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Renekton Build Guide by BlackBird15DK

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlackBird15DK

Jungle Renekton: the ruthless predator.

BlackBird15DK Last updated on February 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi welcome to my guide to jungle Renekton let me start off by saying sorry for my bad english, it is not my native language. This is my first guide so pls give me some fedback and suggestions. Also note that this is still a work in progress.

So i started making this guide when i one day played with my friends. So i got the idea that i could jungle renekton. But when i looked at moba there werent a single guide for jungle Renekton. Stuborn as i am i started makeing my own guide.

After alot of testing i have found a great build for jungle renekton. Thank you for taking your time to read it. Hope it will help you. pls enjoy...

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Why jungle?

Can he jungle?
A jungler is something you always want to have because of the ganks and the bonus xp for top. But why renekton jungle?
First what do you need to be a good jungler? you will need a stun or some other form of cc to prevent enemy champions from escapeing. You will need a gap closer (a way of getting close to your target). And last you will need some way of regenerate life while in the jungle(not so important after the jungle nerf). renekton got all of these trait's. Another great thing about jungle Renekton is that he dont use mana and that means that he is less vulnerable against counter jungling because losing blue buff isnt as game breaking(and makes your jungle route less predictable. Plus+ you can give blue to your mid and that can be vital if your(let's say veigar) likes spaming Baleful Strike(and he has to in order to stack AP.) so why not jungle when you are great at it?

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Pros / cons

1.Great ganks.
2.You dont need blue(can give it to a team mate)
3.Hard to counter jungle.
4.Fun to play.
5.exelent chaser.


1.Weak against cc.
2.Can be hard to see what walls you can Slice and Dice over.
3.Can´t solo Dragon.
4.No ranged skills.
5.your gap closer is not the best unless used well.
6.long cooldown

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it is an ok passive. The extra fury is
nice but 99% of the time you will forget it´s even there.
amazing skill AoE damage and lifesteal whats not to love? Can be cast while moving without slowing you down simply great.
wonderful just wonderful this skill is your bread and butter skill. Just charge 50fury dash in hit this skill 1,5 sec stun and YOU HAVE SLAIN AN ENEMY.
another great skill it´s your dash, your gap closer and your escape tool. The range is very short but if used properly it is more than enough. And if you can hit an enemy you can cast it again giving you double range.(note you NEVER wanna spend fury on this skill but it is only when you recast it, as dice it will cost fury.)It can be used to jump walls but the short range does that it is only the thin walls.
not the best ult but the bonus health might save your life and the rage and AoE damage is prety sweet to.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells you will need Smite

Ghost or Exhaust are both great to help you gank or escape.

you can also go with Flash but you already have Slice and Dice. So i feel like it´s a bit of a waste.

Ignite is also nice for killing fleeing low-health enemies, and disable strong heals as Dr. Mundo´s ulty and Volibear´s passive

I just prefer Ghost. Because it Synergises so well with his skills making it impossible for your enemeíes to escape/catch you
But feel free to chose whatever you like.

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I use:
greater mark of desolation
Greater Seal of Armor
Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction/ Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction
and ofc
Greater Quintessence of Health
These runes are fokused on granting armor and health so you can survive the early game jungle while also increasing my damage with armor pen, and decreasing his long cooldowns.

But Greater Mark of Attack Speed and Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist are also great alternatives.

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Normaly i use this offencive
21/0/9 setup. because i like dealing
and the extra damage help you clear the jungle faster.

But if you wanna play more deffencive
0/21/9 works great too. it improves your overall survive ability and help you dive lowhealth champs. The most important thing in both setup´s is to get Runic Affinity .in order to gain most benefit from your red buff.

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This item is perfect for just about any jungler it has armor, lifesteal, damage and best of all an amazing passive the 500dmg proc is wonderful.(and you get a free ward)
basic boots Renekton is very weak against cc so these will help.
this is a perfect off-tank item the health will toughen you up a bit and the damage will make you deal more damage(lolz) but the truly amazing thing about this item is the slow it will help you hunt down(and kill) just about everyone.

