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League of Legends Build Guide Author Joxuu

[Lulu Support guide] - SHE IS A SUPPORT!

Joxuu Last updated on September 24, 2013
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Table of Contents

Hello viewer. My name is jjoxuu and I am a bot lane fanatic. I enjoy playing support role the most, but I'm also into the role of ADC and jungle. Therefore I like making these guides or blog posts which others may find useful. I can't back-up my guide for being in challenger or diamond, but I have knowledge and experience of playing Lulu, which is currently one of my mains in Gold I and my smurf Gold III.

I did not find a proper Lulu support guide or even Lulu support guide at all besides one outdated. I first decided to make only a blog post about this, but in stead I got excited after all and decided to make a guide. Recently there has been few guides released which I think are better than no support guides at all, but I didn't find one that would match my ideals and way of playing this champion.

What is the purpose of this ?

I do not like the fact support role is not taken seriously and it is the "last choice" pick. Supports are the ones getting blamed for loosing bot lane, yet if the bot lane is won... who remembers to give respect for the support ? I'm trying to get people interested in the role and change some thoughts over it. Support is not a easy role at all and I just don't know what makes people think supports can't "carry" or the fact people blame their supports over wards or over their own mistakes. This often applies to ADC's. I enjoy ADC role also and it goes much better when both have respect over each other and give credit to each other. Bot lane which can't work together is the same as lost lane.
Why do I play support ?

I play support, because I enjoy communicating and leading the team early on. You have much more time to look at the gameplay and make calls more efficiently. This does include accepting information and communication from others also. I want to lead the calls early game, like I will make sure when we initiate at bottom lane, I will make sure when we call for Dragon . Jungler is also able of making the same call as they have same aspect over the game as supports do, so do communicate with your jungler. Also, people enjoy getting kills, right ? What happens when they get assist ? As support, I can be happy to get assist and when I get kill, I can enjoy it even more than a normal laner. Normal lane may go 6-3-9 in a game, where I as a support go 1-3-23 and enjoy more from the game, because I know I have done something right. If you see support around the same way as you enjoy getting assists, having knowledge over the situation, controlling vision possibly calls and you enjoy helping others, do consider maining support.

Climbing as support ?

YES! It is not a tabu, it's very possible! I was playing in silver league for maybe the first year of gameplay. I was really unaware of my role until I found myself playing a lot support in champion selection. Maining support was comfortable, because nobody else wanted the role, therefore forcing someone else there. Forcing someone in a role = They can perform really bad. So simply knowing the basics, I was a lot better than most of the supports, giving my team an edge over the team and even when my ADC was worse than opponent, I could carry him. I played from Silver I to gold I in 1 month of short amount of gameplay, just by playing the role support. Now I'm trying to reach even higher ranks with the same role. You can also improve your skills as ADC by supporting. You can watch some really good ADC playing along the way and imrpove yourself that way also.

Supports - You are important

What is ADC without your wards, presence, heals or CC ? If you have ever played even 1 game alone as ADC vs bot lane, you realise how much effect the role has. You are mostly the one keeping the vision for your team and vision is important. You can make the gamewinning call for baron or you can get someone off-guard with certain supports. You are the one protecting ADC, allowing him to deal damage more efficiently. Supports are the ones saving their comrades and yet still someone says supports are garbage after all these points. Be proud and first pick that Thresh in ranked game and carry your team!


+ High poke
+ Good kit
+ Has a bit of everything
+ Aggressive + Defensive


- Somewhat mana costly
- Lacks sustain
- Vulnerable to CC early
- Takes time to master

You synergy



Preferred Role:


Lulu in nutshell:

Lulu is a high poke, mobile support which has a bit of everything. Doesn't excile only in offense, but also in defense. Sort of all-around good pick and deserves it's popularity. I really like her kit. She is like day and night. Wether it's question of defense or offense, she can decide which side to use. Lulu's play-style is dependant on your ADC and opponents. Your lane is also in-favor when it comes to ganking as you can provide utility to your jungler. Same the otherway around after level 6, you can stop possible gank with ultimate.

