane).

Purchase Mercury's Treads and Chalice of Harmony when available.

Now its time to decide, look at the score board, check the enemy team and look for:

1. Damage types - PHY or MAG
2. Amount of PHY/MAG champs - if u see an unbalanced team, like 3 AP builders and 2 AD builders (note i mean BUILDERS, i do not look for their skill's damage type NOW) or 3 AD 2 AP, ETC.
3. If the team is balanced, means 2 AP 2 AD 1 Tank, look for damage type, usually tanks deal MAGICAL DAMAGE, sometimes they deal PHYSICAL DAMAGE.

If the team is MAGICAL, rush Force of Nature, if its PHYSICAL (OR if laning phase isnt over yet and you are laning against 2 PHY champs) upgrade your Giant's Belt into a Sunfire Aegis.

Make sure that you have both (if you took A, purchase B after you have A).

Now, grab Guardian Angel, it gives armor and MR and its great for us, and the passive is awesome.

Now, grab Banshee's Veil, its a great item for every champion.
Sell your Chalice of Harmony.
If you feel that you really need Armor, purchase Thornmail, else - purchase Abyssal Mask.
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Summoner Spells

Lets get straight to it:

Flash - Is a must have.
Teleport is a great spell, awesome map controling, get everywhere, anytime, and fast. if you already have a teleporter and you feel you dont need it (even tho i recommend it) you can leave it behind.

Exhaust is useful if your team lacks Exhausters.
Ignite is a *** spell, but its nice early game.
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The guide ends here, i really hope it helped you with Galio, and it would REALLY make me happy if u vote my guide.

Comments are welcome, thanks for reading my guide, have fun winning :)

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