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Jax Build Guide by LatinoHunter

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LatinoHunter

Latino's Jax [How to lead a GG]

LatinoHunter Last updated on August 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Pre-Intro & Updates

Hi everyone, this is my first guide in absolute but i felt that i need to do it so lets go!

PS: im sorry for my "english" xD

- Posted the guide.
- Several edits

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Why Jax? why not? so many annoying people ( ragekids in general) say that jax is a champion for noobs and blabla , well is not so easy to master as they think...
in this guide i will ( try to ) explain how i play him and how i dominate with him :D
in high elo matches normal or ranked in the simplier way i can do x3

In few words i set my Jax as an lethal machine who can't be hurt and he is able to kill groups of champs with no problems thanks to huge lifesteal and spell vamp, but most important thing this guide will explain to you how to lead a Good Game.

IMPORTANT: if your team

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well 21-9-0 its explain by itself :

we want to Destroy all and hurt enemy champs so we go for Havoc , atk speed, atk , armor pen , cd , magic pen , a bit of AP , and exaust mastery

Q: Why do u ignore Deadliness and Lethality???
A: well the Latino's Jax Leader dont aim to crit , he want to surely hurt you!
but them masteries can be usefull for the Unstoppable Latino's Jax instead.

in the defence zone i put my point to evasion and nimbleness 'couz i want to dodge too many times as possible and grants the benefits of it like the counter skill or the mov speed up

Q: Why do u ignore the Utility zone?
A: I prefer to make huge dmg taking the less as possible xDD
and Jax dont need a buff for regen or for exp ( im not a jungler D:)

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Lets start with runes:
Intro Runes : Jax is a very versatile champ but he need one type specific of runes , the dodge ones!

Seals and Quits = Dodge % :
Greater Seal of Evasion & Greater Quintessence of Evasion
let's explain why: well we have with counter skill at lvl 1 10% chance of dodge + masteries 2%
so 12% of base ( with a max of 20% with no items and counter at lvl5)
with 1 ninja tabi 32%
with 2 ninja tabi 44%
the CAP for dodge is 50% , so with 2 tabi's (approx.) ONLY HALF of your enemy's atks will hit you!
( More explainations of why 2 tabis in the items chapter)

Marks MUST BE magic armor penetration couz your skills have to hurt
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
( no discussion here i find its quite obvious)
Glyph can be MR or CD ( select them in base of wich style of Latino'Jax u want to play)
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist OR Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction

Note: quins can be Magic pen , but i suggest dodge instead.
Note2: if u dont have those runes no problem but play more carefully!

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Summoner Spells

I will not make heavy my (first) guide in discussion on the skills...
I use these and for what i have to do ,these are what i need.

Exhaust& Ghost :
Exhaust && Ghost
Exhaust is great for you in any phase of the match couz you have only 1 CC but is indirect! you need to be hit first to stun your enemies! if you want to chase one enemy u can't trust on your enemy that will hit you and that hit will be dodge! exhaust and just kill him.
Great for escape by a sure death for example vs Dpsers like Yi or Trynda when a TF is over and they pop out from nowhere when u have low hp

Ghost is a must have for jax couz grants u mobility either to chase and either to run from a gank or a sure death! use it wisely couz is very important for the risolution of the match , its can help to save an ally that has been ganked like when noct use him ulti

Alternatives : i can only admit teleport or Cleanse as an alternative S.S couz is really good to invert a little TF by 2v2 or to chase someone far from you , you can use it to escape quick from an danger zone when u are still in a grass! usefull too for destroy towers when noone expect it! and cleanse is an "invert sort of the battle" skill just try it when veigar stun you lol.

Why no the others:
Ignite : yea u have a good burst , but in late game ignite will not help u to save your *** by an gank or an failed teamfight! remember it , and btw exaust and ignite are for noobs D: u are JAX!

Heal lol? with 40% lifesteal/50% spellvamp + dodge u think u will need heal? no

Blink u are not an caster leave blink at them, want to escape from an bad situation? jump to a friend/minion and ghost DONE!

