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Pantheon Build Guide by mrlonewolfer

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mrlonewolfer

is it a plane, a bird? no it is SPARTA

mrlonewolfer Last updated on January 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I play under the name of lokyar and pantheon is my main champion.
I decided to make this guide because I had alot of good games and even had 3 people commenting me on my build order.
This is my first guide.
I take advice and will update my guide frequently (when i have the time).
Feel free to comment.

and making this clear YOU ARE SOLOTOP

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Pros / Cons


dominates lane when played half-decent
good harass (spear) and sustained damage
free teleport with AOE damage
red glowing eyes
great initiater


no real escape
if you lose, you lose BAD
easily countered
vurnable to extreme range heroes (caitlyn and brand)
mana hungry
needs early game feed to perform late game

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well quite straightforward
you are very mana hungry so the mana regen runes are needed especially before level 6 and less but also very good in mid-game late game you almost never have mana problems especially with your philosophers stone.
the armor pen is need because armor pen is just damn handy for ad heroes and the early on damage will make your spear do quite some damage.

armor pen quints: as said before armor pen is also so damn handy, better if your going late game but your early game suffers a bit, this is probably better if the enemy has more tanks

flat-damage marks: this makes you monster in ealy game but your late game suffers.
You should coose these if the enemy doesn't have alot of tanks.

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21-0-9 for Pantheon is kind of standard, you can ofcourse also do 21-9-0 but i think the mana regen helps your early game that litle bit more
in the utility tree i prefer the movement speed over less time being dead, if u are a beginner you can invest those points in to good hands

In the offense tree i angle for more damage, taking extra damage and attack speed and increasing your max output.

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Unique Skills

passive wise this is a really good passive, this is very usefull when poking at towers and then taking the hit on your shield. this is a great help against guys like tryndamere and nassus syphoning strike. but further there is not alot

this skill is your bread and butter, low cooldowns high damage (even early on) low mana cost (even after the nerf). This skill is your harass of enemy hero's and this is what makes you a feared solotop, it will punish anyone who comes close enough and will encourage the enemy to stay away from you and stop their farming making them useless late game.
This skill is also a great finish of due to the hss critical strike.

your initiator, this will be your main initiator throughout the game. I only keep 1 point in it because its damage is ability powered and hss does more damage but the stun is essential for your gameplay.
This skill is best used when having 3 stacks on it alowing you to tank 2 hits in short succesion.

heartseeker strike (hss) is a very good skill and has a huge late game damage, a well placed hss in a team fight does good damage, especially when you got lots of stacks on your sword of occult.
the second part of the hss is unnoticed by a lot of people, anyone under 15% health gets criticalled by your spear and autoattacks and this helps you rack up kills because your bound to get the last hit.

your personal teleport. it frees up a spot for your ignite and does quite a lot of damage when people are caught in it. just like Aegis of Zeonia it is a great initiater but does a lot more damage if used while a teamfight already started.
landing your ulti is HARD try to cut of the escape route(s) by placing it on that side forcing him/her to go through your ring o' doom

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Summoner Spells

: even after the nerf flash is still a very good summoner spel (the best?)that will save your bacon several times. There is, next to this, not a lot to say about it.

2nd choice

: your best choice i think. it helps the early damage tremedously and allows you to pick up first blood no problemo. the 5 extra damage is also good early game when ignite is popped.
late game ignite is more for shutting down heals on the like of warwick and Xin Zhao

: can be picked in place of . not as good as a getaway but is better for chasing, and believe me, you'll be doing a LOT of chasing.
you can also get this next to flash to make sure your safe because you have no getaways

: a really decent skill that allows you to kill enemies quicker and is far better late-game. I wouldn't take this over smite because the enemy will run at you popping surge making it useless, ignite is also better early game for first blood.

: yes, revive is viable. joying champoins going like: OH MY GOD I KILLED HIM will be surprised when they see a big red circle popping around them and following a grey screen with your happy face on it with killer written above you :D

: same as ignite you can mop op heroes so much quicker, i'm personally not a fan of this spell but it lets you get first blood almost immediatly and let's you slow down the fed hero of dooooooom.


: you already got this ._.

: you are no support and this spell is just total ****

: your no support

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Hextech Pantheon

seein a rising trends in new builds i saw to make a new build that becomes quite popular with the use of hextech gunblade using pantheon as a glass cannon assasin.
I (ofcourse) despise glass and only use solid diamond for my windows, mrrors and for my shrine of worship to pantheon.

The spells Pantheon uses (apparently) use spell vamp (i found THAT out due to my friend with will of the ancients) and will increase your burst with a better Aegis of zeonia and ulti and a massive heal.

starting standard with pantheon you first real staying investment is

: yes these work best on pantheon with the combi of bruta and lots of spell spamming.

Tactical note: you might want to consider upgrading philosphers stone to Eileisa's miracle for the extra regen when doing a lot of pokey pokey

second different investement from the normal build:

: this is a great item adding early burst damage, i didn't choose revolver first because you already have enough staying power with Eilasa's miracle/Philosophers stone.

Then, of course, you build Frozen mallet--Atma's impaler.

then more defiation:

: this is what the build is about, hextech. gives you spell vamp, lifesteal and damage on your skill and a good slow.

next items you build your brutalizer in to your youmous ghostblade and get some more damage items and even some lifesteal from bloodthirster

bloodthirster can be replaced by:

: a tad more expansive but if you want the extra damage and have enough spell vamp you can get this for the extra crit damage.

