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Azir Build Guide by Volt Cruelerz

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Volt Cruelerz

If The Soldiers Can Poke You [5.8]

Volt Cruelerz Last updated on June 28, 2015
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Threats to Azir with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Diana Before level 6: poke her with impunity. After level 6: wait till she jumps on you and ult her back to your tower for easy gold.
Veigar Build this: Athene's, Merc Treads, Nashor's, Void Staff, Zhonya's, Banshee's Veil
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If the soldiers can poke you, they will poke you. If the soldiers can poke you, they will poke all of you.

The above phrase was once used during LCS to describe Azir's zoning and poking potential, but in truth, Shurima's Emperor is so much more than just a zone mage. He's a champion that can burst, puncture tanks, provide DPS and objective control on par with an ADC, or even act as a vaguely tanky duelist.

Now, much of this flexibility is due to his itemization. He can be built many different ways and for many different purposes. I'll detail several in this guide and I should provide you with sufficient options such that itemization is no longer a limiting factor in your play of Azir.

The main limiting factor for playing Azir after you finish reading this should be mechanical skill. Azir's skill floor and ceiling are both exceedingly high. His entry-level win rate is less than 40%, much lower than most other champions. If you aren't willing to put in the (considerable) time to get good with him, leave now. There are plenty of other champions like Annie and Jinx that have greater than 50% win rates out of the gate.

But... If you are willing to stick around, you can come to master a champion with a near-infinite number of possibilities for game-winning plays. I've won 4v1s. I've stolen dragons and barons galore. I've engaged from 1550 units and gotten a 4-man ult that ended the game. I've made kill zones with my passive turret. I've ulted more enemies than I can count under my turret. I've baited flashes. The list goes on. The goal of this guide is to confer what I've gleaned over my hundreds of games with the Emperor of Shurima.

I am Silver II and am pulling off these sorts of plays. Want to see what professionals can do? Watch the below video of Team Liquid's FeniX. If nothing else, please watch the fight that is setting up at 36:00.

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Who am I?

I got to level 30 back in season 2 largely on Veigar. After that, I became a Xerath main which I played nearly exclusively until his rework. After that came to pass, I went back to Veigar. Eventually, however, Azir was released on PBE and I immediately knew that my new favorite champion was in the works. I played a great deal of him during testing and kept playing him after release.

I'm also someone that enjoys creating spreadsheets for video games. You'll find that the builds I provide here are min/maxed in accordance to one I created to calculate Azir's damage (you can find a link to it in a later section) while also accounting for the hundreds of games with him I have under my belt.

Put another way, I'm a mid main that at this point plays more Azir than all other champions combined. I think I can safely say that I am very very mechanically good with him at this point and things that fall into the category of "LCS Big Plays" are not an uncommon occurrence in my games.

Am I a perfect player? No. While that list of things I've done sounds impressive (and they are, they nearly always resulted in all-chat exploding), there is another list, one I'd rather not talk about, but should at least mention here. I've made major misplays with Azir as well. Go in too soon and you die. If you die, your team probably dies too. Get caught out too much and your team loses. Don't gank enough and your team loses. Screw up a dragon/baron steal and you've fed the enemy team hundreds of gold. I've done all those things.

Even so, I've come to accomplish a lot with this champion and have been told after countless games things along the lines of "you're the best Azir I've ever seen; teach me how to play Azir."
That is the sole reason why I'm creating this Azir guide: popular demand.

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Who is Azir?


Azir is listed as a Mage/Marksman, a rather rare combination of roles that you share with Kennen, Kog'Maw, and Varus. Azir takes a different approach than any of those three though. Unlike the three of them that have AP scaling abilities and potent auto-attacks, Azir is what I call an ADC-by-proxy. Just like an ADC, he sits there and attacks all the live long day for exceptionally high DPS. Unlike an ADC, you deal all magic damage, so long as you are using a proxy.

Those proxies are your soldiers, immobile stabbing machines much like Zyra plants, but dealing line AoE damage. Additionally, your soldiers are controllable, something that Zyra plants, Heimerdinger turrets, and other similar things are not. Whenever you auto-attack an enemy within their range, they will take over for you and attack the target. Instead of Azir firing his beam AA attack (which does physical damage), Azir will point (very intensely) and the soldier will stab (dealing magic damage).