Clarity: Im not taric.
Clairvoyance: not needed.
Revive: hahahhaha no? u have to kill your enemys not die for them D:
Smite : im not jungling.
Fortify : im not an Towerkeeper

Exhaust & Ghost
Ghost & Teleport
Ghost & Cleanse

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Skill Sequence

Priority --> --> -->

First: lv 1 Leap Strike to jump on my enemies >:D
more is upgraded more the cd is lower and the power higher!
use it togheter with Empower ( up it at lvl2 )

Second: lvl 3 Counter Strike! ^^
Q: why don't you upgrade Empowered first?
A: Easy , I DONT WANT TO BE HIT! if any upgrade grants me only a 2% more of dodge it is necessary 'couz at lvl 6 u will up the ultimate and for use it at full power , u need the max of %dodge possible , and another reason is why an dodged atk can save you from an 1v1 with an tryndamere.
More Dodge, More Stun , More kills!
UP it since begin if u dont want to blame your poor jax when he dies vs a yi or a trynda,
rages like : Sh*T!!! why dont u DODGE!?!?!?!? are not allowed.

Third: Empower
I upgrade this skill at last couz even if i upgrade it since begin the beneficts are nothing of special ,only cd and more dmg ( Counter have less CD of Empower anyway) and if i want more power i just buy more ap items lol , easy and simple.

Dont forget to up your ulti Relentless Assault at lvl 6,11,16!! is very important to get kills and survive!

Edit: if u want up first Empower than counter strike

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Ok the juicy part xD
Let's go with order :

- Boots and 3x Hp pots:
Ehm... jax first skill is Leap Strike so using it,u will be automatically on the enemy!
for do it u have to get the range of the skill and for it u need mobility , and thing most important u have to run after that! ( or u wanna die at lvl 1? lol) so u NEED boots of mobility , btw 3 hp potions are great for heal youself in a jump to another xD and are good for laning safely

- Ninja Tabi :
they are amazing in early game grants u more mobility , the cost is the cheaper of all boots tier 2 , DODGE!!! --> go go counter!
with them u can continue to jump to your enemys with leap strike and empower and if u dodge an atk u can also stun your enemies ( too much fun xD)
the first recall is for get them 500+ g needed , buy other hp pots for safety ,just a First Blood needed( with exaust and leap strike is quite easy) or to lane a bit

- Hextech Revolver:
when u get this item u now are able to jungle without problems ^^ , go straight to the golem spot and kill it spamming all of your skills , with the blue buff u can spam them or vs enemys or in the jungle to improve your lvling speed and farm , but if u dont want to, just return to you lane to help your mate and kill someone with the surprise efect :D
cheap , spell vamp ,more ap , with the passive it grants u more hp what do u want more? xD

- Zeal :
Q: Why dont u rush guinsoo rageblade?
A: Very simple, with this set, now the only source of Atk Speed is from your ultimate but it, to be usefull had to stack :\ so if u are jungling or 1v1 with another melee your atk ,ap and lifesteal/spellvamp are quite useless... solution? Zeal! its cheap grants u crit chance , atk speed and most important of all, more moviment speed! now the enemys champs are more easy to reach with Leap Strike! go go jump and smash their heads xD
Zeal helps u to stack your ultimate more easily.

Hextech Gunblade:
u have to rush it as soon as possible ( with few kills u will get it very quickly) go to jungle when u have the revolver or help in lane to get an assist or a kill and then buy Vampiric Scepter , lifesteal is good when u want to lane or jungle , next item the bildgewater cutlass , i found it an epic item good for all melee champs but for Jax specifically;
Why? Life steal , ATK --> +HP,cheap cost, AND ACTIVE TO SLOW YOUR ENEMIES! with it is really too easy get an kill or an assist ; and then finally the Revolver Hextech that grants u an HUGE ammount of HP (thanks passive <3) and a good ammount of atk and ap that u need for lead your team to the victory ^^ the active of this item is an upgrade version of bildgewater cutlass
Summary : +Hp,+Ap,+Atk, + Lifesteal , + Spellvamp, + Important Active

- The Rageblade:
guinso's is really good on Jax ( Oh RLY?! xD) with all the atk and ap of the Gunblade more guinso's your atk is very fearable and your atk speed now stacks at an incredible speed ( just try it ), grants u more hp ( a good ammount ) , ap ,atk , very quick atk speed stack (passive of guinso and your ulti ) , and so much more! with a cheap cost compared to the items of your enemies

