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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Uz3r013

Highway To The Dangerzone

Uz3r013 Last updated on May 5, 2011
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Introduction v1.0

This is my first guide. So it will likely be very noobish looking. I will most likely be correcting spelling errors, adding things and rearranging things alot so this looks better.

Rumble is the first champion i have ever bought with RP, and since i like him so much, he is also the first champion i felt i wanted to share with people. i bought him because he seemed very interesting and his abilities looked fun. Anyway, i can tell you, the first time playing him... without seeing him ever used since i bought him right away. He is hard to play. You need to be very gutsy and somewhat suicidal when playing Rumble. You also need good intution and instinct for his skill shots Electro-Harpoon and The Equalizer. Being aggressive with rumble can either pay off big or go very bad, and you really need to commit, if you are playing chicken, you need to run into that other car!
In my opinion Rumble is alot like Mordekaiser, A melee caster that needs to be in the fray of things. I found my build kept evolving somewhat closer to similar Mordekaiser builds. So if you are starting Rumble, and you have played Mordekaiser, then you should have some grasp on how to play him.

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x9 - Magical Penetration, Fairly obvious. Rumble is 95% magic damage

x4 - 3% Evasion - Armor is more of a reliable defense, but with masteries this gives you a nice solid 5% evasion.

x5 - 7.05 armor - 5 of these rounds off nicely to 7 armor. since most damage early on is physical, this is good to have.

x9 - 24.3 Magic Resist @ lvl18 - Early on you should not have to worry about too much magic damage, but later they can be a problem so having more later than early is better.

x1 one of these rounds off your total Magic Pen to a solid 10 and with Sorcerer Shoe's this will get you a good 30 Pen. 30 Magic pen with 15% pen should get you through most early magic resist.

x2 - 3% movement speed - I find Rumble chases alot and being a melee champion the movement helps you keep up.

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9 Offense
21 Defense
Rumble does not need physical damage which is what Offense mostly offers. But the 15% magic pen is invaluable for him.

And Rumble needs to be in the fray of things, with the exception of Rumble's The Equalizer. His skills are all close range so he is going to be in the thick of things. My Rumble stacks AP so Ardor is very helpful.

My Reasoning for my Tier 3 Defense point distrabution is this, 1 point in Harden Skin blocks 1 damage and it needs 2 more points will block 2 damage. instead of putting those 2 points in it, i put 1 in Nimbleness and 1 point in Defensive Mastery . with the runes, 5% dodge makes Nimbleness a decent life save when you need to run. and instead of .5 damage block in Hardened Skin, i rather have 1 damage block from creeps.

Strenghth of Spirit is completely useless for Rumble, and the other 4 masteries in that section are spells you wont use.

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Since Rumble is going to just charge in, his items will need to adapt to his opponents. The above Item Build is my default build which i start building and change as i see needed.

The first 3 primary items are almost a garuntee need.
- -

I always start with . Being melee, you are likely to take damage and this helps to survive early.

The next thing you need to determine is what kind of boots you will need vs your opponents. 8 times out of 10 i pick . If the enemy team is AP heavy and has enough CC that can really trip you up, the you should change to But unless you are the focus or most of the CC is AOE, then i would still stay with the Sorcerer's Shoes. or if they are really AD heavy, and i mean like 4 or 5 physical attackers, then i would go with .

The order of the first items i buy are based on how much gold i have when i make my first trip back. any combonation of Hextech Revolver or Rylai's Crystal Scepter ingredients works. If you can afford Sorcerer's Shoes(if thats what you are going for) then i would get those first. Hextech Revolver should be bought before the more expensive ingredients for Rylai's Crystal Scepter. you can buy upto 3 Amplifying Tomes before you need to merge any items. Any extra gold i have, i buy upto 2 Health Potion.

Hextech Revolver gives you 20% spell vamp, this is pretty crucial. Rumble can dish out massive ammounts of AOE magic damage, so his health can be maintained in large group fights. Even Rumble's Overheat does a good ammount of magic damage and the spellvamp can help your life from dwindiling while you cooldown. After you get Hextech Revolver, you can take on the Red and Blue Creeps without losing much health.

is the most needed item in any Rumble build. Rylai's gives you a good ammount of Ability power, good Health for survivibility and most importantly the slow it provides makes it so that almost no champion can escape from you.

-Rumble's Flamespitter with Rylai makes it easy to stay on top of a running enemy or enemies since using it does not make rumble stop and it has a somewhat constant magic damage.

-Rumble's Electro-Harpoon that already slows an opponent now slow's ridiculous ammounts since it being a single target gets maximum benefit from Rylai.

-Rumble's Ultimate ability The Equalizer also slows opponents and Rylai helps keep them in the AOE so they take most if not all the damage it can do.

After these items, this is when you need to choose what items to go for next. Your shield can help you take ALOT of damage since it has a rather short cd. So all your items you want to have AP. rarely i will buy an item that does not give me some ability power.

Versus More Ap champions =
- Good Magic Resist, More Magic penetration that also helps your team, and importantly good AP.