Being an ADC-by-proxy goes beyond his righ-click-to-win style though. You can deal magic damage to turrets, giving you comparable objective control. Also, Azir is the only mage to scale like an ADC. What do I mean by this? Mage damage traditionally scales as AP x CDR. A few champions like Kennen, Teemo, and the like scale as AP x (CDR + AS) where Attack Speed does factor into final damage output, but it unfortunately isn't multiplied; it's just added.

ADCs on the other hand scale as follows: AD x Crit x AS. Azir follows the same model, scaling with AP x CDR x AS. How is this possible? Obviously he is a mage so his soldier damage scales on AP and his damage is dealt when he AAs, so scaling on Attack Speed makes sense. CDR is uniquely multiplicative for him though because of his ability to use multiple soldiers. When using three soldiers, you deal 150% damage to any one target (and you're liable to hit multiple since you're dealing heavy AoE damage). This gives Azir scaling unlike other mages and makes him one of the most item-dependent mages in the game. Until he starts building a fair chunk of those three stats, he's basically useless as anything other than a CC bot.

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Pros / Cons


+ ADC-like scaling
+ ADC-like objective control
+ Long range
+ Very high DPS
+ Good poke
+ Lane bully that's also a hypercarry
+ Game-changing ultimate
+ Highest skill ceiling in the game

- ADC-like scaling
- Very squishy by default
- Immobile while dealing damage
- Low damage early game unless you commit to a fight
- Engage is also escape
- VERY item dependent
- Azir is buggy
- Highest skill floor in the game

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Why/When Azir?

Two questions to ask yourself about Azir:

Should I learn Azir?

  • Do I need a zoning mage in my champion pool?
  • Do I need a hypercarry mid laner?
  • Do I have the patience to get good with what is quite possibly the most challenging champion in the game?

There's no shame in answering no to those questions. None whatsoever. Azir takes a lot of time and effort to really recognize everything you can do with his mechanics. It's entirely possible to get what he offers to teams from other sources in most cases. Learn Azir only if you really want to.

If you're still here, I'm assuming you do want to learn how to play Azir. So during champion select, you need to ask yourself the following:

Should I play Azir this game?
  • Does my team need DPS?
  • Does my team need objective control?
  • Does my team have champions like Nunu/Ezreal/Nidalee that can buff attack speed?
  • Does my team have the ability to shield Azir from those that would destroy him?
  • Has the enemy mid laner already picked something that doesn't counter Azir?
  • Will this game last long enough that I can hit hypercarry mode?
The more of those that you can answer "Yes" to, the better Azir will be for your team that game.

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Summoner Spells

There is some level of contention among Azir players regarding the use of assorted summoner spells.


Flash is mandatory. Always. I don't care how much you may find it cheesy or anything else. It is your bread and butter and without it you're dead. The aforementioned 4v1s that I've come out on top of were in large part due to flashing.
Ignite is useful sometimes. If you're going for a Morello build and you think you'll be able to get an early snowball going, then by all means, go for it. It gives you execution power that you wouldn't otherwise have which can be invaluable for getting the gold flowing. Ignite will also compensate somewhat for Azir's weak damage early on before he gets a lot of items.
Exhaust is similarly situational. Should it be used every game? No. But if there's an enemy Zed that you'd rather not be deleted by, it's worth choosing. Exhaust is also much better later on in the game as Exhausting the ADC is always useful in a fight. Some advocate using it for the slow on targets, but personally, after the early game, I find Azir to be plenty mobile. Exhaust use early is defensive only. Until you start getting items, you need to be very careful as you will not trade well and must rely on poke.
More defensive than the other choices, Heal is your best option if you're going to be fighting someone that you're never realistically going to kill or if your team lacks engage as the speed boost can be used to initiate teamfights when done properly.
I wouldn't recommend this under most circumstances, but if the enemy is stacking hard CC, it could be worth it. Also could be useful for particularly aggressive play against champions like Cass.

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Skill Overview

I'll discuss how to use these abilities later, but for now, I'd like to cover them briefly so that the discussion in other sections makes more sense.



