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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kingslayer

Karma- I tried to be a mage!

Kingslayer Last updated on February 6, 2011
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Okay, Welcome to my build for Karma. I thought that she might be a very viable mage-carry, So I played a couple of normal games with her to try out some builds. I always ended up, even with a full AP build to be the support. I decide to go play support if that's what Karma wants. I'm not gonna argue with her. So this will be an AP/CDR/Support build.

Note: If you wanna go full AP and try it your self. Just replace the Spirit Visage with a more viable item of your choice.

Moving on.

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I will come back to this later. I'm not quite sure what runes I really should use to Karma, At the moment I go with flat AP marks and seals ,HP quints and CDR/lvl Glyphs. If you got any tips for runes, please write a comment about it.

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Normal Caster / Support Masteries with focus on Mana Reg and movement speed. I have found out that even 0/11/21 works with both " Resistant " and " Hardiness "
Pick improved ghost + flash. Movement is key. I will get to that later.

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Summoner Spells

Flash - I prefer this to any other ability. Great Survivability, Great Chase, Great Escape. Pick it.
Ghost - As I said before, Movement is key. And if you Spirit Bond anyone in your team fast then you, He or She will just run out of range and your movement buff has bin quite useless. Use this to stay in range. Also to escape of course. And Chase. Don't forget to Chase.
Teleport - Map mobility, Not Karmas cup of tea. With all movement speed you gain with Spirit Bond + Ghost This shouldn't be needed for you. If you how ever really loves the spell. Go a head, It's not bad.
Clarity - I'm gonna stop you right there, You don't need more mana reg. Period.
Clairvoyance - If your a Clairvoyance pro, pick it. If not. Let somebody els do it.
Ignite - You are not here to do damage. If you are, You got enough already.
Fortify - Let someone who got it in their mastery tree pick this. In my honest opinion it's useless without the splash.
Cleanse - Why would they target you, You are soooo fast, and soooo far away from the enemies.
Rally - Just no.
Exhaust Nop.
Smite Why would you pick this?! :(
Heal Might be usefull, if you can't keep yourself up. But then, If you can't heal enough with Karma, go play Taric or Soraka.
Revive Your not going to try. Trust me.

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Pros / Cons

Great Damage output.
Great support abilities.
Her Great Damage output is on her Great support abilities. WIN!
Such insane mobility.
Low CD's with this build.
Beefy with this build.
No unrealistic Cleavage.

Bad Early game. Level 1-5 at least.
No other Cons. She's great.
oh, No unrealistic Cleavage might be a Con as well.

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Skill Sequence

Max out Heavenly Wave and Soul Shield first, With one point in Spirit Bond at level 4. The reason for this is that the movement gained from rank 1 Spirit Bond Should be enough untill the other team gets their Phantom Dancer, Trinity Force and Lich Bane Untill then the increaced damage and support ability that Heavenly Wave and Soul Shield provides is exactly what you need!

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Items (And some Creeping tips]

The Item build of choice.

Start out with a Meki Pendant for mana regen. This way you will be able to spam your abilities much more then with a Doran's Ring for example. AND you will be able to pick up 2 health pots, So you don't need to use Mantra to heal yourself all the time. (More about Mantra will be added later in the guide.

When you have farmed enough gold for an Tear of the Goddess + Either Boots of Speed or Ionian Boots of Lucidity you head back home. Farming is easy for Karma from level one. Just use your abilities to creep. Don't be afraid to use Mantra together with Soul Shield to bring down minion waves fast.

Run back to lane using you Spirit Bond on your minions for the movement buff. Keep farming, and farming, and farming un till you hit 1150gold to buy your Spirit Visage This is a very Viable item for Karma Since it makes your heals heal 12FU*KIN% more! Insane? Yes. Very. It also gives you health, Magic Resistance, and CDR. What an awesome item. I love it. BUT, If you don't like the Spirit Visage I would suggest going with some more survivability with a Banshee's Veil or a Guardian Angel Later in the item build. Possibly after the Rabadon's Deathcap

With these 3 first items you should dominate pretty hard with out any AP or what so ever. No one is gonna mess with Karma With out feeling the pain of Soul Shield first.

After the Spirit Visage Get an Archangel Staff for tons of AP, Mana and Mana regeneration.

This is about mid game now. 20-25min have past and now is when the Rabadon's Deathcap Comes in really use full. So i suggest getting it before you reach the 35minute mark.

Get a Giants belt and a Hextech Revolver and upgrade these later to Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Will of the Ancients
NOTE: Will of the Ancients Is ONLY viable if you got at least 1 more caster other then yourself on the team! YOU DO NOT GET THIS ITEM FOR YOURSELF!

