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Vayne Build Guide by Bloobear

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bloobear

General Season 4 Vayne Guide (Refreshed)

Bloobear Last updated on July 22, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Vayne with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Lucian Skillshots and Dodges. You completely counter his ult, his Q, and his E (invisibilty.) The only thing he counters you with is his W, which can be used to find you if you aren't careful. Otherwise, if you're quick, you can use Tumble as an almost overpowered spell against him.
Sivir You will win this lane, unless you act stupid. Her spell shield is nearly useless, as you have one CC, and you move much faster than she does, even with her ult on. 4 rating.

Vayne Guide


Hello, my name is Bloobear, and this is my Vayne guide. Just to clarify - this is my first guide. However, it won't be as mediocre as some guides (no offense =D) but it won't be as good as JhoiJhoi's good Karthus guide. I'll admit, that was impressive, and makes this guide look like poop. But whatever the case is, I hope you enjoy my Vayne guide.

Pros and Cons

  • Weak laning phase
  • Difficult to successfully pin enemies with Condemn
  • Can be closed out if CC'd
  • Very item reliant (in scenarios)
  • Easy to play, hard to master; sometimes vise versa



Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Seal of Scaling Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

Not many Vayne players will typically take these runes, and trust me, I was trying to avoid this too. But to be honest, it's helped me out so much, I couldn't lose a lane (that I couldn't lose, of course!)



Again, this part may seem different from other Vayne guides, but it's helped me out and suits me well, and I think it'll fit you as well! Basically, taking 21-9-0 is the way to go with Vayne, and allows you some more defense with a lot of offense... literally.

Offensive Masteries:
  • Double-Edged Sword : This isn't the best feat on some ADC's, but on Vayne, it is incredibly useful in successful fights. If Vayne can manage to pull off a really nice Condemn, then the bonus damage taken from this mastery is somewhat transparent.
  • Fury : Because you can't have enough Attack Speed! Vayne seriously benefits from Attack Speed, much more than most other ADC champions, therefore making Fury a must on her, as well as on any other ADC in general.
  • Brute Force : This mastery should help you deal furthermore damage with your auto-attacks and with Tumble, making it simple to get. It's generally a good idea on all marksman.
  • Spell Weaving : Unlike most ADC champions, Vayne seriously benefits from Spell Weaving because of Tumble. In a nutshell, every time you land a basic attack, you gain a stack of Spell Weaving , increasing Tumble and Condemn's damage, up to three stacks. It's very useful, and I recommend it on all Vayne players.
  • Martial Mastery : This one is also useful on all marksman. Always a must.
  • Executioner : Executioner is especially useful on Vayne, because she will easily burst down foes with Silver Bolts, allowing her to dominate with bonus damage to low health targets.
  • Warlord : This mastery will allow Vayne to do further damage with basic attacks, Tumble, Condemn, and Final Hour, almost forcing her to have it because of its increase in AD.
  • Dangerous Game : Good for late game; you kill them, you're healed. Simple.
  • Devastating Strikes : Gives you some nice armor penetration your items cannot. If you could get some armor penetration runes, Vayne would rock, but it's simply not worth it when there are other runes out there she could benefit more from.
  • Havoc : Enough said.

Defensive Masteries:
  • Block : This mastery will allow you to trade early game, and will help you out with everything that deals damage to you. Yeah, some would argue it's only 2 damage blocked, but that damage could be the difference between dying and living.
  • Recovery : Mostly useful for early game, this mastery should help you when all you have is a Doran's Blade and bubble gum, and you need some sustain.
  • Unyielding : Simply a bonus damage reduction point for Block!
  • Veteran Scars : Gives you some bonus health for early game. Makes you look tanky at full health, too, which can intimidate some ADC's, believe it or not. On top of it all, just more survivability in general.
  • Hardiness : Helps trading. Plus, why not, right?


Vayne is a very item dependant champion, and as such, this section is fairly detailed. If you want a shorter summary, go back to the top of the page and set your mouse over the "Notes ^" icon. Thank you!

