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League of Legends Build Guide Author RablyPale

I'll be your friend! Oh wait, you're dead.

RablyPale Last updated on July 9, 2011
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Hello there, I'm RablyPale, and Amumu has been my main champ for quite a while. This guide is a jungling guide along with a build that I've established after watching several Amumu games and reading guides from various sources, and of course from my personal experiences seeing what items work best in which situations.

I'm going to start off with what many people will be interested in, the pros and cons of Amumu.

-Amazing initiation with Bandage Toss and Curse of the Sad Mummy
-Rips apart anyone that comes near him with Despair
- Curse of the Sad Mummy can change the outcome of the game. It also helps in your early and mid game ganks.
-Awesome at jungling with Tantrum and Despair. less damage plus dealing a percent of the creep's HP per second is simply amazing
-Fast jungler
-Great at ganking and initiating team fights becasue of Bandage Toss

-Reliant on blue buff to sustain Despair through the entire game
- Curse of the Sad Mummy has a long cooldown until it's maxed

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While I'm sure there are more optimal rune choices for Amumu in terms of Marks and Quintessences, I find that the rune setup I use works really well on most junglers. Feel free to suggest other possible rune choices as I am IP limited and can't test every rune there is.

Greater Mark of Desolation and Greater Quintessence of Desolation :
I find that the armor penetration is quite useful against jungle creeps and increase your damage a decent amount for your ganks once you reach level 4.

Greater Mark of Attack Speed :
While Amumu relies mostly upon Despair and Tantrum for damage output while jungling, the extra attack speed can't hurt.

Greater Seal of Armor :
These are something most junglers require. They're great because they reduce damage in the jungle and are effective all the way through to late game where, depending on the enemy team's composition, armor will be important.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist :
These are great for the early game ganks against mages. They're also effective late game in team fights, especially if the enemy team has lots of mages.

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Offense tree
Plentiful Bounty : Improved Smite really helps your jungle

Defense tree
Resistance : You're a tank so you need magic resist
Hardiness : You're a tank so you need armor
Strength of Spirit : the increased health and mana regeneration is helpful at level 18
Evasion : Having even 2% dodge in the jungle is quite helpful
Quickness : If you dodged the last attack at one camp, you'll get to the next faster.
Defensive Mastery : Taking less damage from minions is awesome for a jungler

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Summoner Spells

Every jungler needs smite. It makes your jungle so much faster. If you think having smite will make the enemy team know you're jungling, they'll probably figure it out right after they notice you have a solo lane.

This skill is simply amazing. You can use it to flash into Baron while they're killing it and use smite to get the buff for your team. the same applies to Dragon. It's also useful to catch up to an escaping enemy or escape when you're at low health.

Spells you can take instead of Flash:
Teleport : this skill is useful if you need o get right in to a team fight. It's also helpful if a lane is being used and nobody else is available to get to it before your turret is destroyed.
Fortify : This skill is useful if somebody tower dives a team mate. It's also useful for protecting a turret so somebody on your team can go save it.
Clairvoyance : This skill is actually really good. It allows you to check if any enemy is near a turret that you want to push or near a team mate that is traveling alone so they can escape safely. you can also use it to gank the enemy jungler
Rally : I hardly ever see anybody take this skill. I think that it helps a lot when you're pushing turrets or during team fights.
Ghost : If you prefer Ghost over Flash you can take Ghost.

Spells I don't recommend:
Exhaust : Leave this for your carries. You can take something that's more useful for yourself or your entire team.
Ignite : I find this skill useless if you're not laning. I also prefer taking non aggressive skills on tanks.
Heal : I just find this to be a waste of a skill on a jungler. I think that other skills have more opportunities to be used.
Clarity : While you're very mana dependent, you'll usually have blue buff. You'll ahev much more use for other skills.
Revive : I really don't like this skill. It has a 9 minute cooldown so chances are you'll only have 1 or 2 deaths where it's useful. You might even forget you have it until there's only 10 seconds left on your death anyway, which makes it even more useless.

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Skill Sequence

This is your passive skill. Whenever you attack an enemy, their magic resist is reduced. It's pretty good at helping out boost the damage of all your skills or the damage of your mages in team fights.

This is your initiating ability. You will use it to help your team focus somebody in team fights, catch a person that's escaping a team fight, and to initiate ganks. It will be the last skill you max.

This is the skill that makes you a successful jungler. It does damage to enemies near you equal to a percentage of their maximum health each second. It's amazing in team fights because it rips through tanks and squishies alike. If you get a Rylai's Crystal Scepter, it applies the sow, makign it even easier to win team fights. It will be maxed second.

This is another amazing skill that contributes greatly to your ability to jungle. It passively reduces damage you take from physical attacks and actively does damage to foes surrounding you. It will be maxed first.

This is your ultimate, and is perhaps the most overpowered skill in the game. It can turn the tides of a team fight because it stuns every enemy within it's radius for 2.5 seconds and does damage to every enemy caught within per second they are stunned. That gives your entire team 2.5 seconds to deal damage to their team, which can get you ahead in the fight by quite a bit. It's also great for when you gank and they start to get away.

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Jungle Route

You start our jungle off at your blue buff with a Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions. I recommend getting a leash from your mid, but it's not essential. Regardless, start off by activating Despair in a position where it will hit the golem and lizards. If you got a leash, this may not be possible, so just focus the golem. Start using regular attacks on the golem, activating a Health Potion when you've taken 2 or 3 hits. When it has about 600 HP left, use Smite. Kill the 2 small lizards if they're still alive. You should be level 2 now, so turn off Despair and add a point into Tantrum then move on to your wolf camp.

