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Teemo Build Guide by A Chipmonk

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author A Chipmonk

Ionic Spark and On Hit, Teemo

A Chipmonk Last updated on June 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Most players in the game deal damage by increasing their attack damage or ability power so their basic attacks or abilities do more damage, but 6 items in League of Legends will do that damage for you and will do it extremely well. This build however is more based off a fun game and not ranked as the items, runes, and masteries will not be best suited for those situations, but that is not to say this build won't work for ranked games.

Also sorry in advance.....I am not the greatest with the formatting for this. There is a lot of text and not many pictures.

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Greater Seal of Armor is an obvious choice to any lane you chose. The flat armor will help negate damage from enemy minions but more importantly the enemy champions, unless you are in mid.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist is also a good choice. Most enemy champions will not have to much ability power early game so taking the MR per level will help you more later. At level 9 you will get more Magic Resist out of these than you would if you took Greater Glyph of Magic Resist.

Greater Mark of Attack Speed is huge for this build. Attack speed will cause your on hit effects to happen more often multiply your damage. Greater Mark of Magic Penetration is also a viable grab as it will increase the damage from your on hit effects as they all do magic damage.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed is amazing as it increases you base move speed which works great along side Move Quick. Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed is also good as an increase in attack speed will be an increase in damage. Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration is also a viable option as the Magic Penetration will help increase your damage from the on hit effects of items as well as Toxic Shot

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Summoner's Wrath is KEY! You will be taking any combination of the 4 summoner spells that it increases so you will get a double bonus from this one.

Mental Force . Increases the damage of your spells, and basic attack through Toxic Shot.

Alacrity is another KEY mastery. The attack speed will multiply your damage.


All of the Masteries you take will help your early game sustain.


Your KEY mastery here is Meditation as the mana regen will help you with planting Noxious Trap.

Summoner's Insight and Good Hands will be useless. You should't plan on dying so the reduced time dead is a moot idea. Also, you won't be taking any Summoner Spells that Insight could improve, which makes taking it useless.

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To start out I grab a Doran's Ring as the extra health, ability power, and mana regen are a huge help early. Doran's Blade and Doran's Shield are also viable options, as is taking Boots of Speed or Cloth Armor and 3 or 5 Health Potion or Mana Potion. As far as what you are going to build it is all situationally dependent on the enemies you are facing so I am not going to go into what you want to build against who. I will, however, explain the items effectiveness for you.

The following list is going to be the items you will be taking and the cost effectiveness of attack speed. Attack speed is going to be your main focus as the number of attacks you have is going to multiply your damage significantly, so gold cost does not take into account other stats or the on hit effects.

Recurve Bow - 26.25g per point.
Dagger - 28g per point.
Sword of the Divine - 32.85g per point.
Malady - 36.5g per point.
Berserker's Greaves - 36.8g per point.
Ionic Spark - 46g per point.
Wit's End - 53.75g per point.
Madred's Bloodrazor - 95g per point.

Next list will be ON HIT DAMAGE only. This does not take into account attack damage or ability power increase to Toxic Shot. Also, Madred's Bloodrazor deals % damage, so I will have 3 of the item in the following list; one against a champion of 2000 health, one against a champion of 2500 health, and one against a champion of 3000 health. Ionic Spark also deals its MAX damage if you hit 4 targets so I will have 4 of them in the list as well. All damage is also the MAX damage this item can do, as it WILL be reduced by an enemies Magic Resist. And because Ionic Spark and Sword of the Divine deal damage every 4th hit. I will be taking damage into account as if 4 attacks have been applied. Now Malady will do more cost effective damage than this, as it can reduce an enemies Magic Resist below 0 allowing you to do more damage, however when you reduce that all of the other items oh hit damage will increase as well, so I did not take into account for the reduction in Magic Resist.
Ionic Spark - 4 targets - 5.23g per point of damage.
Ionic Spark - 3 targets - 7.88g per point of damage.
Ionic Spark - 2 targets - 10.45g per point of damage.
Wit's End - 12.8g per point of damage.
Sword of the Divine 19.7g per point of damage.
Madred's Bloodrazor- 3000 health - 20.32g per point of damage.
Ionic Spark - 1 target - 20.91g per point of damage.
Malady - 22.81g per point of damage
Madred's Bloodrazor - 2500 health - 24.36g per point of damage.
Madred's Bloodrazor - 2000 health - 30.4g per point of damage.

