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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Sion Build Guide by SickMotion

Jungle AD Sion - SickMotion

Jungle AD Sion - SickMotion

Updated on October 26, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SickMotion Build Guide By SickMotion 92 13 661,349 Views 60 Comments
92 13 661,349 Views 60 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SickMotion Sion Build Guide By SickMotion Updated on October 26, 2012
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Hi there, my name is SickMotion and I play jungle. I Also stream at so feel free to come check it out;). My stream is also featured right here on Mobafire in the live stream section! I have been playing league of legends since 2009 so I have been around to see many changes come in and out of the game. In my time playing I have picked up and learned many different characters. From this I learned that I particularly liked playing junglers. Although do play the more common junglers such as Udyr and Nocturne, I also enjoy mixing things up. This is the first guide I have written but I plan on writing a lot more so watch out for them in the future. If you find the guide helpful and informative please be sure to upvote and tell your friends about it as well! Also, if you have any questions just leave me a comment and ill be sure to clarify:).

I have also recently started a Facebook page and twitter for myself at SickMotion on Facebook and @Sick_Motion. Please feel free to like/follow me on each for information about upcoming guides, updates when I am online streaming or if you or anyone you know is interested in personal lessons from myself :).

So why jungle Sion? As I said above, I enjoy mixing things up by finding characters to jungle on that people originally may have thought of as a bad choice and showing just how viable they can be. Sion fell into this category. I started playing jungle Sion quite awhile back but it wasn't until the drastic jungle changes that I really looked into him. When the spawn times in the jungle were decreased and the monsters were overall weakened, jungle Sion's clear times became a lot stronger. This combined with his extremely strong early ganks, team fight presence, and ability to become a 1 man army made him very satisfying to learn and play. In this guide I will share what I have learned in my experience and try to emphasize on points I feel will help new comers an veterans alike. This guide will be much more in depth than an average guide as many people don't see Sion as a strong, viable jungler yet. I will attempt to explain in better detail what makes him so good in my opinion. Feel free to take what you need from it and skip parts that you don't feel you need to work on. And here begins the tutorial on JUNGLE SION IN THE JUNGLE!

Be sure to also check out and up vote my other guides!

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greater mark of desolationArmor Pen

Armor penetration runes in the red slot paired with your flat AD from your passive Enrage will make you do more damage to jungle monsters as well as champions alike.

Flat Armor

Flat armor yellows make you much more durable in the jungle as the jungle monsters attacks are based physical. Since armor scales best from low amounts, they provide a surprising amount of damage reduction. They will also make you more tanky on ganks and in team fights.

Flat Magic Resist

Flat magic resist blues are for the same reasons as flat armor yellows, minus the reduction in jungle damage. Once again defenses scale better early so you will be much more durable when ganking an AP champion as well as in team fights. The other substitute would be Attack speed but as the is not a primary stat of blue you would be left with a very low amount (5.76%). The magic resistance will help you much more in the long run.

Attack Speed

Attack speed quints partnered with you armor pen reds and your passive AD from Enrage will synergize together very well. Stacking too much of any stat is much less effective than balancing them all out. Attack speed from the quints rounds out all of you other damage stats and increases your raw damage both for clearing the jungle, and killing their team.
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21 Offense

Summoner's Wrath 1/1
Assuming you took ghost this will increase the bonus by 8%.
Brute Force 3/3
Flat damage is always nice.
Alacrity 4/4
Attack speed is helpful but this is more so to be able to get the next tier mastery.
Demolitionist 1/1
Personal preference, 50% attack speed from your ult + 10 damage on tower per hit = dead tower.
Deadliness 4/4
Recently changed from crit chance, flat ad is nice but once again its to get the next tier mastery.
Weapon Expertise 1/1
10% armor pen doesn't do all to much early on but end game it is a MUST.
Lethality 1/1
hitting 10% harder on your crits will help, especially once you get Phantom Dancer.
Vampirism 2/3
The extra life steal if not really noticeable but helps diminish the cost of Enrage.
Sunder 3/3
6 armor pen is just pure awesome.
Executioner 1/1
This not only helps killing champions but will increase your damage and clear time in the jungle as well. Does NOT increase the damage on Smite, ever.