First Buy:
Doran's Blade (440 gold) and Health Potion(35 gold)
  • Doran's Blade is an amazing that is useful on any ADC, regardless of who you may be playing. This item is useful on Vayne for several reasons.
  • Doran's Blade provides very useful health for trading with other ADC's, as well as giving a little bump in survivability.
  • Doran's Blade provides Attack Damage, with, on top of your runes, gives you plenty of damage to go around, making the most out of early farming.
  • Doran's Blade provides minimal life steal, but it is still useful to have in case you have some mana, a little gold, and don't want to make your first back. It also helps in trades.
  • Health Potion is useful in case you take a lot of damage and need just a bit of health to get back into lane without recalling. Please, PLEASE!; only use your health potion after you are level 2, because it is a waste to use it at level 1 when your enemy can get their second ability to almost cancel your health potion. This especially applies to poke-heavy lanes.

First Back:
Bilgewater Cutlass (1400 gold) and Boots of Speed (325 gold)
  • Bilgewater Cutlass should be the first item you should aim for, because it allows you to deal just a bit of extra damage, as well as provide you some better benefits that Doran's Blade provides.
  • Bilgewater Cutlass should usually be bought at about level 4-6ish, which are levels that you can begin leaving little girl mode (farming). At that point, you should begin trading and poking, as well as following up with your support.
  • Bilgewater Cutlass should only be activated for fleeing enemies and chasing enemies. Otherwise, you should NOT use it when trading, unless you really need some burst damage bonus.
  • Boots of Speed are straightforward - they give you speed, and speed is good. Nothing else you need to know about it other than to build it into a pair of Berserker's Greaves when you can.

Items to Rush:
  • Blade of the Ruined King is basically the upgraded version of Bilgewater Cutlass, but much, much better. Blade of the Ruined King, also abbreviated as BOTRK or BORK, is the first full item you should get on Vayne, winning or losing. It provides you damage when you aren't proccing Silver Bolts, as well as giving a bit of damage for Tumble and Condemn.
  • Blade of the Ruined King's attack damage isn't much, but it's something.
  • Blade of the Ruined King's attack speed is what is key here. This item allows you to proc Silver Bolts much faster than ever before, and should be utilized as often as possible. The attack speed on this item is enough to allow you to go from early game kitten to a late game beast.
  • Blade of the Ruined King's life steal is also really nice, as it allows you to regenerate some health in trades, but allows you to regenerate much more in lane.
  • Blade of the Ruined King's Unique Passive is what makes this item so strong on Vayne. Every time you basic attack, you deal % current health damage to the target, allowing you to deal damage to targets before you lay the smackdown with Silver Bolts and Condemn.
  • Blade of the Ruined King's Unique Active is also really nice. If you are trading and are low on health or need to apply a slow, as well as deal damage and gain speed, use this. Blade of the Ruined King's active deals % damage to a target, slow then, speed you up, and heal you. This is very useful for chasing, retreating, and trading - all around, useful.
  • Berserker's Greaves will help you with just a bit of everything, speed-wise.

Offensive Items:
Phantom Dancer (2800 gold), Infinity Edge (3800 gold), and Last Whisper (2300 gold)
  • Phantom Dancer will help you out a lot, as it grants just about everything Vayne needs for her kit.
  • Phantom Dancer's attack speed works just the same as Blade of the Ruined King. See above =).
  • Phantom Dancer's crit chance helps a lot to provide damage before proccing Silver Bolts. In addition, once you buy Infinity Edge, the crit chance will be all but useless.
  • Phantom Dancer's movement speed and unit collision ignoration allows Vayne even more mobility on top of Night Hunter, Final Hour, and Blade of the Ruined King, as well as whatever else your support may have. It's also nice if you don't have Tumble, and you need to move through a crowd of minions.
  • Infinity Edge will help you a ton with damage, as it works very well with Phantom Dancer once you have it. Infinity Edge should be taken third for the sake of Silver Bolts.
  • Infinity Edge's attack damage is insane - 80! That's enough to increase Tumble's damage to allow you to use it offensively (in scenarios, of course!)
  • Infinity Edge's crit chance is incredible, at 25%, which works well with its Unique Passive. See below:
  • Infinity Edge's Unique Passive causes all critical hits to deal damage equal to half of you attack damage as bonus physical damage. In other words, 250% damage crits instead of 200%. That is a huge spike, and allows proccing Silver Bolts to be much more powerful.
  • Last Whisper makes Vayne more powerful than she ever was, if you thought she wasn't powerful enough as it is. It's power overwhelms tanks, ADC's, and anyone you hit!
  • Last Whisper's attack damage isn't a lot, but it's still very, very useful.
  • Last Whisper's armor penetration is unique, meaning it will stack with other forms of armor penetration, but not other unique armor pen's, such as The Black Cleaver.