What champion have you seen that doesn't get boots. You will need these as you will be squishy.

Most likely your first full item, as it costs the least and increases your abilities damage.

This item will help you farm like a beast, but it will also push your lane like no other. I like to rush this as you will have your ultimate before this, meaning you can ward for free against the enemy jungle. If you play smart too you can wait for your opponent to get out of range of the enemy minions before you hit him with your 4th attack causing you to not push the lane. However there is no cool down on the hit you are on, meaning you can charge your 4th hit up but not use it until you decide to attack.

This like Ionic Spark can be charged on minions and then unleashed on the enemy champion. The better part is you don't have to wait untill they are out of range, and you won't push your lane like a crazed man. This active is also good if you are going against a Jax or other character that dodges. The active also synergies well with the attack damage from Madred's Bloodrazor but the effects will be minimal.

Great if you are mid lane as that is where the enemy caster will be. This item also does the most on hit damage except for Madred's Bloodrazor against a champion with 3000 health.

The most expensive item in your build by far, and as such is usually your last one. However, lane and champion depending, you may want to build Madred's Razors early or even get Wriggle's Lantern for some sustain and trade it out later. If a character has 3000 health, at 4 attacks this will have done 187 damage, 2500 health, 156 damage, and 2000 health, 125 damage. Even against another squishy target like yourself, this will deal the most damage to that character other than Wit's End.

To put in perspective Toxic Shot at rank 5, which will be level 9, will deal 180 damage every 4 hits, and then another 120 over 4 seconds, not including the damage from ability power.

Another item to mention is Executioner's Calling as it to does a damage on hit effect. However this item gives you life steal and critical chance which will NOT benefit this build, as you won't have enough attack damage for the life steal to do much, and the critical chance will not multiply the on hit effect of items. It would however multiply the damage from Toxic Shot as that increases your champions basic attack damage. If using this build on a character such as Twitch however, this item synergies extremely well with his ultimate Spray and Pray. I will go over this in more detail on the Other Characters chapter.

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Skill Sequence

Max your ultimate first as the charge time lowers and the utility of the mushrooms is HUGE for the team. The damage isn't bad either.

Max Toxic Shot next as the on hit damage does wonders.

Get 1 rank in Blinding Dart at level 2 and leave it there. The duration for the blind increases per level, but that second of not dealing damage will make the enemy scared and most likely run away, or allow you to escape a devastating attack, such as a Silver Bolts proc from Vayne.

Move Quick needs to be maxed third. The extra speed allows you to get back to lane quicker and the active allows you to dodge skill shots and gives you the ability to escape a dive. Make sure you don't leave yourself open while this skill is on cool down. If you do you will most likely die because the duration on Blinding Dart will be low, and you will be extremely squishy.

Last but not least Blinding Dart. As the battle goes on you will start to get focused because you are so squishy. So the blind will save you from the enemy AD carry or melee bruiser.

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Summoner Spells

I take Surge and Ignite. For Surge the attack speed increase and ability power increase help Toxic Shot on both accounts. Ignite Also synergies well with the damage over time from Toxic Shot and will make it so champions who fight by healing themselves will be devastated. Theses abilities are also both increase by Summoner's Wrath .

Other options are Ghost and Exhaust. These also are improved by Summoner's Wrath and are great in defensive and offensive situations. Ignite can be used defensively only if the enemy champion heals itself, like Warwick or if they have a lot of life steal items.

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Unique Skills

This is going to help you excel at this build. This extra increase in attack speed gives you a .276 increase in attack speed. At level 1 with no runes or masteries Teemo has an attack speed of .690 attacks per second brining you to a total of .966 attacks per second. This small increase should be used on every fight you initiate while in lane. The easiest way to do this is by hitting the key "S". This will cause your character to stop all actions. He will stop auto attacking, and if he was moving he will stop too. After 2 seconds you will stealth and then you can rush your opponent. I personally stay still by hitting "S" and then only taking action to harass the enemy or to last hit.

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Top Lane

You will be against a melee bruiser most likely. If this is the case I like to take Doran's Shield and build Madred's Razors before anything else except of course boots. This will give you armor to withstand their punishment after Blinding Dart wears off and also reduced the damage that minions do when you pull aggro while harassing the champion, not to mention the ability to recover that health.