Your Counters


Greater mark of hybrid penetration Greater mark of hybrid penetration

The closer to middle, the more vialable the rune is obviously. I prefer some kind of damage to increase Lulu's poke and damage which is really important early game. I don't prefer to play defensively unless I'm in very unfavored lane. Magic pen works the best, but I also watched a high elo support vlog, where he ran hybrid pen. It worked really well, so why not.


These are really basic choices for any support. Seals of armor is really important and the best choice over any other rune. You will need it to handle poking and damage in laning phase specially. Some run mana regen from seals, but it's better to leave mana regeneration to glyphs, if you really feel like taking them, but rather just take it from items for example.


So, we get back to the question of resistances over mana regeneration. Once again I highly recommend the resistances over mana regeneration, but if you want to, rather take the regen from glyphs than seals. Also it's the matter of preferication wether you want scaling resist or flat ones. I prefer flat ones, because you don't want to leave lane.


Lulu has tons of choices, but I prefer something that gives you defense. You can really play around with the Quints. You can mix Gold/Armor or Gold/Health for example. I prefer the 3 health quints for small bonus amount of defense, but you can't really go to the woods with these.

Defense Tree

Tier 1: I choose Durability as it is the best choice over anything else. It gives small amount of extra HP.

Tier 2: I choose to pick Hardiness and Resistance from tier 2 to increase defense a little. 3 for armor as you are facing AD carry, 2 for magic resistance for support.

Tier 3: I pick Unyielding which seems like a minor and "noob" pick, but it was calculated to work really well late-game. I can't remember the effectiviness, but trust me. Then I take Veteran's Scars for even more HP.

Tier 4: I pick Block which synergies well with Unyielding . Blocking total of 5 DMG which is pretty much like early Doran's shield.

Rest of the tiers are not necessary. You shouldn't be going 21 in defense unless you are a tank. I don't see any support going further in this tree, except maybe for Defender in the next tier, so you would get extra armor and magic resistance. Some tankier supports could do that by picking Juggernaut or Tenacious , but I don't find that way more effective. It would cost the 1 minute ward and bonus gold from utility tree, which would be silly :p


Tier 1: I go for Summoner's Insight , because it reduces the cooldown of Flash a bit.

Tier 2: Go for Expanded Mind and 1 point in Artificer to get to the next tree. Just some minor picks to get to the cherry.

Tier 3: Pick Greed and Biscuiteer for some gold regeneration and the cookie is my favourite. Gives some sustain in lane.

Tier 4: I go for Wealth for increased gold for more pots/wards and finally Explorer for the minute ward. Some go for Pickpocket in stead of improved Exhaust, but I don't get it. It's ones choice however. Both ways work.

Some prefer to go 21 points and 9 in defense/9 in offense for magic penetration, but I don't like it. I don't find extra cooldown reduction as you nearly cap it anyways with items. Nimble is quite OK tough, but it's just how one prefers. This is my way and you may have yours for the 21 points.

Flash is the most important spell in the game and is also the most used. Do not take anything over it! It can save you from tricky situations where you normally wouldn't survive. It's also a last hitting tool, if enemy is running away from you. It does have high cooldown, but even if it would save you once in the game, it is worth it.

Exhaust is really useful summoners at any point of the game to shutdown damage from carries. It's the second most picked summoner for supports. If you are going to play a little more defensively, take this over Ignite as this fits in really well in composition and it's really simple and easy to use.

Ignite is a bit more offensive option. It is great not just for it's damage, but to shutdown the lifesteal and healing effects made during a fight. You should take the use of this really fast in early levels as other support may be running Exhaust, so damage/burst wise it's in your favor.

