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Jayce Build Guide by Spellruler

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Spellruler

Jayce: The Future Up Top

Spellruler Last updated on July 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Our future will be bright...

Hi, I'm Spell, and welcome to my Jayce guide! Jayce is the newest addition to the League, bringing interesting mechanics with him, including the ability from changing from Melee to Range and vice-versa. While he is commonly played and promoted as a carry or jungler I have tinkered around with him on toplane, and have had very successful results with him with a bruiser-ish build.

Seeing as this is my first guide, C&C are highly appreciated! This guide will be rewritten and freshened up over time.

Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.
Update Log

10/07/12 8000 views after the first day! Makes me feel warm and cuddly inside <3

Updated with more items, and Fiora, Jarvan IV, Olaf, Mordekaiser, Renekton and Riven added to the Top Lane Opponents section!

11/07/12 Over 20,000 views! Thanks for everyone who read my guide! Did some basic cleanup all around the guide and made some parts easier to read!
VOTE!...Please? =3 If you downvote, please tell me why so I can improve this guide ^^;

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons


+ // Can be ranged or Melee
+ // Decently tanky
+ // Has very good AD Scaling ratios
+ // Great range and Damage
+ // Beats Darius and Jax top


- // Can run out of mana quickly
- // No innate Sustain
- // No Blink-type escape

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// I run a 9/21/0 Setup, focusing on all the basic masteries in the offensive tree, while putting a good chuck in defense will make sure he will be able to take a hit or two during the laning phase and teamfights. If you feel you can dominate your lane with ease, then feel free to take a 21/9/0 Mastery tree. Do realize that Jayce will be much more squishy then. Run 9/21/0 if your team needs more of a tanky hero. Run 21/9/0 if your team is constructed of tankies all around and need a bit more damage.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

  • Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: // Gives Jayce More AD, more AD = More damage. Kind of a no brainer. These can be swapped out for Health Quints or HP Regen depending on matchups.
  • Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed: // Jayce isn't the fastest guy around with his base Movement, so get these if you want to kite all day safely without relying on Transforming
  • Greater Mark of Attack Damage: // Same as above, give you extra AD, which makes it easier to last hit creeps and inflict more damage early game
  • Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: // These will make sure that you scale properly into the late game, the MR you get from these are nothing to scoff about. Swap these out for flat MR Glyphs if you are facing an AP top.
  • Greater Seal of Armor: // Probably the only seals I would ever run on any bruiser. Toplane is an armor fest these days, and 9/10 times your enemies will be running these runes too.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells
  • Flash: Even after the nerf Flash is an amazing spell. Gives you that blink escape you don't have, or the possibility to escape a really messy gank. Also great for re-positioning in a teamfight, be creative with the spell, but be conservative with it, as it has a fairly high cooldown
  • Ignite: Burn Stuff, great for getting kills that would have gotten away. Lategame you will want to use this spell to prevent their AD Carry from healing, or their mages. Best used on champs with high healing, such as Mundo, Vladimir, Warwick or Swain, as it will severely cripple their healing. You also can't ignite minions anymore, so don't worry about that, just click and burn!
  • Teleport: Good alternative to either Summoner Spell. Running this will give you great control over Dragon or Baron Nashor. Be creative with this one, when you see bot lane getting ganked, why not use this spell and counter-gank making it a three on three? Also good for that quick tower push, or a fast return to lane.

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Skills in Hammer Stance will be noted as Orange.
Skills in Cannon Stance will be noted as Blue.

  • Hextech Capacitor: // A neat little passive, having a mini ''Ghost'' every six seconds is not bad. Good for escaping/chasing.

  • To The Skies! / Shock Blast

    (To The Skies!)
    : // A good gapcloser, has good range, does good AOE damage and has a slow built in. The slow is one of your biggest forms of crowd control, and will be leveled first, as its corresponding skill, Shock Blast, it a great skill for laning. You can jump over walls towards creeps/enemies you have vision of.

