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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Kennen Build Guide by Vitigam

Kennen of the Lightning: In-Depth & Comprehensive

Kennen of the Lightning: In-Depth & Comprehensive

Updated on March 18, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vitigam Build Guide By Vitigam 382 34 3,507,071 Views 240 Comments
382 34 3,507,071 Views 240 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Vitigam Kennen Build Guide By Vitigam Updated on March 18, 2013
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I will be updating this guide for the PRESEASON! Patch is just out, I will be running vairous tests!

Look forward to it!!!
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Hey Everyone :D

Before I start this guide, I would like to thank JhoiJhoi for her Guide on Making a Guide. All these templantes, banners, columns and design is all from her. I really appreciate the work and help she has done and given to MobaFire. Thanks Jhai!

Also, I would like to thank Ego Ignaxio for his Kennen Guide on TSM Website. In my opinnion, he is the best Kennen player out there. Also, the Runes set up are his set up. And credits goes to him.

About Myself!

I have been playing Lol for a while now, from the beginning of Season 2. I want to share some of my skills and ideas. I am not a pro or an amazing player, but I hope I can help the Mobafire Community!

Now, About This Guide

First off, why would you play Kennen?
Kennen is one of the most funnest characters, in my opinion. And I want others to know that as well. To me, he is a very strong champion to be played in the mid-lane and has shown his face a lot in tournaments. He is a strong AP Caster, and I wouldn't be hesistant to say one of the "strongest" champions in the game. He is on level with Cassiopia. Of course, like every champion, he has his counters. This guide has been made to show how I play Kennen.

Like many champs, there are a couple of ways to build him. I build him as Ability Power with enough surivability to dish our damage. This is not a Glasscannon build. There is no point in giving out damage if your not alive to do it. I put in mind of how Kennen is "Squishy" and to deal with that, my build has surivability over how much damage I give.

Remember, don't blindly follow this build. Know the reason behind every item choice. Each game is different and no-one can garentee the same results with the same build. Remember, each game is different!

So, I hope I can help you with Kennen!

Read On!

Love this Song, Listen and Read:
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Update Log

I'm still working on this guide, so I'm not finished yet:

2/19/2012: Added Mid and Late Game Sections. And a tips section.
2/20/2012: Laning Against Other Champs Section & How to Stun Section.
3/2/2012: Edited Item Sequence
3/5/2012: Renovating Design:
3/6/2012: Masteries Re-Done, Runes Redone, Kennen's Skilset Redone, Battle Rotation Redone, Farming Redone
3/7/2012: Core Items Re-Done, Added "Idealistic Full Build" section.
3/8/2012: Early Game Re-Done, Mid-Game Re-Done, Late-Game Re-Done, Added "Game-Play Tips" Section. Whole Guide Re-Done!
3/14/2012: Too Much Chapters, Merged Chapters Together and came forth "How To Roll With Kennen" section. (Thanks to Arcana3)
3/15/2012: Added Starting-Items and Merged it in to "Item Build" section.
3/17/2012: Updated Runes Section
3/21/2012: Updated Items
3/27/2012: Updated Runes
3/28/2012: Changed Items Build, Changed Runes
4/3/2012: Deleted "Lore" and "Acronyms" Sections. Finished Summoner Spells
5/20/2012: Added more champs to "What Enemies Bring to the Table" and some minor changes.
5/25/2012: More champs added to 'What Enemies Bring to the Table" section.
6/3/2012: Minor Changes.
8/23/2012: Minor Changes.
12/6/2012: Changed Masteries!


Patch Notes

Varus Patch:

Well, Will of the Ancients has been nerfed. Total cost has been increased to 2500 from 2100. It did need it though, it still is a great first item on Kennen. It was way too strong for 2100, considering if you had a AP Top like Vladimir or Rumble.

It is not worth rushing it anymore. Getting Boots Lvl 2 is much better after Hectech Revolver. And then building Rylai's Crystal Scepter. After that I get my Will of the Ancients. The only time getting Will of the Ancients before Rylai's would be if you have another AP on your team.