9 Defense

Summoner's Resolve 1/1
10 extra gold on Smite will start to add up 20-30 minutes into the game ;).
Resistance 2/3
A bit more flat magic resit to complement your runes.
Hardiness 3/3
Flat armor will further increase your survivability early on in the jungle.
Tough Skin 2/2
2 flat reduction on attacks really pays off when 3-4 minions hit you 6-8 times each.
Bladed Armor 1/1
Referring to the previous reason, when 3-4 minions are hitting you 6-8 times each, this is a ton of free AOE damage to speed up your clear time.

0 Utility

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Summoner Spells


This is a must on all jungles in my opinion, and Sion is no exception. Some may argue that it isn't needed to clear your jungle. This can be true in some cases but without a smite, a competent enemy jungler will just be able to smite steal all buffs from you at will, this includes dragon and baron. Take smite, your team will thank you. Smite does true damage (exact amount not affected by armor or magic resist) to neutral and enemy minions. It will also work on some summoned creatures such as Annie's Summon: Tibbers and Heimerdinger's H-28G Evolution Turrets. The amount of damage is 420 + (25 x your level).

As for the second spell, I feel that a mobility spell is a must. Sion has no gap closers or escapes so having a little extra juice is going to make a huge difference.


This is my personal favorite, I run ghost paired with smite on jungle Sion 99.9% of the time. There is nothing more scary then getting beat down by a wild Sion appearing out of your jungle, looking at you poorly with Cryptic Gaze and stunning you, only to realize he is also faster than you as well. Ghost is also on a MUCH lower cool down than Flash so you can blow it liberally knowing that it will be up again shortly. Even if your enemy uses Flash to escape from you, you can still catch up to their new location. Trading a Ghost cool down for a Flash cool down is more than worth it as well. When your ghost comes back up, their flash will still be down, leaving them helpless from another NASCAR Sion ambush :D.

Substitute Choice:


This ability does provide some mobility but after it is blown, if you haven't escaped or got the kill, you are pretty much screwed. As said above, the cool down is much higher than that of Ghost. This makes blowing a Flash much less practical. You will also be getting more overall damage by just ghosting after your enemy and getting constant auto attacks off. Keep in mind that your ult is only going to heal you if you are HITTING your opponents. Flash even chained out with Cryptic Gaze will only get you 1-3 more hits where as Ghosting after them will get many more in. All situations considered I feel that ghost is a much more viable choice both offensively and defensively but in the end, it will come down to personal preference.

Poor Choices:

With no escaping abilities, being caught with one of these spells in a bad spot will leave you DEAD. Any of these spells, although useful, is not nearly as complimenting to Sion's skill set as a simple mobility boost. Being able to catch up to them means another stun for your teammates to take them down with. When you have Phage Frozen Mallet or the red buff, you will be able to slow them just like an Exhaust. Getting a few extra hits in will be able to out damage an Ignite. Being able to stick to an opponent using Ghost will provide much more healing to yourself and team than a Heal could. Cleanse can be useful in many situations but with no way to catch them or run away, it will be wasted anyway. Also Cleanse can be substituted with a Quicksilver Sash buy while maintaining your mobility summoner. Any spells not listed in the poor choices were because they suit Sion so poorly they aren't even worth mentioning.
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Skill Order

Brief Explanations:

Feel No Pain

This is your passive. Early game it can help you a bit with jungling as you will take less damage as you clear. End game it is a bit lack luster as 50 damage is nothing off a carry hitting for 500+ twice a second especially since it is calculated before armor. The random factor as well feels slightly clunky. It is funny though when you are about to die and your enemy backs off when their projectile is in the air only to be left with a bad taste after they realize you were saved by your lame passive :).

Cryptic Gaze

This is a single target hard stun. Hard stun meaning there is no aiming or skill shot involved, simply point and shoot. This will stun your opponent for 1.5 seconds at all levels. it is your primary tool in ganking but since there is no level up bonus other than damage and slight cool down, you will max it last. Take this at level 3 and max it last.

Death's Caress

This skill gives you a damage adsorbing shield and doubles as an AOE nuke. It will make you take considerably less damage early on in the jungle as well as speeding up your clear time. By maxing this skill first you will be able to do a lot more burst damage on ganks as well as clearing the jungle faster, taking less damage jungling, and being a lot harder to take down in team fights. Mid to end game this will serve as a damage shield in team fights more than anything and will allow you to shield incoming damage while using your ult to restore your actual health pool. Take this skill at level 1 and max it first.