Defensive-Offensive Items:
Statikk Shiv (2500 gold) and Mercurial Scimitar (3800 gold)
  • Statikk Shiv, in a nutshell, is basically your replacement for Phantom Dancer if you cannot afford it, because Statikk Shiv can be built with Avarice Blade, allowing you to get the gold to get Statikk Shiv earlier.
  • Statikk Shiv's attack speed, movement speed, and crit chance are somewhat similar to Phantom Dancer, however the item has a different unique passive that is more "unique."
  • Statikk Shiv's Unique Passive causes you to gain charges when you walk and attack (6 stacks every 100 units, and 10 stacks every attack). At 100 stacks, your next basic attack does magic damage to four targets, which can crit for more damage. This Unique Passive allows Vayne to have all three sources of damage, and provide a fair amount of each one, to an extent. This extra damage allows you to counter some tanky supports and sustain lanes, as well as help you scale back into the game if you are behind.
  • Mercurial Scimitar is pretty expensive, but if you are up against a CC heavy bot lane/team, then rush this third, in place of Infinity Edge.
  • Mercurial Scimitar provides some attack damage and magic resistance.
  • Mercurial Scimitar's Unique Active is what makes this item shine. On Vayne, this item is a must to rush if you are behind, as when it is activated, it removes all CC applied to you, as well as gives you a nice speed boost to getaway. This item will save your life in place of items that cannot ( Infinity Edge).

Defensive Items:
Guardian Angel (2750 gold) and Banshee's Veil (2750 gold)
  • Guardian Angel is one of my personal favorite items in the game as it allows you to get away with sneaky moves against Ignite and DoT effects, if you manage to sneak out of a fight.
  • Guardian Angel provides a good amount of armor and magic resist.
  • Guardian Angel has one of the best Unique Passive's in the game, which will revive you if you were to die to damage (below 999 true damage - the fountain will kill you through this!) at 30% health and mana, with a long cooldown. Basically, it act's like Aatrox's Blood Well, with a longer cooldown, and healing a little bit less/more. Pretty straightforward, all the advice I can give about it is play aggressive (but defensive) when it's up.
  • Banshee's Veil is still the better choice over Guardian Angel, because if you are winning, you will most likely have Infinity Edge, and not need Mercurial Scimitar.
  • Banshee's Veil provides health and magic resistance, useful for surviving some fights.
  • Banshee's Veil's Unique Passive acts like Sivir's Spell Shield, absorbing an incoming spell/CC. However, it's cooldown only ticks when you have not taken damage for a total duration of 25 seconds. In addition, it will give you some bonus health regen when you DO take damage. This is a passive, so you have no power over it, other than to try and bait CC before it comes back up.

Extra Options:
The Bloodthirster (3500 gold), Youmuu's Ghostblade (2700 gold), and Frozen Mallet (3300 gold)
  • The Bloodthirster is an option on Vayne, however in my opinion, you won't really need it over another offensive item, and you cannot sacrifice your defensive item over it, unless your enemies don't have a lot of crowd control. Bloodthirster is also a nice choice if you are being ganked by their jungler very often, instead of getting Infinity Edge.
  • Youmuu's Ghostblade is another option in case their jungler is ganking a lot, or you are losing lane due to a tanky support. Youmuu's Ghostblade provides some nice attack damage, crit chance, unique armor pen, and cooldown reduction for Tumble, Condemn, and even Final Hour. Take this in place of Last Whisper, if this item is your decision.
  • Frozen Mallet has one purpose and one purpose only - you need to keep your enemies close, without sacrificing too much. If you feel like you are completely demolishing the enemy team, and I'm talking a good 15/4, you can take this in place of your defensive item during the mid-game. Otherwise, once it comes to late game, you should sell your Frozen Mallet for a Guardian Angel. This should be the ONLY REASON you get Frozen Mallet - otherwise, you must be trolling! Silly you!

