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Hecarim Build Guide by Adensword

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Adensword

Hecarim, Fastest There Is!

Adensword Last updated on August 12, 2014
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Please read my guide before commenting.

Hi I'm Adensword and this is my first guide so please help me out and not just down rate it if you think it needs work.

My favorite champion for a long time has been Hecarim. Here are my favorite builds. One is a jungle setup that focuses on getting the most out of movement possible. Both for zipping around the map and doing tons of damage from Warpath. The other is more of a tank setup.

I see many builds on Hecarim that don't build much movement speed however I believe that building movement speed is great as MS means more AD. These builds get boots like Boots of Mobility or Mercury's Treads, but many people don't understand that the absolute best boots for Hecarim are Boots of Swiftness. Hecarim gets 30% of movement speed as AD from Warpath so these are awesome for some extra damage. Also they reduce slows which counter hec so they are just a must have.

Many people question why I get Trinity Force. I get it for the awesome amount of MS and spellblade. I have found out that this is just the best damage item on Hecarim so no point in not buying it.

You might be wondering which build to use. Choose my tanky build if you notice that all your friends are picking squishy champions. Choose my speedy build if you want to be ganking and carrying some as Hecarim can carry a team. I have done so many times with this build.

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In all my time playing him, I found out that the best skills for playing jungle Hecarim are Ghost and Smite.

Because of Warpath, Ghost is both a speed and damage boost making it great for him. Smite is just needed for almost all jungle champions including Hecarim. While skills like Flash are great on most other champions it just isn't as good for Hecarim as Ghost. If you wanted to top lane him you could grab Ignite, Barrier, or Exhaust but always use Ghost as it gives awesome movement which=damage.

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Essential Items

This is the best damage item on Hecarim. It has everything he needs and nothing he doesn't. It has health, mana, AD, AP, AS, crit, movement, and spell blade (which goes amazing with his Rampage due to it having very little cooldown). All thease stats are great for Hecarim especially the 8% movement and 20 movement on hit.

These are the best boots for Hecarim as he needs as much movement as he can get. Also he gets countered by slows so it doubles up as both massive in-combat movement and slow resist. What more could you ask for from boots for Hecarim? Also no need for the tenacity from Mercury's Treads because you get it from Zephyr

Awesome item for Hecarim. Although it doesn't have any movement speed it has other great stats for him. The HP, HP regen, and MR are great for survival and the CD is great to make you able to spam abilities; but what really makes this great on Hecarim is that it increases your healing effects on yourself. Makes Spirit of Dread much better with the healing effect.

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Other Good Items

Most of these items have movement to keep with my theme of building MS to get extra AD. I have found that when I have just Trinity Force, Zephyr, and Boots of Swiftness I get about 40 extra AD in combat. That is almost a B. F. Sword worth of damage which is great!

is one of my favorite items on Hecarim. The AD, AS, and 10% movement speed are the best damage stats for Hecarim; and tenacity is just amazing on any champ. This is a must have for the 10% movement as it is just the highest percent movement you can get from one item.

is great with high movement speed. It gets charged by moving and attacking which you will be doing a lot of both with this build. The 6% movement speed is little but it is a small amount of extra damage as well. The crit on this is good paired with Trinity Force's crit.

My choice if the enemies are building some armor. The AD and crit are great with Trinity Force and Statikk Shiv. The active is what makes this shine on Hecarim. If you use this active and ghost at the same time you do a ton of damage rapidly.

I only build this item if the enemy team as a huge amount of CC. While the active gives you 50% movement it is only for one second so it only increases the damage you do by a little amount. Also a good choice if the enemy team has high AP damage.

or I use one of these for some armor as there are no items that have movement speed and armor. I like the Sunfire Cape because you will jump into the middle of the enemy team with your ultimate so this will help to burn them all.

This could be used instead of Enchantment: Alacrity. It will make you not run quite as fast out of combat but makes you do slightly more damage in combat, epically when pared with the movement on hit from Trinity Force.

or You can use ether for high HP. Use Frozen Mallet if you need to slow people to help chase, though Hecarim can chase almost every champ in the game even without a slow, or just for a little damage and high hp. and use Warmog's Armor if you just want that much more HP and HP regen.

Use this only if the enemy team has high AD. It will make them kill themselves by attacking you so it is a great item but very situational.

This is great if you need armor, however don't use this if you buy Trinity Force as they both have spellblade. You will be jumping into the enemy team in my tanky build so slowing many of them is great for your team to jump on them.

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Bad Items


These boots may look good at first sight but that is out of combat movement speed so only affects first hit with damage. We are looking for in-combat MS so no need for this.

Same as previous. Movement leaves when entering combat.

While many builds for Hecarim seem to use these they are useless because you already have tenacity and you absolutely need Boots of Swiftness

This isn't worth it. It only has 5% movement and its passive is wasted on Hecarim as he passes through minions with Warpath already. If you want crit and attack speed get Trinity Force or Statikk Shiv

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Skill Sequence

Pretty self-explanatory. For killing jungle creeps or just damaging champs, use Spirit of Dread then continuously use Rampage until the creeps or champs are dead. For ganking, use Devastating Charge then use Onslaught of Shadows directly behind the enemy to fear and knock-back the enemy away from their tower. If you use Devastating Charge first then it does more damage because of the distance that you move from Onslaught of Shadows so use it first.

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I'm not going to go in-depth with jungling. The order I kill the creeps in beginning is: start with blue buff, then wolves, then wraiths, then red buff, and lastly golems. When jungling always watch the map. If an enemy is over half way to one of your friends turrets try to gank(come up behind and kill) him. If you are going to gank then ping that you are on your way before you get there so that your friend can setup the gank. If you are trying to gank a lane that as more then one opponent target, with the ping tool, the one you are going to try to kill. If you see the opponents jungler try to gank top then if you are near bottom ether try to gank bot or go into his bottom jungle and steal some creeps and vice-versa. If the enemy jungler is trying to gank a lane you are close to, get to that lane as fast as you can and counter-gank.

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Team Work

If you are using the tanky build then your job is to initiate on the enemy team during team fighting phase. Try to wait till their ADC APC or other squishy person is near the front of their lines then just Devastating Charge, Onslaught of Shadows behind that person and knock him close to your team and erase him.

If you are using my speedy build then wait for your tanks to initiate on the enemy team then use Onslaught of Shadows to get into the fight. Target their squishy or fed champs and destroy them. Your amazing amount of movement will allow you to get out when damaged and not die most of the time.

Hecarim is also great with champions that have movement speed buffs such as Karma, Lulu, or Janna and many more.