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Tryndamere Build Guide by poinears

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League of Legends Build Guide Author poinears

Jungle Tryndamere - Death From the Jungle

poinears Last updated on February 14, 2013
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A Pre-Read Note

Please note that the items have been changed to season 3 items, but the text has not yet been updated.

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This is Not for Beginners

If you are reading this guide, I assume that you already have played Tryndamere and understand his gameplay style. Also, I am not going to cover any of the basics with this particular guide, just give my idea on the jungle Tryndamere.

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Jungle Advantages

Tryndamere is a decent jungler and laner. I prefer jungling tryndamere in order to get more farm than I would if I was on lane due to the lack of harass. Once you have Berserker's Greaves and maybe a Zeal (I'm not sure exactly where in the build), Trynd becomes an excellent jungler due to his crits, his heal, and his high damage output.

Some people may claim that these champions are better and deserve to have priority over jungle. I will agree, as they have the ability to gank earlier and more often than can Tryndamere.

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The jungle route is fairly straightforward. Start at the Lizard Elder (with a leash of course), then proceed to the Golems . Since you level up by slaying the Lizard Elder , use your Spinning Slash to jump through the wall behind the Golems . This is the toughest part of the jungle Tryndamere, as you need to heal yourself at least once during the course of the fight. After completing the Golems , proceed to the Wraiths , then the Wolves , and, if you are feeling fairly confident and have enough health, the Ancient Golem . Proceed back to the Golems and repeat, grabbing buffs when they reappear. With a Zeal in your items, Dragon can be taken solo around level 7 or 8, although I prefer to wait until level 10. In addition, Baron can be soloed with a complete Executioner's Calling and level 18.

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Ganking and Counter-Jungling

Do not gank until level 4 unless it is absolutely needed. After that, fire away, but make sure to keep your farm up. You can also counter-jungle the enemy's jungler. Just be careful to:
1) Not get caught
2) Not get counter-jungled yourself
3) Not attempt to counter-jungle until at least level 4
If you ARE going to try to kill the enemy's jungler in their own jungle, Tryndamere can be incredibly good at doing so. Just make sure to alert your team before you do it so that they can call the necessary MIAs and move to save you.

Do not engage these two junglers early on and only defend your jungle. Do not go on the offensive and try to find and kill them until at least level 6. These two are excellent junglers and move very quickly; they will have you outfarmed in no time early on.

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Solo Top

I have begun to take this build top to solo if there is a more viable jungle. The build remains the same, but the Summoner Spells change. I have found Tryndamere to be weak until level six, when he gets his ultimate. After that, he can usually dominate a lane with a fair amount of farm.

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Early Game

Rush a Wriggle's Lantern and start dropping wards on Dragon whenever possible. If possible, do not gank until you have your Berserker's Greaves. Ganking may prove to be just a chain of failures until you get more damage, so do not be too disappointed. Take the Zeal and continue to build into a Phantom Dancer.

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Middle Game

Here is the bread and butter of the build. The Phantom Dancer provides extra attack and move speed, the Infinity Edge provides the damage you need, and the Executioner's Calling gives you that last touch of lifesteal and crit chance. Once you finish the Executioner's Calling, you can't get hurt by Thornmail (you have 30% lifesteal) and you are guaranteed to crit with a full rage bar.

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Late Game - Optional Items

These items can finish and improve your build. If the team stacks armor, get the Last Whisper. If their team stacks health, then finish with a Madred's Bloodrazor. Afterwards, if you still have more farm, sell your Wriggle's Lantern and buy The Bloodthirster for more damage and lifesteal.

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The runes are fairly straightforward. Armor penetration marks and quintessences allow you to strike through some of their armor. The attack speed seals allow you to hit slightly faster, creating the jungle opportunities. The glyphs can be changed for other attack-based runes, such as crit damage, but I prefer the straightforward damage per level glyphs, as this rune page is more versatile in adapting to most other AD melee champions.

In general, these runes allow you to hit harder, faster, and avoid some of your opponent's armor.

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You are an AD melee semicarry/bruiser. Design your masteries around attack damage and attack speed. In addition, the 9 points in defense allows you to take basic armor and magic resist masteries, as well as the protection from minions.

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Summoner Spells

This is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for this jungle Tryndamere. You do not get the extra gold for using it, but you need the extra damage early on, unless someone leashes golems for you after you finish the Lizard Elder .

I like this just because you practically have a free Flash with your Spinning Slash. If you need to get away or chase down that pesky Ashe, then this is the go-to spell. However, it can be replaced by:
or even

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Thank you for reading this guide.

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Update Log

1 July 2012 - Added 2nd build exemplifying a build with a Madred's Bloodrazor to finish
29 October 2012 - Changed 2nd build Summoner Spells to exemplify solo top Summoner Spells
24 November 2012 - Added side note about soloing baron