- Lichbane does not seem to go with Rumble since it adds useless mana. But, it gives you movement speed, ability power and Magic Resist. And Lich's Bane's Ability makes Rumble's Overheat ridiculous. If you Overheat using Electro-Harpoon, Then you can apply Lichbane's effect to 2 overheated hits. Those hits basically apply the overheat damage + 130% of your ability power. At one point my Rumble's basic attack in Overheat was doing 1200 damage with lichbane.

- I only include this if i am facing a team of 4-5 AP users. The lack of AP means you wont be doing as much damage and therefore not making much HP bac from spell vamp. But i found having high Magic resist was alot better when i was getting into fights Vs this team: Amumu, Brand, Galio, and Gangplank.

-rejected- - Rumble never seems to be the focus in the team, so i never worry about being hit by targeted spells. The extra HP is nice, but the mana add is useless, and i rather Have Force of nature's Hp regen and higher magic resist.

Versus more AD

- High armor and high ability power. Very useful ability. Rumble having such short cooldowns, getting an extra 2 seconds can do wonders. after Zhonya wears off, immediently activate your shield and flamespitter and you should beable to recover some hp while your shield soaks up some of the very likely to come damage. You may also activate your equalizer and then (depending on your accuracy) use Zhonya and let spell vamp replenish your Hp a bit.
-side note- however i do find i use my The Equalizer first most of the time and rarely have a chance to use it in combo to regain my hp with Zhonya.

-rejected- - I do tend to die alot and have thot about using this. But with no ability power that can really cripple my damage output. Even though i die alot i generally take down 2 or 3 enemies with me. And with high magic damage i can usually kill alot of the soft AD users

-rejected- - Eventhough this does give you good survivability and some damage, i still rather have 70-100 more AP and have my firespitter doing more damage than the Cape could dish out. And the extra AP also boosts how much damage the shield can take, so AP helps survivability anyway.

-Finish up-
- Huge AP boost, i save this as my 5th item after i have gotten some defense. Pretty self explanitory, Huge boost to all abilities.

- My Final item. finnally upgrading the Hextech Revolver. upgrading this early is kinda pointless, the addional spell vamp and ability power can wait until the end where other items are needed. 20% spell vamp should keep you well enough. But at the end when there is nothing else, you might as well. I prefer Hextech Gunblade over Will of the Ancients because it does help rumble's melee and when he overloads spell vamp + reg vamp give him some pretty good HP back.

- If you are running with a few other AP Users and noone else has this, then it would be good for the team for you to get it for them. I prefer Hextech Gunblade, but if the benefits of Will of the Ancients would help your team more than the few extras Gunblade gives you. Take it. This is afterall a team game.

Some games if defense is not required to much, you may sacrafice item 4 and just get both of these.

Can also replace a defense item if you encounter a heavy Magic resist tank team, but i do not find it to needed unless they have a serious tank team.

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Skill Sequence and Strategy

level 1 - Always . With Flamespitter you can Pull off an early First Blood with a bit of luck and timing.

*note* will include pictures eventually

Going to a side lane, spam Flamespitter. as long as you just keep tapping Q, you should raise your heat by 10 each time. When you get above 75, wait until it cools to 75 before you activate it again.

Go to the far end of the side bushes to the enemy side. this will be alot easier if you have a partner. If and when the enemy walks into the bushes Exhaust them and activate Flamespitter at 80+ heat causing you to overheat. This will give your Flamespitter +30% damage, give your melee attacks a 25 damage boost, and with Exhaust give you 20 magic penetration and you can dish out lots of damage in seconds. I got FB 5 games in a row using this method.

is your primary way of doing damage, you can spam it pretty constantly and it will keep other melee champions a good distance away, it will also make range harass keep their distance a bit because they dont want to walk into it to hurt you.

is a great ability, it gives you a small shield and speed boost. For lots of range harassment and even Towers, you can activate this to soak up some of the damage. and the small boost to speed helps alot if you are dodging a skillshot. Scrap Shield keeps your movement speed irregular so it is harder to predict where you will be.

You can also use this ability to tower dive a bit, follow an enemy with Flamespitter into range of the tower, then use scrap shield to quickly get out of range while the shield soaks up that first tower blast. It also is a nice anti-ignite spell, with that low cd i can usually get it up before ignite finishes me off. I have been saved from ignite MANY times by this spell.

-side note- dont forget to spam this when you travel, it does not cost you anything so you can get around a bit faster.

- A skill shot that does some damage and slows your opponent, i only get this to level one because, the damage is not that great and i generally only use it for its slowing effect. And when you get Rylai's Crystal Scepter, The slow added to Electro-Harpoon is plenty.

- This is one insane ability. It is an ultimate skill shot. Since you have to not only aim this but pick its direction, this can be very devistating if done right or fail terribly if you miss. This is an ability that has a steep learning curve and can turn the tide of a team fight, and get a bunch of multi kills. If you do it wrong, the enenmy will just walk out of it. You need good instinct or intution and think of what is the likely direction the enemy will run when you jump them. This ability is alot easier to use in jungle team fights where things are crowded and you can carpet an enitre walkway with it.

