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Elise Build Guide by suckmybaron

AP Offtank [Leaguecraft] I Can Feel Their Fear

By suckmybaron | Updated on May 17, 2015
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Elise is a hybrid offensive tanky jungler. Her ganks are hardly sustainable with much sustain. Her abilities allow her to nuke, and her utility kill secures.

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Pros / Cons

  • High burst potential
  • Great utility
  • Two HP% spells
  • Spiderlings could tank towers and creeps and champions abilities
  • Hybrid damage keeps her HP and Mana full in the jungle after spirit stone
  • Good early game, better mid game
  • High mobility

  • Low poke damage after mid game
  • Initiating for a team can be dangerous
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greater mark of hybrid penetration Hybrid penetration marks are the most viable on Elise elise. Her Skittering Frenzy's high DPS does hybrid damage which makes her DPS highly effective when her spells are on cooldown. Recommended

Attack speed marks can be used on elise to improve her DPS but won't improve her damage.

Armor seals are the standard seals for almost all champions. I prefer not to break the meta. I'm not korean.

Magic resist glyphs for extra sustain while ganking mid lane early and mid game.

Since you're not laning VS AP champions your first gank would be at level 3. The lower your enemy level is the lower their damage output is.



Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush



Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
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Elise counter picks:

Skill Matchups:

Champions that can easily counter jungle Elise

Lee Sin's Sonic Wave/ Resonating Strike will get him to gap close Elise even if he got Cocooned by Elise. That's not all. His Cripple reduces her DPS Skittering Frenzy skill and his Dragon's Rage and Safeguard / Iron Will saves him from Elise's gap closer skill Rappel.

Kha'Zix is probably the most played assassin in high elo. His isolate damage combined with his armor penetration makes him impossible to sustain along with all the utility he has. Kha'Zix will have to back door Elise without using his Leap so he can use if in case she Rappels over a wall, or a Cocoon. He then does his Taste Their Fear, Void Spikes and triggers passive for a slow. If that doesn't work he pops his ultimate and repeats his combo. Then he can Leap out before getting caught by enemy laners.

Pantheon's low cooldown and high utility made him desirable in this season's jungle. Especially after his Aegis of Zeonia became usable on minions/jungle monsters. His high base movement speed that outruns Elise and high nuke potential and not to mention the low cooldown and passive and his Grand Skyfall which could be just perfect to secure his kill. All he has to do is land his combo with a couple Spear Shots Elise is done.

Champions that Elise could counter

Gragas is a burst AP champion. Usually played mid lane but situationally played jungle. Either ways you should pick Elise. His squishiness and crowd control can't sustain him enough. As soon as Elise lands Cocoon all Gragas can do is throw Explosive Cask to get her away from him. Elise Rappels to him and finish him off with a Venomous Bite and vice versa.
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Starting items

Hunter's Machete is the standard starting item for most of the junglers. If you're not planning on using it as a recipe for a combination you could skip it but I don't recommend it
"Highly Recommended"

Starting out with an Cloth Armor is not a bad idea V/S a full AD team. It could give you some extra sustain but it's no longer viable duo to the season 4 jungle item changes.
"Not Recommended"

Boots of Speed go back to season 1. They can still be used, and they provide slightly faster roaming in an early game phase, but it will slow your jungling down.
"Not Recommended"

Perfect Start
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Item Build

Elise is a champion with different sorts of damage, she does flat damage, hp% damage, and DPS in range and melee damage. That is what makes her strong. I tried building her full DPS, and full AP but it would only keep her squishy and not as viable. She wouldn't be able to initiate or endure team fights. When a jungler goes to a lane to gank, he's there to help someone out. Your enemy laner will be outnumbered and Elise's utility and damage will be just enough to get the job done in laning phases.

Sorcerer's Shoes almost complete Elise damage-wise. Since you won't be stacking AP, magic penetration is the way to go with her high AP damage.
"Highly Recommended"

Ninja Tabis are usually the standard boots for most of the junglers. They help you sustain your jungler creeps and monsters as well as high AD DPS damage.

Mercury's Treads are usually built when you're going vs a high CC enemy. But tenacity is already provided in Elise's jungler item Spirit of the Ancient Golem.
"Not Recommended"

Spirit of the Ancient Golem Is the standard item for tanky junglers. Provides you with all the sustain you need inside and outside your jungle.
"Highly Recommended"

Elise is an AP off-tank champion that relies on AP and sustain. Building a Spirit of the Spectral Wraith might not be a bad idea if you want to but that would stray her from a big part of her sustain item.