    (Shock Blast): // Sends a skillshot nuke that detonates when hitting an enemy, or at the end of it's path. Does great AOE damage and has a low cost, so spam it while you can. When fired through Acceleration Gate it's faster, does more damage and the range increases, meaning you have AMAZING poke in lane from a very safe distance. The explosion from Shock Blast also gives vision.
  • Lightning Field / Hyper Charge

    (Lightning Field)
    : // I personally don't use this spell a lot, while the damage is AOE and is not bad, it scales off AP, you have two more damaging spells in your arsenal in hammer stance, which is why I level this last. The passive that gives mana regen is pretty decent, but not good enough to consider to max this early.

    (Hyper Charge): // Not much to say about this skill, it maxes your attack speed for the next three attacks, which means you can do some pretty good burst in a short period of time. At max rank it actually does 150% of your basic attack damage per hit, meaning in the time you would do one basic attack, you would do the damage of 4.5 basic attacks with this. Ouch!
  • Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate

    (Thundering Blow)
    : // One of the best abilities that Jayce has. it's a knock back AND a stun in one. On top of that, it does great base damage and % Damage based on MAX health. Got pulled by Darius? Knock him away and laugh in his face as you walk away. Jungler ganking you? Knock him back towards you tower. The % damage starts to shine through mid and late game, which is why you level this second. 20% damage is nothing to scoff at.

    (Acceleration Gate): // Primarily a utility spell, this places a gate and speeds up any friendly champions that walk through it, it will also dramatically buff the stats of Shock Blast if it is fired through it. Great for chasing/escaping and is basically a form of Shurelya's reverie Shurelya's Reverie's active portion.

  • Transform: Mercury Cannon / Transform : Mercury Hammer

    (Transform: Mercury Cannon)
    : // This basically makes you switch from Melee to Ranged, giving you access to your Cannon abilities. Also, the first basic attack after you switch decreases the enemies Magic Resist and Armor by a percentage for five seconds, so try to use that debuff to the fullest.

    (Transform: Mercury Hammer): // Makes you switch from Ranged to melee. The first basic attack will do bonus damage, and you also passively gain bonus Armor and Magic Resist in Hammer Stance, which allows you to soak up some more damage in this form.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >

I level up Q To The Skies! / Shock Blast first, as it is your main source of damage in the laning phase, and also the safest spell in Jayce' arsenal. If you are afraid to come close to an enemy champ in lane, you can easily farm out of harms way with a Shock blast fired through an Acceleration Gate.

E Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate is leveled up secondly, as the damage is quite high in trades, and it can be used as an executioner-type move in lane or in early teamfights.

W Lightning Field / Hyper Charge is maxed last for two reasons. For one, Lightning Field scales with Ability Power, and has ok-ish damage. His other spells do much more damage as they scale with AD and have higher base. Secondly, the attack speed bonus at early levels is not that great, as you do reduced damage till you hit level three. In the same time you could have hit a Shock Blast + To The Skies + Thundering Blow combo and will have done much more damage.

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  • + : // Standard Start against other bruisers, will mitigate some of the damage they do, while also being a component to
  • + : // Get this if you are facing any AP Caster up top. You will want to kite them around safely all day and avoid their damage as much as possible. Also get these against any skillshot reliant champion like Dr. Mundo Wait in base till you have enough for a fourth potion.
  • : // Gives Armor, Gives Attack Damage, Gives a free ward, a FREE WARD. Overall this item compliments Jayce' stats nicely, and gives him the sustain in lane he does not naturally have
  • : // For those pesky CC monsters late game, and also to balance out your defensive stats. Swap these for Ninja Tabi if you are losing in lane against an AD Bruiser.
  • : // Gives health, gives AD, slows opponent. This item works wonders in combination with the slow from To The Skies! / Shock Blast, which means you will be sticking on your opponents like glue.
  • : // Gives a decent amount of Magic Resist and Attack Damage, the shield component is also quite nice too. Getting this in combination with Frozen Mallet and Wriggle's Lantern gives you good all around defensive and offensive stats. Get Hexdrinker before Phage if facing an AP top.
  • : // Always win, never die, huehuehuehuehue. Jokes aside, this item gives good defensive stats for its price and the revive component is quite handy too. People will be reluctant to attack you when you have the Aura on, which means you can do more damage.

