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League of Legends Build Guide Author XeresAce

Lux , Double RainBlow ;3

XeresAce Last updated on May 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello , this is my first guide on MobaFire and i wanted to share my way of playing Lux .
I'm sure there are other players playing Lux like this ,and some players wont agree on my play style , but it's all personal preference . IF i make any mistakes , or practically stupid decisions on skill order / runes and masteries BE SURE TO POINT THEM OUT !
Please do not vote without a reason , and don't downvote without trying the guide out .
EDIT: Im archieving this guide , it;s obviously not getting any attention and ive come to the conclusion that there are better guides , but still i hope i helped someone with it

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As every other champion , Lux has her Pros and cons , with a little practice and common scene you WILL work around these cons :)

  • + Great Poke
  • + Double snare with Light Binding
  • + Can scout brushes with Lucent Singularity
  • + Great Ultimate
  • + long range poke at late game with ultimate
  • + Really fun to play.
  • - All of her skills are skillshots and are harder to use than normal skills
  • - She is SQUISHY !
  • - You might have mana problems early game if you have an opponent that pushes hard
  • - Huge cooldowns
  • - Cant do anything when her cooldowns are up , unlike Annie who can still spam spells even after using full combo .
  • - Hard to place in the current meta.

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Classic ap caster masteries .
Going for improvedignite ,Magic penetration , Extra ability power , cooldown reduction and total damage increase in offence , while going for increased movement speed , increased neutral buff duration , reduced death time and improved flash in utility .


Summoner's Wrath Improves your ignite , Mental Force Adds some ability power and fills the tree up so you can put some points in Sorcery To get that 4 % cdr , after that you get Arcane Knowledge for magic penetration and you put 2 points in Havoc for some minor damage increase , mostly a place holder . you can take 1 point out of Havoc and put it in Demolitionist , then get Blast and Archmage to increase your early game damage , while getting 1 point in Executioner for obvious reasons .

Summoners insight reduces the cooldown of Flash , Good Hands this has saved my tower so many times , might not seem like much but when your timer is gonna reach 70 seconds , you are not gonna regret taking it, Swiftness is awesome ! I'm a Movement speed geek :'3 , it helps me get to lane faster , escape faster , chase better etc.. next is Runic Affinity Hopefully you have a jungler that will give you blue buff , and if you don't have one just ask your ad carry / whoever can get it low fast , to help you get it . Since with this build , you NEED it .

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For runes i take


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration Extra magic penetration to get through that 30 Magic resist and harass better early game , also helps you out late game , but it definitely wont be enough if the enemy is stacking MR.

Greater Seal of Ability Power Extra ap , extra early game damage .
Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration Lux has early mana problems and is easily mana starved when she needs to push against heavy pushers like Brand or Morgana , and also if you feel like ap seals is a wasted slot , don't even bother with them , its just personal preference.

Greater Glyph of Ability Power More ap = more damage early game = easier kills / more farm , also further increased by Archmage and Rabbadons. when you add it all up the ap is actually rather nice xD

Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration More magic pen , for the same reason as marks .
Greater Quintessence of Health If you need the survivability .
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power Provide an increase in ap , and in reality after you get Sorc shoes , Magic pen quints aren't gonna provide you with more damage , and the ap gets further increased by Archmage and rabadons

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Skill Explanation and Sequence

Finales funkeln

Illumination Whenever Lux hits a target with a spell , they gain an illumination debuff , Lux may then detonate the debuff with an auto attack to do extra damage based on her level . Her ultimate can also detonate the mark.

Light Binding
Is her first skill , It's an linear skill shot mininuke and snare .
The way this skill works is that it damages and snares the first two target's it hits , the first one receives full damage and full duration snare , while the second one revives half of that .
I get one point at level 1 and max it after Lucent Singularity Because i need to be able to push on demand , and out push some heavy farmers ( Morgana , Brand )

Tips & Tricks : like all skilshots , you need to aim it a bit behind the enemy , notice the little lines that come down from the edges of the arrow ? well , they indicate the width of the Skillshot , and as long as the enemy champion(s) is withing the boundaries of those lines , you will snare them :) and remember that you can use it through a minion , making for some effective harass .

Prismatic Barrier
This is your main supportive skill . It work's like Sivir's Boomerang Blade only it applies a shield to ever ally hit , and also re applies the shield if it hits the same champion on the way back . You also get the shield when you cast the spell , and when the wand returns .
I max it last , as it's most useful lategame .
Tips & Tricks : Try hitting as much allies as possible , if you notice an Amumu charging at you , shield your allies , as many as you can , it WILL neglect a large part of the damage .

Lucent Singularity
This is your main farming , scouting and zoning skill .
i use it to check brushes to zone to last hit , to do everything ! I max it first , and after you get blue buff you should be able to zone your enemy so much , gaining a severe advantage in creep kills :)
Tips & Tricks : try timing it right so you can harass the enemy AND get some creep kills , without pushing the lane too much , remember , it has quite a bit of aoe radius , and can "block" most jungle passages , the enemies will be forced right onto your combo :).


