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Janna the Prototype of the Ultimate Lifeform

Janna the Prototype of the Ultimate Lifeform

Updated on April 10, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ezrea1 Build Guide By Ezrea1 15 3 30,857 Views 28 Comments
15 3 30,857 Views 28 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ezrea1 Build Guide By Ezrea1 Updated on April 10, 2011
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Janna
  • LoL Champion: Janna


LoL Summoner Spell: Clarity


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Hey guys Terra(AquaVen) here!!! I bet I know what y'all are thinking. "ZOMG WHERE'S THERE EVE GUIDE!??!!?" Don't worry, rest assured Evelynn guide is coming along. I just tired because it's so extensive. I was taking a break and "Monsoon" by Tokio Hotel came on my playlist and I had the urge to write a quick Janna guide. This won't be very extensive so this will be pretty quick compared with my other guides(if you have seen them).

Janna is pretty much the best support on summoner's rift, Why? well, she has 3 CCs, a knock back, aoe heal, and a shield that provides an attack damage bonus equal to a bf sword.
I will show you guys how to play Janna in the competitive scene. ~J S Y

I play Janna as a tanky support and I usually duo lane with my buddy Aldec who plays a sick Pantheon. You can also play this build with any other Melee(or ranged, but still melee) carry. With this build, you're going to be supporting your team all the way and pretty much satisfy everyone's needs except your own. Again, this is guide isn't meant to be perfect. If you like it or a fan of my builds, upvote. If you don't like it, leave in comment why and still upcote. kthxbai! ^____^
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WTF guide?

J S Y took over the guide. Apparently he doesn't like it and gave me a heavy lecture with MATH in it. So he's running it now. The built ^^^up there without Clairvoyance is mine and is my exclusive Pantheon duo lane build. The one with Clairvoyance and the pro build and the parts down below that's labeled COMPETITIVE is his for ranked play. Have fun reading a hostily taken over guide! :D
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Champion Assesment

"Monsoon"~Tokio Hotel. My Janna song. ROCK OUT TO THIS WHEN YOU READ. ROCK OUT TO THIS WHEN YOU EAT. ROCK OUT TO THIS WHEN YOU SLEEP. BUT ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU PLAY Janna. Actually, don't. This song's chill. Be a cold-blooded support.
    -Teamfight support queen
    -OP Ultimate(read down below to find out why)
    -Defend tower like a b0$$
    -3 CC's. KITE.
    -Quite bulky

    -Won't be carrying
    -Requires a bit of talent to be played correctly
    -Most times under-appreciated
    -Rely on team players A LOT(yea, for you ranked players out there, go duo queue because this guide works best with a trusty carry)
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Summoner Spells


MUST! With this, you can keep up your own as well as that Pantheon's mana up all day long. In teamfights, this is especially key when that Ezreal OOMs and the enemy team is standing in a straight line all with less than 500 HP. Uber support spells.

This spell is what gives you your ungankability. When you get ganked, Monsoon to push enemy away, and run. Usually they will try something funny like Alpha Strike. That's when you Flash back to tower, Eye Of The Storm it, and Howling Gale + Zephyr that noob Master Yi for the kill. Also use this to Flash into enemy team and Monsoon to initiate and screw up enemy formation.


These are also to consider but....Won't be carrying, I mean supporting and tanking as hard.

Get to those wards. Very mobile. Mobility not needed since you have all that speed.

Provides somewhat hard CC. Can use this to get FB. But not needed since you will have 2 CC's at level 2.

Good for baiting tower dives. Still not very needed though.

Anything else isn't really mention-worthy.
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Summoner Spells (Competitive)


THE MOST important spell for any support. Why? it is used for level one forest ganks/fights, it is always important to start these in ranked since it gives a HUGE early game advantage where the other team's jungler is gimped, don't forget, your whole team gets an extra 175 gold per assist in kills and also that rewarding first blood! With the short cooldown, use this spell whenever you can, check for ganks, see if the enemy jungler has red buff, check for dragon... don't know why you would because you should ALWAYS have a ward there =]

This spell is also a must on Janna, it can step up teamfights with your ultimate (more on that down below) and also get you out of those jungler ganks (well... you should have a WARD in that river, so I don't know why you would get ganked, but just incase use it when u sense danger!)

Notable spells

you can consider these spells, but only use when whole team agrees as CV and Flash are the most commonly picked spells on janna in ranked.

Works great if your team carries wards around, when they are in danger or ganking, you can just teleport there and give them a free warmogs and bf sword (over exaggeration of her shield)

Good for baiting tower dives. Still not very needed though.

PICK THIS ONLY IF you have someone else using CV, rarely used in ranked as everyone can mange their mana pool pretty well.
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To stress this again. Having a full rune page doesn't make you a BAMF, having skills and understanding game mechanics does. I had no runes until level 30. Also, use runes that suit your own playing style, these are just suggestions and the runes that I use, you don't have to follow them ^_^

x9 ~ there aren't any other legit runes for marks. This will do and will help you get some extra damage in.

x9 ~ Need that mana regen for earlier on and earlier mid game.

x9 ~ CDR. 'nuff said for Janna.

x3 or x3 ~ I use flat HP because I tend to play quite ballsy with Aldec and philostar early on and I need the extra HP to stay alive. If you think you can tough shyt out until level 6, go for movement speed.
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Very standard mage set. 'nuff said.
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TRYING HARD NOT TO GET EXTENSIVE. I'll just short intro. Coming back to fix this after I finish Evelynn guide btw.

