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Lee Sin Build Guide by reptilephantom

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League of Legends Build Guide Author reptilephantom

Lee Sin - The Tanky Bruiser

reptilephantom Last updated on October 22, 2011
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Hi, my name is Reptilephantom and i'm here to show you how i build and play Lee Sin. Lee Sin is one of if not the funnest champions in league of legends he has so much movement he can dart around the battle dealing a lot of damage as well as taking a lot of damage

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Skill Sequence

From most important to least


is Lee Sin's super cool ultimate that does insane damage and can cc 5 people at once.

is your main damage and my personal favorite ability in the game if you land it on an opponent you basically have a free ward as it reveals them and an area around them then you can use Resonating Strike to dash to your opponent and do damage this is basically a free offensive flash

is your cc that makes chasing people down easy it also does nice damage and reveals nearby hidden enemy units this used to reveal wards but it doesn't any more :(

this is your free flash and it also gives lifesteal spell vamp and armor this ability gives you crazy 1v1 potential

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Pros / Cons


Deals a lot of damage.
Is able to take a lot of the damage so the carries don't.
Great at chasing and cc'ing.
Has a debuff Tempest / Cripple that slows movement and attack speed so it decreases the damage of ad carries like Master Yi.
He can also reveal stealth with Tempest / Cripple
Super fun ultimate Dragon's Rage.


His effectiveness goes down the longer the game goes on but hes still decent late game.
Hes an energy champ so you will have energy problems but his passive Flurry makes these problems rare.
Lee Sin is pretty dependent on early kills/farm.
Does not do as much damage as say a Xin Zhao or Master Yi since we are tanky and he is not as unkillable as Rammus or Shen

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Since Lee Sin is a physical character i take greater mark of desolation and Greater Quintessence of Desolation, Since we want to be tanky i take Greater Seal of Armor , and Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist. With these runes you will be tanky and deal damage almost all game.

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or ONLY get NT if they have 3 or more auto attack champions
This gives armor, attack damage, lifesteal, and a free ward YES please!
or x2 or

For Hp

or if you are doing well get warmogs/atmas

For Heavy Ap

For Heavy Ad


For Damage

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Summoner Spells


lee sin has ton of movement already why not add more
Good for team fights and for chasing/ganking
Good for 1v1 and for finishing off low opponents
Good for chasing/running
If your jungling its obvious but i think lane Sin is funner
pretty self explanatory


helps with ganking/defending lanes/moving fast around the map
not necessary but i guess it helps newer players

Please no

i don't think any person should have this to be honest
if you need this just let your tank or support take it
this spell is really good i put it here because its better off on your support or even your tank

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How to play Lee Sin

Team Fights

Lee Sin is a tanky dps and should be treated as one you should either be the initiator of team fights or go in right after your tank. When you initiate team fights you use on one of their carries then you go in and use to slow them and deal damage then you can either , or to get in front of them and use to kick them back

towards your team.


Lee Sin is really good at getting in and out of fights you can use to shield to a minion, ward, or teammate over walls and around corners you can also use to slow them and run away. using to an enemy unit can also help you and finally you can use

on the person closest to you and knock them away and all the other chasers up allowing you to



Lee Sin is a really dominant laner he has crazy damage in early game and with this build is quite tanky. In lane you have to focus on farming and harassing use every time its up to try

to land it on an opponent. if you do land it decide if you can do more damage to him than he

can to you theres no use dashing to him if he hurts you more than you hurt him. and just because you land does not mean you HAVE to dash to them. if you can do more damage to them than they can to you dash in and use and one or 2 auto attacks on them making use of . then use back to a minion to farm more. While your spells are on cool down just farm minions no use just standing there waiting for cool downs

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Team Work

As Lee Sin its your JOB to deal/take a lot of damage, to Safeguard / Iron Will and protect your carries, and in a team fight you have to use your Dragon's Rage effectively either by going behind the fight and kicking the carries into your team or to kick the tank back, and knock up his carries so your team has free pickings at them. Your team will also rely on you to use Tempest / Cripple to slow the movement and attack speed of the other team's carries. Its also your duty to reveal the annoying stealth champs such as Akali, Evelynn, Twitch, Vayne and Shaco

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I hope This Guide helps you to learn Lee Sin. He is my personal favorite champion and i hope you enjoy playing him as much as i do This is the guide i use and do well with so whether you use all of my guide or just pieces of it i hope you learn something about him Good Luck.