You are going to want to put down 3 KEY mushrooms. 2 will be evenly spaced across the river at the intersection of blue buff and Baron on the northern side. This will give you complete visual sight across the river. The third will be in the northern Y bush to the NW of Baron's spawn. This will give you sight from a possible bank that comes from the northern jungle. Other than maintaing the 3 scouting mushrooms though you will not want to spam these. It will reduce your mana to nothing and you because you have no mana regen you will not be able to cast Blinding Dart when you most need it. If the enemy is pushing a large wave onto your turret stand so they will not get in range of it and place a mushroom, once it explodes run back. You do not want your turret killing the enemy minions as you will miss out on A LOT of gold.

If able, get Ionic Spark if you feel comfortable pushing your lane. If you do not, get Malady until you do. After you get it, you will want to place mushrooms in the enemy jungle so you can see when he is coming from farther away as you will be pushed up farther yourself. This also give your team sight of him which is extremely helpful. If you are feeling confident and willing to take a risk, you can steal the enemy jungle as well.

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Mid Lane

You will require more mushrooms but you should also be given Blue Buff by your jungle so fear not. You will want 2 mushroom in each bush, evenly spaced so that you have full sight of the side bushes. You will also want 1 in each of your small paths from the jungle. A good enemy jungler will see that you are pushed forward and instead of coming from the side, he will try to come in from behind. This will give you that time to run either back to your tower or into the jungle. Do not simply place them right at the side where you can see normally, but far back so the slow will affect them so they cannot get to you. As you get more mushrooms, keep placing them farther and farther out, and if able ward baron and dragon. This will help out your jungle so he can place wards elsewhere and also not have to worry about buying them as much.

Ionic Spark is amazing to have in middle. With the gank paths covered with mushrooms you should feel safe while pushing the tower. This item is great for destroying minion waves and also harassing the enemy champion. However being a squishy mid you will want some resistance. Wit's End will help you greatly if that is the case. Rush either one of those items first, and then supplement with the other. A Doran's Ring is good to start out with, and possibly up to 3 if you do not get Blue Buff. You will need the regen here because you will be spamming mushrooms.

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Bottom Lane

You will be considered an AP character so do this only if your mid is going AD, perhaps a Talon counter pick at mid or even an Ashe.

Mushroom placement is going to be the same as top lane, however feel free to ward the lane bushes as well. But AGAIN, do not go crazy, you will need the mana for a Blinding Dart. You should see ganks coming from a ways off so you will not need to save it for that. But for when the AD carry on bottom attacks.

Again Ionic Spark will be an awesome item to have. You not only are able to farm with it but easily harass both enemy champions. I usually start with boots and potions for bottom lane. Again armor and magic resistance should be built as necessary but if possible you want to get Ionic Spark and Sword of the Divine as fast as possible. The extra 200 nuke damage every 4th hit that you get from these 2 items is huge.

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Remember to ward with Noxious Trap. Save mana for Blinding Dart, you will be squishy. USE your passive, remember to use "S" to stop and activate it. Remember this is not a super amazing build that I would use in a ranked game. If I were to play ranked as Teemo I would be heavy AP.

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Other Champions

This build can be used for any champion that has a fast attack speed. I however chose Teemo because of his Camouflage and Toxic Shot abilities.

Twitch ultimate Spray and Pray as well as his passive Deadly Venom make this build excellent for Twitch if not better. However, I would also think about getting Executioner's Calling on Twitch as the extra crit will hit every enemy hit by his ultimate and the life steal will also be of use. His ability to slow is also greater than Teemo as he can direct it with an auto attack. His escapability is worsened though if you use his stealth for attacking rather then running away as he doesn't have an ability that speeds him up. So perhaps trading out Surge for Ghost would do the trick. Other than using the procs effectively I can not speak on how to play Twitch I have never used him before.

Any other champion that has a high base attack speed and or a on hit effect can also benefit from this build, however, I think Twitch and Teemo will do the best with it, due to their stealth and high attack speed and the on hit effect they apply.

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If you want to ever ask me questions about this build, find me in game. My summoner name is "A Chipmonk" as well....or maybe there is no space....I forget. I play on the US server and live in California so the best time to see if I'm on is around 6pm PST. Have fun with this build guys. I know I do.