Jayce Patch:

Attack Range now decreased to 550 from 575. This really decreased Kennen's harras potential in lane. I will be honest, Kennen needed and deserved that nerf. The harrass potential from Electrical Surge with its passive was pretty crazy. This has shaken top lane Kennen and is not that popular anymore. But in the midlane, hasn't affected him that much.


I will be updating this guide after I test out the new items!

Look forward to it!!

Season 3 Starts!

It's been a bit since I updated this guide. So I am gonna do it again. Just a few things to mention thought. With the current patch and meta, Health is better than Armor and MR. So Rylai's is gonna be better than Abyssal Scepter now.
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Powerful Pros & Cynical Cons

Pros / Cons


+ Amazing Harraser
+ AOE Stuns
+ Heavy CC
+ Low Cds
+ Easy & Quick Movement
+ Laning: Energy User
+ He is a Flipping Ninja!

- Relatively Squishy
- Needs to be in melee range to use Slicing Maelstrom
- Team Fights: Energy User
- Kennen is afflicted by the Law of Inverse Ninja Strength

During the laning phase, being an energy user is very helpfull, you can harras as much as you wan't wihtout ever be afraid of running out of energy. This gives Kennen an advantage over other AP Mid Champs.

But during team fights, Kennen runs out of energy really fast.
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Magnificent Masteries

In Season 2, the best way, in my opinion, was 9/0/21, but with the new mastery changes, I beleive 21/9/0 is the best way for Kennen to go. Look for further details in the masteries after I update it!

Look forward for more updates and changes soon!
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Recommended Runes


Fleet Footwork


Phase Rush

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: You need Magic Pen for almost any mage. These are the only Marks worth getting. Starting with 8.5 Magic Pen is very nice, considering your enemies start out with a good amount MR to begin with. Combined with Sorcerer's Shoes, you will be hitting for true damage early on!


Phase Rush
  • Greater Seal of Armor: Really good seal on Kennen. The 12.69 armor early game will be very helpful early game, especially against those early Jungle Gankers ( Lee Sin, Shyvana, Nocturne). This is what I am currently using.

  • Greater Seal of Vitality: Another amazing seal on Kennen. 174 Health will help, more than you think it will.

  • Greater Seal of Meditation: Probably the best seals for Kennen combines with Greater Seal of Lucidity. Solves energy regen issues. Unfortunately, I can't always have these on my AP Rune Page, cause I only have 2 Rune Pages. I don't always go in a game knowing if I am going to play Kennen. But these are definitively the best Seals for Kennen.

  • greater seal of lucidity:^ As stated above.


Phase Rush

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Sexy Summoner Spells

New 2 Kennen: Flash (or Ghost if you don't know how to use Flash) + Heal

Intermediate Kennen: +

Experienced Kennen: +

Flash:Flash is an really amazing summoner spell. Any champion that doesn't have an escape mechanism must take Flash. Flash is a gap-closer if you are chasing enemies down or if you need to escape over a wall. The only down-side is that when you are in lane, Ghost would probably me more effective. But overall, Flash is an amazing spell and with Slicing Maelstorm + Zhonya's Hourglass, it is really effective.

Ignite can always dish out that little more damamge after your enemy is in his turret range. And it's 2nd effect is helpful as well. And if you took Summoner's Wrath , that extra 5 AP will help early game.

Teleport gives you so much map control. You can be split pushing in a lane, and you can join a team fight, if it breaks out, in 4 seconds. If you have to recall back to your lane when your lane is pushed, then just use Teleport and you can get back in to lane without losing any farm. You can backdoor easily with teleport.Make sure your team places wards nearby, so you can tele to them. You can replace it for Ignite depending on the team comp.

Heal is a very good spell for Kennen. It will really help you on those 1v1 exchanges against certain champs like Malzahar (If you want to know who to get a heal against, check "What Enemies Bring to the Table"). My second choice after Ignite.
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Keenfull Kennen's Skillset

Mark of the Storm (Passive) - This is the bread and butter of
Kennen. Because of this ability, people have come to fear the cat, Kennen. Anyways, ever 3 abilities, it aplies a MOS to your enemy, and the 3 MOS stuns the enemy for 1 second.