Starting Items #1
Sight WardSight Ward

This item set allows faster Philosopher's Stone and gives more mana regeneration making mana potions not as necessary. This is the way most play. Therefore some have started to play the second option quite much as it is better for early game against this set-up. The amount of wards in this set-up should be enough to deny vision and give enough for you. You should not be lacking wards.

Starting Items #2
Sight WardSight WardSight Ward

This item set-up obviously isn't to rush Philo, but gives more sustain and many often replace some of the potions and 1 Sight ward for Vision Ward ward to counter the pink ward enemy support has. If you do take 2 Vision Wards, use it wisely and have your jungler do something, but if you start with just 1 like is recommended for lower elo, you should be even in vision and you are allowed to stay longer in lane. This is also better choice for unfavored lane.

Rushed Items
Philosopher's stoneKage's Lucky Pick

These items can be flipped around as you wish. If you prefer more vision coverage and save money on wards, get Sightstone first. Then choose between Philo's and Kage's. I'd Say Philo is more efficient and I'd take it 99% of the cases as it gives more sustain in lane. You can take both of the GP5 items, but I feel like it delays main items too much. Upgrade Sightstone to Ruby Sightstone as you find it necessary, but do it early-game preferably. The first item set is better if you wish to rush Philosopher's stone. Kage's is for if you want more damage than sustain.

Boots + Wards
Sight ward

I'd say Boots of Mobility are for more experienced players. If you need to confirm why you are taking mobilitiy boots, you maybe should go for ionion's. Generally it's just preparation for starting to clear vision and getting to roam a little. It's great for Dragon fights and with Oracles. Ionian Boots of Lucidity are soloely for the CDR. Do buy Boots of Speed after completing rushed items. Then let's talk about vision more at warding section, but the most terrifying situation in any lane / stage of the damge is when you don't have any vision. Mere Ruby Sightstone is not enough!

Luxury items
Shurelya's Reverie

Locket of the Iron Solari can be picked by jungler also, so discuss of the matter. It's great item and core in your item list, if jungler doesn't go for it. Do not leave it to a mere Aegis of the Legion. If you can skip this, go for Shurelya's reverie or Mikael's Crucible depending on if you need movement speed to initiate / disengage or your carry is under heavy CC. Twin Shadows is quite good item, not as useful as the last 2 mentioned, but I like it to find a support warding for example. It also boosts your damage.
Morellonomicon is really situational if you have finished other items and have tons of gold after buying the wards. It's not something you should save money tough. Randuin's Omen is the same, but more defensive option, if your jungler got locket and you got tons of gold left.

Ability Sequence
- - -

- - -

Ability sequence is meant to max out poking at laning phase. That's why the second level at E. Max ultimate first, always. Wild Growth is really good in team fights, it's just so strong at the moment. Then take Glitterlance first from normal abilities after ultimate, because it does the most poke and can hit several targets. Can also be used to push the lane when needed. Second I take Whimsy to deny initiation or damage from carry. Depending about the situation. Then finally Help, Pix!. Some prefer this over Glitterlance, because it can be used defensively also - and it's not skillshot. I'd say if you are not good with skillshot and you're facing unfavored lane, you can take it, but do practice to max Q first to max out the damage and poke. Let's look at the abilities more clearly:


This is a nice little extra poke for basic attacks. Some play Lulu as ADC, because of this. Not much to say really, but do remember that it hits the first opponent hit, not targeted one. It's good against Zyra for example, because the little projectiles take more health than ADC basic attack.

Your main ability to handle the poking. Synergies well with Help, Pix! as the projectiles go off from PIXIE, not Lulu's staff. It's also great pushing tool and takes practicing to learn the tricks of how the bullets shoot. You can use it to hit more targets, because you can't hit same opponent twice.

