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Lucian Build Guide by Sena Ari

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sena Ari

Lucian: The Force of the Ruined Half.

Sena Ari Last updated on August 29, 2013
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Team 1

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 0


Utility: 9

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Lucian's Gun with the "L" marked on it.

Senna's Gun with the "S" marked on it.


A hopefully short and simple guide about Lucian! Lucian is known as an ADC (Attack Damage Carry). In the current meta, ADC are played at bottom lane with a support. Lucian is a champion that revolves around spamming his skills and making the most use of his passive, not wasting or forgetting about his own personal Sheen's Version which is Lightslinger. Lucian is a very mobile champion that can escape most situations that can be bad for him and is able to kite pretty well.

Lucian is very much similar to an Ezreal that likes to spam his skills then quickly launch an AA (Auto-Attack). Instead of prioritizing Auto-Attack (AA) damage, you prioritize Lucian's Piercing Light (Q) cooldown to put out massive amounts of damage and allowing you to proc your passives more often. This basically means that Lucian is more of a Caster-Type of ADC. Many Lucian players tend to forget about Lucian's Lightslinger Passive and just spams all his skills out at once thus losing the full benefits of his Lightslinger Passive.

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Pros / Cons


+Not very squishy at early game
+Good wave-clearer due to his Ultimate The Culling (R) doing extra increased bonus damage to minions and his passive Lightslinger
+Underestimating spells
+His passive Lightslinger can be treated as an extra bonus ability if properly used
+Great surprises and great at baiting
+Very mobile
+Has a good escape skill Relentless Pursuit (E)
+Able to remove slow effects when using Relentless Pursuit (E)
+Has a spell that can grant vision Ardent Blaze (W)
+Has his own special Sheen built-in version as his passive that can both do critical strikes and a double strike Lightslinger
+His Ultimate The Culling (R) is good for poking, escaping and baiting


-Hard to learn and master
-Slightly mana hungry at early game if not careful when managing mana usage
-Long cooldown skills at early game, especially with no items to help
-Somewhat items dependable to utilize well
-Cannot be fully utilize well if one doesn't take advantage of his passive Lightslinger combined with an AA after each spell cast
-May be focused easy if out of position
-His Ultimate The Culling (R) can be easily dodged

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Standard Masteries
This is pretty much the standard mastery build for every ADC which is 21/0/9. Except that in this build, I place 3 points into Sorcery due to having a small CDR would help benefit his overall performances of his Lightslinger Passive at early game. It helps to improve his early harassing abilities in the early stage of the game. So obviously we would like to have 21 points into Offense so we can fully maximize our damage output. 9 points into Utility so we can have a more sustaining mana pool along with adding Mastermind 's CDR into reducing ourSummoner Spells for further sustaining or other usages in all phrases of the game.

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Recommended Runes

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Critical Chance

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
This would be my own preferable rune build for Lucian as I like to take more of the chance side. 1 Greater Mark of Critical Chance Rune would be a good hope as there's a chance that it may come or not. His passive Lightslinger can also do critical strikes. We'll have 8 Greater Mark of Attack Damage Runes to help enhance our damage output especially during the laning phrase to help getting CS (Creep Score) easier. 1 Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage Rune also to add on top of that. 2 Greater Quintessence of Life Steal Runes to help sustain easier and farm more in our lanes. And course we'll have 9 Greater Seal of Armor Runes along with 9 Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist Runes to sustain a bit more.

Balanced and Sustaining Runes

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
This is the standard rune build for most ADC's as it would provide a greater sustain phrase in the game. It has a slightly higher damage and more Lifesteal as well as it is a lot more safer/balanced. Very great if you want to play it safe. All other Seal and Gylph runes on this one is the same as above, for more sustainability.