Thundering Shuriken (Q) - If your maxing W, like you should be in most situations, this spell won't do that much damage early on. The Shuriken runs pretty fast compared to other skill shots, but is avoidable. Try to guess where your enemy will move. Also, use this ability is used to last-hit creeps. It's cheap and on a low CD.

Tips & Tricks

  • It is skillshot. Use Thundering Shuriken to check brushes, it will make a distinctive noise when it hits someone. Use your W while they are still in the brush, it will force them out.
  • Use this skill to farm, it is on low CD, and you use energy! Spam It!
  • You need practice with this skill to hit targets. Play against bots or a custom game to get used to using it. Practice makes perfect. If you get the aim right, they won't be able to dodge it. It is your main harassment move. Use it!
  • Remember, Smart-Cast! You will play on another level when you smart-cast. You can smart cast by pressing Shift + Q (or you can change key bindings in options by pressing ESC, I just change the smart cast to Q,W,E itslef) But not everyone likes smartcasting, if you think you are better off not, then don't :D

Electrical Surge (W) - This is what you should be maxing fist and grabbing at Level 1. You can use it's passive to get a MOS and then use it's active for more damage and another mos, at level 1, you will deal decent damage..

Tips & Tricks
  • Use the passive of Electrical Surge whenever you can. It will give you an extra MOS, this will differentiate a Good Kennen or a Bad Kennen.
  • Use Thundering Shuriken to check a bush and use this, they will come out of the bush.
  • In early levels, the 5th proc does tons of damage.
  • If you already have a MOS on someone , and they are stealth characters. Use Electrical Surge to pin-point their location. Then use Thundering Shuriken to get a stun on them.
  • When you Auto-Attack with the passive enabled, the AA moves faster.
  • Whenever you have the 5th proc, use it on the enemy. But remember, not at the cost of losing even one CS! [/color]

Lightning Rush (E) - This is a really good spell for Kennen's kit. It is hard to get ganked while you have this up. So don't randomly use it and DON'T use it to harras. Plus, it give's you more MR and Armor.

Tips & Tricks
  • Use it to avoid skill shots, remember to move to the right or left.
  • Use it to avoid ganks and chasing.
  • Remember, you have bonus Armor and MR. If Karthus pops that Requim, then use Lightning Rush and you have a much better chance of survival. When you face check the brush, make sure you are in this from, just in case they pop something at you.
  • Remember, you can use "all" of your abilities, while in this form.
  • Do not use it to harras in lane, only use it for going for the kill or pushing your lane and you are certain the enemy junlger IS NOT around.

Slicing Maelstrom (R) - An amazing Ultimate. Can be used in so many different ways.

An Important Note: Kennen's ult when it has 1 point in it, only hits 6 times, that means only 2 enemy champs can be stunned. Make sure you remember how much hits your ult has at different levels. You don't want to use your ult against 3 enemy champs when it can hit 6 times only, you might give some damage, but you won't stun any of them! Remember, Kennen needs Skill, you need to make quick decissions while playing him, like any other skilled champ. You can't just jam QWER and hope to get a stun. Got to play smart :)
Tips & Tricks
  • Flash and Ult will take you right in to the battle and stun them. Zhonya's Hourglass in this situation will be really effective.
  • Bait them to tower-dive you and pop your ult.
  • During team-fights, let someone bait them in the bush, then ult :D
  • Works really well with other AOE ultimates.

Skill Sequence
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Maxing Electrical Surge should be done in most situations. Only in some rare situations do you max Q. Electrical Surge gives so much more at Level 1 and early game. When you max W, you can play much more aggressive and harras much more. None the less, maxing W is certainly better on Kennen in most situations, if not all.

Kennen is very different form other AP Mages. First, he uses energy. In the Laning-Phase this is to your damage. Constant harrass and easy farming makes him a strong and top pick. He has high dueling abilities as well. His MR from Lightning Rush and his Kit is very strong for 1 vs 1 dueling.

But in team-fights, having energy is a slight disatvantage. But still, Kennen has high team-fighting capabilities. If you win a team-fight or lose it, can all be based on how you position and play yourself. He has one of the highest team-fighting skills as an AP Carry. His Slicing Maelstrom hits and stuns multiple targets. This is absolutely fatal for your enemy team. Stuns are probably the best CC in the game right now. Stunning the whole team for 1 second is absoluty amazing! But the major downfall is he has to be in the middle of the fight. That is why my item build is meant to solve that.

