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Renekton Build Guide by Sandor Clegane98

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sandor Clegane98

how do I clean off *** stains on my mousepad???

Sandor Clegane98 Last updated on June 22, 2017
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


18 Ferocity
















0 Cunning
















12 Resolve
















Threats to Renekton with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Aatrox If dong huap doesn't pull off another aatrox video,this time for the toplane,I don't think we'll be seeing the ''god of war'' anytime soon.And if we do,you shit on him...literally.
Akali We all know how snowball heavy this champ is,luckily,you have the edge on the laning phase,no really, go ham and make her RQ.
Cho'Gath Stomp the insect,legit never picked in the toplane but if u do happen to face him,free lanerino.
Garen Every form of trade goes into your favor,this lad is in for a bad time,huehue.Just get back at him after the silence from his q ends.
Maokai The lumberjack lane as I call it,you're stronger in every aspect.
Shen Poor ninja wannabes stocking on themselves on rice.As if rice will help you get out of bronze... sheesh.
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Welcome,welcome, please, help yourselves

Greetings,hows the rank hanging?Are you interested in climbing the elo ladder but don't know what toplaner to play?Are you here because you want to expand your renekton knowledge? Worry not,this is a comprehensive guide showing you everything I've learned on Renekton on my way to challenger,first things first heres my opgg profile where you can check out my stats on ranked play .

So a little backstory about me,I started playing league at the end of season 5, I was a complete newb and was hardstuck in silver for the most part.Season 6 came and I've put my mindset to get as high as possible on the elo ladder,placements placed me into bronze 2 and from there I've played around 2.5k ranked games throughout the season ending the season in Diamond 2,highest I got was master promos during that time.Okay so from here you can definitely assume I'm kinda deprived of a social life,that's kinda true BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT OF THIS GUIDE TYVM.Anyways season 7 started and my mindset was again the same but this time I was armed with way more experience and am now sitting at around Master / Challenger elo at approx 200 LP,quite a tedious journey I might say, so if we look at statistics it took me around 2500 ranked games to get at the top of the ladder,feels good man,anyways if you guys are interested I also have a Darius guide on which I'll put a link down below.Alright so anyways,I'll keep this guide as straightforward as possible,so lets dive right in.And before we get started be sure to note a real Renekton main runs pool party skin 100% of the times to maximize BM,thank you.

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Alright,you must've heard it atleast once in your league career,rene is an early game bully that falls off hard late game,this does NOT have to be entirely true if you add enough AD to your arsenal to remain a threat in later stages of the game,that's why you'd see mee run fervor 95% of the times,but we'll talk about masteries later,renekton's big strenght derives from his empowered abilities,essentially speaking,you generate rage (the white bar below ur hp bar) that once it gets to 50 value it can be spent on one of the 3 abilites to give empowered effects,pretty neat right?This is sort of like a small advantage you'd usually have against most players,it's what makes renekton feels like a special snowflake,you have built in sustain from q which you can regularly spam to get small amounts of healing through creeps which pretty damn good,a stun that does alot of dmg,and a double gap closer which also shreds armor,we'll dive into his kit later,the many bad sides is the fact that if you build tanky,like really tanky,you'll have legit no damage in the late stages of the game,so if you're anything like me,you build more offensive bruiserish items with 1-2 defensive items so u can stay relevant as much as possible later,what's important about renekton is to be sure to use your abilites wisely cuz they have pretty big cd's in the early stages of the game.Your ult on the other hand is what makes you really bulky,the hp gain is pretty big and u also get a Sunfire Cape type of effect for the duration,neat.Generally speaking,Renekton is bruiser type of carry early / mid game champ that exceels in deleting squishies and scrubs that has to become a bit more team-reliant late game to stay gud,and is one of the very few bruiser type champs that has alot of playmaking potential.

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Summoner spellz

The flashy flash that allows us to make flashy plays and flashy escapes and all things flash.Very flashy indeed.Okay seriously,take this stuff every.god.damn.time.It's legit the ultimate playmaker / escape artist and for good reasons.For as far as it concerns renekton,it's your to go spell,irreplacable.Atleast on renekton that is.

My personal to-go second summoner spell on toplane,you'll literally see me take this on renekton 95% of time,heres why: it helps getting back to lane faster especially if u actually manage to screw up and get killed somehow,it also helps you apply pressure on towers and once a teamfight breaks out somewhere on the map or if someone is getting ganked you just teleport over there and join the fun,you also use it teleport to an objective whether it is baron / drake / tower.All in all,for most top laners,it's the to-go 2nd summoner spell and also the safe option.

