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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Rederth

Indestructible Mundo

Indestructible Mundo

Updated on February 6, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rederth Build Guide By Rederth 12 4 71,578 Views 5 Comments
12 4 71,578 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Rederth Dr. Mundo Build Guide By Rederth Updated on February 6, 2012
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********UPDATE COMING SOON********

Hey everyone, this is my second attempt at making a Guide. I hope you all take a chance and give this Mundo build a try because you become a near unkillable tanky dps. It helps you brawl with some of the best while outputting good damage during teamfights without having to build much in the way of damage items. In fact, every item in this build contributes to your tanky-ness while providing additional effects. Read on and see what we can do.

Some of the choices seem questionable here but I will explain them and show the math to why I use some of my choices. This hero is meant to be played solo to because you require CS and your sustain is amazing once you hit level 6. You can play with 2 in the lane but try your best to talk your team into letting you solo lane (if you have a jungler of course).

*Edited to include feedback and adding pictures :), also thanks for the upvotes guys :D*
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Pros / Cons

- Some of the best sustain in the game
- Deals very relevant damage while assisting your team
- Fantastic chase/escape maneuvers
- Infuriating to the opposing team
- Your build is relatively cheap so you can usually see final build if your game is going well
- Insane amounts of virtual and actual tenacity making you essentially CC immune
- You can go where you please

- The Runes are a big investment and people don't typically have these ones
- Outside of your cleaver, not much CC
- Can be countered by multiple ignites/executioner's callings reducing you to pokes in teamfights for an amount of time.
- This build breeds overconfidence so it takes practice to be indestructible (although it isn't that hard)
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Regeneration Mundo?

Most mundo's I've seen are solely focusing on the ultimate, atma's or hitting hard with cleavers. My build puts a lot less pressure on the ultimate's job and helps you get to the point with some good decisions to unkillable. The goal is maximize the health per second to complement your passive. I will list all the things giving you regeneration and mundo's ACTUAL final health.

Since the above number doesn't take into account masteries or warmogs passive, mundo's max health is:
3205 Base health with items +
108 Durability +
30 Veteran's Scars +
350 Warmog's Armor bonus health
= (3693 +3% from Juggernaut ) = 3803.79 max health.

now regeneration/5 from the items/masteries/runes:

18 from Seals
15 from Quints
40 from Warmog's Armor
3 from Vigor
30 from Zeke's Harbinger
40 from Force of Nature
All bonuses totaled = 146
Reduced to per second = 29.2

Now for The Force of Nature bonus and mundo's passive Goes Where He Pleases
0.65% of 3803.79
per second = 24.72

Now take the 53.92 health per second and increase it by 15% = 62 hp/s

62 hp/s! That's without an ult or auto attacks from your starks. This means that the counter up top should be reading 310hp/5. This combined with your armor, magic resist, high health AND THEN your ultimate, you should have essentially enough sustain to fight every encounter and if you get low, run away for a period of time then re-engage with a ton of health. You can truly go where you please.

If you are really steamrolling the opposing team and you finish your build, You can/should replace your Spirit Visage with another item. If you want to increase your total regeneration even higher than an additional Warmog's Armor can go in it's place. This increases your total health to around 5000 and makes your hp/s increase to 70.1 per second. This is at the cost of some cooldown reduction and magic resist but at this stage of the game you can just purchase an Elixir of Brilliance to regain your cooldown reduction.
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Summoner Spells

There are many summoner spells you can use for mundo that are quite great. Some of the better options at your disposal are Ghost, Exhaust, Cleanse, Teleport and Flash. I'd personally choose Ghost and one of the others at your discretion.

Ghost: The ability to barrel through units to smash a carry (with your crazy CC reduction), catch fleeing heroes or just move insanely quickly with this + your ult are all great reasons to have ghost. An alternate in this slot would probably be Flash, which in some cases may be better. Nowadays I prefer to keep flash on AD ranged carry's because it's a great escape mechanism however my melee heroes can benefit from ghost to get multiple extra attacks in against your targets.

Exhaust: This option is a good choice for Mundo because it gives you another mild form of CC and a good form of escape mechanism (assuming you can hit the champ chasing you). It also helps your role during a teamfight to blast in through their champions, find the AD carry and exhaust them so they can't output damage or escape. You then proceed to crush them and escape (in theory) but more or less helps you really flush out your role on the team.

Cleanse: This is another survivability option. I use it to make sure you are impossible to focus down with CC and to turn off the inevitable ignite damage (which late game hurts quite a bit!), Sadly it doesn't turn off grievous wounds so you will be stuck only gaining half of your ridiculous amount should you be ignited. However it does aid you in escaping those sorts of situations to heal back up very shortly after.