Kennen is meant to be played aggressive, and that is how I play him. But, I build him more sustain over damage, because Kennen needs to be in the middle of the team-fight to wreck. I consider Kennen a very strong champion because of his kit and his traits.

So depending on the enemy champion, which of the two skills maxing first varies.
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How To Roll With Kennen

Farming to the Fullest

Now, this is very important. Farming with Kennen is very easy. Thundering Shuriken is on a very low cool-down and you generate energy really fast. So use it to "last-hit."

Remember, last hit, not just auto-attack minions. Try to get gold out of every enemy minion. Try to zone them close to your turret, but not close enough that the turret gets the last-hits. It's hard to zone in mid (cause there is not that much space in mid), but if your in solo top, it's much easier. If your enemy champ tries to come close enough to farm, just push him back with Thundering Shuriken

Battle Rotation

1v1 Lane: (Level 6 Kennen)

Harras with Electrical Surge and it's passive 5th proc until they are half health. As soon as you see them far enough from their turret that they can't fall back, use Lightning Rush. Now your enemy should have 2 MOS, use Electrical Surge's passive, make sure its ready. They will be stunned for 1 seconds, now use your ultimate. By now, they should be stunned again and you should have finished them off, if not use Thundering Shuriken to finish it, it should be off CD by now. And then you still have your your Electrical Surge active left. Remember, be efficient.
Team Work

Kennen is amazing in team fights! If you use him properly, you will be the most dangerous one on the fields of Justice!

First, start off with Lightning Rush and try to get in to as many enemies as possible. Then use your Electrical Surge to give some more damage and have 2 MOS on them. From here, you can use a Thundering Shuriken to stun and enemy and focus on him. NOW, use your ult and all of them will be stunned. And if you had your W Passive charged and your W Active as well, use it it when ever enemy has a MOS and do more damage.

Important Note: NEVER ENGAGE FIRST!!
You are a carry and an important asset to the team. If you attack first, you will be killed before you can do any damage and any stuns at all! Let your tank initiate and then Lightning Rush them and do the rest of the combo. You don't know how many times I died rushing by myself. Don't Do That! A few games and you should get the hang of it!
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How to Stun

Now, this is where you can tell if you are an bad Kennen or an Amazing Kenen :D

This is the easiest stun, at level 2. But I don't really recommend it tho, as I said in this guide, I don't want to initiate before level 6 unless he or she is really low.

W Passive + W Active + Q Active = Stun (You can flip the order around if you like, but this is the basic one)

Charge your W passive up and get that first MOS on him and then follow the Combo.

Fastest Stun:
Easiest, but energy expensive. Though it's ok, becuase you will regen fast, good for ganks, but not good for team fights like 4v4 or 5v5. You will regenerate it in the next 10-15 secs, but a lot can happen in that time frame.

Q Active + E Actove + W Active

Ult Simple Double Stuns:
If you are using this stun combo, you are going for the kill. So get ready.

E Active + Q Active + W Active = Stun (Wait about 1 second and AA) Ult = Stun*
Now your Q should be ready, use it to get the kill.

Ult Triple Stun:
This will give you three stuns:

W Passive + Q Active + W Active = Stun Ult = Stun E Active + Q Active + W Active = Stun

You can always switch around some of the moves, remember go with the flow and the situation. The key is to use all your moves including W Passive.
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Initiating Tips (1v1)

Yes, I told you before not to initiate first, but that's in team fights. This is when you are in your lane.

Remember these Questions:
1. How many Mark of the Storm does my enemy have?
2. Will my next auto-attack give a Mark of the Storm and a Stun?
3. How much energy do I have?
4. Is my ult up & ready?

I wouldn't recommend going for a kill until you are level 6. Just last-hit & farm until level 6. Remember these questions and use the battle rotation to go for the kill.
Make sure you have full energy when you initiate, even tho you regen energy really fast, you will run out if you are below 100 energy. Play it smart!
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Item Build

Starting Items

Boots of Speed & 3x Health Potions
The Safe Laner
Only take this against skill-shot based champions like Ahri or Cassiopia..