The aggressive option,I legit almost never take this on renekton because if you ask me,teleport is so much better in the long run,ignite is smth you'd take if you just really wanna stomp the lane and snowball hard into mid game,but renekton already has enough kill pressure from my experience,so basically if you're really looking to 100% win the lane take ignite,otherwise the more utility-around-the-map-spell is definitely Teleport.Other situations that's actually worth taking ignite would be against comps that comprise of alot of healing, Soraka for example where shes healing a target that you're locking down where ignite comes in handy gutting 50% healing from all sources.

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Runes and skill sequence


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

Basically I don't personally run any scaling type runes because lets get real here,runes are mean't to help get you through the early stages of the game,and to maximize renekton's already savage early power,non-scaling early runes will make him an everlasting dominator.

The casual AD bruiser toplaner's to-go marks,nothing more to add,you can also fit in 1 crit % mark and see how lucky you are,otherwise this the classic runes you'd see on any ad champion for that matter,and since renekton kit loves ad,these marks will do the trick.

Bruisers,just like tanks do look to get as bulky as possible while still maintaining that tanky feeling,against ad based champs you'll be sucking up their pokes like a champ,armor seals are the way to-go in literally every match against balanced teams.Not only that but you also negate a nice proportion of damage from any type of autoattack especially in the early games thanks to these beauties.

Pretty self explanitory just like the case with seals,AP based champs will have a hard time dealing with you with these beauties,and if we're facing multiple AP champs,couple this with a Hexdrinker and you'll be good to go in the long run.

Alright you're probably wondering why am I running 3x attack speed quints instead of the regular AD quints,answer is pretty simple yo,it helps stack Fervor of Battle with aa's faster and more consistent,meaning in prolonged fights,having some attack speed not only boasts our keystone,but it also helps stacking fury faster,do I have to go on? My personal preference is attack speed in this department.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

There's basically 2 starting types,the traditional q,and the more offensive w,I personally always start Cull the Meek so I can start off with some mediocre poke on that aoe q cleave and start generating my fury so I can make some neat trades at lvl 2,at lvl 2 I look to go for an all in so I take Slice and Dice 2nd and making sure that I have that 50 fury before going in, E > q > e-out or if u can go for a kill E>forward to force flash,lvl 3 is w and you know the drill.

Now the 2nd start would be w for a more direct approach and potential all in at lvl 1,generally stack fury and go for an empowered Ruthless Predator followed by a series of aa's and as u hit lvl 2 if you see a kill potential take either q or e depending on the situation.

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The Fervornekton tree

The classic fervor build whick I personally run,when I think about fervor,I think about another passive which legit empowers my entire kit and aa's as a whole.That's fervor dude,before colossus got introduced it was pretty much the to-go keystone for renekton's,after colossus gets another nerf,I think fervor will be back to it's prime on renekton.Let's quickly analyse it:

We're taking Sorcery over Fury because we're kinda of a kit-reliant champion as you might have noticed yourself,we're not a heavy aa-type of champ like Jax or Xin Zhao are thus sorcery here gives our entire kit an extra boost in power meaning it's pretty much better than fury on renekton.

Next, Feast would be the most optimal choice in most case scenarios,it gives the extra sustain in lane which is pretty awesome coupled with Cull the Meek especially when up against poke heavy matchups,other mastery would be Fresh Blood if you're looking to be as oppresive as you possibly can be.

I prefer snatching myself Vampirism almost all the time bcuz the provided sustain is pretty damn good coupled with a Doran's Blade meaning we won't be wasting cash on hp potions,how great is that?

Up here I'm legit always taking Double Edged Sword due to the fact that renekton is a pretty flashy champion meaning he'll usually be looking to delete someone as fast as possible,usually the carries, in those scenarios Double Edged Sword is way too good to pass down in comparison to Battle Trance or Bounty Hunter . Take Bounty Hunter if you're sure you'll be able to kill all of the members of the opposing team in a small time period to make use of that damage that you otherwise get instantly on double edged sword for a price taking up some extra *****slapz.

Battering Blows is logically the to-go mastery since we're AD obviously...bleh...

Fervor of Battle is in my opinion probably the best thing to ever happen to Renekton,it just synergizes with his kit so well really,applying fervor is really quick on renekton due to a really spammable nature of his kit coupled with aa's.Stacks fast in the late game aswell + the numbers you get from it in the late game are pretty absurd.I'm sure it's safe to say the new fervor is pretty neat on renek.