Shurima's Legacy

This passive is one of the most powerful in the game and defines Azir more than just about any other passive. There is a passive and an active component, effectively giving Azir a fifth spell. The passive gives him Attack Speed as he builds CDR, more or less mandating that you max out to 40% CDR every single game if you want to deal respectable damage.

The active is a bit different though. You can spawn a turret over a destroyed turret, be the turret ruin friend or foe. The turret will act like any other lane turret, firing off high-powered shots at incoming minions or champions. You get the gold from anything it kills, so it can give you champion kills or even assists. It also has True Sight, neutralizing champions like Twitch, Talon, and Evelynn that want to be sneaky. If any enemy kills it, only that champion receives 100 gold from it, so it's not global gold when it's lost. It will also lose health over time and will lose armor if you leave it alone, so you need to tend to it in most cases unless you want to have it cover a lane from incoming minions which it can easily do alone.

Conquering Sands

This spell is something of your bread and butter. Without it, you're basically useless. Level 2 is when the lane becomes yours and yours alone because once you level up the first time, you can grab this. It deals damage and relocates your soldiers to the target location, slowing enemies it passes through.


If you're not using this spell on Azir, you're doing it wrong. Azir is, first and foremost, an ADC-by-proxy. He doesn't deal damage (well, he can with his easy to use auto-attacks, but after laning, you should almost never be using a raw AA). When you summon a soldier and issue an auto-attack order by right clicking the target, the soldier will stab the target instead of you firing your sand beam thing at it, so long of course that the soldier is in range of the target. Always keep in mind where your soldiers are!

It is worth noting that you can use multiple soldiers at the same time. If multiple soldiers are in range of the same enemy, they will both stab the target, though every soldier after the first only does 25% damage, so when you're stabbing an enemy with three soldiers, you have 90% AP scaling on an attack that is hitting multiple times a second in the late game. It's also worth noting that the stab is a line AoE that punctures through the target and continues on, much like Lucian's Q.

While this ability by default summons a soldier, it can do what I refer to as "turret bombing," or "smiting turrets." Simply put, if you cast this on a turret, you will deal damage to the turret's health, making this one of the very few abilities in the game that can actually damage turrets. This functionality puts Azir on par with ADCs in terms of tower pressure.

A couple other details: if you move too far from them, they'll go into a standby mode where they cannot be ordered to attack (but can be moved with Q) and if you move even further, they'll disintegrate early. Additionally, they only last half as long when near enemy turrets.

One last thing: soldier stabs do not count as spell casts, so they won't charge Luden's Echo or pop Banshee's Veil (though they'll still do damage).

Shifting Sands

This ability is primarily used for escape as you can drop a soldier behind you and dash to it, but it can also be used for potent engage when you wish to duel someone. It provides a knockup, a shield, and damage to the target and any monsters you passed through on the way. If you collide with an enemy champion on the way though, you'll be stopped, so this can be body-blocked, so don't use it to disengage from a Talon who just used Cutthroat.

Emperor's Divide

A very very powerful zoning and disengage tool, Azir's ultimate is capable of utterly changing the face of a teamfight. It spawns a row of soldiers just behind Azir that charge forward, knocking back anything they hit and creating an impenetrable wall to enemy units and their dashes. It is worth noting that blinks like Essence Flux and Flash can jump over it though. Allies can run through the wall though, and even receive a speed boost for it.

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Skill Upgrade Sequence


Now, this may seem a bit counter-intuitive to some. After all, why not max your soldiers before your shield? Simply put, it's because maxing your soldiers doesn't do much of anything. First it's worth correcting the common misconception that upgrading his W increases his stab base damage. It does not. His base damage scales with his champion level, not his skill level. The only thing upgrading your W actually does is make him recharge soldiers faster.

One might suspect that having more soldiers would be a good thing, but consider that dropping soldiers more frequently during the laning phase isn't actually going to do much of anything for you. It'll just drain your mana faster since a non-stupid opponent will just walk around your soldiers whenever your Q is on cooldown and using two soldiers to poke is exceedingly risky as it makes you defenseless should you get ganked. Compare that to upgrading your E which increases your shield and damage, making you trade better when dueling while also making you less prone to ganks.

