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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Renekton Build Guide by Lord Siris

Lord Siris' Guide to Bruiser, Full AD, and Jungle Renekton

Lord Siris' Guide to Bruiser, Full AD, and Jungle Renekton

Updated on October 20, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lord Siris Build Guide By Lord Siris 11 1 71,633 Views 0 Comments
11 1 71,633 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lord Siris Renekton Build Guide By Lord Siris Updated on October 20, 2018
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  • LoL Champion: Renekton
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Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Sudden Impact
Ingenious Hunter


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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More Renekton Runes


-Renekton is a decent spot but has trouble finding a spot in the meta

ALL CREDIT TO deJasper36 ON REDDIT AND Henk De Sjaak ON YOUTUBE!! Original post here:
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Hey Guys! My name is Lord Siris on NA and I'm a platinum level player but tend to get bored in ranked and pull out the legendary Rengar top or Karma jungle, which costs me more than my fair share of elo. I am a Renekton main with over 300k mastery points.
Here's my OP.GG:

This guide is currently a work in progress so make sure to vote and if you have any comments or questions, please share them in the comments below!
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-Domineering lane bully and INSANE midgame
-Decent mobility
-Great sustain
-Great Area of Effect abilities
-Decent splitpushing (Great if full AD)
-Great teamfight presence
-Renekton's level 6 is one of, if not THE, strongest powerspike in the game. Renekton outscales nearly everyone at level 6 (at least for the midgame)
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-Until level 3, Renekton can be bullied by champions with better level 1 all-ins or punished heavily by ganks
-Surprisingly kitable (especially by ranged top laners, which is why the AD build features so many movespeed items)
-Teamfight presence is somewhat reliant on Flash (especially if build full AD)
-Item dependent/Falls off (Renekton only scales with the stats he builds. Eg. If you build damage, you will deal great damage but will be very squishy. A bruiser build tends to lack the damage to oneshot and isn't as tanky as juggernauts and tanks. If you build full tank, you will deal no significant damage and provide no utility)
-Cooldown reliant (Can be punished by shields, damage reduction, exhaust or champions that can plain auto-attack him to death)
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Keystone Runes

Press the Attack
-By far, the best choice for full AD. PTA increases your oneshot capability even more than Electrocute while still maintaining the ability to fight champions you can not insta-kill. The attack speed also helps in tower taking.

-Slightly better laning phase than PTA and scales slightly harder but is easily played around. Conq has to charge up before you can even use the keystone and Renekton has trouble keeping on an enemy but Essence Reaver helps negate this. Great for bruiser builds, Conqueror acts like armor penetration (but does not synergize with other pen or lifesteal which is why PTA is preferred on damage builds)
-Make sure you proc Conqueror with an auto before your W, otherwise, your keystone will not boost your the W damage.
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Secondary Runes

-These go with your keystone
Triumph- Simply outclasses the other rune options here
Legend: Alacrity- Best for AD rune pages as it speeds up Renekton's combos but Tenacty is also great against a CC heavy team.
Legend: Tenacity- Great for bruiser builds that soak up CC for their team. Can also make an argument for full AD builds if against a CC heavy team.
Coup De Grace- Again simply outclasses other runes, especially with Renekton's high damage combos

-Easier matchups
Sudden Impact- Great all-around rune but does not synergize well with Conq. Can cancel your W with this rune (Flash W -> E)
Ingenious Hunter- The CDR on Youmoos, Botrk, Hydra, or Scimitar is unparalleled.
Ravenous Hunter- Great for sustain and split pushing but generally isn't as useful as Ingenius if you have 3+ actives.

-Hard or poke-heavy matchups
Bone Plating- The only reason why you would want this tree. Even after nerfs, it's a must have in hard lanes.
Chrysalis- Great for AD Renekton to scale out of laning phase and into his godly midgame.
Conditioning- Best if you plan to build a lot of HP and resistances. Otherwise, you lose a mastery.

-For AD builds but is generally outclassed by Domination
Celerity- Great but generally gets outclassed by Transcendence. Can be taken over Transcendence if you rush 40% CDR and will be against a very kite heavy team
Gathering Storm- Helps out with Renekton's late game, especially when building defensive items
Nullifying Orb- Only taken if against a hard AP laner and an AP jungler.
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Basic Trading Combos

Level 1: Auto -> Q
Level 2: E -> AA -> Q -> E
Level 3: E -> AA -> W -> AA -> Q -> AA -> E
Level 6: E -> AA -> W -> R -> E -> (AA) -> Q -> AA

For everyone who says Renekton is an Easy champion, below is an extensive list of combos, double casts and animation cancels:

Animation Cancels
AA -> Q
AA -> W (Titanic as well)
AA -> E
AA -> R

AA -> Tiamat
AA -> Titanic
AA -> Protobelt (Please don't buy Protobelt...)