The Colossusnekton tree

So as season 7 came,along came a new keystone which is was apparently busted on champs with hard cc,renekton is no exception,normally I'd say it would've been the to-go mastery if colossus wasn't getting nerfed now for the 2nd times on the 7.2 PBE cycle which you can check out here under Balance changes.Now after the nerf arrives,I'm pretty sure fervor is gonna take up the place as the to-go keystone on renekton...Don't get me wrong,colossus is still pretty damn busted on renekton, but it just go gutted way too much at this point,shame...

Let's get this tree outta the way, Recovery is typically a mastery I never take because we already have enough sustain to survive the laning phase,who am I kidding we're the one bullying here anyways, Unyielding is the to-go mastery as it's awesome for later stages of the game helping us with the bulkiness and giving us extra tankiness we need when diving scrubs and teamfighting.

Siegemaster is something I take if I find myself getting pushed alot from some sort of a poke champion like Quinn , unless we'll be facing champions like her,take Tough Skin to mitigate some damage from minions when trading,it's really the to-go mastery at this point.

Fearless and Insight is usually a preference,fearless gives us extra tankiness in every stage of the game to mitigate some dmg we'd suck up from any source of damage whilst Insight on the other hand gives us more spammable summoner spells,it's your choice basically,if you're feeling like you'll be spamming those summoners alot,either by playmaking or w/e take it,otherwise if you're looking to be as bulky as you can take Fearless

Swiftness .Always.Way too good to pass down,people would legit roll resolve tree just for this mastery,reduces durations of any form of cc,way too good,couple it with mercury treads and you'll be laughing your arse off as you see ryze's root lasting not even half a second.

Courage of the Colossus was the most busted **** since I don't even know what lel,shield was way too big so riot tuned it down,unfortunately another nerf is underway i the 7.2 cycle meaning this keystone might get rendered useless pretty soon,although generally it's still pretty neat in late game teamfights and trade-wise.

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The Armory

Let's clear things up,renekton has VERY FLEXIBLE build paths,however lately most of the items have been summed up and proven to be the best in the business,let's see here what are we havin',


The first choice is taking Long Sword and 3x potions, this is a very offensive start if you're looking for alot of prolonged trades where you'll be losing ****tons of health where the 3x potions come in handy,generally speaking I don't personally go for this start too much unless I'm up against matchups like Trundle and Darius who start Corrupting Potion and I take the 3x potions to be able to keep up my health when trading vs them.

My usual start, Doran's Blade stats are pretty neat on renekton,ad,health and lifesteal all adds up nicely to renekton as a whole,my to-go start in most case scenarios where I'm sure I won't have troubles dealing with my opponent.

This is a start I almost never go but can still be good,it's good vs poke heavy lanes like pantheon and quinn where you'll find yourself getting obnoxiously annoyed by all the spam of aa's and abilities,if you're feeling like u'll have troubles vs those types of champs,this is the start 4 u.


A while ago the build path for this item changed, ****K.The problem is now you can't snowball your lead anymore all that much when building The Black Cleaver due to the fact that instead of the traditional Caulfield's Warhammer rush you now have this garbage Kindlegem.While I ain't all that much salty about the changes since the end item is still the same...kinda... it's still as I mentioned harder to snowball.First of all the 400+ HP is a very nice bruiser addition coupled with 40 AD is still somewhat okay,but the main addition here is the 20% CDR which is unarguably the most valued league attribute on Renekton,because as you know,we're a ability-reliant champion to an extent thus having CDR is a must.The traditional Phage effect for flexible movement speed is as you know valued alot on immobile snails like Darius etc. it's even better on Renekton coupled with Slice and Dice.For the final effect we have to armor shred which got nerfed down to 4% arm shred per hit for a total of 24% armor reduction instead of the old 30% to balance this item out on the patch 7.9 which brought a load of changes to defensive items,toning down health and increasing stats like armor,but yes,this item is still your best to-go rush item.

The ''I love being a douchebag'' cheeser item

This is something you should almost always take when against an ap matchup when theres more than 1 ap based champions in the enemy team,the new finished Maw of Malmortius now gives CD reduction instead of the old arm pen,how convenient for the croco wouldn't you say??Anyways generally speaking,unless you're roflstomping the enemy Rumble or whoever the hell you're laning against that deals magiko damago rush this item first then go for The Black Cleaver.Gives you all the potential tankiness you'll need to outsustain the enemy ap opponent while always giving slight ad to stay on the mindset of a scrub shredder.