: facing tanks? here is your answer, massive arp coupled with youmous will keep most tanks on low hp.

Tactical sidenote on hextech build: you must not use this build when not familiar with pantheon, it is REALLY hard to master so not for first time users.

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Philosopher's stone:
this is esential for your play in my view, because your so mana hungry you need some sort of mana regen.
Philosophers stone is also good because you also get extra gold and extra mana regen

can be replaced by:

: this has a very good mana regen but alos gives you a decent magic resist, but misses health regen. Preferable when playing against long ranged mages like Brand. (start with meki pendant and buy health potions)

: give you early on powaaaaah. lets you get charges on your aegis fast in the early game and makes hard to kill as well as dealing good damage with autoattacks

can be replaced by:

: your an offtank so if your fighting against 3+ ap's you can go for mercs.

: same as for mercs, when your facing a lot of ad's ninja tabi may be a wise choice.

: this is if u like to spam spear and other skills and are good chasing boots due to more Aegis of Zeonia spams.
if you take these boots you should take bloodthirster/last whisperer (i.e of mogs/ cleaver)and other high ad low att speed items.
Will make you a good poker but sustained damage is not as good.

: one of my favorite choices, when you are not dying alot and your already 3+ kill up you should pick this, also note the other lanes, when they are losing this choice of item should not be made.
If it's going bad for you and your team or just medium you should not pick this item and go straight to frozen mallet. or.....

can be replaced by:

.: this will give you much needed damage and will grant you cdr for your skills making life easier, make this in to youmous after your done with Atma's Impaler

/ : this is your core, i put these in to 1 spot because this is a combo, it gives you alot of health and alot of damage with a slow and some armor and a small crit chance. the frozen mallet will make you chase enemies very good due to the slow and atma's impaler will just make you painful (especially the spear)

can be replaced by : when youre team doesnt have a tank this can help you tremedously, it gives you a bit less damage and not the health-money you want (warmogs is expansive) but should make you nigh unkillable.

: Of arp items i like black cleaver the most. it gives you damage attack speed and arp.

you can replace this with:

: a lot of people like last whisperer because of the massive arp (its the void staff of ad carries in other words).
do this if there are 2+ tanks (like rammus jungle and ammumu solotop).

: this last item is just a last item for increased durability. warmogs is (i think) a balanced item that can take on balanced team with great survivability. But overal this spot is personal prefference.

can be replaced by:

: when facing mass ad teams this is a better choice of item then warmogs. Giving a huge armour boost and bouncing back 30% of the damage is just invaluable against ad heroes.

: this is used against teams with lots of ap damage. the large mr bonus will help shut down most aps and the health regen and movement speed don't hurt either.

: a great item that is a good alrounder. any anoying spells you need to stop? do you keep getting requimed or does blitzcrank pull you away every so often? well here is your answer, coupled with good MR and some health this will keep you going.

: when your in love with zilean you can take this one, it will save you from horrible deaths on more then one occasion but is general just not as good as the other items. still if u want it it can be helpfull with the armour and magic ressistance also helping.

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Skill Sequence

standard no ult:

--> -->-->

after this you retreat taking his/her hit before retreating on aegis of protection
it is preferable to begin this skill sequence on 2 stacks of aegis because spear makes that 3 and you get a free stack of 4 from your stun allowing you to take 2 hits in succesion and bringing donw your enemy to below half health by the time you take any non-minion damage.

side-note: the only time you can skip spearshot if the enemy is at the far edge of your range and is running away

--> -->-->

this is your ultimate ticket to a free kill, spam aegis of zeonia as soon as you hit the ground. and your golden. try to catch as many people with hss when you leaped and the spear the guy wit the lowest hp.

side-note: I found that jumping in AFTER the fight initiated is more effective because people will not run away from your circle of doom and you will get free reign on the enemy team
This tactic should be done if the enemy has alot of cc.

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your worst enemies

: is your nemesis, he does just like you do a lot of has a 2 HIT stun so it will evade your shield and has a good healnuke that will outlast you in lane. overal your better if bot then facing him

plz post any enemies you have thought really anoying and impossible to kill

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In-game use of this build

under construction
currently busy getting ingame footage

(anyone knows a reliable free recording device?!??!)

your job as a solotop and as pantheon: your main job is giving the enemy a headache (due to repeated banging in the face) and no gold and trying to eliminate the enemy from the lategame.
you should be solotop because laning doesn't go well due to you having to be VERY agressive and your teammates probably won't keep up with your fast-paced game style leaving you alone against 2 enemies with your teammate lagging behind.

should you ever have the unfortunate accident of being in a 1v2 lane you should hang back focussing on the weaker guy with your spear harass . if the enemy guy of your choosing is low make a quick dash for him with your spear-aegis-hss-spear (ignite?) combo and then going back asap

getting ganked:
should you find yourself getting ganked by a jungler there is 4 things you can do:

    you can kill the (probably) incoming lanepartner and then stun the ganker and run away
    you can first kill the ganker and then either run or kill the lanepartner who probably rushed forward
    you can flash out or hide in a bush and pop your ulti to go far away


i use this tactic for luring away enemies from there tower who are going in a full on engagement (works with close ranged attackers only).

when they are engaged with you do small steps between attacks/ skills away from their tower dragging them along away from their safety untill they realise (to late hopfully) that they are being dragged along granting you a kill