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Summoner Spells

Recommended Summoner Spells
I usually take Flash with me as it's a great mechanism to help escaping from a situation that I wouldn't want to be in, allowing me to live and it can sometimes help ensure a kill. Very useful in about every situation, it's literally a MUST-HAVE. The second summoner spell I would suggest on getting would be Barrier as it would help us sustain and live longer during a fight or when trying to get away live. It's also great at baiting or diving, giving you more surprises when necessary. Although in some situations where the enemy team would have tons of CC (Crowd Control), I would usually switch Barrier out for Cleanse as it would be a better second summoner spell pick in that kind of situation. It's another life-saving spell and can be used for chasing or baiting as well. You may chain Cleanse with your Ultimate, The Culling (R) also as it can remove all debuffs/CC that's been cast onto you instantly and has a ~65% CC resistance for 3 whole seconds after it has been cast upon thus increasing your success rate and safety rate of using The Culling (R). I usually get Mastermind maxed out in our Utility Mastery so we can further use these great spells that I've explained thus far to our advantages making them becoming much more reliable.

Summoner Spells' Details

Flash is a MUST-GET for everyone. Very useful for both escaping and getting a kill. It can be used in almost every situation.

Barrier is very useful for sustaining and saving your life. It is also great at baiting and diving.

Cleanse is an optional spell to get, it can save your life when the other team has tons of CC. It can be used to completely remove Exhaust and can also remove Ignite's DoT (Damage over Time) True Damage but it does not remove Ignite's Grievous Wounds. It can remove most CC in the game except a few exceptions. It does not remove Suppression, knock-ups, knock-backs, grabs and flings sadly. It also does not remove extra Ignite that are used on you after Cleanse has been used but it does reduce the duration of movement speed slows of when extra Exhaust are used on you.

Ignite is great spell to get at the early stages of the game as it can help to ensure an almost certain kill. Although it may lose it's value at mid-late game and later on, overall it's a great summoner spell.

Exhaust is a great spell if you want to ensure that your target does not escape or avoid any of your Skillshots (SS), especially when this spell is combined with your Ultimate The Culling (R) thus making your target unable to block any shots and forces them to use/waste their other blink/dash skills or Flash summoner spell.

Ghost is an exceptional great spell when you want to chase after foes or run away quickly. It can run through units but is unable to go past a wall. It's a great spell in some cases and it can be used before casting your Ultimate The Culling (R) for a temporarily short boost of great movement speed.

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Champion Abilities

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
In this build order, we should always try to prioritize on maxing The Culling (R) whenever is possible. What we max out first would be Piercing Light(Q) so we can maximize it's CDR and fully utilize Lucian's passive Lightslinger more often earlier. Enhancing our harassing abilities. Then ranking up Ardent Blaze (W) and Relentless Pursuit (E) next as we can fully proc utilize his passive even more often than before due to the CDR when ranking up the abilities but more prioritizing into Ardent Blaze (W) than Relentless Pursuit (E). The reason why for this is that there is no rush of trying to max out Relentless Pursuit (E) before Ardent Blaze (W) because it has a long CD to begin with even at max rank thus making it unable to become very spammable and a second account to that his Ultimate The Culling (R) will always refresh the CD of Relentless Pursuit (E) each and every time you score a kill or assist with his ultimate thus making that we shouldn't prioritize on maxing his Relentless Pursuit (E) before Ardent Blaze (W) as it would be a waste of early level points.

Abilities' Details

Lightslinger works just like a Sheen but slightly different yet better it's a great passive. It can stack and proc every other On-Hit abilities such as Sheen's Unique Passive and Blade of the Ruined King's Unique Passive. It can also do critical strikes as well with a secondary shot added onto it along with increased bonus damage on top of it. This skill is quite similar to Master Yi's Double Strike Passive except that you do not need to charge your AA's stacks before-hand for it. His passive can be treated as a secret bonus ability if used properly. To fully utilize this ability, I suggest that you should use an AA after each ability is cast so no passive shots are wasted. If combined with high CDR and high AS along with high AD and with proper ability management of this passive, you can really make use of this as an extra ability. It does not consume any mana at all and it has no CD either, only exception would be the CD on your other skills. So with all of those CDR and AS, this is like a very great reliable free "5th Ability/Skill" that is given to you; much similar-like to Lissandra's Iceborn Passive except that this may be much better! This passive also allows you to deal extra increased damage to both monsters and minions.

