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Mordekaiser Build Guide by agbudar

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League of Legends Build Guide Author agbudar

Immortal Mordekaiser

agbudar Last updated on January 24, 2013
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Hello people Some people might know me (moba name is same as my lol name) most of you won't
I don't play ranked that often mostly im just having fun in solo que \

BTW you have to forgive my english im not a native speaker and no im not brazilian either so no hidden brazilian hood passive explanation

so lets get started.

before downvoting and/or flaming that this guide sucks plz provide good/legit reasons.


so i threw my build around after playing a few ranked games on mordekaiser
so now only 1 build remains the other build compositions will return after they have been revised

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Out of all the champs I played I can definitly say mordekaiser is my most played champ i looked at dozens of builds to see if someone might have figured something out that i didn't figure out myself
i followed builds tweaked them but never really got that feeling that i wanted out of it

so at some point I was playing a loosing 4v5 game and was about to click surrender and thought to myself screw this im gonna see how far i can get with this so i threw all my aquired knowledge from guides away and decided to play it my way (this was a season 2 build mind you so there is a litle tweak to the items but the core is the same)
needless to say i not we won the game (I know it sounds cocky but i was seriously carrying that game all the way) ofc one can say you played against noobs but the result stands

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the choices

So I would define this as a semi offtank semi ap carry build it's sort off in between

What I wanted out of mordekaiser the most and that is what i feel that riot intended for mordekaiser was to be a champion that doesn't need to escape as much as other champions who might not posses the cheer superior combination of burst and survival.

so I came up with a build that has damage speedy spamming of skills and enough survival to kill before getting killed.

once a person truly masters the way of the metal man There won't be any champion you cannot face(even fed carries will run in a duel)

So why call this build Imortal? well thats what they called me in my last rift fight.

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From My runes i wanted survival and/or sustain
since i feel health regen runes are vastly underpowered and the regen system in general needs a big boost before it becomes viable again i picked spellvamp runes for added sustain which will carry you through the entire game

my other runes are ment to get my armor and MR to some nice numbers of 150~160 which will give a nice boost to your survival

edit: I've changed my marks to magic penetration since i don't always make up for this in my build.

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for Masteries I wanted to have spellvamp but also added defence for survival so I came up with a hybrid setup that gets me both also the reduced CD's on summoner spells is priceless.

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what is usefull for mordekaiser
although technically it isn't neccesary for kills it will sure as hell help you out get 3 to 5 more kills on average with the right way of playing that being said lot of adc's these days that run cleanse.
Ghost or Flash
the choice between ghost or flash is completly personal prefference i preffer ghost over flash simply because i find more usage out of it then flash.
Exhaust this is a spell that i haven't used for a while but is very effective and can just as ignite land you the kill on top of that its also semi useful in escaping a jungle gank by placing exhaust on the jungle while you ... tactically retreat back to your tower. there is one OUTSTANDING situation where exhaust is preffered by me over ignite and that is with the following champion

thats right this punk has one of the most redicilous Ult's in the history of league of legends his ult will most likely render ignite useless no matter how you look at it the incredible massive amount of lifesteal that this dude can have on a ad build is just too much if your playing ranked and you see someone taking sion on your oponents team think twice maybe even 3 times before you choose ignite over exhaust ignite wont kill this dude exhaust will shut him down... hopefully.
Sion is a very dangerous ad champion if he is snowballing.

not a bad choice but you will want to have something that gives you mobility/escape heal will be rendered useless by ignite wich a lot of solo top champs will have.
nice spell just very underpowered. this should have been the glorious ignite counter but to much complaints made riot nerf this spell. that being said it can still save your life just not as gloriously as before.
nice spell to take. if every oponent has like 2 cc skills at least. otherwise id say relly on tenacity to get you out of the hairy situations. but just as an example if your oponent somehow managed to get something like this..


and on top of that

and you know for a fact that these guys are going to have very good teamplay, yes take cleanse by all means. otherwise most likely tenacity will be enough.

I daresay All the other spells are not really usefull or have never been used more then once/never by me on mordekaiser. so i can honestly not really tell you how they are in combination with mordekaiser.