The Leonardo Dicaprio SPECIAL


Even when it got nerfed,the Titanic Hydra is still a monster item that should be built after The Black Cleaver,first of all be sure to rush Tiamat in the build path which you can use to animation cancel your W,now the changes that came in 7.9 made an apparent bug on Renekton that allows renekton to animation cancel his W with his q,making tiamat much inferior as a first item rush for the build path,however if the bug gets resolved Tiamat should still remain the first item you should rush in the buildpath,the combos you can do with it are really neat which we will explain later,it works in GREAT conjuction with most of your trading / one shot combos,the cleave active damage is pretty damn big and I literally never skip on this item on renekton ever since it got introduced in s5.Your clearing speed is now even bigger with this monster,you get a whoopin' 450 hp which is adds up to our bruiser-type persona well,the 35 ad which still kicks ***,the active which as I mentioned does alot of dmg in a single cone,and the passive cleaving for wave clear,side stats include increased health regen which is pretty damn good,the only unlucky part is we lose the w animation cancel from tiamat once we finish this item which is pretty unfortunate but oh well the world ain't always sunshine and rainbows.I'll be showing cool combos you can pull off with this bad boy on the combo section.

The exotic crocodile rodeos only real men wear

Alright alright,you want specifics I suppose, Ninja Tabi is self explanatory,if you're facing alot of ad opponents or if most of the enemy team consists of heavy aa-based champs (im looking at you Kayle)take the tabis,it's awesome at negating most of their damage,on the other hand,if the enemy team consists of champs that have annoying cc like Ryze, Jax, Leona, Nautilus, Amumu etc. mercury would be the way to go,coupled with Tenacity you'll be just fine baby girl..


After you finished your boots, The Black Cleaver and Titanic Hydra,the third item in my Renekton buildpath is another typical bruiserish / cheeser item,so unfortunately you cannot build proc both sterak and maw effects all at once anymore as rito deems it too op so unfortunately now we have to choose between the 2,generally speaking if you don't have trouble dealing with one ap based champ on the enemy team or if the team doesn't even consist or barely consists of ap damage, Sterak's Gage is the to-go 3rd item to build,the 400 health is really neat and we have a small base ad damage boost on proc which adds up nicely to our ad arsenal,and the recent buffs in 7.9 made this item even bettur,on the other hand if you already built hexdrinker and actually do have troubles dealing with some ap champs on the opposing team whether theres 1 or more of them or if simply some1 is fed,taking Maw of Malmortius is pretty effecient,the cd reduction in conjuction with the hexdrinker effect and 50 ad is pretty damn good on renekton.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: If you took Maw of Malmortius skip the 4th item pick,and head straight for the 5th items row (final items) and pick 2 items :-) <3 <3


For the 4th item I generally get some extra offense power,and it suits me well,as it should you aswell,fellow reader,here we have Death's Dance my usual to-go 4th item,gives plenty of lifesteal in conjuction with Cull the Meek for sustain and the juicy 80 ad + CD reduction,the lacoste's favorite.Next up The Bloodthirster is pretty similiar to death's dance although we lose out on the abilities lifesteal and the CDR in exchange for a shield and a bit more lifesteal on dem aa's.I don't personally like this on rene,anyways,next up Blade of the Ruined King changes have made this item really appealing for alot of AD champions,adc's,assassins and bruisers alike,but if you ask me however,I personally don't take this item all that much as I feel the other stuff here could be of better value,however this is just my preference, Blade of the Ruined King is very neat for both dueling and shredding tanks so if you're already very fond of this item,building it on Renekton is just as good as on any other champion,the classic Youmuu's Ghostblade offers awesome stats for rene and the nice armpen for deleting squishies but we lost the attack speed buff making this item a bit less favorable,but don't feel bad,it's still a to-go assassin item,for more armor shredding item we have Last Whisper which I personally take whenever im facing a tank-heavy team,usually I finish this into a Mortal Reminder because,yes, the grievous wounds is too good to miss out on,especially now when adc's are back to spamming Warlord's Bloodlust .The final item is Mercurial Scimitar,now this is a very situation-specific item,if theres a Malzahar on the enemy thats giving you ****tons of trouble with his ult, or any other annoying CC champ like Cassiopeia,the Quicksilver Sash could be worth the money,as it would both save your life and allow you to live longer,finishing it into a scimitar still yields positive results with the MR and some decent AD.All in all,the items listed here are all very situation dependant,but if you're really unsure and you're new to Renekton,going for Death's Dance will pay off just nicely,especially now that it got buffed with +5 ad and an improved effect.And let's not forget another bursty type assassin item, Duskblade of Draktharr,I think this bad boy is really neat if you just wanna lock some squishy carry down so if you wanna substitute Death's Dance for this beauty be my guest.