Piercing Light (Q) is a skill with underestimated range. It is similar to Lissandra's Ice Shard (Q) where whenever it attacks a target, it can also attack a few more targets that are directly behind the original targeted unit, except that it doesn't has any slow effects on it! A great surprise for people who underestimate it's range! This skill will be your main skill for everything you do. As it has the shortest CD among all of your skills, allowing you to activate your passives more often. This skill deals 75% reduced damage to minions, however it does not apply to monsters.

Ardent Blaze (W) is a great skill and it is a SS allowing you manual aiming of it. It can grant you vision when shot at a bush if an enemy champion is hit by it when they are hiding in one similar to Lux's Lucent Singularity (E). It has a small AoE spread range in which people may underestimate the range of it thus giving another great surprise. Targets who are hit by this skill are marked for 6 seconds. If you hit targets who are marked will grant you a temporarily movement speed boost. Because that this skill is an AoE skill, you may chain your attacks at multiple targets at once, allowing you to do great kiting and the marks are not consumed after one attack unlike Lux's Illumination Passive!

Relentless Pursuit (E) is Lucian's best skill for escaping away from foes and chasing after foes! This skill allow your to do a short dash ahead toward your cursor similar to Graves' Quickdraw (E) except better! As it can dash and go through certain walls and terrains, giving you great mechanisms to get around the map easier. It can be used with Lucian's The Culling (R) as well making you more mobile and evasive. The CD of this skill will always refresh after a successful assist or kill point that you get from using your Ultimate in the process of the fight.

The Culling (R) is Lucian's Ultimate. It is similar to Miss Fortune's Bullet Time (R) except that it shoots in a narrowed straight line. The differences of this would be that you may move around while it is being channeled and can still move while it is in use/process and you can use Relentless Pursuit (E) along with it! Making you more mobile and able to escape when you find the danger of the situation. Make use of your speed, don't stand still like a Miss Fortune! It's a great skill of surprises to use especially when in the jungle while enemy targets are all in a narrowed road, easy preys for your Ultimate! It also deals triple damage to minions thus allowing you to clear large waves of minions very quickly, but this does not apply to monsters. You may deactivate your Ultimate by pressing The Culling (R) again.

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Recommended and Good Overall Performance Items (Core)
These four items I feel that they are the most important items as they are the main cores. All of Trinity Force's passives and Blade of the Ruined King's passive can proc and stack with Lucian's Lightslinger Passive. Infinity Edge would be the obvious great item for Lucian as he needs the critical chance and critical damage due to being an ADC and on top of that, his passive can also do critical strikes,s allowing you further maximizing your overall damage output. The lifesteal you get from Blade of the Ruined King also helps in sustaining in fights longer especially when combined with the other high AD and AS he'll get from the build. Zephyr's Passive is great for your skills especially when combined with Relentless Pursuit (E) and The Culling (R) as it may help you escape and chase easier. Your ultimate can be cancelled and that would be a bad situation for you but with the Tenacity Passive, it may help you avoid such crucial cases from such CC, allowing you to fully utilize your Ultimate even more and safer. The CDR on it can also help you spam more of your skills. About all of these items grants a great amount of AD, AS, Crit and some CDR. Overall with these 4 items put together would make Lucian quite powerful enough.

Items Preference
Berserker's Greaves is a great item for those who wants an easy and early 20% more AS for helping your overall game-play and can help increase the amount of shots The Culling (R) can do.

Last Whisper is a great item when you need some ArPen and it gives a bit of AD as well to help you achieve that goal.