    : // By the time you get this item the enemy Bruiser/AD Carry will have build some armor of themselves, use this item and laugh when they realize that armor is not helping them by a long shot.

    : // This item is for the late-late game only. Sell your Wriggle's Lantern for this, as it will give you much more sustain and damage. This synergizes well with your Lightning Field / Hyper Charge at later levels, as you can do very good damage and restore a good chunk of health with it too.

    Alternative Items

    : // Swap out icon=Maw of Malmortius for this if the enemy team has mostly AP Champions in game and you need to be more of a tank. The HP Regen is quite good and the movement speed is a nice bonus to your already high movement.

    : // Get this if you are REALLY far ahead of the enemy and are pubstomping them, swap either Guardian Angel or icon=Frozen Mallet our for this. It provides good all around stats and pretty much every stat this item provides has some sort of benefit for Jayce.

    : // I get this before Wriggle's Lantern when facing a very aggressive Renekton or against any Garen. This item counters the stacking of Doran's Blade which some toplaners like to do.

    : // Bot lane failing? Enemy Vayne or Tristana wrecking your team? Get this, jump on their faces and make them eat their own damage. Swap out Maw of Malmortius for this

    : // If you feel you are running behind it might be worthwhile to get this item. Skip Wriggle's Lantern and farm safely with this item ticking in the background. Upgrade it to Randuin's Omen later on as your Sixth item.

    : // If the enemy team has a lot of auto-attack reliant champions, get this. The armor is amazing and it's passive is good too. Get Glacial Shroud instead of Wriggle's Lantern in the laning phase.

    : // A situational item, I would drop Maw of Malmortius for this if you feel that teamfights will take longer then usual and you need to be up in their faces longer. Synergizes well with Hyper Charge to get stacks on it.

    // Atma's Impaler did see a bit of a nerf, that doesn't mean it is not viable as an item. I would only recommend getting this item if you have a Frozen Mallet and a Randuin's Omen. Get this if their Ap is weak and the rest of their team is physical. The stats are not bad and at 3000 Health the passive will give you a free B. F. Sword

    // If you feel you are in a bad lane matchup, of feel as if you are going to lose the lane against a physical damage dealer, then get these boots. The cost-efficiency of this item is just ridiculous, always get these boots when facing Fiora, Renekton or Garen.

    // These are a hit and miss in my opinion. The cooldown reduction is pretty nice, the only time when I would get this would be when our AD Carry would be fed and we would need more of a physical caster like Pantheon or Talon

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Laning Phase & Teamfights (Tips and Tricks)

  • As long as the laning phase is ongoing, you will want to farm farm farm farm and farm. Jayce' range makes this easy, and the combination of Acceleration Gate and Shock Blast will easily clear our waves.
  • Try to save the Acceleration Gate into Shock Blast to harass the opponent, it does quite a bit of damage and has great range.
  • If you are being ganked,use Acceleration Gate behind you to run towards your tower. If you are still being chased, switch to Hammer Stance to get the extra movement speed and use Thundering Blow to create some more distance.
  • Thundering Blow can create a lot of distance between you and your enemy, if the enemy wants to trade with you and you don't feel comfortable in fighting, just pop this and knock em back, always use Thundering Blow if you feel you want to get out of a situation.
  • You can use switch to Hammer stance after using the attack speed boost of Hyper Charge and maintain the attack speed boost.
  • A very damaging combo for Jayce would be: Hyper Charge > Transform: Mercury Hammer > To The Skies! > Three Auto attacks > Thundering Blow.