Berserker's Greaves (1000 gold), Ionian Boots of Lucidity (1000 gold), and Mercury's Treads (1200 gold)

Skills/Skill Sequence

Vayne has one of the easiest to understand skill kits in the game, however one of the hardest to play. Some might say she is "easy to play, hard to master," but I prefer "easy on pen, hard on paper." (It's like you're doing an exam. =D)

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

If you don't know Vayne's abilities, they are below, but otherwise, you should max your Tumble first, so you can get maximum cooldown and damage on it for Final Hour. Then, following that with Silver Bolts will allow you to more damage earlier. In this way, you should maximize your skills in this order: Tumble -> Silver Bolts -> Final Hour -> Condemn. If you prefer priority over maximize order, then here is priority: Final Hour -> Tumble -> Silver Bolts -> Condemn.

Night Hunter: Vayne gains bonus movement speed when following an enemy champion. Basically, Night Hunter helps Vayne chase enemies slightly faster, but does not improve her speed when running away from an enemy.
Night Hunter Notes

Night Hunter Tips

Tumble: Vayne tumbles in the direction of your cursor, and causes her next attack to deal bonus damage equal to a percentage of her total Attack Damage.
Tumble has many uses, but its main use in low elo is offensively, however it should be, as it is in high elo, used defensively. Tumble can be used to dodge skillshots and even allows some impressive plays with Vayne's Tumble + Final Hour mechanic.
Tumble Notes

Tumble Tips

Silver Bolts: Every time Vayne lands a basic attack or casts Condemn, she applies a stack of Silver Bolts. At 2 stacks, the next attack/spell against that target deals bonus true damage, flat damage AND max health %.
Silver Bolts is a very nice chunk of damage against tank champions, and allows Vayne to deal massive damage to anyone, regardless of strength, late game.
Silver Bolts Notes

Silver Bolts Tips

Condemn: Vayne uses a bolt against an enemy, knocking them back, dealing damage, and applying Silver Bolts. If the enemy is " Condemned" into a wall, they take double damage and are stunned.
Vayne's Condemn has a mechanic similar to Poppy's Heroic Charge, however at a ranged distance and knocking them away instead of following through.
Condemn Notes

Condemn Tips

Final Hour: Vayne gains some Attack Damage, as well as tripling the bonus on Night Hunter. In addition, whenever she uses Tumble, she will become invisible for one second.
Now this is what makes Vayne the late game beast she is! Final Hour is misjudged by some players as "a buff," when it should be more like "a freaking robotic suit attached to Vayne for a whole teamfight."
Final Hour Notes

Final Hour Tips

Summoner Spells

Barrier is exceptional on Vayne, because it is an amazing bait to lure enemies into Condemn. If my support has Heal, I take Barrier, obviously, but if they have Exhaust, and based on the enemy team, I might take Heal. Flash is just a bit more mobility, as if Vayne didn't have enough of that. Because Vayne has a pretty bad laning phase, this will help you so you don't fall back, and not catch up with late game. It's also Flash. Enough said. Heal is a nice bait as well, however I prefer Barrier over heal, because nobody expects Barrier sometimes, compared to Heal! This spell is more of a worst-case scenario, if your support is squishy, if they are a kill lane, and your support has Exhaust instead of Heal.
If you want to, you can also just choose other Summoner Spells, such as Ghost, Cleanse, and even Ignite, though it's only in scenarios YOU KNOW YOU WILL NEED THEM IN. Please, please take Barrier + Flash 99.999% of the time.


Vayne is a very combo-reliant champion, and if you don't know how to land combos, YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO PLAY VAYNE. Understood? Good, because pull out your pen and paper - its time to take notes!

Combo 1: Offensive Poke Combo
Attack + +
Vayne relies pretty heavily on this combo for poke. It's simple, fast, easy, and fun to do. First, land a basic attack, follow that up with Tumble so they can't get out of range, and then Condemn them away to proc Silver Bolts and not allow them to poke back at you. Use this combo as often as you can without sacrificing all of your mana, as well as all of your health!

Combo 2: Offensive Kill Combo
+ + + Attack
Pretty straightforward, this is a kill combo used to kill lane opponents. Open up with Final Hour, if you have it. Then, Tumble into a good position and Condemn the enemy into a wall, then apply the beat down with Silver Bolts and auto attacks. Make sure to orb-walk! Please, it sickens me to see non-orb walking Vayne players.