There are certain game situations where you ought to max W over E, though. If you're going to be split pushing in mid game and need the tower bombing capacity or if you won't be dueling much, upgrading E won't be terribly useful.

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Laning on Azir is largely dependent on the lane matchup, so take a look at the matchups (I consolidated them into MOBAFire's matchup system under the Morellonomicon build). What I'll say here is generic advice.


Level 1: You are forced to take Arise!. Drop the first soldier roughly between your and the enemy minions in the smack, dab, middle of the lane if the enemy is a melee champion. If they're ranged, just drop it where you can so you can use it to farm and zone the enemy, perhaps as I do in the above image. No one in their right mind is going to stand on the thing, so you can knock out a fair chunk of terrain as viable battle space for your enemy.

Level 2: Take Conquering Sands. The lane is now yours. At this point, your poke is superior to nearly anyone else as you can drop a soldier, Q, and then AA the enemy. If they're close enough that you can drop the soldier on them and get an AA before you need to Q, you can really get some heavy damage down. Some assassins can respond to you and trade, but provided you don't panic, you'll win trades and can even get kills if you took Exhaust or Ignite.

Level 3: Grab Shifting Sands. Now you can duel and all-in your opponent as well as escape the ganks that are likely headed your way. Don't be afraid to be aggressive now. You'll escape nearly any gank at this point in the game provided you have a bush warded and stay near it. If you're stupid though, you'll have to pay with Flash.

Level 4: your poke with your Q is all the more devastating now. If you can get a gank, you'll likely get a kill, assuming you've gotten Fiendish Codex and have Ignite/Exhaust.

Level 5: your lead is likely starting to deteriorate as other mages are scaling up near their level 6 spike. Be careful not to get blown up the moment someone hits level 6. It's probably about time to go buy, so shove the enemy laner back to their base if you can so you can get that gold for the power spike.

Level 6: Make sure not to shove the lane at this point unless you intend to roam. If a non-blink melee champion jumps on you at this point, just ult them under your turret and laugh. It's a free kill for you.

Level 7: If you haven't gone roaming yet, you really should fix that. If dragon hasn't died yet, prioritize bot lane. Even if you don't get a kill, you can easily knock the enemy bot laners back to base, securing dragon for your team. While your ult is up, you can deny steals from the enemy jungler too.

Level 8+: There's really no accurate suggestion at this point in the game, so just play in response to however the game is going.

Regarding creep score, you should be using your own attacks most of the time to conserve mana while you use your soldiers for zoning your enemy. That said, if you've deployed a soldier for zoning/poke, feel free to use it for farming too. Just don't push the lane too much. Farming on Azir is easy enough, but remember that you can't hit S to cancel a soldier attack mid-animation like you can when champions are in the middle of their own AA animations. Soldiers also like to attack as soon as they spawn, so you may want to immediately press S to stop them before they start winding up to strike.

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Mid Game

During the middle of the game, Azir should be starting to wind up. You begin to be a force to be reckoned with due to your damage and objective control. Kill dragons, smite turrets. In many cases, Azir is actually capable of split pushing alone due to his escape and his ability to smash turrets.

Make sure you don't get caught out at this point in the game. Getting shut down here by an enemy mage can really put a dent in how quickly you hit your endgame hypercarry state.

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End Game


Lategame Azir is fully capable of carrying a team by himself. He can deny any incoming push with his soldiers and can even flank his enemies by dropping his passive turret behind the advancing enemies. Doing so can make trapping Azir's foes much more easy.

Try to remain behind a wall or your tanks at all times (unless you're the one diving for whatever reason, but make sure you've got a darn-good reason beforehand because diving into a teamfight is usually suicide). Jungle fights are your friends for this reason.

At this point in the game, you should be approaching the point where merely looking at a turret wrong will cause it to crumble. If you're on a team with someone like a Jinx, one may as well just think of your team as having a passive turret killing aura.

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The builds I provide in this guide are derivations of my in-game experience and this spreadsheet I made which calculates Azir's burst and DPS with different builds.

Starting Items
There's a lot of different starts, but Doran's Ring + pots is the default. Boots of Speed + pots also works in some situations though.