Your Ultimate The Culling (R) would deal slightly more shots with the items on the this column.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity is a great item due to it's 15% CDR. With this, you can spam your skills more often and proc your On-Hit effects more often, such as your Lightslinger Passive. You may want to take this Boots instead of the Berserker's Greaves as it may benefit your overall performance.

The Black Cleaver is a great item due to it's ArPen and ArPen % Reduction Rates, and it gives quite a fair amount of AD along with 10% CDR with some Health added onto it. I would prefer that getting this item is possibly much better than getting the Last Whisper. With all of it's stats granting onto you, it can really power-boost your play-style all around. Lucian's skillsets, his passive along with his AA's and his ultimate can all quite easily gain the maximized stacks of the The Black Cleaver's Unique Passive due to Lucian play-style, making this item a very effective pick for him thus enhancing his overall damage output due to the great amount of ArPen he'll be have during the fight.

More spammable skills helping you to proc your passive more often and granting you more damage as well with more ArPen when combined with your Ultimate The Culling (R) with a slight more tankiness with the items on this column.

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Glossary : Abbreviations & Terminology

*This list is in alphabetical order.*

AA (Auto-Attacks): Basic/Normal Attacks of a champion.
AD (Attack Damage): The amount of physical damage your auto attacks and physical abilities will do. Abilities that scales with an orange number that is shown while in-game details.
ADC (Attack Damage Carry): A specific champion role that mainly focus in Attack Damage and in doing Auto-Attacks; a Marksman role usually.
AoE (Area of Effect): Abilities that can hit multiple targets or allies at a time.
AP (Ability Power): The amount of magical damage whose abilities scales with this stats. A champion stat that scales with abilities will allow them to deal extra damage. Abilities that scales with a green number that is shown while in-game details.
Armor: A stat that affects the amount of Physical Damage that can be reduced from attacks and abilities that scales with Attack Damage. The more Armor one has, the less Physical Damage they will receive in return.
ArPen (Armor Penetration): The amount of penetration your Attack Damage/Physical Damage can further do while ignoring a certain number or percentage of the targets' Armor.
AS (Attack Speed): The amount of Auto Attacks you can do within 1 second.
Atk (Attack): Self-explanatory.
Banshee ( Banshee's Veil): Hover your mouse over its name for more details.
BC ( The Black Cleaver): Hover your mouse over its name for more details.
Beserker ( Berserker's Greaves): Hover your mouse over its name for more details.
Bot / Bottom (Bot Lane / Bottom Lane): Self-explanatory.
BotRK ( Blade of the Ruined King): Hover your mouse over its name for more details.
BT ( The Bloodthirster): Hover your mouse over its name for more details.
Cait ( Caitlyn): Hover your mouse over her name for more details.
Caster: A type of champion play-style who mainly focus in spamming his/her skills/abilities to fight with.
CC (Crowd Control): Negative Status Effects, such as stuns, slows, silences, charm, root, knock-ups, knock-backs, suppressions, taunts and other debuffs which can disrupt you from doing things like moving, casting spells, and more; tenacity.
CD (Cooldown): The amount of time is needed to wait before an ability or spell to be cast again.
CDR (Cooldown Reduction): The amount of reduction that can be applied in helping to reduce Cooldown thus allowing you to use the same used ability or spell earlier than it's original stated Cooldown.
Crit (Critical / Critical Strike): Can mean either-or of both Critical Damage and Critical Rate %. See them for more details.
Crit Dmg (Critical Damage): The amount of damage a champion can do whenever he/she scores/lands a critical strike onto their targets.
Crit Rate / Crit % (Critical Rate % / Critical Chance % / Critical Strike %): The amount of success rate/chances of scoring/landing a successful critical strike a champion can do onto their target.
CS (Creep Score): The amount of minions and monsters you have last-hitted or slain.
