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Jarvan IV Build Guide by Candelero

AD Offtank Jarvan IV, the Exemplar of 3o3

AD Offtank Jarvan IV, the Exemplar of 3o3

Updated on December 7, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Candelero Build Guide By Candelero 8 2 56,895 Views 15 Comments
8 2 56,895 Views 15 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Candelero Jarvan IV Build Guide By Candelero Updated on December 7, 2012
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In fact there were and are huge changes coming with season 3, this guide has to be remade. I added a little chapter in the end of the guide for more information.

This is my very first guide, so please be forbearing ;)
I've just one wish: read this guide to the end, please, and tell me what you like and what you dislike. I have been very succesfully playing Jarvan IV this way, and i hope you also will. O.K., so here's my guide:

I'm one of those who bought Jarvan IV straight away when he came in.
But please don't think I would buy every champ which is new, cause that's wrong.
Usually I test a champ before i decide to buy him, but with Jarvan it was a different thing:
I was just stoked when I saw the spotlight, maybe because he was the first champ combining skills.

But i don't wanna annoy you with this talk, so that is why i made a guide:
I found out that Jarvan is just extremely great in 3o3 matches, one of the best off-tanks there in my opinion, more about this in the pro/cons.

Edit: The damage which is on top is wrong, it should be more than 200 and not about 140, but that is because the program ignores the passive of Atma's Impaler.
Just imagine it was about 220. ;)
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Pros and Cons

    -Jarvan does lots of damage (more than 200, stat in the top of this build is wrong), even
    with an almost full tank build
    -great for first blood because of the Demacian Standard which buffs your team
    -Demacian Standard also works as kind of a ward, later more
    -great escaping ability (combo equals Flash; slow; ult+Flash combo, ...)
    -bit over average farmer because he can last hit with passive, [q] and [e] skill
    -he still is a good jungler (ask Phreak!), which is a nice advantage in 3o3
    -awesome ganker/chaser: fast movement with skills, slow with shield, catch with ultimate

    -though he does good damage, others do more
    -can be countered by stacking physical defense if offensive or buying counter-tank item if
    -has some mana probs in the beginning sometimes

maybe there are some more cons, but I couldn't find no more
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For Runes I prefer the typical off-tank runes, using armor penetration marks, armor seals,
magic resistance glyphes and quintessences for attackspeed.
If you like to do more criticals, how about changing the quintessences into crit-chance?
For early game and fb I take "normal" runes, no armor-per-level stuff, because in later game
runes do not make so much difference no more.
But it's up to you to decide about the runes, this is just how i'd take them.
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Your masteries do not need to be exactly like mine, just keep in mind: offensives are important,
if possible you can buff you summoner spells, and a bit armor, magic resistance and life/mana-regeneration are also not too bad.

Edit: I changed masteries because of the new ones, but the concept is the same. In my opinion those like armor penetration are must haves, but it's your choice!
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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells it ain't so easy to decide which to take, here i comment a bit about the spells so maybe it makes it easier for you:

Exhaust : Exhaust is great for chasing or running away as well, but Jarvan IV masters both, catching an enemy or escaping, just with his skills, so there is no real need for Exhaust.

Ghost : Always quite good in 3o3, for running into grasses for fb if you overslept the start of the game ;) or for running to the other lane and come gank, survive ability as well.

Heal : Heal is a good choise for first blood, so if noone of your teammates has got heal, then you should take it. Especially now, the buff for heal is great for mid and even late game.

Revive : Is O.K., if you don't want to miss any experience or such after diing, but with this build you are supposed to be hard to kill, so there's no use for this.

Smite : If you kill the jungle monsters for exp and buffs (which should be done by you or one of your teammates) then it is helpful, but do not take it if you have someone like Yi or Xin in your team, rivalry would be too hard ;)

Teleport : This is something you do not really need in 3o3, because the distances aren't too long, but if you have teemo or shaco in your team, it is worth a thought.