Doran's Shield
The Long Laner
This is a great starting item for Kennen. More health against bursty champs. DO NOT take Doran's Shield against champs with a lot of skill shots. It that case, Boots is better. Kennen has high mobility from the start with Lightning Rush. Doran's Shield is the best starting item for Kennen in my opinnion. Combine this with Spell Vamp quints and you will have a lot of sustain!.

Amplifying Tome & Health Potion
The Aggresive Laner
This is for an aggressive laner. I really wouldn't recommend this, only one Health Potion and no sustain. I would never reccoment starting as this option.
Core Item Build:

Your core build should be attained in the first 20-30 minutes. There are different core builds depending on the situation. THIS PART IS FOR VS AP ONLY.

- Nuetral Lane Build VS:
If you are not losing your lane, or winning your lane, go with this build.

After that, finish your Liandry's Anguish or get a Giant's Belt.

- Winning Lane Build:
If you are winning your lane by a good advantage, go with this build:

If you feel you are a bit squishy in teamfights, then get an Rylai's Crystal Scepter first, or Zhonya's Hourglass, if not, then go for Liandry's Tornment.

-Losing Lane Build:
If you are losing your lane, just farm, and build these items.

In all of the above builds, finish it with a Rabadon's Deathcap.
This section is gonna be for against AD Bruisers.

Nuetral Lane Build:

Finish with Zhonya's Hourglass or get Haunting Guise.

Losing Lane Build:
/[icon=Ninja Tabi size=45seeker's
Rush Seeker's Armguard, then Hextech Revolver. Right after, rush Zhonya's Hourglass and then get a Rylai's Crystal Scepter or Abyssal Mask.

Winning Lane Build:

If you are destroying your lane, get a Liandry's Tornment after the above items. Depending on your situation in teamfights, it might be better to get Zhonya's Hourlgass right after Lieandry's.

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Idealistic Full Build

My Kennen Build

The idea of this build is e things: A) Kennen does constant damage and he can stun very fast, you need AP for him to be deadly and scary. 2) A dead Kennen ain't scary :P

Depending on the situation, the order of these items should be switched. Read the above section for more details.

20 Magic PenI prefer these boots over Mercury's Treads in most situations. You need that Magic Pen early on in the game. Early game, AP Carries don't have too much MR, so having MPen gets you closer to dealing True Damage early on.

50 AP, Aura: +30 AP & 20% Spell Vamp. It was one of the best items for Kennen to get early on. But since due to the price increase, it is better to save it for much later in the game. Never the less, it is still a great item on Kennen.
Both items are great. But it depends on the situation. If there is more AP on the other team and you have another AP Champ on your team, Abyssal is better. But if there are more AD champs on the enemy team, Rylai's is better.

50 Armour, 100 AP, 2 Second Invulnerability. Massive AP boost and a good amount of Armour. And the 2 second invulnerability with Slicing Maelstrom is godly! Get this before Rabadon's Deathcap so you can use your ult without getting destroyed by the AD Carries and the others as well. Rush this right after your Abbysal Scepter.

140 AP, 30% AP Increase. This is the biggest gain in AP in your whole build. An important part of your build. One note,it is better to get this after Zhonya's Hourlgass. Having AP but dying before you can damage is not too great :P

70 Ability Power, 200 Health, 15 Magic Pen, Burns target when dealt with Spell Damage:
This a great item for Kennen. The health, AP and Magic Pen. And the Uniqe Passive of Burning target when they are dealt with spell damage, and is doubled if their movement is impaired. This works well with Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Remember, after the core build, the other items can be switched depending on the situation.
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Early Game

Kennen is an amazing mid, Most champs won't give you any trouble at all.
Anyways, get a Doran's Shield or Boots and 3 pots if you are up against a heavy skill-shot based Champ like Ahri.

Use your Thundering Shuriken last hit if needed. Use your Electrical Surge to harras withe its passive proc. Try to stay in your lane until Level 7 or 8, to get enought gold to buys boots and Hextech Revolver.

Remember, don't get too cocky, but don't be too scared either to stay in your lane. If you are less that 1/4th health, push to enemy turret and fall back.