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Items on

what not to get
Doran's Shield
in season 2 for the longest time i would get this item nowadays it really doesnt fit or suit mordekaisers needs as it used to so this is a no go although at some ocasions it might seem like a good choice its better to simply bear with another item for the time being

what are my personal choices
Cloth Armor with 5 HP pots this is a good start if you have a solo top with an ad heavy opponent also this can lead into several items useful for morde including Randuin's Omen or Thornmail (situational) or ehm yeah it does exist Banner of Command

so lets say you dont want either of these items later on or your armor needs are not that high to begin with a very generic choice would be
Boots of Speed with 3 hp pots this has been the meta for almost every champ and is ALWAYS needed in all situations anyways.

risky choices
Amplifying Tome with 1 hp pot this is a risky item in almost every occasion this item will make you feel vulnerable for the first 6 lvls or till you have at least your hexgun that being said if you absolutely need hexgun as soon as possible this is the item to get 765 gold isnt that much to farm up to begin with and if you wait/towerhug long enough and get to 1115 gold you can get Boots of Speed as well although dont expect any kills anytime soon unless your oponent blunders heavily

core boots

there are three choices for mordekaiser as i see it

for when you want CD reduction and the items for mordekaiser with this stat are quite limited.

for when you need CC reduction wich is more then half the games you play as morde I personally consider this item to be a essential mordekaiser off tank item

this item is for the ap oriented mordekaiser in all honesty ap champs get some serious benefit from this item magic penetration is another stat that tastes so sweet on mordekaiser.

optional but honestly not really needed

this i've never been satisfied with if i/you need armor your better of getting randuim's thorns GA or sunfire the other boots are more suitable for mordekaiser.

core items (boots not included)

sorry guys this is THE item that makes mordekaiser playable even if you play tank you will HAVE to put this item in somewhere usually you will build this into a

you can build it into a

pro's for this item are cheaper and CD reduction morde damage on baron and drag some hp regen (like you need that) cons are less ap no aura for you buddies wasted mana regen.

way more expensive gives less ap and the only thing that this item gives is a stronger Q hit that being said your better of getting WoTA

Armor items for mordekaiser

Good alround item lots of armor good chunk of health and a sweet passive and active no reason not to get it when in need of survival.

this is an item when waiting for RO takes to long and you need to rush extra health and armor i know many guides tell you not to get this but it can change the flow of the game as it has for me quite a few times. that being said if your team is winning save your gold for something better like RO or Hourglass

this is again an item that is more situational then always needed if their ADC is not carrying then there is no point in getting this item. however if they for some reason run a 5 man carry team (dont know why) or champs that are ap but really on auto attacks as well (like hybrid teemo or jax) it might not be such a bad idea to get it again this is a situational item the way armor pen works these days is quite bad Last whisper combined with black cleaver will almost completely nullify the armor you get from this ofc it will on the other items but they have health to compensate for it.

snowball item in my opinion yes it has armor and a massive amount of ap but the only thing that makes this item drooly is its active which can be good for a towerdive/initiate in their team but i would not get this item unless i am killing without any risk of losing a kill to the oponents.

funny item good for the extra push and the ability to shout to your friends... GO FORTH MY MINION!! and DESTROY their TOWERRRRRR. that being said the CD reduction should not be overlooked and the passive can help in getting that tower down and let you escape/keep the enemy team busy. but yes this is a VERY situational item and no one will blame you if you overlook this.

there doesnt exist a reason not to get this item if you find one let me know the only problem with this is that you need to find the right time in getting it are you gonna abuse its passive for mid and end game or just endgame? choice is yours.

Magic resist items.

getting this item is almost never a wrong choice even if the mr is not needed the passive from this item and the added ap is a very sweet deal for mordekaiser that and its moderately easy to get.
a season 3 item and even though the MR and ap from this item is a little low the passive and active from this item can and will come in handy for any mordekaiser just remember to use it.

i personally like this item a lot MR a litle bit of health andits passive works very well with the masteries +runes + any end spell vamp item it will bring your spellvamp to 35% on top of all the other goodies you get Cooldown reduction which will increase your damage output by... well 15% at best which is not something to scoff at.

yes it give mr to you and your buddies and armor included but i think this item although a morde can run around with it fits better on a tanky support.