The final verdict

If I'm snowballing from the start and the primary carry in my team, Guardian Angel is my to-go item,legit awesome stats and the revive effect,just what any type of carry needs really,other options include Randuin's Omen this is pretty damn good on literally any tank / bruiser champ,the crit dmg reduction is legit coupled with 60 armor and 300 hp,lacoste likes this ! Spirit Visage is another great item you'd take against a ap heavy teamcomp,extra healing for your lifesteals / q's,CDR,hp regen,and 500 flat health making you even more of a god.If you're looking to be a bit more mobile throughout the map,substituing these items for a Dead Man's Plate would pay off just fine,it's 425 hp and 60 armor is nice,coupled with the movement speed effect that also unloads extra damage on your first aa.NOIS.


Wrap it all up with some testosterone injections.Pick one HINT: take the iron one,cuz you'll look like The Mountain from GoT coupled with your ult.

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Your role in the game

Renekton's biggest strenght derives from the early game,renekton is designed to essentially shut down scaling type champs in the early game to prevent them from snowballing,renekton's kit scales off ad really well except for his ult where it scales off a Sunfire Cape type of effect. Nowadays the meta shifted in a way where renekton should be built bruiser ad instead of tank like he used to be in early seasons,your primary objective is to be sure to succeed in the early game and then get really bulky with items and delete squishy carries later.The build which I use is my personal build path which I've found alot of success with,synergy with renekton works well,you get 300+ ad in the late game coupled with Fervor of Battle making sure you don't fall off and still remain a huge threat,and you have enough defensives in your arsenal to be a bruiser who won't get oneshotted all that easily,now depending on the game,you should look always succeed in the early game because if you fall behind in the early levels you'll be screwed over and will hardly come back later in the game.

As the creeps roll out,your primary objective is to snowball into a bulky carry,winning against most melee champs should be easy for you as your passive shines alot in the early levels,your 1 big downside is the big cooldowns your kit has in the early game,essentially speaking you have to use your gapclosers wisely so you don't get caught out in a sticky situation where you could get dumpstered especially against melee champs,essentially speaking look to get the 1st blood tower as soon as possible,other things worth noting is making sure to farm,farm and farm as much as possible,this way you maintain money for your stuff,and level,and levels are also extremenly important for you as a carry,the higher level you have,the more carry potential you get,after you get first blood tower you essentially should look to snowball further through the 2nd tier tower,and start spreading your lead across the rest of the map - either by rotating with bot,or forcing objectives.

Assuming you managed to screw up your only choice is to continue to farm up on your lane while applying pressure on the 1st tier tower,if your team does have a lead be sure to join them when you do objectives / teamfights for an easy win,rotating bot - top is also choice assuming your botlane won their lane,most important thing is to maintain your level and cs score in this scenario.During your troubles,whether or not you're up against an ap mage or an ad champ,taking an early Hexdrinker vs an ap laner helps out alot mitigating some of his damage + prevents him from bursting you down, as for vs ad laners,taking early Ninja Tabi will help mitigate some of the damage from their aa's and overall abilities that are on-hit.I personally still go as much offensive as possible if I'm behind to stay relevant to my core image but as for you if you're really do have troubles go for the safer option.

This is where you shine alot,first of all,your ultimate gives you a massive chunk of health and size increase steroids making you a bulky-*** bruiser and here,teamfights erupt which will decide the course of the late game,your primary duty is to keep your fury bar stacked as much as possible either by roaming around the jungle and / or just stealing your LeBlanc's creeps,during the teamfight,your primary objective is to lock down a key carry target with your empowered Ruthless Predator from where you do your hydra - q - e combos coupled with aa cancels which we'll get into detail in the next chapter.As you use your ultimate your size also increase providing bigger range on your e and q which also really nice for teamfights,depending on the situation, if you're getting locked down be sure to aa / wait out on the 50 fury to use your Cull the Meek for some aoe lifesteal,trust me,the heals are pretty damn good and lifesaving,and apart from that you'll deal massive aoe damage coupled with titanic hydra,the synergy is just all too good.Other things worth noting in this stage of the game is how important objective control to drake is,especially the fire drake,I value this drake so much I legit save my Teleport just to tp over there to secure it,I get triggered if the enemy team gets it...