    This combo can be followed up withTransform: Mercury Cannon > Acceleration Gate into Shock Blast
  • Remember that Shock Blast gives vision on explosion, so use it to facecheck brushes. It also allows you to leap over walls with To The Skies! towards an escaping enemy.
  • WARD. Always Ward the river with a sight ward if you don't have to do it for you. Buy a Ward. Stop a Gank. Save a life.
  • When your jungler comes to gank, To The Skies! followed up by Thundering Blow towards your tower will almost guarantee a kill.
  • In teamfights, always try to poke the enemy down with your basic Acceleration Gate into Shock Blast combo. Don't overdo it though, you don't want to run out of mana.
  • When the fight breaks out, try to get to the enemy AD or AP carry using To The Skies! while Lightning Field is active. Depending how scattered the fight it, you may want to force the enemy carry away or towards your team using Thundering Blow.

  • It's also wise to use Thundering Blow to force away the biggest direct threat that is in your faces. You really don't want a Morgana, Amumu or Dr.Mundo in the middle of your team doing AOE damage.

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Top Lane Opponents

Top Lane Opponents
Cho'Gath: Cho'Gath will outsustain you with his passive, and a lot of them take an early Philosopher's stone to maintain their sustain. You can't really lose this lane, but a good Cho won't let you win it either. Avoid their Rupture and you should be good.

Darius: Everyone hates this guy, everyone hates his ult, everyone bans him at low elo cause they don't know how to play against him. You win this lane quite easily though! Poke him down with ranged basic attacks and your Acceleration Gate into Shock Blast combo. If he uses Apprehend instantly use Thundering Blow and show him who is boss.

Dr.Mundo: You rarely see this guy up top. He has amazing sustain and never really dies because of his passive and ultimate. Stay behind minions to dodge his Infected Cleaver and poke him with superior range. Co-ordinate with your jungler to kill him, and don't forget to use Ignite early to make his ultimate heal him for much less.

Fiora:has not seen too much play as of late, which is a shame, as I do feel she is quite a strong champion. She will outsustain you with her passive Duelist, and most Fiora's will actively want to trade with you. Even if you smack her away with Thundering Blow she will still be able to get to you with Lunge quite easily and stick on to you with Burst of Speed. A good Fiora will decimate you, despite the fact that you are ranged. Get an early Frozen Heart if needed, and try to shut her down early with your jungler to prevent her from snowballing out of control.

Gangplank: His Parrrley hurts a lot, his passive hurts a lot. Don't let him poke you down. If you seem him use Parrrley on a minion try to get to him using To The Skies! followed up by Thundering Blow for free harass. Whittle him down like this and try to chain CC him to make his Remove Scurvyas useless as possible.

Garen: ALWAYS poke with a Acceleration Gate into Shock Blast combo. Don't let him use Judgment on you ever cause it HURTS. If you see him running towards you with Decisive Strike Transform to get the movement speed buff and run away till he doesn't have the proc anymore. For every two Doran's Blade he gets get a Doran's Shield to counter.

Irelia: She has much more sustain than you due to Hiten Style and Transcendent Blades. If she looks to trade with Bladesurge smack her away with Thundering Blow before she gets the rest of her combo off. Try to bait out the Bladesurge when your jungler comes to gank to severly cripple her escape mechanisms.

Jarvan: : Is unfortunately severely underplayed despite being really strong. His skills cost little mana and his passive Martial Cadence hits like a truck. All Jarvan wants to do is whittle you down with Demacian Standard into Dragon Strike and walk away with Golden Aegis taking no damage. Try to whittle him down first using your standard Acceleration Gate into Shock Blast combo. as you outrange him with this. Co-ordinate with your jungler to bait out the fight out as he has no escape mechanisms if he already used his spells. If you are ever caught inside a Cataclysm remember you can leap out of it towards an enemy minion using To The Skies!, OR alternatively you can knock him out of his cage using Thundering Blow.

