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Gangplank Build Guide by Jeemees

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jeemees

I Fear No One!

Jeemees Last updated on January 26, 2012
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Quick Intro

Hi everyone, welcome to my first Gangplank guide aka "I Fear No One". In this guide, I'm focusing on building a "Tankplank" instead of a "Cricplank" or "DPSplank". Please don't downvote this guide if u can't get any useful tips and informations from it. =)
English is not my native language. Feel free to correct me if you find any mistakes(I believe there are TONS of mistakes in it lol) from this guides

Gangplank is an awesome champion because of his global ultimate, strong early game sustaining ability and he can also harass quite well in lane. He is by far one of the most irritating champion to lane against.

My main role is solo top and I know how to play almost every solo top champion. I've solo top for over 80% of my ranked game. As solo top is one of the most decisive role in the game, so you have to do extremely well to directly/indirectly carry your team to victory. In this guide, I will try to tell you guys how to solo top as Gangplank in ran..... oh wait, I mean how to win a ranked game with him EASILY.

First build: vs ad/ad based bruiser
Second build: vs ap/ap based bruiser

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  • No burst damage
  • Cannon Barrage has a relatively small aoe
  • Parrrley is not spammable before u reach level 11 or you will be oom

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Greater Quintessence of Desolation: Increase cric. chances. You land 2-3 crict Qs in early game, you win your lane.

Greater Seal of Armor: You are a tank, you need +armor.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist : And +mr too.
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Desolation: Makes your auto-attack and Parrrley deal more damage.

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First Build: I Put 3 points in Hardiness instead of Resistance. You need more armor vs ad/ad based bruiser champion.

Second Build: I Put 3 points in Resistance instead of Hardiness. You need more magic resistance vs ap/ap based bruiser champion.

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Summoner Spells

BEST summoner spell for solo top champ. You can get back in lane faster if you die to ganks, help a ganked lane eg. mid/bottom, jumping to a ward for a teamfight/ contest dragon & baron etc.

On the spot escape that can go over walls and get you out of tight situations. #1 in League of Legends

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Get one level of Parrrley so u can farm from range without getting harass by enemy champion. Then level up Remove Scurvy three times(level 2,3,5) before you hit level 6 so you can have better sustain in lane. Take one level of Raise Morale at level 4 so you can farm better with that extra damage. Take Cannon Barrage whenever you can.

The skill sequence provided on the top is the skill sequence that I've normally used. However you can always go for different skill sequences based on situation.

After level 6,
If you are farming well and enemy champion don't bother to harass you, max Parrrley for the extra golds.
If enemy champion is harassing you violently, max Remove Scurvy for larger amount of heals.
If you want to take down enemy's tower quickly, max Raise Morale for extra damage buff.

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Starting items:

philosopher's stone x1: This is what I normally start with. Start with this item enables you to get a quick philosopher's stone and therefore maximizing its unique passive.

x5: Against some ad/ad bruiser champion that can harass strongly.

x4: Another option.

Core laning items:

sight ward: vs ad/ad bruisers

x2 sight ward: vs ap/ap bruisers

Items you want to consider

At 2k HP it gives 40 damage. At 3k HP it gives 60 damage. Amazing item for ad bruisers with HP.
Gives you over 1k HP. Too OP.
Get one of this, AP champ can't kill you easily. And the movement speed is cool.
Plenty amount of armor. Awesome unique active.
This item procs with your Parrrley, and 150% bonus damage. Huehuehue

Situational items:

After your sixth item:

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Early Game

  • Farm your lane.
  • Try to get every single minion in your lane so you can get as much gold as you can.
  • Don't use Parrrley to last hit before u get philosopher's stone. Use Parrrley to harass your opponent
  • Don't auto-attack. If you auto-attack, you will push your lane and this will probably place you in a more dangerous position because you will be more vulnerable to ganks.
  • Have a ward or two at tribrush or river.
  • Use your Remove Scurvy in the most crucial time when enemy's jungler/mid-lane ganks you. Don't use it too early!

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Mid Game

  • Use Cannon Barrage around to help your team/ get your team out of troubles.
  • Use Cannon Barrage for team fights.
  • TP for Dragon/Dragon's teamfights.
  • Keep on farming.
  • Buy wards.

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Late Game

  • Stick with your team.
  • Don't be afraid to tank for your team
  • Use Cannon Barrage when teamfight occurs.
  • Use Raise Morale to boost your team up.
  • Protect your carry.
  • Farm if you have time/chance.
  • Split push if your team ask you to do so.

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Top Lane Champion Match-ups

Try to harass her with your Parrrley before she hits level 6. Don't ever try to engage on her because she will counters back with Mark of the Assassin + Twilight Shroud and takes away 1/3 of your health. Play extremely safe after Akali reach level 6, stay close to your tower.

Due to his passive, he can sustain pretty well. You cannot kill Cho'Gath easily after Cho'Gath past level 6. Try to call for ganks from your jungler. Although you can't do much 1v1 against Cho'Gath, but neither can he because Remove Scurvy is OP.