This is the stage where you're known to kinda lose your '' thang '' ,well actually not really for as long as we have decent ad numbers backing us up,atleast 250+ minimum ad + Fervor of Battle ensures we're still a threat coupled with all the tankiness from my build paths.In this stage it gets even harder to maintain fury since ltierally anything can happen in the late game,basically management still stays the same by roaming around the lanes / jungle aa'ing/using abilites on creeps to maintain the fury bar,your job still stays the same,dive the team and look to lock down the carry,during this stage if nothing is happening be sure to put pressure on 2nd tier tower's and inhib towers assuming you have vision,your other main role is acting as a frontliner thanks to Sterak's Gage / Maw of Malmortius coupled with Dominus preventing you from getting bursted down which is awesome,you're not exactly a peeler although you can still try to get assassins cc'd with your Ruthless Predator to disengage them from trashing your squishies.All in all,don't get confused with the whole ''falling off'' misconception,with this build and strategy you're just as relevant as every 1 else.

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Ability breakthrough + combos

If you ask me,renekton's kit is perfect for destroying nabs,lets break it all through.

Reign of Anger

Your passive, Reign of Anger, generates 5 Fury with each basic attack, and loses 4 Fury per second if he hasn't dealt or received damage in the last 12 seconds. At 50 or more Fury, his next basic ability consumes 50 Fury to enhance its effects including increased damage and better healing / longer stun / arm pen , though generating no Fury in the process.If you happen to be below 50% hp,your fury gain from all sources is increased by 50%,awesome,anyways fury is a resource you should treasure like your own health,and for good reasons,it's consumation allows better trading potential and includes better sustain and utility for you and your team.

!!!Treasure your fury the way you treasure mana!!!

Cull the Meek - Q

Your basic AoE trading ability, Renekton deals physical damage to all nearby enemies, gaining 2.5 Fury for each enemy non-champion hit and 10 Fury for each enemy champion hit.Renekton heals himself for every enemy hit up to a cap, healing for triple the amount against enemy champions.Healing received scales off bonus ad and it's pretty massive for helping you sustain in lane.

EMPOWERED: if you decide to spend 50 fury on your q,the q damage deals 50% increased damage in the aoe range, and it triples the healing received from champions,use this ability empowered when you're on low health when dueling,for better results duel near minions to increase the healing cap,do this by trying repositioning yourself so you hit both the champion and the minions.

Ruthless Predator - W

Renekton's next basic attack gains bonus attack range and strikes his target twice, stunning them for 0.75 seconds and dealing modified physical damage. Each hit applies on-hit effects and grants Fury. Hitting an enemy champion grants 10 bonus Fury.The undocumented changes that came in season 6 made the stun now look as if you autoattack the enemy 2 times (as seen on the hp bar in-game) but it's still the same,basically this ability is your usualy opener for dueling / oneshotting.It is crucial to always use an empowered W when starting a fight to maximize kill potential.

EMPOWERED:Ruthless Predator strikes Renekton's target 3 times, dealing 50% additional damage and increasing the stun duration to 1.5 seconds.The 1.5 second stun is actually pretty neat and should never be underestimated,this ability is also an autoattack reset meaning you should use an aa before using W and then quickly use W after the aa applies dmg skipping the aa animation to maximize damage output.

Slice and Dice - E

Slice: Your gap-closer and a very remarkable one indeed,it makes you what you are really, Renekton dashes in the target direction, dealing physical damage to all enemies he passes through and generating 2 Fury per non-champion hit and 10 Fury per champion hit. If he hits an enemy, he gains the ability to use Dice for 4 seconds.

Dice:Another gap closer, Renekton dashes in the target direction, dealing Slice's physical damage to all enemies he passes through and generating 2 Fury per non-champion hit and 10 Fury per champion hit.Literally the same ability,that can be used twice...

EMPOWERED:the damage is increased by 50% and it applies an armor penetrating effect that serves us well in teamfights and in duels vs tanks. ARMOR REDUCTION: 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35% of target's armor.