A long range , linear aoe nuke .
This has got to be one of the most fun ultimates to use in the game !
with max cdr , it has a 24 second cooldown ! :D
However , if you want the cdr or not , is up to you .
This spell can be a late game punch in the guts (aka poke :P )
Amazing finisher spell .
A mega farming spell .
tower protection spell (if you are mid (WHICH YOU SHOULD BE ! O.O) Going a bit in to the jungle and throwing one of these at the enemy that is hitting the tower is gonna make a difference and reduce 40% of the damage the tower would've gotten at the very least !

Tips & tricks : Cooperate with your support if they have cd , so you can snipe enemies .
STAY AT A SAFE DISTANCE WHEN USING IT ! it does have a slight channel time and can be interrupted . You can use it to farm other lanes (only if your teammates are getting blue (mid) , went b and teleport is on cd( solo top) or if bot lane retreated after winning a fight . don't steal without being sure your allies wont come back soon enough to get the last hits.

C-C-Combo breaker

Lux Needs to follow a certain pattern of spell casts to do maximum damage .
If her combo is done correctly , she does almost as much damage as Annie.
First of all , start with Lucent Singularity and right after throw a Light Binding follow up with one auto attack , detonate Lucent Singularity and throw in finales funkeln

This ensures maximum damage .

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Summoner spells

My personal favorite and most recommended

Ignite: Great finisher spell to get that last 50 Hp off the target, or to stop Dr.mundo from regaining all that health xD
Flash: As Lux has no natural escape mechanism , this is a must ! also helps with positioning , getting that last Light Binding off , etc.

Summoners that also work on Lux

Teleport: Allows for easy ganks , returning back to lane , saving a tower.. however i let my solo top take this instead. space
Clairvoyance: well you can Stop ganks , make sure you hit running enemies with your Finales Funkeln and so on , if you have good coordination with your support there is no need for this :)
Clarity: if you find your self mana starved , or you need to fight Brand , Morgana or another pushing champion and you don't have runes , it's worth getting this.

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Start off with a Doran's Ring , gives survivability , mp5 and some additional 15 ap.
An alternative start is Boots of Speed and 2x Health Potion and a Mana Potion
After this you want to buy either :
A) if you started with Doran's Ring either buy your boot's of choice , the ones i usually buy are Sorcerer's Shoes but if the enemy team has a lot of cc go with mercury tread's , if you don't have enough gold just buy Boots of Speed and a health/mana pot or both .
you are lacking the survivability and mp5 Doran's Ring gives you , so you should buy a catalyst the protector on your first back , or if you dont have enough gold buy a Sapphire Crystal or Ruby Crystal and lots of pots .

after you have your boots of choice , buy a catalyst the protector or if you already have catalyst the protector upgrade your boots to your boots of choice.

After this , on your next trip back buy either a Needlessly Large Rod , or if you don't have the gold , a Blasting Wand will do. Then upgrade the item you bought to a Rabadon's Deathcap or If you are finding yourself being too squishy , upgrade your catalyst the protector to a Rod of Ages first. After you have both RoA and Rabadon's get a Needlessly Large Rod, followed up by a Sheen , then update the rod to a Zhonya's Hourglass And finally , the Sheen to Lich Bane.
The last two items are situational .

Banshee's Veil
Quicksilver Sash

Thornmail Only get this if the enemy has glass cannon carries like Tryndamere
Guardian Angel
Frozen Heart Mana and cdr , helps you out more that Thornmail if you are fighting tanky dps characters .

Void Staff
or if the enemy team sent their Galio mid , get a Haunting Guise before catalyst the protector

Other viable options :
If i don't need any of the previous items , i almost always get a Morello's Evil Tome and an Elixir of Brilliance to reach that 40% cdr at all times .

REMEMBER always buy 1/2 sight ward's whenever you go back , and ward river . I can not stress enough over this !

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Regarding morello's evil tome and some other items ...

Why i don't get it early and list it as an optional item..
is because this guide is blue buff reliant , you need blue buff to be effective with this guide , if your jungler cant give you blue buff , delay RoA and buy Morello's Evil Tome before that , or after buying your Rabadon's.

Why do i get RoA ?
Because , i need the utility survivability gives me . If you are a good player and don't get zoned like hell , that 1325 gold on catalyst shouldn't hold your build down THAT much ..
If you are a good player , and don't have ******ed team mates you should be able to progress JUST fine .

Im gonna tell you a story now ~

Once upon a time there was a lonley Lux while in the laning phase she got fed and said " i don't need survivability , i have super long range !" but the on a dark and lonely mid game teamfight , she was staying back with 70% of her hp as a result of taking some aoe damage from unloading her burst . Then a wild Akali appeared ... and since she had half decent farm at solotop , she was able to take Lux down before her team could come to her aid .. since that day she builds Rod of Ages .

Why i don't get Archangel's Staff ?