This skill gives you a hefty AD boost with just 1 point into it and basically a free longsword for every level after. It also has an added passive that permanently adds health to your health pool for every minion slain. This is nice but isn't really too noticeable unless it is a very long game. The health cost per swing with the skill active isn't really noticeable at all. Take this skill at level 2 for a faster jungle clear time and max it second.


This is your ult, the bread and butter of the AD Sion build. It gives you an attack speed steroid which partners with your Enrage very nicely. It also gives you a ridiculous amount of life steal (50% at level 1 to 100% at level 3). These life steal numbers are just plain insane. Once you have enough damage to assist this life steal, teams will find it near impossible to take you down unless chain stunning you to the ground or blowing all the burst they have on you. It will leave them with a dilemma on whether they should focus you, or your other teammates who are also killing them to death :D. Oh, did i mention, It also provides AOE healing to your entire team for half the amount you get. This means assuming you can do even 500dps end game(low balling this number), you heal 4 other people with your lvl 3 ult half of that (4x250) +500 on yourself = 1500 HEALING PER SECOND, who needs Soraka now;)? Take this At Level 6, 11 and 16.
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Item Builds

For the item build of AD jungle Sion, as with all item builds, use a great amount of discretion in your choices. Although all of these items synergize best with jungle Sion, the build order my differ slightly depending on the outcome of the game. An example of this is you will build more tanky and defensive if certain characters on their team get fed. On the other hand you will build more aggressive and focus on damage if you are more fed than the enemy team. The build order listed is based on an even game scenario.
The last 2 items on the list of item purchases at the start of the guide are completely situational. These were just 2 of the possible choices. I will list these in addition to what I feel to be the best possible choices at the end of this section.

Boots of Speed + 3 Health Pots

This is my personal favorite start for jungle Sion. Many people prefer going Cloth Armor + 5 Health Potion start. this is alright as well if you are a less confident jungler. however, your armor runes, armor masteries and Tough Skin mastery, you should be durable enough already. Also, Sion's passive Feel No Pain will further negative damage. Combine all that with Death's Caress absorbing a lot of damage, Cloth Armor is no longer really needed. The Boots will also greatly increase your clear time by letting you move around the jungle much faster. They also make your early ganks MUCH more effective, especially if the victim of the gank doesn't have boots.

Cloth Armor

On you first buy you should be aiming to get this at the very least. This will negate more damage in the jungle because as the game progresses, jungle minions get stronger. If you can afford the next buy, simply skip right to it. Remember to always carry 1-2 Health Potion with you until you have a life steal item.

Madred's Razors

The passive on this item will make your jungle clearing much faster. It also has some added damage and armor that you will notice in fights.

Wriggle's Lantern

600g in addition with your Madred's Razors will get you this buy. It has the same passive as before, but this time will do more damage when it procs. You also have a free ward every 3 minutes so be sure to use this to help your team. The life steal on it not only will help you in fights even if Cannibalism is down, but it will also heal virtually all damage done to you in the basic jungle (dragon and baron not included).

Mercury's Treads

From here it is a toss up between getting this or your next item. In an even game I prefer to get this item first so that you will be a lot more resistant to AP damage, faster, and less susceptible to crowd control. If you find you are low on money but still being hurt by AP damage, don't be afraid to buy the Null-Magic Mantle before you save up the extra 450g for the combination.


As said above you can get this either before or after your Mercury's Treads. It gives you a speed bonus as well so you will still be quite fast. The extra damage from attack speed and crit chance also will be very noticeable. The faster you attack and more you crit not only means more raw damage, but MUCH more healing from Cannibalism. feel free to build to components to this item if you cant afford the full buy in whatever order you chose, both are good.

Phantom Dancer

At this point you should have your Wriggle's Lantern, Mercury's Treads and Zeal. It will give you much more damage when paired with you flat AD from Enrage. The movment speed bonus will also help protect against getting kitting around and allow you the chase down opponents with ease. At this point you need to decide if you can keep building damage or if you need to build a bit more tanky. If you need to be a bit more tanky consider skipping Phantom Dancer until you buy the next buy, Phage, or even just a Ruby Crystal first. The over all cost for this buy from Zeal is 1650, the same price as a B. F. Sword, but don't consider it over a Phantom Dancer. The raw damage from you Enrage will synergize much better with more attack speed and crit, not to mention the movement speed.