Jax: New FOTM. Follow the same procedure as with Darius, in which you poke him down with Acceleration Gate into Shock Blast when possible and disengage him with Thundering Blow. Consider getting an early Frozen Heart to counter his attack speed.

Kennen: He can't win his lane easily, but he sure as hell won't lose it either. This guy is almost ungankable with his Lightning Rush, so try to farm as much as possible and bait out the fight when then jungler comes to gank. Hit him with Shock Blast everytime he runs through minions with Lightning Rush, punish him for being cocky. An early Hexdrinker is never a bad idea.

Malphite: I hate Malphite top, his gank setup potential is one of the best and he will stack armor making your attacks useless. Try to farm from a distance as much as possible, you have about the same farming potential he does. If he rushes into you with Unstoppable Force try to smack him away with Thundering Blow to prevent any more damage.

Nasus: A true terror late game, but easily bossed around early game. Ward the river and punish him with any combo every time he wants to use his Siphoning Strike in addition to attacking him with ranged atttacks. If he uses Wither on you and is looking for a fight, spam abilities, his Siphoning Strike is all that he has, and if he can't farm that then he will be useless. A fairly easy lane.

Mordekaiser: Huehuehuehuehuehue, brbrbrbr, you are dead without help. Seriously, this guy is a total nightmare. He has been nerfed over and over and still people call him OP. With some help you can easily dominate the lane, but you need to shut him down early. A good Mordekaiser knows he snowballs with farm, not kills. Use Acceleration Gate into Shock Blast early a lot and ask your jungler to camp top. Once you are ahead by a kill or two and at least equal farm then you should have absolutely no problem with him.

Olaf: DON'T let this guy get an advantage, this guy is like a frigging freight train with no brakes. Imagine you are in lane, and you'll be like. ''Oh, I guess I'm good, I got my armor and I can knock him away, besides, I'm winning as I'm making him farm under tower.'' All is good.

Then Olaf hits Level 6 and spams lightning like a boss like he's Odin with Reckless Swing. and suddenly you are dead. Olaf literally can't be disengaged when he has his ult up, and he does a ton of damage at any part of the game. Try to poke him down and force him to farm and heal up using Vicious Strikes. If you can waste his mana by forcing him to use spells to farm then you are doing a good job. If he uses Ragnarok just run...try to escape, and if he's caught you then spam all you have on him and hope for the best.

Renekton: I would say this guy is a counter to you if you aren't paying attention. Renekton is extremely strong toplane and he knows is. The unfortunate thing is that Renekton can almost always get free damage out of you using his standard combo, which consists of Slice and Dice > Ruthless Predator > Cull the Meek > Escape using Slice and Dice. This combo hits hard and you can't really do anything about it as you will be stunned for the duration as he hits Ruthless Predator. Kite him around using basic attacks, or using your standard Acceleration Gate into Shock Blast combo. Don't get baited by his Ultimate Dominus, as he will instantly gain health when using it. Consider getting an early Doran's Shield and definitely get Ninja Tabi

Riven: You beat her. HARD. Poke her down with basic attacks in Cannon stance, and keep your distance. You can kite her around all day and she can't do much about it. If she decided to jump towards you using Broken Wings, Transform and walk back, and kite her more. The fact that you have a movement speed bonus makes sure you always have the advantage over her, and by the time you will have [[Phage] she will be crippled even more

(More to Come soon)

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Update Log, Patches and Closing words!

Update Log

09/07/2012: Guide Created
10/07/2012: Items added, Top lane opponents added


Closing Words

I would like to thank anyone who took the time reading this guide, I hope it will help both newer Jayce players, as well as more experiences ones. If you used this guide feel free to use screenshots showing your results! I like to showcase those ;) Any comments and critiques are highly appreciated!