Lux can't spam skills , thus making this item not viable :/
WELL it is kinda viable , but it takes too much time to charge ._.

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Wannabe support lux

Lux CAN be a support , and a good one at that , but she cant afford to let the carry farm and not take any CS for her self , that would be wasting your potential . I've only played support Lux 2-3 times , and this is how i usually build her , and these are the runes & masteries i use :

Is what you start off with , helps with mana problems and best of all , builds in to
philosopher's stone
amazing sustain , solves most mana problems and pays for itself ! remember to upgrade it to elsea's miracle if you wanna sell it , you get 10 extra gold.After i buy
Cause we need the ms xD then after this i buy either a
Kage's lucky pick
for more gp/5 and extra ap , or if im feeling squishy i get
which i do get most of the time :) because it builds in to
Man do i love this item ! it stacks with your shield , which makes for some serious life saving ! :)
shurelya's reverie
You upgrade your philo , and you get this awesome item with awesome active ! helps a lot with intimating or running away/chasing

and that is as far as i usually go with my build :)

REMEMBER TO BUY WARDS , You can view and in depth guide to warding here .

The summoner spells i take are :

You can refer to why i would use it in the previous explanation.

You can refer to why i would use it in the previous explanation.

Lux does not have any sustain besides her shield , and it would take exceptional timing to time your shield properly to avoid all the harass from your opponent , use this to sustain your carry and remember to bait with it ! if you have a competent team that also wards. replace it with Clairvoyance


Standard support masteries , increased ap and cd in offense , increased movement speed , decreased time spent dead , increased starting gold ,experience gain and gp/5 decreased Cooldown's and decreased all summoner spell cd's.

Note : change the 1 point put in summoner's wrath to compliment whatever spell you are using , if you decide on going flash/cv put 1 offense point in demolitionist.

Now , runes are a tricky part , because i wanted to be an ap carry , but we got a troll veigar/swain/ap tf last pick , i was forced to play with my ap carry runes (because i didn't have support runes then , and i still don't :D )
I would suggest going with whatever you go for on your sona/soraka/karma/janna :)

I would get Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration for sure , and probably Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed for extra warding help , other than that it's your choice ^^

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Laning Phase :

You should focus on last hitting and harassing .

Tough Lane opponents :

If you must fight LeBlanc put a point into your W early and just focus on last hitting from range , if she jumps on you pop your w and snare and run away .Rush a Negatron Cloak and build it in to a Banshee's Veil ASAP.

Uhm He's an antimage like LB , and a bad match up , try not to exchange blows .. 1 silence and he can jump you , slow you and finish you off before you can say "OHH S*** ! "
You can harass him more early game , but NEVER EVER stay in lane with less than 60 % health :o
.Rush a Negatron Cloak and build it in to a Banshee's Veil ASAP.

So . Damn . Annoying , she needs 1 spell to kill your whole minion wave , shakes off any harass with Soul Siphon + Tormented Soil , can cut your combo in half with Black Shield .. not impossible to win , but she is gonna out-farm and out-lane you .

The list could go on ...

Mid game :

Usually starts at around 12~15 minutes for me.

You want to have your boots of choice and catalyst by now , and you should start building your Rabadon's

Whenever teamfights happen , try and stay at a safe distance , wither the enemy team down with your AoE , and melt their faces with your ulti if they try to run away . Your primary role here is to come in , burst , go back , burst again and so on , throw in your shield to cripple the enemies damage output snare the tanks to prevent them from stopping your assassin ... etc :) you have a mixed job between a supporter and a nuker :)
If you catch an enemy out of position coordinate with your teammates , if one of your team mates can pull off half as good as damage as you , it's a free kill !

Late game :

Your damage wont be THAT great unless you are fed , but your shield is gonna be soooooo op , if you manage to hit 2-3 allies with it before an aoe spell , and a lot of that damage is gonna be negated , you should focus on stealing baron whenever you get the chance , its easy with your ultimate :) ALWAYS stay with your team , and let the tank intimate first . YOU ARE SUPER SQUISHY never ever ever get too close to the fight.
If you Are fed , you can easily kill a squishy target within 2 seconds :D remember the full damage combo :P

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You made it this far ?! You sir/madam , are awesome =')

Well , thank you for reading my guide , i accept any feedback , if i can improve my guide in any way post a comment.

Thanks to :
jhoijhoi for her awesome guide to making a guide !
Thanks to riot for making that champion spotlight , all of the pictures are from there =')
Thanks to Shurelia for making lux .
Thanks to ClearDays for suggesting some major changes in the guide , and pointing out some of my mistakes :)

So uhm have fun with Lux guys :)

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Change log

5.1.2011 Guide Published .
5.1.2011 Added pages "Alternate skill order , if you have smart enemies or are bad with skillshots" and "Regarding morello's evil tome and some other items ... "
5.1.2011 Changed some major parts of the guide , and removed the "Alternate skill order , if you have smart enemies or are bad with skillshots" page .
9.2.2012 Updated , added tips& tricks for skills and fixed some grammar errors.