Combo 3: Defensive Retreat Combo
Vayne has a lot of offense on her side, but she also has a glimpse of defense. Condemn will knock units back about 900 units, and Tumble will usually move you about 200-250 units in the direction of your cursor, and considering both take 0.5 seconds to be used, plus another half to cast/reach the enemy, if you time it correctly, you can get a total of about 1150 units between you and a jungler/champion within about a second. Just to give you a perspective of about how far that is, Nidalee's Javelin Toss reaches 1500 units. That distance is enough to save you, and you can also stun then, you can manage to get a good 1200-1500 units between you and them more with the 1.5 second stun against a wall. Not to mention, they'll be on a wall - father away. If you think it will position you correctly, you can also Tumble + Condemn instead.

There are many other combos for Vayne, but these are just three general combos. Just to list some of the millions of combos, Tumble + Attack + Attack, Attack + Condemn + Tumble, and Condemn + Attack + Tumble are just three of the many combos out there. The three above are just general recommendations.

The Three Phases of Laning

Vayne has many phases throughout the game, with "three sections divided between three more secions." Basically, its like there are 3 main sections, each section has 3 chapters. So to say, of course. This section will go over laning phase, as for those who don't know, there are three phases throughout the game: laning phase, ganking/roaming phase, and teamfight phase.

Phase 1 Part 1: Girly Mode (Level 1-3)

Basically during this phase, it is literally as the title proclaims. During these levels, Vayne is pretty much a princess. You'll have no damage, you'll have no power, but this will change as you progress. For now, you're just in girly mode, and farming is necessary. ONLY ATTACK if you have a support that is aggressive and tanky, such as Thresh and Leona. Otherwise, a mage support like Nami and Lulu will have to sit back and chillax, guarding you if it means their life.

Phase 1 Part 2: Newborn Kitten (Level 4-5)

Vayne has grown some teeth and can bite, but the needs claws to do any damage. For now, just poke when you can and play passive, but only initiate and go for a kill if your support lets you do so. Otherwise, you cannot make plays on your own yet. All you have is Tumble, Condemn, and some burst. You don't have any actualy damage yet. Just wait a bit longer, and then you'll have something to show off. (This is about the level you should begin to make your first back, before you hit level 6 with just a Doran's Blade.)

Phase 1 Part 3: Lioness (Level 6-8)

You've grown your claws. Congratulations! Level 6-8 is where Vayne begins to show her true power with a shorter cooldown Tumble and the ability to pull out her crossbow (because she is so lazy, she can't simply use it over an arm-bow all the time) with Final Hour. Around these levels, just play it like a normal lane - not poke, not kill, but a nice mix. If your support goes in, please go with them (but don't ult unless you know it's a kill, and I mean it! If they have flash, please don't, but if they don't, I insist you do) and try to pick up a kill. Otherwise, just farm and poke. Don't initiate for your support, let them go in with you.

Now you've made it through laning phase and you are ready to take on the world!... not yet. You're still pretty weak during phase 2, the ganking/roaming phase. Vayne after level 6 is definitely now a kill lane at around level 9, when Tumble is at it's finest, and allows her to push bot, then roam around a bit. But I'll keep the information below.

Phase 2 Part 1: Pouncing Cougar (Level 9-10)

Right about now, you should learn to push bottom lane and begin to roam, because you have so much mobility and kill potential if you roam at around level 9. Vayne can destroy other lanes instead of her own too! Just make sure that if you do roam, your support comes with you, the laner is there, is isn't warded (sometimes you can dive/chase with Night Hunter) and you know it will be a kill if you play it right. Just make sure you do! Because sometimes, I do roam a bit, I'll go for a kill, and I'm not prepared (maybe I have 1.5k gold in my pocket, for example) because I didn't refer to my very own guide. Oh well, what're you going to do. However, if you begin to lose your lane, then just farm - don't roam as often.

Phase 2 Part 2: Leopard (Level 11-12)

Leopards like to stalk their prey and ambush them. Enough said. Basically, just roam a lot more, especially now that you probably have tier 2 boots like [Berserker's Greaves]] or Ionian Boots of Lucidity. Do the same thing as levels 9-10, but a lot more and a lot more aggressive. Just be careful if your lane is pushed, because you will need to defend it - not your support, not your jungler. Only you.