Cleanse : Supports your survivability and counters just any stunning champion. Cleanse got much better now after the buff, especially in rankeds where you know your enemies.

Clarity : Not bad, you can take it if your team is using lots of mana (do NOT take it when you have Mundo and Akali in your team. No explanation needed.)

Ignite : Great for chasing down, killing someone 1by1 in your cataclysm or - again - doing first blood.

Clairvoyance : Bewares you of ganks, but you already have your Demacian Standard and maybe wards so this won't be needed.

Flash : The nerf on flash is a big one, but it still reaches over some walls. If you are skilled in using this: o.k., but after the patch it can be easily countered by using exhaust so...maybe take Surge instead.

Now i come to the new Summoner Spells:

Promote : A good laning skill, but as Jarvan IV you have better things to do than buffing your cannon creep ;)

Surge : This could be the next must-take summoner spell...great for 1o1, firstblood and so on...
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For Items you start with Doran's Shield which gives you health and so on.
Later you buy Phage (if you can, stay in the lane until you can buy at least one part of Phage + boots!), Mercury Boots, Zeal and finally Trinity Force. If you think you need more mana, buy shine first or take Philosopher's Stone or such.

The following items depend on the enemy team (and even your team):
In many 3o3s there are some Dps/AD champs, so stacking armor like you do with Sunfire Aegis or Atma's Impealer could be nice, but care if there is an Ap champ like Akali, Lux, Teemo, etc.
So the most important thing is that you take Trinity Force first, so you get a little of everything, buy tank-stuff then and combine Atma's Impealer with many HP for incredible damage (Atma's passive bonus is so awesome!)
For boots, Mercury's Threads are great for survivability, Berserker's Greaves or Boots of Swiftness also work good, but not that good.
If you think you can play more aggressively, take more offensive items, otherwise more defensive or mix'em.

Here are some good items for Jarvan IV, depending on the enemy team:
Aegis of the Legion
Atma's Impaler [!]
Banshee's Veil [!]
Eleisa's Miracle
Force of Nature [!]
Frozen Heart
Frozen Mallet [!] (instead of trinity)
Guardian Angel
Last Whisper (for endgame)
Mercury's Treads [!]
Randuin's Omen
Shurelya's Battlesong
Sunfire Aegis [!]
Thornmail (countering enemy AD)
Trinity Force [!]
Warmog's Armor [!] (endgame, combines with Atma's Impealer)

[!] means i recommend this for Jarvan IV
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How to play

Most important is the standart 3o3 stuff (there are guides and tutorials, i don't wanna explain everything about this, just the essential) means: Doran's Shield immediately into the grasses in the middle of the bottom lane
    3.if you want to be sure the grasses are empty or if you weren't fast enough, use your
    [e]-skill to check if grasses are "clean"
    4.use Demacian Standard on a place where your team is, his passive bonus is much better
    than his damage
    5.Heal if you have and if needed
    6.use Serge when the fight starts so you get a huge attack speed buff (combined with the
    7.go back after first blood / come back to lane

This was the fb-sequence in the beginning.
Now you have to decide where to go, if you already have a Nuke in you team who wants to go top, let him, else you can go.
You can play agressively if you have full live and there are no misses, just throw you Demacian Standard and aim your Dragon Strike on it, your enemy must be between you and the Standard (this is the only skillshot you must practise, you should be able to use this combination in less than a second (half-a-sec would be good) so you can surprise you enemies or escape).
Put some wards (ward the buff monster between the lanes, this is where every ganker goes through, and dragon a bit later).
Go for ganks. I think here you do not need more explanations.
Enjoy the game, have fun!
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Season 3 changes

According to the new big changes concerning the Twisted Treeline and the items as well, I'm afraid I will have to completely rework this guide, and I try to do so as soon as possible.
Until then, please keep that in mind while reading this guide, and of course I would be very happy about any tips or help by you to fit my guide to season 3 soon ;)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Candelero
Candelero Jarvan IV Guide
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Jarvan IV, the Exemplar of 3o3

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