Teleport: One of the more very useful Solo Top options. It has a fairly long cooldown but the upside is it lets you counterpush lanes, gain much more map control and furthermore lets you start roaming at a much earlier level. This is a great tool to let you leave lane and go gank if that's what your team requires. It's also a good idea if you have a skilled support on the team who is on top of warding the map letting you appear where needed that doesn't rely on lanes.

Flash: The standard escape spell/gap closer. I would only really take this to supplement your ghost because it already does what you want but a little better. No one would fault you for choosing flash because even post-nerf it's probably the best summoner skill in the game.
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Greater Mark of Precision = 1.0 Armor Penetration/0.57 Magic Penetration
Now to start, I either don't see or mobafire doesn't have the hybrid runes. Greater Mark of Desolation runes are fine because it helps you hit like a truck however since your damage output comes from a mixture of Infected Bonesaw, Heart Zapper, and Blunt Force Trauma auto attacks. The extra penetration helps your cleavers continue do a ton of damage and it helps burning agony matter more late game. The 5ish mpen can mean the difference of a few percentage points against squishy heroes. The attack portion lets your late game Atma's strikes combined with masochism hit harder than normal for a tank.

An alternate rune I'd use here is Greater Mark of Attack Speed which greatly increases your ability to last hit however I find you can't just sit there and auto attack so the AS is lost some here. That's why I stick to Arm pen or hybrid but I can't fault you here.

Greater Seal of Regeneration may seem like a very odd seal to get in almost any situation but if it shines anywhere it is here. If you read the regeneration section earlier you will see that it is an integral part of ensuring maximum regeneration. If you want to play a little more traditionally choose Greater Seal of Armor or Greater Seal of Vitality.

Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist runes are used because because they are both very good on tanks and it helps us stop the Mundo countering Madred's Bloodrazor. You will tend to find that late game their AP carry's are essentially useless because after their burst you tend to resist most of it then regenerate right past their combo's. It also gives you additional sustain against them if they are saving ignites for you.

Greater Quintessence of Regeneration It is the exact same reason for the seal's. Use Greater Quintessence of Fortitutde if you struggle with your early game. Once you are more practiced switch back to regeneration quints so you gain gain a more long term benefit.
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I opt to go 9/21/0 now. Before I was utilizing 0/21/9 but the movespeed wasn't as relevant because between Ghost and my ult I could chase really well. Furthermore outside of Blessing of the Lizard Elder We don't really need any aura's. The extra attack speed and armor penetration gives our Atma's Impaler more leverage.

Whichever you choose, you need to be in the defense tree because the additional survivability plus the move speed passive are too good to pass up when combined with Juggernaut .
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The item set Focuses on chase, survivability, some damage, and of course regeneration.

Mercury's Treads: Simply some of the best melee/tank friendly boots in the game. The additional MR helps stop Madred's Bloodrazor. If you feel that the opposing team is rather CC light then you can opt for either Ionian Boots of Lucidity so you can use cleavers more often or Boots of Swiftness to run right into their carries.

Warmog's Armor: Gives you a ton of health which synergizes with your ult, passive, Atma's Impaler and Force of Nature. A definitely required item.

Atma's Impaler: The item combo Atmog's shouldn't be anything new. The armor it gives is invaluable. Also a core item.

Force of Nature: A semi-core item. If the opposing team is mostly AD or their casters don't matter in the slightest then opt for a Thornmail. However they always can threaten to get a Madred's Bloodrazor. If this happens you MUST have Force of Nature. I get this in around 90% of my games.

Spirit Visage: This item synergizes with everything you are trying to do and really helps you stay unkillable. If you are doing insanely well then after you complete your build, this is the first item to go in place of a < Warmog's Armor/ Trinity Force/ Frozen Mallet/ Infinity Edge/etc...). It's core for the early/mid game and helps you late game unless they are hard countering you with a bunch of Executioner's Calling's and Ignites.