If you haven't already bought the item for reason above, buy it now. The added health bonus will make you more tanky as well as adding some extra damage. The passive on this item is also very important. If you can get a proc of the passive off when you already have move speed from Zeal, Phantom Dancer and/or Ghost, they will not be able to escape you. Their only choice will be to turn and fight you and unless they are EXTREMELY fed, they will lose. Your attack speed from your items and ult will also give you many more chances to keep re-applying the slow.

Frozen Mallet

This item is a big buy from Phage and doesn't give you much more damage. There are 2 major reason to get this item. The passive from Phage will now be 100% meaning that just one hit on an enemy can mean they will be permanently slowed until they die. It will also let you play defensive if needed by slowing the enemy champions trying to catch your carries. This makes you much more versatile than building only damage on damage. The second reason is to increase your health pool. The passive from Enrage is very nice, but will not stack your health to numbers seen on the Frozen Mallet unless the game is ridiculously long. This increased health pool is very important for Sion approaching end game as it will make his Cannibalism much more effective. When you get bursted down, if your health pool is high enough you will still be able to stay in the fight. The life steal off you ult will restore this massive health pool back to full in a matter of seconds. This means that in order to take you down they are going to have to focus fire you both with damage, summoners and crowd control for quite some time or else you will just full heal and their damage will be wasted. In the time it takes them to fully take you down, your team is free firing on them. If they chose to focus your team instead, you will be getting free damage in and healing you team back up at the same time. It will create quite the dilemma for the enemy even in an even game.

From here your last item builds will be situational. They will depend on if there is a fed AD on the other team? A fed AP? Are you being focused? Are they stacking armor? I will list some of my favorite choices and it will be up to you to make the call depending on the situation.

Situational Items:

Atma's Impaler

This in my opinion is the next best item to buy in most situations. The passive of the item will give you damage based on your max health pool. Depending how much health you have gotten from you passive this should be around 60-70+ damage end game. It also adds a hefty 18% crit chance which will greatly increase your damage out put and healing. It also gives a nice armor boost to make you that much harder to take down.

Phantom Dancer

A second Phantom Dancer is always an amazing choice. the extra attack speed and crit will be enormous on your damage output and the extra movement speed will make you terrifyingly fast.

Infinity Edge

The favorite item for all end game ADs. This is the big one. You will get tons of extra crit chance coupled with a huge amount of AD. This, in conjunction with the 250% crit damage passive, will have you hitting (and healing you AND your team) like a TRUCK.

Black Cleaver

If the enemy is stacking armor this is a much cheaper alternative to greatly increase damage than the Infinity Edge. It will increase your attack speed further and give you a large amount of damage. It also removes armor from the target each hit, stacking up to 45 reduction. The debuff sticks to the target and isn't a passive stat to yourself such as the Last Whisper. Keep this in mind as it will increase your allies damage on the focus target as well. Choose this if they are stacking mild amounts of armor.

Last Whisper

If the enemy team really hates you and is stacking mass armor, pull out this guy. 40% reduction means no matter how high they try to stack you will keep gaining armor pen. It also has a bit of flat damage as well. Keep in mind that due to armor pen mechanics, stacking percentage based arm pen with a flat arm pen item is not very effective. For this reason only build either/or a Black Cleaver or a Last Whisper, not both.

Quicksilver Sash

This is very helpful if you find yourself being the focus of much CC. it will also remove Exhaust and Ignite as well. The magic resistance will also help avoid getting bursted lower than you can heal back from. Keep in mind that when you are CCed or dead, you do 0 damage. Although this item is defensive in nature, being able to drop all CC is a great offensive ability.

Aegis of the Legion

If you find you need some kind of general defense against both AD and AP, this item will offer moderate amounts of each. If you are planning to build this later you can also start building parts of it much earlier in the game as needed. It also gives armor and magic resistance and a very small damage boost to your team which they will love you long time for.