You are gonna start with getting your CORE. Start with cloth amor and 5 Health Potion´s and opgrade to Madred's Razors. Then buy boot's. Finish Wriggle's Lantern and get Mercury's Treads. Finish your CORE with Frozen Mallet, starting with Phage.

when you are done with the CORE look at the enemy team. I like to build renekton tanky so here are some of the items i get.

Heavy AD(Attack Damage)
Sunfire Cape a great item health and armor perfect against AD and the passive will make sure you still make alot of damage
Atma's Impaler this build is quite beefy so this item will make your into a complete beast and a true off-tank
Thornmail you should only get this item if the enemy team has REALY REALY murch AD but if they have this is the perfect counter.
SPACE Heavy AP(Ability Power)
Banshee's Veil a good item against hard stuns the mana is useless but still a good item.
Force of Nature good item lot's of magic resist and health regen enough said.
Guardian Angel this item is great against both AD and AP the passive is wonderful and the deffencive stats help to. Great against mixed teams when you dont know what to buy.

Offencive items.

Youmuu's Ghostblade This item is great but i normaly dont buy it. Because it is only good if you can remember to use the active(and i always forget about it) so if you got the same problem dont get it.
The Bloodthirster Not murch to say about this item lifesteal and damage is always good remember that you have to farm in order to get this item to it's maximum
potential and since stacks are lost on death dont get this item if you are getting owned.
The Black Cleaver The attack speed and damage is great more attack speed means more rage and more rage means more enraged ability's. The armor reducing works realy good with Ruthless Predator too.

where to put your wriggle's wards
  • Yellow: Vital to protect yourself against counter junglin
  • Blue: For protection depending on which lane you're on
  • Red: To guard Dragon and Baron
  • Orange: In order to Counter-Jungle
Thanks to JHOIJHOI for the image.

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When you spawn you are gonna get a cloth amor and 5 Health Potion´s and grab Ruthless Predator

1)start at the 2 small Golems just Smite spam Ruthless Predator on the big one. Use a pot(potion)while fighting.

2)go to wraith use a pot and focus big one first with Ruthless Predator then get Cull the Meek and use one more pot.

3) Go to wolves if you got 50 fury use Cull the Meek if not use Ruthless Predator on the big one and focus it now you should have 50 fury use Cull the Meek and another pot.

4)now ask if anyone want a blue buff if not go kill wraith or if most likely someeone want a blue buff. walk up to the ancient golem make who ever wanted the buff pull it use Cull the Meek and hit it till it starts attacking you then use Ruthless Predator use smite. Stop attacking it just before it is about to die so you team mate can get the last hit.

5)now go kill wraith followed by small Golems(save smite for the big golem you should be level 3 get another point in Cull the Meek and recal.

6)buy Long Sword and 2 Health Potion's go kill wraith followed by lizard elder(red buff) you should now be level4 take Slice and Dice and look for a gank.

when ganking look for low-health enemies, or enemies that has pushed there lanes to far towards your turret. when you are going to gank you always wanna come in from the back(thats what she said:D) stay in the bush and wait for the perfect time to strike and make sure who ever is in that lane know you are coming. you wanna run up to him( slice and dice if needed) and hit him with Ruthless Predator(tip: if you have the opportunity charge 50 color=#ff0000]fury[[/color] by killing a jungle camp it will increase your stun and make harder for the enemy to escape.

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rekton is an off-tank this mean that you should dash in right after the tank and focus high damage target's(AD carry's and burst mage's). when the team fight start's use Dominus and Slice and Dice through your enemies and tag your target(the biggest damage dealer) with Ruthless Predator and go berserk on(let's say it's Ashe) after you finished her look for another target(or run if your team is getting owned) keep forcusing the biggest threat untill no ones left.

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Nothing yet:D
26-02-2012: added Why jungle? chapter and 3 new offencive items.

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Summary and Thanks

huge thanks to jhoijhoi for her amazing guide on how to make a guide(click here ) i couldn't have done it without you. also thanks to sejebo and Ajfa1 for helping me with the final touch


Renekton is a very fun and different champion. He is very good jungler once you get the hang on it. and he becomes a complete nightmare if he get's fed.

I hope you have enjoyed my guide and pls like and leave a comment if you got any surgestions pls post them as well i hope you could use this for something. Goodbye, have fun and pwn noobs:)