Activate Despair in a position that will hit all 3 wolves. Use a Health Potion and Tantrum then focus the brown wolf. Use Tantrum again when it comes off cooldown. Kill the 2 small wolves then turn off Despair and head over to your wraith camp.

Start by activating Despair so it hits all the wraiths, then use tantrum. Focus the blue one, using Tantrum when it comes off cooldown. Activate a Health Potion and keep using Tantrum when able. Usually all 4 wraiths die at the same time. You should level, so turn off Despair and add a point into Tantrum. Move to the red buff.

Activate Tantrum so it hits the 3 lizards. Use Despair and activate a Health Potion. Keep attacking the big lizard and using Tantrum when it comes off cooldown. When the large lizard has around 600 HP, use Smite.When everything is dead, turn off Despair and move on to your 2 golems.

Activate Despair and use Tantrum. keep attacking one of the golems and using tantrum] until it dies. Kill the other one and you should level. Add a point into [[Bandage Toss and either go back or go gank.
Credits for the video go to stonewall008.

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Things to do after your jungle route is complete

1) Gank a lane
2) Gank the enemy jungler
3) Ward the map
4) Hold a lane while a team member goes to heal and but items. You can also do this at any point in your jungle.
5) Push a lane that has nobody in it
6) Buy an oracle Elixir and destroy invisible things
7) counter jungle
8) continue jungling in your own jungle.

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Main Build

The following items are the items I suggest you get every game because they are good no matter what the enemy team is composed of. The sections that follow this one will outline what items are good in unique situations.

These are so you can survive your jungle. The Cloth Armor will also build into your Aegis of the Legion.

You need to be able to catch the people you gank, right? They also help with going from place to place.

as you're going to be in the jungle for most of the game, you don't have the luxury of getting gold off last hitting minions in lane. The extra gold production along with the health it gives make Heart of Gold great. It can also build into Randuin's Omen later if you choose.

Mercury Treads I like these boots because they provide 35 tenacity, the most from any item in the game. They also provide 25 magic resist which will be useful against mages.

I used to be skeptical about this item before somebody explained to me how it was useful. first of all, it provides you with 30 armor, 39 magic resist, 270 HP, and 8 attack. This is amazing for a tank. Second of all, it provides everyone on your team that is near you with 12 armor, 15 magic resist, and 8 attack. So this item essentially provides 78 armor, 99 magic resist, 270 HP, and 40 damage. all of that for 1925 gold is something no team should ever pass up. Always ask your team if anybody else plans to make one of these, as the aura does not stack.

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Situational Items

The following is a list of items that I've established and their usefulness based upon the composition of the enemy team.

Useful against AD champs

This item is awesome when the enemy team has 2 or 3 champs that are based highly around dealing physical damage in a short period of time using attack speed., such as Xin Zhao, Ashe, Shaco, and Jax. It will slow their attack speed using it's passive, and even more when you use it's active. It also helps reducing their damage because it gives 75 armor The extra health, cooldown reduction, and health regen are also nice bonuses.

This item is great against AD champs because it slows their attack speed by 20% while giving you 99 armor. This reduces the enemy team's damage output against your entire team while increasing your own survivability by a decent amount.

This item against ranged AS champions like Vayne and Ashe is great. They're usually rather squishy but have quite high damage, so the 30% recoil makes them hurt themselves more than they hurt you. It's also useful against melee AD champions, but I think [Randuin's Omen]] or [[Frozen Heart] are better for those situations.

Useful against AP champs

This item gives you movement speed, health regeneration, and magic resist. It's great for reducing damage you take from mages and going from place to place.

Useful in pretty much any situation

While this item does give magic resist and is usually more effective against AP champs than AD champs, I find it works in any situation. The increased health and mana are awesome, but more importantly is the spell bock every 45 seconds. It prevents damage from annoying skills like Veigar's Dark Matter or Primordial Burst.

This item is amazing for a tank. Because it takes so long to kill you already, the revive with 750 HP makes you all the more difficult to kill. It can also surprise the enemy team if they didn't notice you had one, which puts your team at an advantage. It also provides some nice armor and decent magic resist.

The passive 35 damage per second to targets around you from this item really helps in clearing out minion waves when you're pushing a lane mid or late game. the 45 armor and 450 health are also really nice bonuses.

Amumu is great at farming minions with Despair and Tantrum. His insane farming ability makes stacking the Warmog's Armor extremely easy. The large health boost stacked with your high armor and magic resist will make you able to destroy enemy champs that try to kill you using Despair.

This item along with Sunfire Cape or Despair will make it near impossible for enemies to escape your team. Just coming near yo will cause them to be slowed. It also increases your skill damage and gives you 500 HP. However, I usually don't get one of these, as I feel that building a defensive item against the minority on their team is more useful.

The active effect on this item is quite useful when the team has a champ that has a suppression move such as Warwick's Infinite Duress or Malzahar's [[Nether Grasp]. It is also good to free yourself from other crowd control effects and gives 56 magic resist, but usually only get it against teams with suppression.

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Always remember to help your team out. Gank whenever you can and hold lanes if someone needs to go back. If somebody's struggling in a lane and you don't think a gank will be successful, just go help them push a bit. Remind the enemy team of your presence; make them fear you. Look at the enemy team during the loading screen and decide on a general build. Compare who on the enemy team is doing the most damage and build accordingly. Remember to always have a ward at Baron after the 20 minute mark and Dragon at the 1 minute mark.

Thank you for reading my Amumu guide. Please leave feedback on how I can improve it and what you thought or your experiences using it.