Force of Nature

If you are the victim of heavy AP focus fire, perhaps try this. It gives you massive magic resistance and also will make you faster so you can run up and kill the enemy AP players hating on you. The life regeneration passive will also be very helpful in long drawn out fights or slow pushes with how large you health pool is.

Guardian Angel

This offers nice amounts of Armour and a bit of magic resistance as well. It can also mentally win the team fights for you if the enemy sees you have it and choose not to focus you while you slaughterhouse everything. Keep in mind if the passive does proc and brings you back to life, you will want to have you ult off cool down so you can heal back to full or else you will just die again.

If the game is still going after you have max build, feel free to sell your Wriggle's Lantern and buy another item off the optional list. The life steal isn't going to be much in comparison with you ult at this point and if your ult is on cool down this far into the game, you are probably dead anyway:(.


Once you reach max build and you no longer need money, make sure to always be running elixirs. If you are approaching a team fight that will probably decide the game and you have some extra gold but can't afford a full buy, buy some elixirs as well. The agility and fortitude elixir, in that order, will further the damage of you character. the brilliance elixir will offer minor cool down reduction but can still make the difference in a shield or stun coming up in time. If money isn't a factor or just no one else can afford, also keep an Oracle's Elixir running. It will give you map control by clearing wards and let you see stealth champions such as Twitch and Akali if they have any.
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Early Game - Jungle Tips, Path and Ganking

Here I will only go over a basic jungle path for Sion. keep in mind this is a simple and efficient starting path but does not take into account possible invasions into your jungle or your team invading theirs. As you become more comfortable with jungle Sion feel free to mix up your starting path to whatever best suits the current game.

General Jungling Tips:

    -Small minion camps spawn at 1:40 and re-spawn 1 minute after the last creature of the camp is killed.
    -Blue and red buff camps spawn at 1:55 and re-spawn 5 minutes after the last creature of the camp is killed.
    -Dragon spawns at 2:30 and re-spawns 6 minutes after it is killed.
    -Baron spawns at 15:00 and re-spawns 7 minutes after he is killed.

Basic Path:

The path I find to be most efficient is the typical blue buff start. For this path have your team stand with you in your blue side jungle to protect from invasion as well as give leash on blue and damage. Keeping in mind that blue spawns at 1:55 and small minion camps spawn at 1:40, you should first kill the wolves camp before the actual blue. This will give you a slight increase in your clear time with no disadvantages. Assuming there was no invasion you should start with your Death's Caress.
When wolves spawn at 1:40 attack them with your shield up to avoid some initial damage. Keep your shield on to adsorb as much damage as possible then before it breaks, toggle the ability again to explode it manually for damage on the minions. You should be able to dispatch the entire camp before blue spawns. Feel free to ask your teammates for support damage but make sure they do no take the kills and are not within experience range when the minions die.

From here move onto blue buff. Get a teammate to shoot it first so it walks to attack them and have them run away. This will allow you many free hits on the golem before it actually starts hitting you. For a faster clear time you can ask your teammates for extra damage, but this is not necessary.
After dispatching the golem and both mini minions, start moving toward your wraith camp. You will also be level 2 so get a point into Enrage and activate it. At wraiths once again use Death's Caress to tank initial damage, blow it up, and finish off the wraiths. Keep in mind to use your Health Potions as needed when your health falls about 160 from max. From here you can either kill your red buff or the mini golem camp.
I recommend the mini golem camp as your smite should still be on cool down if you were clearing with good time. Kill the mini golems as you did the other camps and move onto red. Once you start red your smite should be up, kill it as you have all the other camps, Smite it once it is low enough and clear up the mini minions. From here you will be level 3 with a point in Death's Caress, Enrage and Cryptic Gaze. It is time to look for a gank.