This is a funny ability. You can stop Smite's and damage dealt for several seconds. It also slows down the target. It is not that good for laning phase, because ADC's don't do that much damage and the slow is not great one. It can be used on yourself or teammate to give movement speed however, which is good for kiting/chasing.

a Shielding ability when used defensively and damaging ability when used offensively. Remember, this synergies well with Q and this should be used on a opponent first and then Q. You can hit several people easier this way, do look at the position of the pix! It's also great to use to gain vision in bush as it reveals opponent.

One of my favourite ultimes among the supports. Gives really good health bonus and chance to fight against CC. It's also great for initiations as if you use it on a tank in the middle of team fight, so it knocks everyone up and keeps the slow there. You can also use this defensively if you're getting ganked in the same way.

E + Q combo + ultimate usages

Lulu is meant to be played offensively and is supposed to maintain vision always up. She can do a great 2v1 lane if you swap with top because of her high poke, but let's focus on normal 2v2 bot lane generally. So you should go poke always when possible in laning phase and keep the vision up, because you will more likely push the lane. I wouldn't recommend picking Lulu for defense lane, except if she can relief not so good early game. She is a great team fighter also and often picked in high elo competitive plays.




These champions were mentioned in the nutshell of Lulu, but let's look a bit closer. Lulu is having a hard lane against sustain/higher poke/good disengage lanes. I dropped out Soraka from here as I feel she is more like a mediocre counter. So these supports + ADC exception Caitlyn who can poke Lulu, control bushes with traps and escape with net can do well against her. Sona has higher burst with less mana cost + the sustain from W. Nami looses in poke, but Nami can get Lulu out of position easily. Zyra is the same as Caitlyn.





Rest of the support match-ups shouldn't cause a problem really. Rest of the supports lack poke/mobility/range/sustain or Lulu's kit counters theirs. Soraka being the only support I could think of as mediocre, because of her silence and sustain. Let's look at all-in lanes against Lulu, like Alistar and Leona. Lulu can stop the CC from happening in the first place or just poke both of the supports as much as she wants, because they are melee. If the engage happens, Lulu can ultimate the damage off and continue dealing decent damage whereas Alistar and Leona have already used everything. Then supports like Janna, Fiddlesticks and Blitzcrank lack poke and are poked/CC'd from continuing to deal damage really easily. Lulu can easily control bushes and force supports to go backward, risking their ADC in front line. Thresh and Taric are trickier ones, but just a bit. Both have chances to get Lulu off-guard, but they both get poked really easily due lack of range. Could maybe add Blitzcrank under this category also, but it's just the fact they can't handle the poke really. They have chances to get Lulu off guard, which should be made early and get a kill, but the further the game goes, the more harder the laning phase should get (assuming lanes are even in kills).

Early-mid game

If you are starting blue side and enemy jungler is going blue with bot lane, push the lane for fast level 2. ADC's picked with Lulu also should benefit greatly from rushing level 2. If you are starting red side however, get the lane control fast by controlling the bushes. Why is this so important ? Lulu is really great at zoning the enemy support away from the bush control, forcing wards or getting poked a lot. Once you are level 2, you can use E + Q combo to deal tons of damage. Against melee support, it's really easy for Lulu to go poke with even basic attacks. Keep the vision on the enemy bush, so you can poke more.

Once you have forced potions / wards down, keep the pressure up until enemy lane eventually is forced to b or stay with dangerously low hp. Do keep in mind that you are in risk of getting caught as it's easier for enemies to counter-poke, if you are pushing, because your ADC is further back taking minions. Therefore he may not be able to follow as fast, so do know your limits when you can go poking. Preferably focus the ADC taking minions, as when he is about to last hit, he has to make decision: Get poked and get minion or don't get it at all. This is the easiest situation to go in poking.

Once you are going for the kill, use movement speed on your ADC to catch up OR to enemy ADC/support as they are trying to make escape with blinks or summoners. Then E + Q combo again to keep the damage and slow there. You can go as far as tower diving with vision and knowledge when summoners are down. ( Exhaust is 3:30 sec CD, Flash 5 minutes) It's really important to know when the summoners are up and if your ADC can follow. Like if he has 10 mana, he most likely can't follow with abilities. Knowing junglers positions is really important also. If you haven't seen enemy jungler and you ain't got wards, don't go for tower dive at least.