Your main CC. Knock foo's into the air with this. Always use the quick release since you're not AP carry Janna so it doesn't need to hit hard, just stop enemy. But charge it up when your enemy is being reluctant and scare them with this. A good snipe with this can finish a low hp enemy from across wall(which I love doing if you pay attention to the champs I play >BD)

SLOOOOOOWWWW!!! But otherwise this makes you very fast. Pretty obvious how to use. Time this expertly to get your kills.

This move is beast. Use on that Pantheon so he hard harass like a boss without worry. While defending, shield your turret(which I always seem to forget, yay way to stress game mechs Terra).

This is what I consider to be the most OP ult in the entire game. WHY?!!?!? let's see.....
1) It will displace any other ultimate in the entire game, that includings high damaging ults like Death Lotus, Bullet Time, or Absolute Zero. Also keeps enemy away when your team gets ulted such as Grand Skyfall, Curse of the Sad Mummy, Crowstorm or unstoppable foce.
2) Large AoE heal. 'nuff said. ALTHOUGH not that much with this build since you don't have much AP. lulz.
3) Flash into enemy team and use to screw up enemy formation and initiate.

More in-depth way to use the skills will be posted shortly, please be patient, I do have school D'=
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Items (Competitive)


why ionian boots? CDR! that's the reason why I don't take cdr runes (it's how I play, do use cdr runes if you like, runes are all personal choices)
Other notable boots:
Merc treads: for those heavy CC teams

Aegis: well, it IS the best early to midgame support item that you can use, sell it at late game when it becomes useless (well not entirely useless, just that other items will work way better now)

Blasting wand? why? it is a component item that goes into many amazing AP based items such as Rabadon's death cap and Rod of ages. Get this early and just keep it at the side until you really need to upgrade it. It also give you a nice little bonus to your shield life and also a tad-bit more damage to your Q and W.

Now that you know our core item, let's jump to the early game.

Early Game

After champion selection, you should already have a good idea of what items to get

start off with:
Sight Ward x2


Mid Game

At mid game point, you should have already bought your

maybe even a depending on how many assists you have during the laning phase.
Why do you only have these items while other carries and tanks already have 3 items? WARDS you are in charge of buying them, almost 25% of all your gold is used for wards, also, as a support in the side lane, you don't really get much creep kills, you should only have around 1/2 to 1/3 of your lane partner. Why? well, like i said earlier, you are a support, leave almost all creep kills to your lane partner or they will b**ch at you. (trust me, I know we are under appreciated, but really, its solo queue, if your lane partner afks or feeds intentionally because you took a lil more creep kills than him, it is NOT worth it)

also remember, wards wards wards, they ARE your best friend.

By this mid/late game, you should be halfway/almost finished one of what I call "situational" items.
by this, I mean the items that are beneficial to you AND your allies.

Against AP heavy teams!
you should get
why? provides a nice little magic penetration aura that reduces enemy magic resistance past 0.
For those heavy CC teams.

Against AD heavy teams!
you should get
reduces attack speed, gives you mana, AND gives you cdr? why not?
slows slows slows and more slows, awesome =]
Ap, armor, and invulnerability? YES PLEASE~

Against tanky teams!
yes you guessed it,

Want more survivability?

Late game

This is when YOU choose what you need, do u want more ap?

More support?

These are just suggestions, the rest is really up to you, YOU are incharge =D

Other Items

(if your team is ap heavy)
(for the lulz)
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sight wardx9001

Other Items:

These are item NOT mention in the cheatsheet. Replace them according to situation and figure out which one works out the best. Depending on whether you still want to go full support or AP or whatever.

abyssal secepter

These are the items you can replace or build. I've never got further than my CORE + Archangel staff. I still have an Evelynn guide to get to. I'll leave you guys to figure out the items. But for sure, I'm coming back later to add those commentaries!!! ;)
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Game Mechanics

This is what I think makes a good guide. Teaching game mechanics people usually don't realize. Pretty much tips and tricks.

Ganking other lanes or BD'ing fools pushing your lane too far:

> > > >

Teamfights(when NOT initiating):
> > > > >

-as much as you can
Squishy Melee DPS( Pantheon)>Ranged Carry( Corki)>Tough Melee DPS( Udyr)>Attacking Tanks( Alistar)>Anyone else.
-blocks ignite
-when defending against a dive consider 2 things:
-How much hp do you have? if more than enough to survive, turret. If not? use on self.
-does he have ignite.

-so much game mechanics to it it's not even funny, takes quite a bit of talent to master. Just don't be like this guy.

Janna takes a little bit of time and talent to master. Keep trying and you'll eventually get it.
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Screen Shots

Here to prove that the guide and build works

More screenshots will be added
I will also be adding in videos when I find a time to record some of my ranked games using Janna

^J S Y has sexy background. ALWAYS.
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Summary and upcoming changes

****. I was still kind of extensive. Whatever. Time to get sleep and resume that OP Eve guide. I will also give my account editting rights to my friend J S Y. He will take over this build and make it more extensive against different types of teams.

~coming soon~
"Working with your team (Competitive)"
"Tips and tricks"
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