A part of Elise's damage is DPS. But it doesn't mean that she should build damage.
"Not Recommended"

Randuin's Omen is a great sustain item for melee tanks. The health and armor bonus is just what Elise needs. Randuin's Omen active grant's Elise's team a lot of benefits. It drains her enemy team's attack speed along with their movement speed which makes it hard for the to escape. The cool down on the active is even more beneficial that she can use it even in ganking phases granting her an extra utility. "Highly Recommended"

A Frozen Heart prides the champion with mana and armor along with an attack speed debuff.
Elise isn't a mana hungry champion like Warwick. Her jungle creeps require one Neurotoxin before going to spider form and DPS-ing them to death. While DPS-ing Elise's jungle item Spirit Stone will regenerate the mana she spilled on her jungle monster/creep. "Not Recommended"

Abyssal Mask's combination of magic resist, ability power and AoE magic resist reduction makes it the perfect item for Elise. She already got her health from Spirit of the Ancient Golem, Randuin's Omen, and Liandry's Torment. She needs all of the things Abyssal Masks provide. "Highly Recommended"

Spirit Visage's magic resist and health and health regeneration effects can be highly beneficial on Elise since her Skittering Frenzy along with Spirit Stone regenerate her HP. But I only recommend building it against a heavy burst enemy team. You'll have to give up your burst for theirs. "Recommended"
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
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Creeping / Jungling

By the time you get used to Elise elise things won't get any easier. Jungling after Spirit Stone spirit stone is where it all begins. If you gank a lane and get out with low HP you can simply walk to your jungle, take 2 camps and get yourself healthy enough to gank another lane.

You start off with a Hunter's Machete hunter's machete and 5 Health Potion health potions
and you head to nearest buff to your bottom lane. If you were on Blue side you should start "Lizard Elder", and if you were on red side you should start Ancient Golem.
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Counter Jungling

Counter jungling is a big part of the jungler's part. You either do it right and get their enemy jungler out of the game, or you do it wrong and get yourself out of the game.

To do that you need to make sure you keep your enemy jungler's camp warded. It won't cost you much and it will change your whole concept of jungling. It didn't take me a while to get used to it but it did change me a lot.

That's not the only point. Keeping track of buff's respawn time is a part of the job. You need to keep track of it but either memorizing it or by typing it in chat. Whatever suits you. You need to be ready 5 seconds before the respawn. Keep an eye on the nearest lanes if an enemy is missing and take somebody with you if necessary.

Blue circles show where blue side jungler should ward
Purple circles show where purple side jungler should ward
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Ganking Scenario

At level 3 look for the pushed lanes and go for the ones with higher probability of success. Go from behind. If you couldn't find any lanes to gank by level 3, you could wait until level 4. Tell your team not to push their lanes.
Start off with a Cocoon then a Neurotoxin and a Volatile Spiderling. Then you switch to your Spider Form and hit them with Venomous Bite and DPS them with Skittering Frenzy to finish them off. If that didn't work go back to you Human Form and repeat.

"Be careful how you use your reppel. It might save you, kill you, or make your gank pointless." If you only need to gap close to end them with a Venomous Bite go for it. Don't use it if it wasn't necessary to.

For purple side

For Blue side

Green Lines show the ganks with success rate of 66%+ according to enemy's position
Yellow Lines show the ganks with success rate of 33%+ according to enemy's position
Red Lines show the ganks with success rate of 1%+ according to enemy's position
Blue arrows show where a blue side jungler should gank from
Purple arrows show where a purple side jungler should gank from
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Dealing with Flamers

A part of winning the game is knowing what you're doing. And to know what to do you should know how to deal with things.

What is your job as a jungler:
  • Clear out buffs
  • Help laners get ahead from their opponents
  • Decision making

Decision making is your number one priority. If you can't make your own decisions for yourself you're not getting anywhere with your jungling. Your job is not to take orders. Your top laner pushes top and dies 5 times then starts flaming because he didn't get any ganks and he asks enemy team to report you five million times? Just mute him and carry on doing what you're doing. You're still on the right path. You don't want to go there and die while attempting a dive only because he said so, or you're scared you might piss him off if you don't.

What is NOT your job as a jungler:
  • You should NOT help helpless lanes or put your time and effort in it.
  • You should NOT argue with flamers. Instead you should stay relaxed and focused to help as many lanes before it's too late.
  • You should NOT follow orders if you think they're wrong. Think of what's best for the team.
  • Finally, Do Not Let Anyone Tell You What You Can't Do. If you want to know the truth about being a good or a bad jungler analyze yourself by yourself. Not by other's thoughts, ideas and judgment. Watch your replays. Look for your mistakes. Fix them. And one day you'll turn out to be better than you'll ever think you could be. I personally never thought I'd make it to platinum but now that I did I know that i could get to diamond or even challenger. And I used to think if I never tried I would never fail, but now i realize i can do anything.
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In conclusion I'd like to say that I mentioned all you need to know about Elise. If I forgot anything please remind me in the discussion board. If you have any requests. Don't hesitate to contact me.

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