Let's continue the wall of text for a little longer. I have only looked at how to play offensively, so what do you do when you are caught or get ganked ? Assuming you already have ultimate, the best disengagement is using your ultimate on the one getting closed on. In situation where you can run it off, simply use Whimsy on you or ADC depending who is the focus. Use E and Q to slow enemies. Whimsy can also be used to CC hard initiator like Sejuani with her ultimate. You can delay the ultimate and proapbly Flash away from it. Great trick I enjoy doing is to Flash in front of the enemy, ultimating myself so I knock the enemy backwards, giving my ADC more basic attacks. This only should be done when you are guranteed to get the kill. It's lots of resources spent for nothing otherwise.

Dragon Fight

You should be doing or at least attempting Dragon fight's as Lulu is really good after 6 with jungler who can initiate. The best position for dragon fights are when enemy is missing jungler/mid/bot lane. You can contest it however with Vision Ward and bait it out until someone comes to get vision of it. If the fight breaks in unfavored situation however, use your ultimate and abilities to protect the one with highest potential damage. This does not mean you should necessarily use everything to save 1 from 2-4 others in Dragon fight. Use common sense and experience within time to learn over who to protect or if you should go more offensive.

Late game

Late game is very much about using your ultimate correctly. Using ultimate uselessly or having it on cooldown during team fight is a chance of you blowing the whole fight. So use it wisely on wether you are defending someone who is getting attacked on within common sense of not using it necessarily on tank who is not needing it, but using it on ADC, who can't handle someone jumping on him. Offensively it can be used for hard CC initiator who will be absolute front line. Malphite is really good example. When Malphite ultimates in, do consider ultimating him if he caughts several opponents to disable the damage even more. It should knock everyone up allowing your team more time to position and do damage.


Let's talk about warding as you need to have vision troughout the game and deny it from opponents. I'll also explain a little of playing with and against the junglers. This is pretty much straight from my blog post, so if you have read this, you can skip. But for those who haven't, let's begin with predirecting when enemy jungler is coming to gank:

Predirecting Ganks
  • Over-aggression
  • Sudden trades/ unfavored initiation
  • Contesting (cs for example)
  • Mispositioning --> Baiting
  • Pink wards
  • Sudden hard lane pushing / backing / Freezing

These points apply as mistakes also and you can't back-off everytime, because you are afraid of jungler popping by just because someone decided to do a bad trade. It takes map awarness and experience which you will get within time, but as said do look at your map. Did his jungler just go toward bot lane from mid ? Was top just ganked ? Was he low hp ? All these example points can be used to judge wether he is coming or not. If enemies jungler was just mid and headed towards red, theres bigger chance of you getting ganked and your lane opponents showing it.

Easiest ways of predirecting gank from points above is sudden initiation which you would win in normal circumstances. Second is that opponent for example stops recall as low hp and stays in lane, but still contests cs or trades.

Now for the warding: Vision is half a kill and half a death. I'm going trough plenty of situations advicing you where and which ward you should place. These situations may also differ from your point of way, but it's cool as long as you are covered with the warding. I'll start with basic warding and go on to very late-game.

NOTE: Pink wards when you're about to go dragon/baron or you're baiting it are really self-explaining and I won't make screenshot of it seperately. Carry pink wards for these 2 objectives depending on time as obviously it's not worth pink warding baron @6th minute when it spawns @15th.

Oracles is good on situations like your jungle is well warded, you are pushing and taking objectives troughoutly or you are heading towards baron or your team is pressuring teamfights. Can also be picked over dragon, but I feel like pink wards are more cost efficient there.