Try to look for a gank in a lane close to where you finished your red buff. With your Boots starting item, you will be able really surprise your victim with your speed. Whatever lane you gank, try to walk out of a bush from behind them so that you cut off their path to the tower. Also ping and communicate with your teammate that you are ganking for so that they can possibly crowd control or bait in the target. Stun your enemy once in range and be sure to auto attack them as soon as possible to apply the slow from red buff. You can also start your gank off by Ghosting in for added surprise or save it for once you have you victim stunned and slowed and the attempt to escape.
Keep attempting to gank like this wherever you see openings. Keep in mind it is easier to gank lanes when the enemy is over extending themselves and when you know it is not warded. When ganking lanes be sure to ask your teammate if the enemy has warded and the location of that ward.
For further tips on successful ganking I am planning on creating a general jungling guide, look for it in the future! Make sure to continue farming your jungle camps in between ganks so that you stay caught up on gold and experience.
Ganking and killing your jungle minions should be the primary focus for the early game jungle Sion. If you have to back to buy, make sure to buy Cloth Armor as well as a few Health Potions.

Your ultimate goal will be to have a Wriggle's Lantern entering mid game. Any extra items at that point will be icing on the cake.
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Mid Game

Sion's insane life steal and passive steroids make him shine in the mid game. Once the game has progressed a little bit you will be preforming the same rolls as early game, with a few added jobs. The most important of these jobs is controlling the dragon.
Make sure that there is always a ward on dragon so that the enemy team can not sneak a kill on it. Try to attempt dragon when your team has an advantage such as after a kill or when you see more than 1 enemy player top.
You will also notice skirmishes breaking out around the map as your allies and the enemy start to move around and leave their lanes. It is you job also to be at those fights and help you teammates win them. You will not be needing blue buff to jungle so try to give it to your AP player as much as possible.
When getting into fights, make sure you are using Cryptic Gaze on the most logical target. In some cases this may be the enemy that is doing the most damage or it may be a defensive stun to protect one of your damage dealers. Use your best discretion when choosing you stun target as it can make all the difference in a close fight.
When you have locked down a target in a fight, activate Cannibalism. This will greatly increase you damage by attack speed and even when you take damage you will be healing it all back. Just having you ulting beating down their team is enough to win the most unlikely of fights, even outnumbered. Make sure they have committed to fight before using your ult. Your enemies and maybe even your own team will be truly surprised by how much you actually heal.

Going into end game, you should hopefully have Mercury's Treads, Zeal or better yet a Phantom Dancer and hopefully some additional CC, damage and survivability from a Phage. You should also have an idea of what you will be building for your situational items based on how the game is turning out.
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End Game

Hopefully you have been able to pick up some kills from the early to mid game because end game is where Sion will really start to get strong. It is hard to explain exactly what you should be doing at this point as the situation this far in will be different every time. In general this is the point of the game where teams are grouping as 5 and roaming the map together to push down towers and control the baron buff.
This is where you will begin to see many full on team fights erupting. Depending on how tanky you are try to stay out of the initial burst of the team fight. Once you see some of their CC is down feel free to run in, stun your target and start smashing them. Also, if you know a team fight is going to be breaking out soon, try to have an Elixir of Agility running and possibly even an Elixir of Fortitude. These temporary damage increases will greatly increase you damage output and in turn make you harder to take down partnered with Cannibalism.
If you find you get bursted low in a team fight, your instinct may be to run out but this may not be the best plan. If you just keep smashing people in the fight you will be gaining back a lot of the health you lose making the enemy team have to focus you for even longer. Even if you don't pick up kills or end up dying, the extra time spent to focus you down should give your team a much better chance of winning the fight.
However, if you get Ignited, your healing will me much lower. At this point you should try to run away and avoid damage until the ignite wears off. If you find yourself really really low escaping, try to run into the jungle near the fight and hit some minions while Cannibalism is still up. Just a few hits from very low can put you well above half health.
At this point in the game if you have your Frozen Mallet or even a Phage, you should be trying to give red buff to your AD carry. Your blue buff should still be going to your AP player. Make sure you are using your Wriggle's Lantern ward almost exclusively for keeping vision on baron.
If you end up coming out of a team fight with an advantage you can attempt a baron. From here it is less about the character you are playing and more about general game play knowledge. With this said, feel out how strong you are at and base your play on that.
For some added advantages check the extra tips section of the guide! Also, look into the pros and cons. Try to exploit the pros to your advantage and avoid situations described in the cons. After a few games you should find AD jungle Sion to read FREE WIN all over your match history :D.
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Pros / Cons


-Very strong ganks.
-Fast clear time and good jungle control.
-Brings hard CC (crowd control, your stun).
-Can take tower towers very fast.
-Deceptively tanky with Death's Caress and when Cannibalism is running.
-AOE team healing that surpasses many standard build support champions.
-Extremely strong 1v1 ability.
-Strong turret diving ability while life stealing off enemy champions/minions.
-Not reliant on blue buff to jungle.
-Almost impossible to escape from with Cryptic Gaze + move speed from Ghost and Zeal or Phantom Dancer combined with the slow from Phage, Frozen Mallet or red buff.
-In very long games, Enrage passive can make your health pool very high.