- Sheen:
Sheen is fantastic , now u have more mana! (finally D:) with an bit of more AP and most important now your Leap Strike + Empowered combo will H-U-R-T!
Q: Why dont u buy it sooner?
A: It's increase you burst damage when u have an base ATK ammount by your own, if u are only base dmg your combos will not hurt as now ( remember that you now have hextech blade, and guinso!) with this item any 1v1 is too easy to win , and in TeamFights u can easily provoke an enemy Jumping in her head and then running away xD

- Trinity Force:
Wow your game is during so long? xD ( ah ok u are overfeeded :o )
with this amazing item your burst damage is still more stronger! ( unbelivable uh?) and now u have more hp , and a chance to Slow your enemies only by Hitting them!(thanks to Phage) your movemente speed is great and that of your enemys is reduced = Sure Kill.

- 2nd Hextech Gunblade:
1 gunblade is great , 2 are impressive a lot of more hp, more ap, and most all Now u Have an HUGE HUGE ammount of Lifestal/Spellvamp...
OMG! 2 enemys are following me RUN RUN RUN!.. wait! i have 40% lifesteal and 50% spell vamp with an huge ammount of ATK,AP,atk speed, and HP! Why the hell im running away?! --> *10 sec later* DOUBLE KILL!

- 2nd Ninja tabi:
OMG LATINO!! are u buying another tabi's at Late game ( 45+ minutes ) of game??!?!?
Yes!! with another tabis your perfect build is over now noone melee champ can kill u ( maybe with sword of the divine they can but...) the explanation is simple Jax life's thanks to the dodge for countering the enemys and ignore the melee atks , AND activating your ulti u will gain MAGIC RESIST for FREE! yea couz the %of dodge is added to your magic resist ^^ what does it means?? now noone can kill u neither casters or melees u have all u need to survive against all ( solo baron included) in teamfight your 94 ( approx.) MR added by your ulti will save you from sure death thanks to your lifesteal and spell vamp , is just epic how your enemys try to kill you, but nothing!
Q: Why dont u get it sooner?
A: I need first 40% life steal and 50% spell vamp to do epics genocides u.u
Re Q: but u said it at first the cost is cheap!
RE A: STFU dude D:

just try it when i say and u will see by your own what happens

I dont want to ear " hey my enemies are all casters & CC i dont need tabi ninja i only need one pair of mercury treads!"
ok u want to do it? go look for another guide not mine.
1) no tabi -> no dodge-> no counter -> no third skill -> u will only play with 1/2 of your power
2) no tabi -> no MR with your ulti
3) do u really want to ignore an skill who can Massivly stun an entire team?
The Noob (MadaraUchihaITA) : " BUT THEY ARE ALL CASTERS AND CC!!!"
so what? buy an Banshee Veil and stop cry ._. , League of Legends is an Teamplay game so let your tanker or your other mates start the battle and then u jump on it killing all the possible when the CC skills of your enemys are in Cool down, Remember a thing ALL THE CHAMPS of L.o.L. use normal atks when a caster use all of your skills on u while they are in CD he will hit u with an normal atk --> a chance to jump+empowered -> counter/stun-> get the kill

>>>>ABSOLUTELY NO Mercury's Treads WITH JAX<<<<

Situational Items:
all of those items will go instead of the second pair of ninja tabis in some specific situations!

Madred's Bloodrazor :
simple if you are doing it very well and your enemy team is full of tankers ( are u sleeping?) or off tanks / high hp champs instead of your final ninja tabi go for an madred blood razors ! with them your burst dmg will be higher and u will kill your enemys easier

Thornmail :
Stay calm... remember a thing YOU ARE IN A TEAM!
let your mates helps you to kill those champs who believe they can kill you (LOL) and with an thornmail more they hit you, more they are closer to the grave , REMEMBER you have an huge ammount of LifeSteal/Spellvamp ! , they dont.