Def (Defense): Self-explanatory.
Dmg (Damage): Self-explanatory.
DoT (Damage over Time): Abilities that deals damage over a certain period of time, such as Teemo's Toxic Shot, Brand's Blaze or the Summoner Spell Ignite.
Ez ( Ezreal): Hover your mouse over his name for more details.
Faerie ( Faerie Charm): Hover your mouse over its name for more details.
FH ( Frozen Heart): Hover your mouse over its for more details.
FM / Frozen Hammer ( Frozen Mallet): Hover your mouse over its name for more details.
GA ( Guardian Angel): Hover your mouse over its name for more details.
JG (Jungler): A specific champion role who focuses on getting their Creep Scores in the Jungle/Counter-Jungle and to Gank/push other lanes who are in need of help or finds quite a good opportunity.
Jung (Jungle): Self-explantory.
Iceborn Gaunts / Frozen Gaunts ( Iceborn Gauntlet): Hover your mouse over its name for more details.
Ionian / Lucidity ( Ionian Boots of Lucidity): Hover your mouse over its name for more details.
IE ( Infinity Edge): Hover your mouse over its name for more details.
Liss / Lissa ( Lissandra): Hover your mouse over her name for more details.
Lvl (Level): An overall stat that may or may not determines a champion's combat-power.
LW ( Last Whisper): Hover your mouse over its name for more details.
LS (Life Steal): The amount of health you'll regen/heal when using your Auto-Attacks successfully onto enemy units.
Mana Regen (Mana Regeneration): A champion stat that shows how much Mana is restored every 5 seconds.
Maw ( Maw of Malmortius): Hover your mouse over its name for more details.
MF ( Miss Fortune): Hover your mouse over her name for more details.
Mid / Middle (Mid Lane / Middle Lane): Self-explanatory.
MPen (Magic Penetration): The amount of Ability Power/Magic Damage that you can further do while ignoring a certain number or percentage of the targets' Magic Resist.
MR (Magic Resist): A stat that affects the amount of Magic Damage that can be reduced from attacks and spells that scales with Ability Power. The more Magic Resist one has, the less Magic Damage they will receive in return.
MS (Movement Speed): A stat that affects the traverse speed of which how units can travel across the map per map-unit-square.
Mune ( Manamune): Hover your mouse over its name for more details.
Mura ( Muramana): Hover your mouse over its name for more details.
Off (Offense): Self-explanatory.
OP (Over-Powered): Self-explanatory.
PD ( Phantom Dancer): Hover your mouse over its name for more details.
Shiv ( Statikk Shiv): Hover your mouse over its name for more details.
Supp (Support): A specific champion role or build that mainly focus in supporting the team and doing all of the utility fields in the team.
Spd (Speed): Self-explanatory.
SS (Skill-Shot): A spell/skill/ability of a champion that must be manually aimed to use. They can be used without a target nearby.
SV (Spell Vamp): The amount of health you'll regen/heal when using abilities successfully against enemy units.
Tear ( Tear of the Goddess): Hover your mouse over its name for more details.
Top (Top Lane): Self-explanatory.
TriForce ( Trinity Force): Hover your mouse over its name for more details.
Ult / Ulti / (R) (Ultimate): A champion's 4th ability/spell/skill that they first usually receive at Level 6 for most champions. It is usually their best skill.
UP (Under-Powered): Self-explanatory.
Yi ( Master Yi): Hover your mouse over his name for more details.

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Change Log

2013/8/29: Added five new item alternative builds into the AD On-Hit Build (Mana Sustain) Section.
2013/8/25: Glossary Section added. Two new item builds were added.
2013/8/24: Items' Section added. Two images and a theme music video were added into the

Introduction Section.
2013/8/23: Guide started & published.

To-do List

-Add in game-play and its section.
-Complete common laning opponents section.
-Complete other lanes section if not at bottom lane with a support.
-Add in combo section and calculations.
-Complete adding in other items and builds that may be useful during certain situations.
-Needs to finish item build sequences and starting items.
-Add in images, videos, and scores.
-Need to add in more details of Lucian's story in the introduction section.
-Complete summary & conclusion sections.
-Need to think of what else to add and what else is missing.