Whith you first recall, get the Hextech Revolver and boots. If you got some extra gold, buy 2 green wards and 2 health pots. Place the wards in both sides of the river. If enemy team doesn't have a jungler, just hold on to them and place one in dragon and hold on to the other one.
^ (Thanks Jhoijho for letting me use the pic)

Be wary, it is early game. Remember that pic, dont' get too close, you have range. Just try to farm and when your Jungler comes, make sure your enemy is at least in the "Be Wary" area. Kennen is a strong solo mid champion. There won't be to much trouble if you learn to master him. If you get ganked, just use to get away and throw Thundering Shuriken just to mock them :)
Mid Game

The first turret went down! Woot! By this point, you should have your Rylai's Crystal Scepter, final boots and working on Will of the Ancients. At this point, you should be around level 10-12 with at least 100 CS (Creep Score). You should start engaging and getting a couple of kills, but every time enemy champ recalls, just push to turret, give it some damage or go behind and get some minions. Remember to stop pushing creep wave a good 5-10 seconds before enemy champ comes back to lane.

Remember, at this point, your team should be protecting dragon and be ready for a dragon-fight. Here is some info on Dragon if you already don't know:

Dragon Initial Spawn: 2:30
Dragon Respawns in 6 minutes
Total XP: 900
Total Gold: 190 Global Gold per Person
Late Game

At this point you should have your Zhonya's Hourglass and be working on your Void Staff, Abyssal Mask or Rabadon's Deathcap. You should be around lv 15-17. You should be pretty farmed at this point, and you should be doing team fights. Remember don't engage, you will be focused first and die. Let your tank engage, then run in use ult, stun them, fall back behind your tank and do damage! If it's a stalemate, just harass with his Q. Whenever you have some time, clear some minions waves and counter jungle cause it's probably going to be open anyways.

If everything went well, you should be level 18, finished your last item, most turrets in lane should be down and a couple of inhibs. Usually the game doesn't go that far cause of a surrender. Good Game :D

Your Role in Teamfights

What is Kennen's role in team-fights? To distrutp the enemyies. As soon as your tank engages, Flash + Slicing Maelstrom + Zhonya's Hourglass. At first they will focus you a bit, but as soon as you pop the active of Zhonaya's, you will be safe. They will lose focus and focus others instead. Now, find the enemy AP carry, and focus him with your team. Now you should back away from the team-fight and wait for you energy to rengen and you CDs to come back up. This should take about 5-10 secs. At this point, depending on who won the team-fight, all there is left to do is clean-up. Kennen's ult does "tons of damage" and stuns your opponents. If placed right, I can guarantee you, that you won the team-fight, unless your enemies are super fed. I will upload some pictures when I can.

Get the Advantage: Blue Buff

As Kennen, early game you really don't need the Blue Buff. But around Mid - Late game, it is preferably better if you can get it. If no one else desperately needs it, take it.

Warding is a very important aspect of Leuage of Legends. If you want an in-depth guide on warding, click here.

Always get wards, whenever I go back for the first recall and every recall after that, I usually always buy two wards. I place them in the following places.

This above ward prevents ganks from the jungler. I have vision of him doing his wraiths, so I can take his wraiths whenever he isn't around as well.

I place this ward for blue-buff vision and trying to contest it. Also prevents ganks from that side as well. I usually place it a bit to the lower end of the brush, but I couldn't find a picture like that.

But with these two places covered. I can push my lane and do whatever I please, I usually go any other lanes that are either pushed to our side or the enemy champ is low on health. Try to coordinate ganks with your junger. But remember, two wards isn't really enough to fully to protect you. You actually need 4 wards to be completely safe. But I usually don't do that, because my jungler usually has his jungle entrances covered. But if I have a spare ward, I ward my junlger's wraith and blue buff camps.
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1. Harass, Harass and Harras! Doensn't matter if you are in lane or a team fight, Harass! But remember, when you are in lane, giving a 100 damage isn't worth even losing 1 CS. Farming is much more important, get your last hits.

2. Don't be a fool and rush in and get focused and die.

3. You're role is to stun, interrupt, and let your enemies fear you! Btw, you can use your stun defensively: If you see your comrade is low and is getting chased, use your combo, stun him and run!