5th/6th items
truth be told no mordekaiser will not do well in any role if his damage/burst isn't good enough in season 3 the very common combination of Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Liandry's Torment is quite common if you dont have room for 2 of these another good thing to do is get Rabadon's Deathcap or Void Staff MR penetration has become more needed in most cases of any game you play whether its casual solo pick or ranked. deathcap can because of its sheer ap boost go around this need but in some cases when the oponent stacks massive amounts of health/MR or just has a lot of tanky champions it pays off to get voidstaff instead voidstaff is also a lot cheaper and easier to get so i would say get voidstaff if you have a disadvantage and you already have all your tanky items.

A lot of it is situational need with mordekaiser the lack of CC can lead to the purchase of rylai's the lack of damage can lead to deathcap the lack of survival can lead to GA it is never difinitive Mordekaiser is hard to play in ranked since most people will either dodge or give up without trying. the harsh truth of any meta is that there is truth to it if you disobey the meta you either suffer or you manage to make up for it in the gap.

More updates will follow soon.

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Mordekaiser tactic's

Methods of how to
with our beloved

and get away with it

Are you going to die for sure? are your spells on cooldown? your being CC'ed? your gonna die right?
well maybe not now is the time to listen to riot's tips THROW everything that you have at them no matter how stupid it may seem waste that ult on their tank run in balls deep see you hp drop faster then a bucket of stones. here is where the true power of mordekaiser and his weakness lies there are 2 possible outcomes for this situation

1 your team thinks your stupid and keeps running.
2 The above mentioned team still think your crazy but see the oponents HP drop significantly they stop running....
3 you survive longer then expected and they see an oportunity to kill someone
4 you die but get that triple or even that quadra....penta assist?
5 you feel better about yourself for picking mordekaiser.

You always... wait mister agbudar explain the above rule and how to aply it please...
ok ok guess it wasn't simple enough.

ok this above situation (wich i find myself in far to often for my liking) is unavoidable for mordekaiser with 0 escape skills so you need to find a way to deal with it. like Riot suggests sometimes the best defence for mordekaiser is offence this ONLY aplies when you know that running away will not work..... maybe kiting them works but pure running will get you killed.
to pull this of succesfully you need 3 things survival enough AP to fill up your shield and if you manage a litle bit of CD reduction so you can cast your spels more often giving way to more buttonmashing.
so to continue
You always have enough survival so your team can make/help the enemy dead.
1 your shield does NOT benefit from bonus HP in ANY way
2 You only get health for ults like noxian guilotine or if you know for a fact your shield wont keep up with the dps.
3 your shield benefits from armor and Magic resist ABUSE THIS.
4 Cooldown reduction is not so much of a means to do more damage but a means to recharge your shield quicker/more often, that being said be careful with the items you get for this.
5 AP fills your shield more so get some

think like a boss your scary make sure your enemy knows this for a fact.
1 if you wan't to own like a boss think like a BOSS
2 when you tower dive think this I CAN TANK THAT b... not "im gonna die!!!"( many times i run in just so my teammates dont get hit. next to Dr. Mundo mordekaiser is an excelent tower tanker if build right and with the right amount of creeps.

Don't try and save idiots
i myself do this far to often.
get teemo ghost so his shrooms become yours..NOT
but it sure is a lot of fun making his ghost check your bushes.
ehm kill people?
Although with the constant supply of OP champions and revamps of items Mordekaiser is and always will be a champion that should have the ability to tank and kill 5 enemies at the same time think and build like that. if you do who needs to run? all you run for is to chase em
use your flipping ghost for something.
RULE #9 screw the meta but do it with dignity and tactical observation throw your enemy off guard and your chances are going to increase.

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Semi Hidden passive

I haven't confirmed it yet but there is something I have noticed whenever i fought against a adc with lots of lifesteal

Your passive shield that you get doesn't seem to be counted as actual Health as such life steal would not work against this.

like i said I haven't confirmed it but i do seem to see a big drop in their lifesteal gain whenever they hit me whenever my shield is up.(since most hits of a fully fed ADC will take your shield out in one hit its hard to tell)

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the end

I know this is not a very extensive guide its more of a build that i Like to play with and it's been succesfull thus far I will let you know how I fare in Ranked games with this build.

my elo at the moment is low 1270