Item build is complete. And you have probably won the game within 5min after completing any of the last items. Your choice which one you finish first.

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Unique Skills

This is a Sequence about Mantra And how you should use it at it's finest.

I will tell you what Mantra does with each individual ability and when to use them.

Mantra + Heavenly Wave
This what you use when you or your Allys gets low on health. Preferably after their Ammumu uses their ulti of after That crazy Xin Zhao Charges your entire team. What I'm trying to prove here is that, don't over heal your Allys.

Mantra + Spirit Bond
Use this combo only after rank 6 in Spirit Bond otherwise the Extra Slow/Movement speed won't be worth one of your 2 Mantras

Mantra + Soul Shield
This is the most viable combo if you want to be both a great support and a great mage-carry. The Soul Shield will hit like a truck while boosted by Mantra. And if that ain't great I don't know what is.

This is how you should be fighting in a endgame team battle:
Spirit Bond your melee carry and then pop both Mantras. Wait for him to charge into your enemies then Soul Shield the **** out of all your enemies. Then run in close and Heavenly Wave Every single one. You will slow your enemies and heal you allys. Both Spirit Bond and Soul Shield will have a 6second cool down when your build is full. So just keep your rotation up and have a picked target which you uses all your spells on. Unless someone els is dying. Then you Switch of course.

That's How you should use Mantra And How you fight in late game.

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Good team members.

I will list a few viable team members for Karma as well as some laining partners and a also a few which you should NEVER lane with.

Okay, here we go.

Laining partners Tier 1
Xin Zhao
Knock up
Not squishy
AoE Damage
Increased Magic Resist, (and armor?)
Great passive. You don't need to waste Mantra on Heavenly Wave so much.
Tend to be a little to brave.
Is not Olaf, Be care full with the unsquishy targets.
Does not need your heal as much as any other champion, which kinda removes the usage of one of your abilities. But it's fine. You will still kill everything.

Master Yi
Insane Damage output.
Charge, which makes him untargetable for a few seconds.
Meditate + Soul Shield = Y U NO DIE MASTER YI!?
Looks like Splinter Cell
Master Yi Should be in the jungle, He is most effective there.
If he does not know how his Alpha Strike works, He is going to target Singed with it and get Flinged into the ******* turret and you will be mad as hell.
Highlander seems somehow useless with Spirit Bond, Tho he will get the AS but he will out run you and get himself killed. And you will be mad again.

Good Harass.
Good base hp pool.
Reckless Swing does TRUE MOTHER FU*KN DAMAGE! yes, Rammus you got your *** handed to ya.
Life steal, Nuf said.
Rangnarok will make your Spirit Bond even more use full, since he can't get CC'd.
I have never seen an Olaf That plays with his brain instead of his muscle.

Most OP Melee in game at the moment. YES! ACE!
Grand SkyfallGlobal Ulti, He will always be there for you!
A some how nerfed Stun. Still a stun.
Best AoE Physical damage evah with Heart seeker strike.
Great harass if he can be mana conservative.
The stun is so short, they will always run out of the Heart seeker strike, Unless you slow the **** out of them with a Mantra + Spirit Bond
Squishier then other laining partners.
No real escape, Don't Sacrifice yourself for a stupid Spartan.

Okay, time for some really bad laining partners.

Nerfed to hell and back.
No real damage output untill late game.
Can not help you if you get targeted.
Shadow Walk + Spirit Bond = u mad Eve?

You will never die.
You can probably push the towers.
He got a cool haircut.
With a Heimer you get 0 minion kills.
You get 0 champion kills or assists. No one should be stupid enough to run into Heimers Turrets.

Supplies free Shrooms.
Squishy as hell.
No damage output.
He will just run as a little Bit*h when you get attacked and you will die. Then Teemo will die.

If you see the pattern above. The only real viable laining partners are melee carries which hopefully have some sort of hard CC or Real insane Damage output. And you don't wanna go in a lane with another caster/Ranged. Or a tank for that sake either. You need to be able to kill to dominate. Tower dives are a must. thank god for Spirit Bond and Soul Shield.

I will add more to this chapter later.

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Ranked game Experience

I will write a short summary of all my ranked games played here.

Game 1_
I lained together with an Ashe, And it was total pownage. We was pretty damn outstanding. The opposite time had no chance when I teamed up with Irelia. Well, Gotta go play some more!

Also I will run some statistics.

Matches played. 1
Wons. 1
Loss. 0
Leave. 0
Kills. 8
Deaths. 1
Assists. 10

Note: since I have not played any ranked games with Karma yet. This part of the guide will be quite uninteresting for a few days at least.