4. Look out for CC, you will get cc'd easily, that's why Merc Threads on Kennen is nice :)

5. Most importantly, Have Fun :D
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What Enemies Bring to the Table! (Still Updating)


Skill Set:

Difficulty: Medium

Ahri is not the toughest opponent for Kennen. In my opinion, it is an even match-up. I am not hesitant to say though, that Kennen has an advantage. There are a couple of things to be aware of.

You have to be able to dodge her skill-shots. If you can, simply by moving to the right or left, don't underestimate her range. Or by using Lightning Rush, this as well to the right or left. Don't be stingy in using Lightning Rush to dodge her skill shots. Kennen has an energy pool, not mana. In the laning phase, this is to your advantage, and this differentiates the good and the bad Kennens. Remember, her Orb of Deception deals true damage on the way back.

Her ultimate, Spirit Rush, is very annoying and powerful. First off, with her ult up, almost impossible to gank her. So if you want a successful gank from your jungler, there is two options. One, ganking her pre-6. Two, when Spirit Rush is on CD. Junglers without CC will have a hard time ganker her. Though I can't really think of any jungler without CC, well except a few like Shyvana. Another important thing to note, don't think you are safe next to your turret with low health. With her ultimate, she can tower-dive, kill you and leave literally unscathed.

When to Engage?
This can be a bit tricky. The ideal situation is when her Spirit Rush is on CD, but that is not always possible. The next best situation is when you dodge her Charm, engage imediately. Make she is close to your tower, because if she is in the middle of the lane, she will be able to Spirit Rush back to safety. Save your ult if she does so.

- Dodge her skill-shots with Lightning Rush
- Constantly harras her with Thundering Shuriken, but don't lose CS while doing so.
- Save your Slicing Maelstrom for when Spirit Rush is on CD.
- Boots and 3 Health Potions is a must starting item against Ahri
- Play passive when she has blue buff.


Skill Set:

Difficulty: Medium - Hard

Ah, Anivia. I really hate going against this champ, for more than one reason. Well, lets start with her passive. One of the best passives in my opinion. Early game, will be very hard to kill her. Never tower-dive her early game with her passive-up (it has a 4 minute CD, regardless of CDR). The tower still hits you when you attack her in egg form.

Besides her passive, she has one of highest burst of an Ap Champion. If you get hit by her Flash Frost, you have a "chilled" debuff on you. And while you are chilled, if she casts her Frostbite on you, you are dealt double damage! She is one very scary bird! Her Crystallize is pretty dam annoying as well. Another reason not to tower-dive her. She will trap you in under her turret and summone her Glacial Storm, and you are dead.

Just play passive against an Anivia. Dodge her Flash Frost with Lightning Rush, just with Ahri. If you don't get hit by her Q, she can't do all that burst on you.

When to Engage?
As with Ahri, if you dodge her Flash Frost, immediately engage. Use your desired combo and your Slicing Maelstrom. Try not to say in her Glacial Storm's radius, it does "Tons of Damage." Remember to finish her off when she pops her egg form.


- As aforementioned, dodge her Q and you will be fine.
- Boots and 3 Health Potion are a must.
- Don't stay in the radius of her Glacial Storm when it is active.
- Don't even bother killing an blue-buff Anivia. When she does have one, just farm up and play passive.


Difficulty: Hard

Skill Sequence:

Item Build:


This is a difficult lane. She has the highest auto-attack range of an AP Caster. And not to mention her burst is ridiculous. If she get's that Tibbers stun on you, it is very unlikely you will live, that is if you guys are evenly farmed. Well, her Disintegrate has a smaller range than your Thundering Shuriken. Use that to your advantage. That would be her main harrasing skill. It is on an approximately 4 second CD. Whenever she uses it to last hit, harrass her either with a single Thundering Shuriken + Electrical Surge, or go for a full stun of your choice. DO NOT DO THIS if she has her stun up even after she used Disintegrate. Never get close with her stun up. If you make sure you do that, you won't have that of a hard time.

Don't underestimate her because she is an "old" champ. I have had so much people say that before and get wrecked. She is a strong AP Mid. She doesn't have any skill-shots and you have the higher range with your abilities. So just stay back, farm and harras whenever you can. She is my most feared champ to go against as Kennen. You can't push the lane to tower to make her lose CS, because she will get every CS without even losing mana.