Doran's ring is your standard starting item. AP, health, and mana regen. Please don't make me explain why you want those stats on a squishy hypercarry mage. If you fall really far behind, don't be afraid to buy a second one. Just be wary that you need to get off them as soon as possible so you can start scaling.
Some extra health sustain would be nice early-game. Don't be afraid to buy more as needed, particularly in lanes where there's a lot of poke going both ways.
Some people seem to think you should go with two health potions. I vehemently disagree in nearly every case. You're a lane bully. If you're playing Azir correctly, you don't need the health regen, you need more mana to keep up the pressure. It's very easy to get a CS lead when you take a mana pot over a second health pot at the start.
If you don't think warding is important, you're wrong. Since you're a lane bully, you should be dropping a ward in the bush of your choice pretty much whenever you can so you can be as aggressive as desired. Remember that so long as you do and stay near that bush, you'll survive nearly any gank. Be warned that stupidity will still cost you a flash though.
If you're facing against someone heavily reliant on skillshots like Xerath or Anivia and you don't feel comfortable dodging them without boots, feel free to start with boots.

These are the standard on Azir as they let you break through the enemy base MR and deal near true damage.
Surprisingly, these are actually pretty reasonable on Azir in terms of DPS, but your poke will be slightly lower, so I never buy them over Sorcerer's Shoes.
While I never build these anymore, I did build them before I had a rune page with scaling CDR. They are a reasonable substitute if you lack that page (though the dedicated rune page is still far better for the builds that require it).
Buy these against someone that needs to stun you to hurt you like Veigar.

Mana Items
Always buy one of these. I don't care how much you get blue buff, always buy exactly one of these (unless you're doing the Double Morello build).
This item is incredibly valuable on Azir. Providing good mana regen, good AP, 20% CDR, and a passive that is invaluable against certain compositions, this item is absolutely amazing on Azir. You shouldn't buy it every game, but it provides the backbone for many of the builds I provide. The passive is more useful than you might think at first though. You're a lane bully, so while it is definitely going to put a dent in those Dr. Mundos and Master Yis, it also means that those health pots that your enemy laner is chugging to stay alive are suddenly useless. No health sustain for your enemy laner = imminent death. If nothing else, it'll be much easier to shove them out of lane and get a CS advantage or go ganking. You should complete this first in nearly every game you build it.
This item isn't for every game, but it's sometimes worth it if you know you're in for a long laning phase where you'll be farming the whole time and aren't likely to die or get kills. Provided you keep up the poke (in this situation, you may want to max W over E), you'll charge Tear of the Goddess quick enough. Make sure you take CDR scaling runes if you run this! The shield from this has saved my life a great many times as well. Also, if you fear needing to take Frozen Heart toward the end of a game, the passive from this will at least let you siphon a bit of damage from the mana it provides.
If you're in for a painful laning phase, this may be your best bet. The health and mana sustain will help you endure poke from the likes of Malzahar, Xerath, and Ziggs while also having enough tankiness to survive them should they attempt to burst you. Also, once you turn Catalyst into RoA, you can scale even if you aren't getting experience due to being shoved out repeatedly which can help a bit. For some playstyles the health can also be very useful as it lets you dive into the heart of the enemy team without fear of getting blown up instantly (though if you're anything but extremely careful you'll still die, just slower). This is a very very good item on Azir.

Damage Items
You're not likely to buy every one of these items every game, but you always need at least a few of them or you won't so much as scratch your enemies. Again, Azir is very item-dependent.
Some people say Nashor's Tooth is bad on Azir because his soldiers proc on-spell effects, not on-hit effects. While they're right about the mechanics of his soldiers, they are woefully mistaken regarding this item's efficacy on Azir. This item will cause a spike in your DPS that is unparalleled by any other item. In fact, as you'll notice if you toy around in my spreadsheet, the highest DPS build possible on Azir involves going double Nashor's Tooth (note that Double Nashor's has severe drawbacks, so don't ever use it in a ranked game).

