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Jarvan IV Build Guide by SVPssa0114

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SVPssa0114

Jarvan IV: The Prince of Demacia

SVPssa0114 Last updated on June 7, 2013
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Abit about Jarvan

At the moment Jarvan IV is in the top-3 Greatest Junglers. He can be played as an off-tank bruiser or as a full-on-tank with AD (atack damage); AS (atack speed) and alot of armor-pen. He Is an important asset to every team and can turn a situation around if played correctly. Plus he can has 3 natural cc's and you can even add more (usually i have about 5 cc's in total, no one except Master Yi can escape me). He can lose to stronger junglers, like Vi or Hecarim, but by ganking he can make a great difference, especially if a team member has an AoE stun.

''There is only one truth, and you will find it at the point of my lance.''
-Jarvan the IVth-

I made this guide since i saw that there is no guide for Jarvan IV that shows all of his play-styles correctly, Even the highest rated one didn't appeal to me. As I said he is a really good champ (and my 2nd favorite at that!) and i was quite sad that no guide exploited him to his full potential.
This is also my first guide so i hope you like it.

PS- this is still a work in progress, because i don't have enough time to complete it at once, since i have to double check everything because of my OCD, but i am just putting it out there to help some poor noobs in need of Help. :P

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Pros / Cons


  • -Has 3 cc's
  • -Naturally tanky and MANLY
  • -One of the best junglers
  • -Great ult
  • -natural escape
  • -Nobody can escape him


  • -His q+e combo is a skill-shot
  • -Not the greatest dualist
  • -Succefull Gank dependent
  • -Can be abit tricky at the begining
  • -Can be melted as a bruiser if he uses ult on the enemy team

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Skill Sequence

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and all you need to know about them

Jungle Items

Let's get down to business

Basic Items


These are your basic jungling items that are ESSENTIAL for EVERY jungler.


This is a great item for tankier Jarvans, as it offers 500 HP and 10% CR and the Tenacity of Mercury's Treads, It really makes a change and helps alot in ganking as you can tank abit more damage, it is also quite cheap. I recommend with ease as it has saved my life loads of times.



Combined with Red-Buff this Item can pack quite a mean punch and ensure that your target doesn't get away. It is quite useful against tankier opponents as true damage ignores all armor and the 45 AD boost plus the 10% CR give you an advantage over your enemies.

Either way

No matter what you choose as your play-style, you need that extra Attack-Speed and Damage to finish off your opponents, this item gives you both, plus it gives you Lifesteal and a miniature passive like Martial Cadence only it does damage equal to 5% of their max health instead of 10%, this gives you extra potency in the jungle. But the icing on the cake is the movement speed steal, which can permit you to chase down targets in fights even faster.

Tanky items

This Item is great because of it's slow, It works well on jungle jarvan, but i would only take Phage in early game and complete it into a Frozen Mallet later because it may cost you too much too early, when you should be building your core jungle items
I played alot with Warmog's Armor but then i found this marvelous item, it trades the extra health-regen, but it gives 70 armor, a 2 second slow which evolves into a 4 second slow late game and adds 750 HP, I recommend first grabbing Warden's Mail right after you complete your Spirit of the Ancient Golem and then grabbing Bilgewater Cutlass for some life-steal.

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Ranked Play

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Team Work