Skill Sequence and Item Build Explanation:
You need your Thundering Shuriken and max it first because you need to stay out of her range of her Disintegrate.

Either of the two builds are viable against Annie. The idea is if you can survive her burst and still have ~ 40% health left, you can kill her. Use the first build if you are losing your lane. Use the second one if you are even with her. And if you are totally winning your lane with at least a ~ 40 cs lead, use the regular build.

When to Engage?
This is pretty obvious. Left click on Annie and whenever she has used up her Pyromania, imediately Lightning Rush and unleash your combo. Remember, try to get Electrical Surge proc on from before, for extra damage and Mark of the Storm. But care, she needs 4 abilites to get her stun up. If she blows her ult with her other abilities as well, she will probably stun you with her Disintegrate when it comes of CD. Try to finish her off as fast as possible, possibly under 4 seconds.


- Stay back and farm, you have the longer range on your abilities.
- Always check how much her passive is stacked and when she has her stun up.
- If she uses her Disintegrate too last hit, she has a rough 4 seconds before it is off CD, so harrass then.
- If Annie gets a stun you, she is fully capable of killing you with your whole combo.


Skill Set:

Difficulty: Easy - Medium

Skill Sequence:

Item Build:

This is a much easier lane. But, don't underestimate her. At level 6, she has insane amount of burst. That is why I get a Giant's Belt before Will of the Ancients. What you have to do when one lanes against an Akali is simple. Be the most AGRESSIVE as you can be. At level 2, hit every Electrical Surge proc and it's active as well. And run in with Lightning Rush. Force her to Blue Pill (This means to Recall back to base). Until level 6, you have a great advantage. Use it! Make sure you have a distinctive more farm than her, at least 20 CS lead. Because when she hits level 6, she is an insane burst monster! She is much like Ahri, except that she can use her Shadow Dance ever 75 seconds at level 1 and 3 times at that! So you must have an advantage before she gets to level 6. If you do, she won't be scary later on in the game.

Skill Sequence and Item Build Explanation:
The idea is for you to give as much as harras as possible from level 2. So getting Electrical Surge and Lightning Rush early will give you a lot of harrasing capabilities and the ability to play agrresive.

Akali has insane burst, the best way to counter this is flat Health. You can't just build MR, because she does AP and AD damage. So health is the best way to counter her burst.

When to Engage?
Pre-6: Keep on harrasing! When she uses her Twilight Shroud, Lightning Rush in her shroud. All of your abilites will her her in her shroud. You will know when you hit her by a distinctive sound. Then using Electrical Surge to find her location. A stream will come from where she is positioned. Immediately, throw a Thundering Shuriken and you will stun her. You will know if you stunned her with a distinctive sound.

There are two situations when you should NEVER do the above combo:
1. When you are not going for the kill, and just harrasing. You'll take more damage than her.
2. When you are equally farmed/fed and you don't have a clear advantage.

Post-6: Now, this depends. If you managed to get the advantage and follow the build, you will be able to kill her before she does. Use the above method, and then after use Slicing Maelstrom. With this you should be able to kill her. ONLY DO this if you have a clear advantage, if not DO NOT do the above combo. If you don't get the early advantage, be cautious and wait for her to blow her ult. Then get a jungle gank and kill her.


- Be Agrresive and get the advantage before level 6
- Remember, all your abilities will hit her in her Twilight Shroud, including your Slicing Maelstrom
- Don't do the Lightning Rush in to her Twilight Shroud when you are in the 2 aforementioned situations.
- Against her burst, Health is the best defense. This is because she does AD and AP Damage. So get the Gaints's Belt portian of Rylai's Cyrstal Scepter first. Always.
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Kennen is an amazing and hell of fun to play Champion. He does have his counters, but you can deal with them. Remember to have fun!

Here is An AD Kennen Guide by Temzilla.

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And, I want to thank Ego Ignaxio for having the best Kennen guide over at the TSM Website. Runes are his set up, all credits for that go to him.

This is the end of: Kennen of the Lightning! Thanks for Reading!

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