Regardless, this is an item that is so useful on Azir (better than Void Staff, better than Deathcap) that you need to build it every single game. It gives him everything he could ever want and while you won't use the passive (or at least you should avoid it whenever possible), the other stats provide such a huge boost to power and feel that going a game without Nashor's will suffer such a huge drop in damage, it's not even funny. Always build this. It's not like it's a hard item to get either. The most expensive chunk is merging the Stinger and Fiendish Codex together which is only 850. If you don't build this every game, you shame yourself, Shurima, and its Emperor.
This item seems to be routinely undervalued on Azir. The movement speed plus the incredible boost to Q damage makes it wonderful on him by drastically improving his poke which makes early sieges much scarier. The passive, the AP, and the movement speed make this item too good to pass up. Get it whenever you can. I typically buy it as a fourth item if I'm not fed. If you're feeling super safe in team fights, you can actually sell your boots at the end of the game if you have this.
Do I really need to explain buying Deathcap on a mage? Just buy it.
Even with just the base 30 magic resist enemies have this item is efficient and it only goes up from there. Like Nashor's Tooth, you need to buy this every game.
Definitely not something to get every game, but the passive burn works well with your Q slow. If the enemy is stacking health, buy this. The chunkier they are, the better this is, especially if there's a lot of sieging going on in the game. If you suspect you'll need this later, you should buy Haunting Guise in the midgame.

Optional Survival Items
You won't need these every game, but you'll probably want at least one of them.
This item is great and you should buy it. Typically I get this over Luden's Echo if I need the armor or the active which can neutralize things like Death Mark or Requiem. Just be careful that since you're a DPS champion, using this isn't as useful as using it on a burst champion that can use it to wait for cooldowns. If you use it to survive in a teamfight and someone doesn't come to save you while you're gold, you'll just die a couple seconds later.
Not as flashy as Zhonya's, but this item is still very useful when facing enemies that are stacking AP. This item also counters itself, so if an enemy builds it, you may want to as well.
If you're facing a pure AD composition, buy this over something like Thornmail. It's just more useful because of the AS reduction. You'll deal more damage in the time the AS slow allows you to survive than the passive on Thornmail. Additionally, the mana can be useful to you and if you built Archangel's, you can even siphon a bit of damage from it. Similarly, the AS reduction on this item DOES proc the Liandry's doubling, so don't forget that!
This item is something you should generally avoid, but if you need the health, by all means, go ahead. It'll definitely help you to endure whatever onslaught is coming your way. It comes from expensive components though, so I don't recommend it in most situations. Also, don't buy this just to combo with Liandry's burn. It's not worth it (check the Freezer Burn build in the spreadsheet for proof). Besides, your Q, E, and R all apply crowd control.
This isn't an item you'll want very frequently, but the MR is useful if you are facing someone like Veigar.
Buy this if facing someone with game-changing abilities like Unstoppable Force or if you're facing a Veigar. ALWAYS build this against Veigar and then laugh in his face as he struggles to do anything to you.

Do Not Buy
These items are junk on Azir and you should never build them. Just don't.
I've seen some people try to get this on Azir. It's not worth it. It's just not. You won't make use of the passive and the item is really only useful on Kalista. Not even most ADCs can make good use of it. Imagine a mage that doesn't even proc the passive on it since he's using proxies. Don't buy it.
Again, don't buy this. I know it may look friendly, but the answer is no. You often times don't have the time to wind up on it. Fights will frequently be decided by then, not to mention the AD is useless on you.

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Choosing a build

There's a lot of paths you can go down, so let's cover the basics here in terms of which builds should be built when.

If the lane is hard, Rod of Ages is typically going to be what you need. You'll need scaling CDR runes.

If you're facing a mage that isn't likely to kill you or if you're facing an assassin, go Morellonomicon instead. Use either an anti-AP (the rune page listed for the Morello build) or an anti-AD page (swap out the scaling health and MR runes with armor and perhaps make a few glyphs scaling AP for a bit of damage later), depending on what type of damage your opponent deals. If you start to fall way behind, you may want to go Double Morello instead and just farm with your soldiers all day with the infinite mana.

If the game is liable to go on for a long time, consider buying Tear of the Goddess instead of the above options. You'll need scaling CDR runes.

If you're facing Veigar (or Annie), build Mercury's Treads, Athene's Unholy Grail, and Banshee's Veil. Use anti-AP runes.