This is an ability that Rylai's Crystal Scepter comes in extra handy to have. The Equalizer slows enemies on its own, and with Rylai it will keep them in the area longer thus doing more damage and giving you a good chance to (close in on, Keep up, or get away from)

Because of The Equalizers exceptionally long range, with help from Ghost i find i can finish off alot of champions that think they got away and are starting to teleport away by the "safety" of a tower. you can usually hit them with The Equalizer long before they can see you.

You can also make a path for yourself, forcing your enemies to have to take alot of damage to keep up with you or abandon chasing you. if they decided to keep following, you can if you think you can win, turn around and tap Q, W, and E to increase your Hit points, Damage and then use Electro-Harpoon to keep them in the equalizer. I have turned alot of chases into multikills because my enemy got greedy.

-Side note- This ultimate currently is bugged. I have noticed that when rumble dies 50% or more of the time the equalizer will disappear with him, thus ending prematurely. Also if you fire it from a diffrent level, like say, from the river onto land. it sometimes fizzles completely and you just lost your ult.

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Summoner Spells

- Since rumble is a melee caster with close range spells, Exhaust weakens their magic resist, and provides a good early slow before you get Rylai. It also helps with getting FB like i mentioned above. Exhaust is also a good way to keep an enemy in your Equalizer AOE. Equalizers own slow + Rylai + Exhaust, and the enemy will be practically immobile.

- Very good for quickly coming to a teammates rescue, Getting an enemy in close to slow them, or just making escapes. Since Equalizer has a long range, i tend to fire it off then use ghost to close in on them before the slow wheres off. Also very useful for charging through a team fight and getting to the glass cannons who are sitting in the back.

I used heal in my first builds fo survivability, but i was getting less kills and with scrap shield, that saved me most the time.

- I sacraficed Ghost for this, and found it easier to get first blood, but without ghost i had alot harder time getting away from ganks, ganking, and closing in on my focus. Ignite is good early, but i find ghost to be alot better later on and just as useful early on.

- Good for escapes and suprise attacks, I rather have ghost so i can keep up with enemys that run away. Staying on an enemies tail is alot better than a few hits before they bypass you.

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Fight or flight? response.


Rumble is good in alot of situations, running is not one of them. Flamespitter only fires forward, So you need to face your enemy to do damage and you need to pause to fire Electro-Harpoon so it is a risk to stop that .5 of a second to hit them with the slow. with Hextech and a nice spam of abilities, you can usually take on alot of enemies 1 on 1. there are alot of abilites that will stop you from running, and besides summoner skills, your scrap shield is the only thing you have for escapes, and it does not help much unless there speed is equal or less than yours.

The only method of escape that does not include wasting your ult is this. while running fire the Electro-Harpoon behind you once, use Scrap Shield to boost forward a bit, then use the 2nd harpoon before the first's effects where off and so it stacks and refresh the slow rate.

If you think you are not going to get away, FIGHT! there have been alot of times where i was going to get ganked 3v1 and i knew i was not getting away. so i targeted the squishiest of the 3 and set everything i had on them. and since Flamespitter and The Equalizer are AOE, i could usually count on getting most of the gankers caught in the blast there by keeping my hp up and giving me enough time to kill at least 1, and HEAVILY wound the others. More times than i expect i have won 1v2 1v3 2v3 fights.

Recently, Jungle Olaf with Red and Blue, Sona, and Morgana ganked my partner. ignoring me, they went straight for him, after he died they attacked me and i ended up killing all 3. All of them had at least 60% hp and Sona did some healing before i killed her.

With high AP you would be suprised how long 20% spellvamp and scrap shield will keep you alive for.

In big teamfights, just tap the **** out of Q and W. while pressing e and picking a target. ANd dont run around to much in teamfights, with spellvamp running equals less HP you are getting back. even when you overheat, pick a target and keep hitting them, it may just keep you alive.

Cat and Mouse.
If you are 1 on 1 a person, and things look unfavorable. keep an eye on your cooldowns, if Exhaust or The Equalizer are near ready, you can run a bit. using Scrap Shield go for a bush. One good trick is that the enemy cannot see your Flamespitter if you use it from a bush. So when you get to the bush, do a 180 and activate your Flamespitter and fire Electro-Harpoon this will slow them from reaching the bush and in the mean time their HP is melting off and they cant see why. Exhaust at this point would also help. and equalizer will prevent escape once they realize what is happening

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Creeping / Jungling

Spam QE in a lane and save W for when you are targeted or dodging. Overheat is a great way to last hit creeps, Large damage with a slow attack speed will let you last hit rather easily.

In side lanes, if you want to avoid harrassment from enemies, hide in the bush and spam your [[flamespitter] as long as you are in the bush and only use that, they cant see you, the enemy iis basically getting hit by an invisable flame. you can also harass your opponents this way if they are close to the bush, there life will dwindle and they wont see it coming.

spam QWE when you jungle, After you get Hextech Revolver you can jungle just fine. *dragon and Baron excluded* I dont see rumble jungling from start, and smite would hinder him alot later on.

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Concluding Notes

My first guide, constructive feedback would be most appreciated.

Any questions?