Guardian Angel:
Stay calm (2)... REMEMBER YOU ARE JAX! with the mid game build (tabi-gunblade-rageblade)
you can easily kill 2 of your enemys before dying ( are u sure that u will die?)
just buy an Guardian angel with it IF AND I REPEAT IF U DIE u will have a pair of sec to jump in something and escape from death , Note: if u have an guardian angel u are not immortal so dont go rambo vs 5 enemys when your build is still incomplete and maybe your enemies are feeded.

Banshee's Veil : when your enemies have too much AP or CC
Quicksilver sash: this item can save you from death and grant an kill otherwise impossible ( ex: amumu ulti u when all of the others are running away with 2 hp , or when Rammus taunts you)

*still adding*

Conclusions about items : yea Jax maybe is item dipendent , but wich champs isn't?
and by the way the items listed in this guide are not extremely expensives so just farm a bit when your enemys are close to their towers!

Q: why dont u buy an atma impaler?
A: expensive imho ,there are better items for jax with less cost, and btw i dont want to gamble my teamfights with a low chance of crit

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while in lane try to hit your enemies with jump+ empowered , in mid game jungle , your items are not so expensive get the gold killing the enemies not stealing creeps to your allies LOL

with the blue golem u will farm quickly without problems and the lifesteal/spell vamp will take your hp ever full ready for the action!

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Co lane or mid lane & mid-game , late-game

if u are with an friends of yours go with him in lane ( the route of the blue golem ) else go mid...


jax can mid extremly easy why? do the terrorist with your Empowered+Leap Strike combo and your enemy in mid will recall too many times xDD

Strategy for mid:
wait until lvl 4 to play Aggressive until then last hit minions near your tower be patient ;)
when u have all of yours 3 skill start to play very aggressive! the combo is this:
Empowered --> jump on your enemy --> go back to your minions ( enemy creep's will hit u and trigger the Dodge! ) Repeat but this time when u jump over your enemy use your counter skill and stun him! --> exaust , keep attacking --> First Blood! --> buy tabi ninja xD

if u are new with jax play in this way , but if u are an avarage jax player u can be aggressive since the begin with leap strike but be careful!

Then Start your Terrorist Mode:
Terrorist mode is my way to dont let farm my enemy in mid:
dont hit any minion just last hit if needed and guard your minions by the attacks of your enemy if he comes to last hit them BOOM! Jump+Empowered! He will not do it again :D

when the creeps reach your enemy tower go try to gank top or bottom ( Leader LatinoJax is not an DestroyTower man ) get kills and help them to destroy the sidelanes towers then when your mid enemy is near your tower in mid go back there and re start your Terrorist mode he will be scarried to advance too much and maybe will ask for help in the side lanes so just buy 2 wards and its done!

if u are going side laning just do the same but with the help of your mate it will be quite easy u will see ^^
and when u are doing nothing go to help mid lane!


ok now some towers have fall , you have some of your core items what should i do?
first of all jungle so much of possible standing near your mates, when your jungle is over initiate a gank ping in the Adversary Lizard and golem Spots and ask your teammates to follow u to make a gank! check the zone and see if the lizard/golem has be killed or not and move with all of your team in your adversary territory ready for get an assist/kill
when your minions are advancing follow them and simulate a push for the take down the tower just wait your enemys show off from somewhere and if they are close to u try to kill them!
never go so far when u are solo and ping to your allies who are going solo when all of your enemies miss be carefull!

dont forget to check ever the dragon and kill it for global gold.

How To Fight:
well if u are in a mid teamfight just spam your skill as u can on your enemies ( NOT THE TANKER PLS) focus the casters couz they will annoy you more than the others one and usually hey are more squishy than others champs like renek or nasus , perfect prey are morgana or brand they will or panic and shoot their skill nowhere or dont notice u couz they are focus in other champs, your burst dmg is high so they hp will go down.
remeber to use ghost in teamfight when needed it will be extremly usefull to kill that casters who often are behind the others champs! use exaust on a target only if your Hp are < 50% dont waste it if u dont need.