Phase 2 Part 3: Tiger (Level 13-15)

If you don't know how a Tiger hunts, go back to school... just kidding. Tigers do the same thing as Leopards. But this time, play a bit more passive. Around these levels, fights will begin to emerge. Right about now you can play however you feel like, unless you are losing, then be cautious. Make sure you are NOT passive, though - you just maxed Silver Bolts and it's time to make plays!

Now that it's late game, Vayne has officially grown into her feminine dominance. Now that you have three ranks of your ultimate, it will last for 12 seconds, therefore meaning you can use Tumble up to 5 times (people would argue up to 6 times, but the animatition of Tumble and the attack animation are longer than no time at all, meaning it is impossible to use Tumble more than 6 times during Final Hour.)
In addition, you have a few items and can proc Silver Bolts ~4-5 times, meaning if you disregard your massive auto attack damage, allows you to deal (240 + 32% health) - (300 + 40% health), and that doesn't involve basic attacks, Tumble, and crits! The Silver Bolts damage alone is enough to pop many Tanks, so while in Final Hour, if you use your time wisely, you can easily kill two people at minimum. Late Game Beast!

Phase 3 Part 1: Lioness (2) (Level 16)
Vayne is truly a cannon late game, but that doesn't mean it's made of steel. You aren't neccesarily a glass cannon if you have Banshee's Veil or Guardian Angel, but more of leather one? Yeah, I guess so. Anyways, now just follow your teammates and cooperate with them to allow you to scale even further. You will NOT have full build by now, and even if you did, your enemies may have surrendered, but if you are and are still playing, then good for you! But in all seriousness, just coordinate, and use your kill combo as often as possible in fights.

Phase 3 Part 2: Lioness (3) (Level 17)
Vayne should be playing the same as above, but this time, focus mainly on objectives. Tumble won't work on turrets, so PLEASE realize this! Do not use Tumble while pushing turrets and inhibitors so you don't have to wait 2 seconds after hitting an enemy champion trying to rip your head off. On top of it all, you should have rounded out most of your build for now.

Phase 3 Part 3: Lion King (Queen?) (Level 18)
Maxing Condemn isn't much different than rank 4 Condemn, but by now it has it's lowest possible cooldown, and that means stun city! Hopefully by now the game is ending, but if it isn't, then just do as asked in Phase 3 Part 1. In fights, you REALLY need to focus. If you're smart, you should have been doing it before, but now that you/everyone else is level 18, it's time to make sure you got what it takes to hyper-carry! Tumble and Silver Bolts will do all the talking, while Final Hour does the kicking!

Creeps (Minions and Monsters)

Because Vayne's laning phase sucks just as much as Teemo needs to be killed, you need to know how to last hit, and how to last hit GOOD. I'm talking the fact you need to do a custom 1v0 game every three games, it's that important. If you don't do a custom every three games you play Vayne, I seriously insist that you do.

Creeping: Tumble

Creeping: Silver Bolts

Creeping: Condemn

Creeping: Final Hour

Jungling with Vayne is pretty simple, so I'm only creating three spoilers for the combo to farm them. Understand jungling as Vayne is very easy when you get items, but otherwise, it can be somewhat difficult when the monster is higher level than you.

Jungling: Small Camps (Wolves, Wraiths, Wight, and Golems)

Jungling: Large Monsters (Bloo Buff and Red Buff)

Jungling: Epic Monsters (Dragon and Baron Nashor

Other Useful Information Regarding ADC's

Congratulations! You have now read through and completed (hopefully) my Season 4 Vayne Guide! I'd love to continue making more and more useful tips about Vayne, such as kiting, dodging, etc., but I'm only level 16, I know only so much, and I'm a bit lazy in that regard! So I hope you understand, but if you are looking for some general tips about ADCing, please check out some of the links below, I guarantee you'll love them!

Kiting and Orb-walking: (VERY DETAILED) Kiting Guide by ScrapComputer
Teamfighting: ADC Guide - How to Teamfight as ADC by ScrapComputer
Facechecking: ADC - FaceCheck Guide by ScarpComputer
General Laning: ADC Guide - How to lane as ADC by ScrapComputer

Thank you all very much for reading my Vayne Guide. If you liked it, feel free to upvote it. If not, feel free to downvote it, it's all your guys' opinions, and it's not in my power to do so - it's yours! Also, if you have an opinion on something or find an error, please leave a comment in the discussion for me to find and clarify. Thank you all again, and I'll see you all on the Rift! -Bloobear

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