Zeke's Harbinger: I got this item so you can play as more of an asset to the team. The Recurve Bow completely removed my need to have AS marks. The lifesteal isn't irrelevant either on you because it helps you regenerate even more, especially on your meaty Atma's Impaler/ Blunt Force Trauma strikes. You become an unkillible aura that helps your ad carry's survive. Since you aren't that disruptive of a tank you may as well have more of a DPS focus while ensuring your carry's benefit too. This item is non-core and can be replaced with Randouins Omen or something of the like, but I find it is a very powerful late game tool for winning.
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Skill Sequence

Infected Bonesaw:
I max this first because it is your bread and butter tool. It helps you harass, last hit, chase, kite, and otherwise be disruptive. It scales very well into late game, helps counter tanks as well as smash squishy heroes. You can use it to "face" check a bush by hearing the squish sound it makes on impact. The cooldown is low and the cost is negligible so use it early and often. The hitbox for it is also gigantic which can be great or to your detriment so spam it often to get a feel with how it works. It also deals a ton of damage to minions so should you choose to help with dragon/baron, hit it with your cleaver.

Heart Zapper:
I get 1 point into it around level 4 because the "tenacity" is beneficial all game and it is what you use this ability for. Also note that it deals damage on the first frame of coming active so you can last hit with it if you are paying close enough attention. Otherwise late game is when this shines because you can leave it on and heal right through it letting you run around with 35 tenacity, 10% from juggernaut AND an additonal 35% from this. I am not sure if it is additive but what I do know is that most CC is just wasted on you letting you run free how you wish.

Blunt Force Trauma:
This is your very ridiculous, spammable steroid for your hero. At full health at level 5 you gain a whopping 100 damage that only goes up should they chose to fight you. My build gives it a 6.2 second cooldown to a 5 second steroid so you can mash E during your fights to get a free Bloodthirster worth of damage or more. Late game combined with Atma's you hit for 300+ damage on a hero with no nature +attack item on. This is why I choose to have armor pen so our hits matter a lot and you utilize every part of Mundo.

Maximum Dosage:
Your ult is insane, especially with spirit visage. It lets you stay in top lane without going back, gives you a ghost worth of speed and makes you essentially indestructible. With only a 60s cooldown or less it is as spammable as it gets so use it often to heal up or to start an engage. You can even use it to run back from base to lane only to have it up shortly after that, ready for the next engage. Just remember the two most optimal times to use your ult is right as you run into a fight or if you survive and low to heal yourself back up. The worst time to activate is in the middle of being focused because you give yourself a free 20% nuke to life and in the middle of a burst combo that can mean the end of you.
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This is one of the more important parts of Mundo because getting good CS during the early game means your transition to mid/late game much easier. Typically just before or after Warmog's Armor is the time you become a lot closer to unkillable but this doesn't mean skip your other items in order to speed it up!

Your last hits are relatively slow so you need to make every single one count. Typically I fairly aggressively use my Blunt Force Trauma to last hit early game because of your regeneration so getting last hits is fairly easy. You can also use your cleaver to quickly hit one minion with your auto attack then cleave the next to help you miss less CS.

Sometimes you are denied farming for a number of reasons, multiple jungle ganks early, harass heavy solo top opponent or facing a dual line up top (due to opposing teams lack of jungler). This doesn't mean however that you will be denied farm because of the long range of your cleavers and their super large hitbox. When you don't feel safe hang back at almost the full range of the cleaver (1000) and just start picking off minions for a low amount of health in return while still gaining full exp. Since your regeneration is so high, even with per level runes and a regrowth pendant only, as long as your cleaver lands you regenerate the health almost immediately. This is also a viable tactic if you feel the lane is too pushed and a gank is about to start, just back off and throw cleavers from the brush in order to score last hits. Once you hit 6 you can farm until you are content because you should be able to last very long in the lane even against an opponent who goes back to buy a couple times.

Harassing is also a large part of the farming process. Since your Infected Bonesaw does quite a bit of upfront damage (15% of current health + 80 at level 1) you should be looking to repeatedly fire cleavers at your opponent to both deny them CS, make them feel uncomfortable and give you some room to use your melee attack to last hit. The chance of you finishing someone with your cleavers without gank assistance is low but I've had many opponents misinterpret my damage output with Heart Zapper/ Blunt Force Trauma/ Infected Bonesaw with a cleanse on their Exhaust/ Ignite. Please note that if you are in a poor situation immediately give up harassing and just go back to using Infected Bonesaw for last hitting only or to keep melee heroes at bay. If you find your farm is going quite poorly, purchase a Heart of Gold before your Kindlegem. You then have the late game option of replacing heart with another item and enjoy the extra gold or just turn it into a Randouins omen.
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Thanks for taking a look at my build. Please feel free to leave a comment if you wish, especially if you have some constructed criticism. It's a lot more helpful than random downvotes ;). If you practice up you will be steamrolling through the rift mashing faces and making people rage with how they need to kill you but just can't.

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