Super Saiyan - R

Trust me,what you're seeing now is my normal state, Dominus this is a super saiyan,Renekton injects steroids into himself for 15 seconds, gaining bonus health and increased size, while also instantly generating 20 Fury which can be used for suprise playmaking.While in the super saiyan state,you gain a Sunfire Cape type of effect that scales off 10% ap,health boost ( 250 / 500 / 750 ) and instantly generate 20 fury + 5 fury per second for the entirety of the duration,this ultimate makes you really unique in a sense that it gives natural tankiness and sustain,and the recent buff to your ult in s6 allows you to make suprise plays if you have around 30+ fury and in need of 20 fury for an empowered attack,you just instantly use your ult and dive right in.The aoe burn also adds up nicely for prolonged fights and teamfights.


In this section I'll give you all the neccasary tricks and combos that I use that contribute to my success on the croc,lets start off with the basic rules.Before we dive into the combo it is important to note :

Animation cancelling with your kit

Your Cull the Meek can animation cancel your aa if you correctly time it,so you go in for an aa and then > instead of waiting on the animation on your aa to end quickly use your q in succession,you will notice this will work if you actually see only one dmg number you dealth on the screen which is actually in fact your aa and q damage conjoined.It takes time to master. Tiamat is well known for helping you animation cancel your W so before you finish the titanic be sure to use its potential!You can do this by quickly spamming tiamat as you enter W animation,you can then quickly continue your combo succession without being stuck in that small W stun period.

The Ruthless Predator also animation cancels your aa's,to put it simple, you aa and then also instead of waiting,you use your W in quick succession followed by another aa,this one is the easiest to pull off.

The last animation cancel on your Slice and Dice works the same as with q,you will also notice when you succeed in this the damage will be conjoined into a single aa+E damage dealt,so > aa > quick e > aa

Pulling off these animation cancels maximizes your damage output in the smallest time period and should be crucial to mastering in order to achieve your true potential.Now lets dive into combos:

AA'ing during q w e

It is important to use aa's especially at the start to get that Fervor of Battle mastery up and stacked as fast as possible,during normal trades you go for an aa > q > aa > w > aa > e for an example.Now lets do a basic combo.


Going in with > AA > > AA > back out


Going in > > AA > > AA > > AA cancel back with

With 50+ fury combos still work the same way

The suprise LVL 6+ oneshot combo (non-hydra)

Stack 30+ fury > > or > AA > (empowered) > AA >

And now for my personal...the TITANIC ONESHOT COMBO

Heres my personal favorite one shot combo in the game,with this combo,coupled with an empowered Ruthless Predator you're guranteed to delete any squishy you want,note that animation cancelling is extremely important here to be effective.

> generate 50 fury > > AA which you cancel with > (note that hydra can be used in conjuction with Ruthless Predator essentially just active both the ability and the item at the same time> > AA > out or finish him

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The most common matchups Rene gets in the top lane,I won't include the ezmode lanes cuz we all know there's something seriously wrong if you lose those type of matchups (i.e nasus,garen,maokai):

Olaf is generally a matchup where you wanna start Long Sword and 3 potions in order to keep up with his Corrupting Potion in terms of raw health,you have the edge at lvl 3 for as long as you manage your trades well,do not fight him in overextended fights cuz you'll get **** on,post 6 open with Ruthless Predator so he poops his ult immediately.

VS Jax you wanna take Long Sword and 3 pots,you're stornger in every stage of the early game so be sure to use it to your advantage it keeping him down for the most part,bait out his Counter Strike by using your E to go in and then out as he tries to stun you,if he follows with Leap Strike beat him up with your w q combo.He outscales you hard so if you somehow lose vs him you'll probably never be able to 1v1.

VS Darius you can either Long Sword and 3x pot or Doran's Blade with pot,you can have the edge most of the time if you manage to deny him the Decimate heal by staying inside the hilt,post 6 same thing goes,you're also much burstier than him so you can kill him before he beats you up with his passive,basically trading is the key to winning,if you get him somewhere below 80% hp you'll definitely be able to 1v1 him with 1x empowered ability.

Camille is pretty easy to deal with,your kit outtrades hers,take Doran's Blade and a pot and start q, spam the q harrasses followed by aa's and go for an all in at lvl 3 with 1x empowered ability,post 6 you'll still be able to beat her if you manage to position yourself near minions to maximize your healing,she does kinda outscale you if you let free farm so be sure to deny her early.It's your job as a bully after all.

Pantheon is really hard for you,start a potential Long Sword and 3x pots and try to go for all in's when you have enough health (above 60% minimum) cuz he'll str8 up outpoke you with the q spam,basically there's nothing wrong in sacrificing a few creeps to stay alive and healthy for an all in when you get the chance,farm up to level 6 if you wanna go for the safe route and fight him with minimum of 30 fury at start.Proc his shield with an aa followed by a Ruthless Predator so you can land the stun.