The importance of warding and how cost effective they are is ridicilous. 75 gold can save your whole team from dieng or securing objectives for plenty of gold. Basic rule for pink ward is it's worth it if you deny vision with it, (destroying opponent ward). Wards are optimal on solo laners also. Always try to have at least 1-2, it may save you and your time tons of times. Remember, following examples are mainly for bottom lane's advantage.

Covering buff

1. Minute ward to cover your blue if you think it's necessary. For example against high CC team/early game team or they have Blitzcrank support. Same goes for red side or if you're jungler is afraid of invade, place it at the red bush.

2. This is optional if you see lot's of movement down at dragon side and your bot lane is forced to come out from cover.

3. If you didn't need to spend Explorer's Ward at blue, you can use it on that bush to get vision. It can also be placed on upper bush, if you don't want to facecheck it against strong early-game bot lane.

4. If you are planning on invade or your jungler wants to steal red, you can place the ward over there. Note: Do take some back-up as you don't want to get caught.

Normal lane wards

1a/1b. 1a Ward is against mobile junglers You can place it a little further than on the picture. 1b is when u don't afford tribush ward and need vision from both sides.

2. Tribush ward to see junglers coming from red buff, for example early-game junglers such as Lee Sin may gank immediatly after red, so it's good to have it covered.

3. Control the bush towards enemy side in order to poke/finish off/see enemy junglers lane ganking. All wards are important, but lane vision is really important, so don't hesitate!

Getting pushed

1. Optional ward, if you see enemy has jungler with potential to tower dive you at tower, place a ward there to prevent it from happening or to counter it.

2. This ward is for the river and tribush cover. It is optimal to place it further towards the dragon, if you see pinks picked by support or it's mid game and you're worrying about enemy taking dragon.

3a. Safe way to cover lane-ganks. Nothing special here, but you can also place it towards the first bush (enemy side) and pink ward the second-bush.

4. This is in case your opponents pink wards it and you are willing to keep the vision against lane-ganking junglers. NOTE: Do not facecheck the bush once it's pinked. Enemy jungler may already be there. Wait for some kind of vision of it.

Pink wards

1a/1b. Place a ward if you are wanting to make plays with jungler or control over 1 bush. First bush is for defense, second bush is for offense. Only pink it if you can clear their ward or confirm they don't have ward there.

2a/2b. Again dependant on what you feel like and depends on enemy warding position. You can also ward river bush or further up the river. If your jungler wants to come from tribush instead, pink ward it. No ward = don't pink. If you're not sure, it's worth securing it.

1/2. These wards also apply if your jungler has stealth like Evelynn or ADC benefits greatly from stealth, like Vayne. Apply same rules on the position based on your and enemy position.

Pushing to second tower

1a/1b. Pick one of the positions to cover mid-lane/jungle ganks trough red side.

2. Keep vision from mid lane ganks

3. Dragon ward and coverage from river ganks

4. As you are pushing, lane-ganks and golem ganks are more efficient. This ward should take care of top/mid/jungle going bottom side.

1a/4. These wards can be combined into just 1 ward and place it at the left side of golems, in case you don't have enough wards to secure area. The con is that you loose bush control. Imo, if you lack vision, you shouldn't extend so far.

Pushed to your second tower

1. Quite situational ward, but if enemies are abusing the bush advantage by poking or zoning for example --> do ward it.

2. Ward to cover from mid laner ganks

2b. Depending on if they have ward there and you want to get help from jungler or deny vision so enemies would back.

3. Dragon ward, can be pink based on junglers situation

4. Ward to cover tr
ibush and obstacle skipping champions.

Thank you for reading the guide over! I apologize for walls of texts at some certain chapters, but I couldn't help the information flow. Hopefully I have opened the world of Lulu and support for you. Feel free to ask questions or recommend feedback - I will try to respond to them all. This turned out to be quite long guide after all, but if you truly are interested in Lulu, I think you should read it all. I could post some Lulu stats over here also, if someone wants to send scores :)