He usually is not a problem. Just try to dodge his damaging skill shots. If he uses his ulti Idol of Durand, use your OP Remove Scurvy and laugh at him.

Get armor. Get lots of lots of armor. Harass him with your Parrrley to shut his passive down. After you get your core item, you can trade damage with him quite well. GET ARMOR!!!

Rush Warmog's Armor to counter her Hiten Style(only HP counters true damage). Passive farming. If she initiate on you, you have Remove Scurvy to cleanse her stuns. Call for ganks from your jungler, you can't take her down alone.

Although he is not that popular for solo top lane anymore, but he can still harass you like a beast with knock ups and his passive. However, he doesn't have any sustaining ability that makes him very vulnerable to harassment. Keep harassing him with Parrrley and follow up with few auto-attacks if you can. Dodge his Demacian Standard + Dragon Strike combo and REMEMBER! YOU CAN'T CLEANSE HIS Cataclysm.

AD Kennen has became more and more popular in League of Legends. This annoying little thing counters all bruisers(meele). Harass him as much as possible before he gets his Wriggle's Lantern. If he is zoning you from golds and xp, go near and Parrrley minions. The most important thing is don't let him stacks 3 Mark of the Storm on you or you will get stun. Dodge his Thundering Shuriken too.

IMO AP Kennen is more annoying than AD Kennen. If you're vs AP Kennen at top, try to dodge all Thundering Shuriken because it hurts a lot. Harass him with Parrrley. Farm with Parrrley if he zone you out from golds and xp.

This monk can't hurt you as long as you dodge his Sonic Wave. Most of his damage output comes from its Sonic Wave. You can 1v1 and win Lee Sin, all you have to do is dodge his Q Sonic Wave. Don't harass him, KILL him.

He has the ability to counters every AD based champion/ auto-attackers. His Ground Slam reduces his enemy's attack speed for 50% and it last for 4 seconds. This skill is the nightmare for every auto-attackers. Hence try not to initiate on him when you are alone. During laning phase, you only want to harass him when his passive Granite Shield is down. Don't Q Parrrley him when his "shield" is up.

Pretty weak opponent(EARLY-MID GAME ONLY). You can kite him, Remove Scurvy his W Wither and farm outside of his E Spirit Fire. However, he can farm very well and he has his passive Soul Eater to help him stay in lane. Try your best to harass him and don't let him farm his Q Siphoning Strike up or he will snowballs really hard. He's an easy opponent for you early in the game, but he can become a super tough opponent if he can get his core items.

AD Nidalee is an insane pusher. She's does very well in pushing lanes and destroying turret. Gangplank can beat Nidalee 1v1 pre-level 6, but once Nidalee hits level 6, her cougar form is going to rape you. She's a tough opponent, farm safe with your Parrrley, stay close to your turret and ask your jungler for ganks.

AP Nidalee is harder to harass comparing to AD Nidalee. She builds AP means that her Primal Surge can heal even more. Although she can't take down turret that quickly comparing to AD Nidalee, but her cougar's damage output is way bigger! Don't 1v1 Nidalee after she hits level 6. If you want to kill her, ask for help.

Go super agressive during level 1 and 2. Try to chunk down his health, as much as possible and zone him out. However, be extra careful after he got 2 or 3 levels of Reckless Swing. Here's the time he can beats you 1v1. A skilled Olaf will knows that he can beats everyone in 1v1 after he hits level 6. Stay behind and farm with your Parrrley. By the way, he's an really annoying barbarian.

He can't deal much damage early in the game. You can 1v1 him pretty easily. People overrated him, he's not really that strong, but his passive blocks your Parrrley. If he leaps and stuns you, eat an orange and get out of trouble. You have to deal with him extra careful when he get his B.F. Sword.

Tremendously strong early-mid game. He is the strongest laner imo. He has infinite harass through a unlimited fury pool, does great AOE damage, can heal up with his Ruthless Predator and his ulti Dominus grants him 300-600 bonus health. Just sit back and farm with Parrrley and call for ganks. Don't let him gets double kill on you and your jungler. Huehuehue.

I hate her. You can't harass her with Parrrley if she gets a couple levels on her Valor. Her passive Runic Blade is the thing that made her a beast. You can try to trade damage with her but if the situation is not going in your way, use Remove Scurvy to cleanse out her stun and run for your life. However the good thing is, you are Gangplank, you can just sit back and farm with your Q Parrrley.

This guy doesn't has mana pool, he will probably start with boots and 3-4 health potions and keep harassing you with Flamespitter and Electro-Harpoon. His spell doesn't deals a lot of damage before level 6 therefore you can play quite aggressively against him. Trade damage with him, you got Remove Scurvy to heal up but he doesn't. If he is zoning you out from golds and xp, ask for ganks from your jungler, he is not that good at escaping ganks.

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I accidentally publish my guide before it has been completed T.T don't downvote it if you feel this guide is a mess.