Fighting gnar should be easy for you for the most part,start Long Sword and 3x pots and look to bait his jump,as you use your first E for a trade he'll jump away,keep the 2nd E as you pretend to walk away and then E right back in as he turns his back around and try to 1v1 him,trade should all be in your favor,also be sure to stay behind minions to avoid getting cheesed by his boomerang.

VS the hasagi samurai you can go either Doran's Blade or Long Sword with 3x pots,essentially speaking, he has a better lvl 1 than you so try to wait out lvl 3 before doing some serious trades cuz you might get rekt,be sure to just safely farm up and then do your regular lvl 3 combo,also to maximize your dmg aa his shield before doing anything or atleast be sure to proc it with your q before going in to maximize your damage output,all-ins are in your favor for as long as you manage atleast one empowered ability,typically the stun.

Illaoi is pretty damn big,but trading is all in your favor, Doran's Blade and pot should be to-go starter,be sure during trades to dodge her tentacle pull cuz she'll outdamage you and heal herself in the process,post level 6 you can still beat her up if you disengage when she ults or play the tentacle dodging mini-game which I advise not to btw cuz you'll most likely become a pancake croco.

Start Long Sword and 3x pots vs tryndamere,this is sort of like a jax matchup,basically you have to kinda hope rng doesn't massively go into his favor in terms of crits,trade-wise you'll still trash him before 6,post 6 it's usually best to disengage when he ults cuz you'll get trashed on in a 1v1 unless hes unlucky with rng,but yea you definitely have the power to shut him early to prevent him from scaling too hard.

Kayle is pretty obnoxious to deal for a regular melee type of champ,but renekton's kit offers just what we need to beat her up, Long Sword and 3x pot is the way to go,go for an all in at level 3 and start the trade with an empowered Ruthless Predator,save your second E to position behind her facing the enemy turret so you can prevent her from escaping,you'll definitely beat her up,post 6 you can still 1v1 her for as long as you don't waste your entire combo on her ult but instead actually be sure to use it before she ults and then as she ults engage back to trash her.Pre level 3 don't try to fight her cuz you'll get cheesed to death.

Take either Doran's Blade or Long Sword and 3x pot vs GP,this lane is pretty damn easy,all ins pre and post are in your favor,trading with gp be sure to save your W at first if he actually uses oranges to after he does you just follow with a Ruthless Predator and kill him 1v1,izi pizi.Usually though I myself often find using my stun first as a way to get that qss of his out of the way so I can be sure if i'll have the kill or not.

Riven is prolly the most popular matchup you'd get in the toplane, Long Sword and 3x pot or Doran's Blade and just all in her at level 2,you're considered the ultimate counterpick to Riven due to better bullying potential and better sustain.Post 6 you can still 1v1 her for as long as you dont waste your combo on her shield,cuz she'll just absord all of your damage and you'll be stuck with your autos while she locks you down and kills you,be sure to wait out the shield.You could potentially all in her at lvl 1 aswell assuming she doesn't take fervor.

Jayce is one of those poke heavy lanes where you wanna stock up on defensives first,so Long Sword and 3x pot will do the trick,basically this guy is horrendously obnoxious so the best thing is first of all wait for level 3 since you're the strongest at lvl 3 and be sure to position yourself behind him so you don't get knocked away losing the trade when you E in.Trading does usually go in your favor,but yea,ranged matchup will and always will be obnoxious.Try stunning him at the end of your combo so as he knocks you away you'll be able to catch back up and lock him down.It's kinda hard to land when hes about to knock you away but it's usually your ticket to first blood.

Trundle gets hard post level 6, start either Long Sword 3x pot or Doran's Blade / pot and try to get cheese him early with bullying cuz he gets bulky on post level 6,essentially you can't 1v1 him with ult so when he does ult you just disengage,get some fury and health and engage back in.

Vs irelia you can go Doran's Blade and pot,shes really easy in the early levels so be sure to bully her as much as you can,you look for all ins at level 2 already so yeah,ezmode,she outscales if you dont punish her early so look at for that and be sure to deny her cs and freezing waves and stuff,you know the drill.

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Thanks for being here,this is my 2nd guide on mobafire and I generally just wanted to share my personal stuff with the community here and hopefully help you in understanding renekton better,his strenghts and weakness,I hope you enjoyed muh guiderino.I also have a second guide made about Darius,since hes my primary main which you can also check out here

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