REMEMBER , Jax is an "Counter-Champion" he is more strong when your enemy is it!
" Latino what the hell are u saying? D: "
well, if an yi get a lot of atk speed your dodge will work better!
if an caster is feeded or confident by a number of kills he will be aggressive and he will show off often , ready to be killed :D

that's why I adore Jax couz is able to overturn the entire match appearing in the right moment ( with teleport for example / or running like a damned with ghost to ensure the kill of your ally). when u have the guinso u are ready to solo the enemy towers easily keep thid in mind if your team is figthing or holding lane in an another part of the map

ok now u are next to finish your second Hextech Gunblade u will have like 3000 hp and a nice stats u are ready for everything just wait the right moment like when they are trying to do baron , or charging all togher an tower of yours , regroup your team and charge them! use your Hextech Active to slow their Squishy champs or the one who is focused ( pls not the tanker...) or your own prey (another enemy) while your team is figthing one , this usually is the best choice 'couz in this way u wil able to avoid AOE skill that often make u lose the match like amumu,galio ulti or alistar skils just turn around the battle field
and go to the sides like the grasses in mid or in the jungle , wait when your enemie are all focused doing something ( have timing pls dont let die your allies LOL) and when u are in TeamFigth spam all what u got so u will stack in milliseconds your ulti and guinsoo that will help u to survive thanks to the lifesteal/spellvamp

REMEMBER if u are 1v1 someone NEVER RUN! fight until your adversary dies ,(when he go mid) Jax is virtually Invencible in 1v1 couz he have a spammable stun with less of 3 seconds of cd !

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Team Work [How to play as a Leader]

since begin u have to coordinate your team ( specialy if u go mid ) why? couz teamplay is the key of the Victory (almost in this game D:)
Example :

u see in loading screen that your enemy teams has an amumu(jungler) with smite ?:
TO DO: ping the enemy blue golem spot and ask to ALL your team to counter the jungler and go with them ( if u said it since the begin they will accept and follow u for an easy FB ) when u are all unite go and check the spot , usually u will encounter the poor amumu trying to escape but u have Exaust ( MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA) and he will die sadly iced by 5 enemies xD
Things that may happen:
1) the jungler is protected --> Just fight u have exaust and all your team behind u , u wont lose.
2) the jungler escape --> just stay there and stole the blue golem ( leave it to the caster you will not spam leap strike couz it will be too dungerous in mid ,maybe in lane... but is wisier to leave it to the caster and your team will be happy :D )

NOT TO DO : start blaming your mates and going alone , u will only lose time and gift the FB if the jungler is covered


Initiative ( in mid game):
when all your enemies miss go all unite to check Hot spots like enemies red Lizard or Blue golem to make a gank and ensure gold and exp for your team , Remember u have the surprire effect! is very important, ask for help to your allies ping in those zone u wanna go to check wait your allies and go!

a good leader does things that others dosn't (and most of them are important) like buying wards to gain map control and plain a good plan of action like ganking an enemy doing the blue golem
or steal the baron!
in the lane phase ward the glasses of mid can be an key action to ensure an surrender at 20 of your enemies (often it happens when u get overfeeded like 9-0-1)
wards helps a lot to win the game buy them and spy what your enemies are doing :o
btw when u buy them and u gain a kill your team will copy u xDD

Try to not die ( ahahaha o rly?) yea rly couz if u go mid u are the leader the one who has the higher lvl in yuor team (usually if u dont feed) so be carefull if u die the other ones will be in danger , with those words im saying that dont start TF alone wait your allies and let the tank do him job, if your enemies focus you , use ghost and jump in a oncoming minion your team will help u and will kill the one who want to hit their boss D:

Taunt :
yea u readed it right lol, if the situation is stalled just provoke your enemies like going close to them ( but not enough to get hit ) or activating ghost breaking the ice and jumping in the first enemy u got and then runnnnnn, in this way u do an diversive that can start a fight were u will run to base immediatly but your team will score an ace!

Remember the Leader Jax dont aim to ks or to destoy the towers in solo hero mode, he only wants the Victory message at the final of the match , either by surrender at 20 or destroying all of their territories so just do the possible for win.
btw u will ks a lot thanks to leap strike + empowered x3

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well... i have wrote too many things xD the last one is: follow my guide and leave a comment ^^

PS: I hope to improve this guide whit the time x3 , if this guide will succed i will post the secondo part : Latino's Jax The Unstoppable , a little variant of this one based more in extreme teamfights.
PPS: Have fun!!