If the enemy team is going to be stacking health, build Liandry's Torment. If you're not in too much danger, build Luden's Echo too as its proc will allow Liandry's to burn multiple enemies off one Q.

The experimental bot lane build is for games when you wish to replace the ADC and send someone else mid. Azir remains an AP carry in this situation and does not try to go hybrid or any such strange/stupid thing like that. Mid lane is incredibly prone to counter-picks and when you have hypercarry like Azir in play, things are only amplified, so the ability to lane swap such a powerful champion is invaluable.

Say I first pick Azir and get countered by Brand]. I flip over to bot lane and let someone else take [[Talon mid to counter Brand. Is it ideal for Azir to end up in bot lane? No, but it's a heck of a lot better than facing against someone who counters him in many situations.

Overall, this build has been effective in those few games I've put it through. Now, it may be asked "why do this at all? Azir is a mid laner." And you would traditionally be right. Azir does nearly always go mid. But he is an ADC-by-proxy. He offers similar objective control and is equally item dependent, so putting him in bot lane where he can amass gold while an AD assassin goes mid lane really isn't that bad of a situation by itself in terms of overall strategy. When you consider the fact that it can be used to absorb a counter-pick which itself is easily countered, it becomes rather simple to understand why there is value in this.

Obviously I recommend very very strongly that you experiment a lot with this in normals before taking it ranked, but the option is there for you if you wish it.

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Just use what I've outlined above. This is just a bit of explanation on what may be contentious.

Butcher and that which follows from it are just so useful in farming that they're hard to pass up. Similarly, upgraded potions make laning much easier. Additionally, you can swap the point in Fleet of Foot for Phasewalker . It's personal preference as far as I'm concerned. Also, don't get Arcane Blade . Just like the passive on Nashor's Tooth, you'll never use it.

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Tips, Tricks, and Combos

This section is going to include a lot of pictures, so for the record, the skin I use is available here. Anyways, let's get down to business.

Basic Combos

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Advanced Combos
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Basic Tactics
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Advanced Tactics
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Working as a Team

Though Azir can carry games by himself as as above can make crazy awesome plays, he does still have a team that he needs to work with. Luckily, it's pretty straight forward.

Ally getting chased down? Use your ult or Q to stop the chase. Remember, allies can run through the wall for a speed boost, so ulting a fleeing ally can save them. Similarly, you can use your ult to engage by giving your team a speed boost. I don't typically recommend it, but I have done it before and it has worked.

When you're roaming, always try to send the soldier in front of where the enemy is running so you can ult them back toward your team (unless of course you're trying to save your team then ult them under a turret or away or something; use common sense).

Remember, as awesome as many of the plays you can pull of solo are, they're nothing without a team. Yes, you can 4v1 without a team. With an ally, you can 5v2 and ace them. Without a team, that 2050 unit range engage is just a really elaborate form of suicide. Without allies to flank them, shoving the enemy out of the Dragon pit may not do a whole lot. Just like you need to know where your soldiers are at all times, know where your allies are so that when you engage you don't just find yourself going in alone without backup and dying.

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As awesome as Azir is in so many ways, he is buggy. How buggy? Let's count the ways...

  • Your ult can randomly fail to actually be impenetrable
  • Sometimes issuing a soldier attack will fail (I have lost lanes because of this blasted bug)
  • Sometimes your soldiers start doing an attack animation without dealing damage. This bug is harmless as issuing an attack command will immediately warp them into the proper state. It just looks weird.
  • If an enemy leaves the Sun Disk's range while having aggro and nothing new comes to take its aggro, the red laser point will keep aiming at them. If you have an Ezreal or some such on your team, this can be rather unfair as they'll know where to aim.

I'm certain there are more bugs, but those are the ones that most frequently rear their heads in my games. Overall, these bugs make Azir weaker, so fixing them would be a buff.

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Final Words and Further Reading

Thank you for making it all the way down here. I appreciate the time and I hope this guide helped you become a better Azir player. If you have any feedback, I'd love to hear it. This is my first guide on here, so formatting feedback is appreciated as well.

If you're interested in more information, I'd recommend taking a look over at's Azir page. The statistical data it provides is a good supplement to what I've mentioned here. I also stream from time to time here.