-Not nearly as strong with your ult down.
-If he gets kited or chain CCed he cant do damage, can't life steal and becomes rather useless.
-If you are bursted 100% to 0 your life steal becomes useless (Usually a sign that they are too fed or your health pool is too small).
- Ignite and Exhaust really hurt your life stealing ability.
-Early ganks success rate is very dependent on red buff.
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Extra Tips

Here are some extra tips and hints I thought might be helpful:

-Remember that Enrage is a toggle ability and it is possible to turn it off. If it is off you will lose the passive damage boost. Always make sure the ability is on. Also after dying sometimes it will toggle itself off, you will need to turn it back on again when you spawn. An easy way to tell if it is on is your weapon will be glowing bright orangey-red.

-Don't blow up your Death's Caress shield as soon as it lets you, leave it on as long as possible to avoid taking any unnecessary damage. This is especially important before you get life steal from your Wriggle's Lantern.

-Your passive Feel No Pain may completely negate some damage in the jungle, this will allow you to keep you shield up longer before blowing it up.

-With that said, make sure you blow up your shield before the it is destroyed by minion damage. Getting the extra damage provided by the shield will greatly increase your clear times.

-If you are about to die from damage over time such as Ignite, try to activate your shield. This little bit of extra adsorption can save your life on many different occasions. also if their are minions next to you, try hitting them for a little life steal even if your ult is down if you have Wriggle's Lantern already. Sometimes 10-20 health stolen is the difference between living and feeding.

-If you escape a team fight with extremely low health but your team still needs your help, try hitting some minions in the jungle if your Cannibalism is still active. even without much damage just a few hits will heal you for extreme amounts.

-Don't be afraid to blow Ghost on ganks. It has a very short cool down and even if you don't get a kill, the enemy lane you gank probably will have had to blow summoners on you leaving them at a disadvantage even when you leave.

-When Cannibalism is active in a fight, if you can't hit who you are trying to focus, just hit anyone near you! This will still provide healing for you and AOE healing for your whole team.

-As with all junglers, never Smite the buff, dragon, or baron that you are fighting until the health is low enough. Make sure that your Smite will be able to execute the monster and not leave it at very low health. If you fail to kill it, other junglers could smite steal your buff / objective monster and leave you looking like a rookie.

-For the above reason, always make sure you have a Smite ready when going for major objectives such as Dragon and Baron.

-Mousing over Smite in game will tell you exactly how much damage it will do. Keep in mind this damage will increase with every level you gain by 25.

-Help your team out by using your Wriggle's Lantern to ward for them. Try warding in high traffic areas or the entrance to major objectives (dragon/baron).
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Summary and Conclusion

Jungle Sion is an aggressive ganker and strong team fight presence and also brings a hard stun to the team. With this stun his ganks can be devastating, especially combined with the red buff. Once he gets wriggles lantern combined with the attack speed from Cannibalism, he has very strong dragon and baron control and tanky ability. With Cannibalism active, he can become a 1 man army, healing himself at insane rates at the same time healing surrounding allies. This will cause a problem for your enemy when they don't know if they should focus you or your teams AP and AD carries. By building a Phantom Dancer you will be able to chase down your focus target in fights and slow them with Frozen Mallet. Not only will their team not be able to take you down, they wont be able to stop you from killing everything. He is a very fun and VERY viable jungler. Unfortunately many people are narrow minded and don't see him as a niche jungler yet and may call you a troll when you try to play him :(. Prove them wrong and see all they will have to say about you when you carry your them to VICTORY.

Thank you for reading my JUNGLE SION IN THE JUNGLE guide! I hope you picked up some useful information on how to better your play. Feel free to leave a comment and please thumbs up and tell your friends about my guide if you found it helpful:D! Thank you and look for more guides from me coming soon!

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