Tiamat -> Q
Tiamat -> W
Tiamat -> E
Tiamat -> R
Tiamat -> AA
Tiamat -> Flash

W -> Tiamat
W -> R
W -> Flash (Gotta be quick with this one)
W -> Recall

E -> Protobelt

If you cast E before CC or pullback and the animation hasn't begun by the time the CC ability hits you, you can cancel the CC/knockback (Eg. Vayne E, Blitz Q)

R -> AA (Titanic as well)
R -> Q
R -> W
R -> E
R -> Tiamat
R -> Flash
R -> Protobelt
R -> Recall

Flash -> W -> E (if Flash W procs Sudden Impact, Conqueror, Kleptomancy, or Aftershock and also with Heal and Cleanse)
Flash -> E
Q -> Flash

Panther Combo (Q cancel)
E -> Q -> AA

God(rekton) Combo/Tiamat Panther
E -> Tiamat -> Q -> AA

Romanium Combo
E -> Flash -> W -> R -> Tiamat -> AA -> E -> Q -> AA


E -> Tiamat -> AA
E (through target) -> Flash (behind target/opposite direction of dash) -> Q -> AA
W -> R -> E
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Ranked Play

Early Game
- Survive to level 3. If the enemy is punishing your early levels, use bushes to deny poke and freeze the wave. At level 3, you can trade very effectively and begin to punish the enemy for trying to get CS. Freeze the lane on your side of the map and don't let your opponent farm for free. At level 6, don't shy away from 1v1s or 1v2s. Remember: Its better to pop your ultimate early to let your fury stack than to pop it too late and get killed in animation.

Mid Game
- Renekton is a mid-game monster. Dive, splitpush, take towers, invade enemy jungle, roam, help other lanes take towers. Your job in the mid-game is to snowball yourself and your team out of control. You can 1v1 almost anybody so don't be afraid to take (smart) fights. Deny the enemy all the gold and freedom you can.

Late Game
- Late-game is not Renekton's friend. Other champions catch up to Renekton and potentially outscale. Renekton is most impactful as a splitpusher but if the enemy toplane or jungle can 1v1 you, group with your team and let your team (that you got ahead with your mid-game powerspike hopefully) carry you with their damage. Focus squishy champions or those that are most fed or problematic (A fed carry or someone like Lulu or Soraka)

Mid Lane
- Renekton mid is surprisingly viable, however, is quite matchup dependant. Renekton is a great counter to assassins like Zed and Talon and to immobile mages like Vel'Koz and Annie. Although, make sure not to make your team full AD otherwise late-game will be infinitely harder.
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- Relatively quick clear, very fast after building some AD
- Great duelist levels 3-11
- High damage ganks
- Enemies cannot solo invade after level 6


- Red buff is essential for early ganks
- Relatively unhealthy first clear
- Poor AoE clear without Tiamat or Talisman
- Immobile
- Needs level 3


- Use Fury on empowered W
- Avoid Raptors until you get either Tiamat, Hunter's Talisman or are level 3 with smite up
- With proper Fury management, Renekton can technically solo dragon at level 6 with only a machete and 2 refill charges or 4 with a Stalker's Blade/Skirmisher's Sabre but will generally want help due to how dangerously low he gets and how slow he takes dragon

Current State

- Weak in the meta but do-able
- Full clear is recommended but can clear scuttle for level 3 and gank if the enemy jungler cannot (or will not) contest but be careful because strong duelists will mess you up before you get level 6.

Full Clear

- Blue Buff, Gromp (Smite), Wolves, Krugs/Scuttle, Red (Smite), Raptors

Level 3 Rush

- Buff, 2 Baby Wolves (use empowered Q), Scuttle, Second Buff
- Red, Scuttle, Blue, Gromp (smite)

Level 2 Gank Path

- Level W then E if going for this cheese
- Red, Scuttle, Gank Mid, Scuttle, Blue (smite), Regank Mid
League of Legends Build Guide Author Lord Siris
Lord Siris Renekton Guide
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Lord Siris' Guide to Bruiser, Full AD, and Jungle Renekton

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