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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MeesterCheeSeen

Jungle Master Yi - Constantly MIA.

MeesterCheeSeen Last updated on April 14, 2011
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This is my first guide I wrote, and it's on Master Yi. I jungle with Yi and I have had many successful games with him. This is just the way I build him and I usually can finish my build and carry the game.

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Pros and Cons:

- Great late game damage
- He can push quickly with Wuju Style and Highlander.
- He can wreck squishies in a short amount of time.

- Prone to being focused
- Squishy
- Is very easy to shut down with blind
- Champions with high armor can shut him down, such as Rammus.

How to counter cons?
- For being squishy and being focused, buying a Frozen Mallet helps as well as waiting for the CC's to be used.

- For disables, picking up a Quicksilver Sash helps with the disables.

- For champions with high armor, buying a Black Cleaver and other Armor pen items help.

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Runes/Summ Spells?


Greater Mark of DesolationArmor Pen Reds for the late game advantage.

Armor Yellows for the survivability and easier time jungling.

Magic Res/lvl Blues Survivability.

Greater Quintessence of DesolationArP Quints late game advantage, people.

Summoner Spells
- , used to catch up with an enemy or run away with highlander. Just personal preference

- Needed for jungle yi, he's too fragile to survive without it.

Alternative Summoner Spells

- Heavy AD DPS teams fall to this.
- Exhaust and blinds are your enemies.
- Nerfed, but still semi-viable.

Don't take these. Ever.
- Yi doesn't need this.
- Really?
- Wuju style, nuff said.
- This is okay, but if your enemy got away, you aren't a good Yi.
- Life steal please.
- Backdooring isn't a must, in higher ELO's your enemies have good map awareness.
- Yi, mana hungry as he may be, doesn't need this.
- ... Yi says no.

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Jungle Route

Jungle Route:

Alternative items:
- instead of , it works wonders actually, because PD doesn't give dodge.

1. When the game starts, get a and two . Go to the small golem camp near lizard buff.

Note- Don't start jungling until all champions (excluding their jungle) are visible

2. When the golems spawn, the golems and the stronger one (if procced on one of them.) If no procs, the one you targetted. If both procced, just one and focus the other. Use one here if needed.

3. Go to the wraiths. . Focus the blue one with on. (If you have a double strike ready after golems, and activate at the same time and double strike the blue wraith.) A is not needed but may be used.

4. Go to the wolves. Again . Just focus the big wolf.

5. Port back. Buy a (If you don't have enough, just wait it out). Repeat your last cycle and port back again. (It's normal :P)

6. Buy a and a if you can.

7. Head over to Blue Golem and initiate with and it near death.

8. Repeat steps 1-4(Don't the little golems) until comes back. (Use a if needed)

9. Go to Red Lizard Buff. Do the same thing as with the golem buff.

10. You can now gank or jungle a bit more to 6.

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Basic Combo: (if ganking )-> -> -> (If they start to run or you need a advantage) . Red buff will slow the enemies down significantly.

Yoyo Basic Combo:(if ganking )-> -> -> (If they start to run or you need a advantage) + . Red buff will slow the enemies down significantly.

NEVER GANK WITHOUT RED BUFF. The only exception is when your target has like two bars left. Ganking without a red buff or phage/frozen mallet is a big no early game. 1. You lose your element of surprise and 2. They can run safely to their turret. and you just wasted your time.

Note: gives you invincibility frames while performing it. (Or I think so at least :P) You can dive with it.

When diving, be careful. If you get exhausted and the tower has not targetted you yet, run with your enemy, then when exhaust wears off, dive. Use if needed.

After you gank, port back and buy . (Also a if possible)After, get your

[Note: Use to ward spots you may want to.]

Go back into the jungle to keep the element of surprise and gank accordingly. Push towers if possible with wuju style + highlander.

Buy a then build your

The attack speed is helpful for pushing turrets and proccing the Lizard Buff.

Now your has some options:

Options for Recurve Bow :o

If all of your enemies use mana AND are mages, such as or . Grab a . This was changed due to the lack of survivability and lifesteal this gave.

If not, grab a

After, get Two . (If you're ganking correctly you'd have enough money to do this)

Turn One into an and another into

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Situational items

You may see a second
, this item is situational. You sell your for a different item.

Your enemy team consists of..

Armored Tanks like ?


Health Points Tank such as ?

Heavy CC such as Blinds?


If you're too squishy just get . (It helps with chasing)

If you're just doing fine, get a .

Dodge *****s like ?

If your game lasts long enough to finish your build, selling your for another is okay.

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Whatever's leftover

Here is a score in a ranked game I had.

Common Master Yi Mistakes:
- Highlander to get to a battle. That's a big NO. If you need to get to a battle, Ghost fixes the problem.

- Not taking advantage of 's armor and magic resist bonus.
At max level, it gives you 300 armor AND magic res.
Here's a scene.
Ryze: AHAHAHAHA I nuke you.
You as Yi: -Meditate-, reducing the damage and healing over it.
You come out with barely a scratch.

Post your scores and I'll put them in my guide! :]

I hope you enjoyed my build. Don't -1 without a comment please. :D. Any constructive criticism is helpful.