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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Paradajs

Lux - portable RPG

Paradajs Last updated on April 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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at start u should ask yourself, who do you want to play. standard lux with useless items as ROA or rylai? If yes, this build is definitely not for you. But if you enjoy dealing tones of damage with also being squishy as ****, you can go ahead. with this build I go 600 ap in 30-35 minutes, and im able to devastate enemy carry with single combo through mid and late game. Let me introduce you my way for portable RPG lux

and remember - you have to be agressive lux with big balls and also play careful to not get caught.

some stats for example

it works on ranked also, why not, but to be honest i dont enjoy ranking games

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Pros / Cons

Pros -

-good build provide high damage
-very useful in teamfights
-additional map control with cv
-able to steal nashor/dragon/blue/red kinda easy with not making u in danger situation
-ranged auto attack with your passive can make easy to get early game frag
-one of best lane partner and also hard enemy on mid
-low combo cooldown
-shield make karthus or ingiters very annoyed
-good cc

Cons -

-need a lot of self-preservation
-cooldown dependent
-wards are your real friends so you have to buy them cause u got noobmates who dont -.-
-hard to play against all tough enemies
-easy to counter with banshee's veil
-need good dps that can do **** when enemies rush mr

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for marks i take standard Greater Mark of Magic Penetration x 9 to get ~30 mp with Sorcerer's Shoes. with that im alowed to penetrate all magic res for most of squishy champs whos dont work for they magic resistance

as seals i take Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration x9 to get some early game mana regen that help me with use (but not spam) my spells more often

glyphs - 2 ways - Greater Glyph of Ability Power x9 or Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction x9. I use flat ability power to get better start in early. i remember a lot of situations that was like ^&%^&$&^%*&^$ !! he got 10 hp !! . until i took flat ability, this situation is not that often, and if it happend i dont blame and know if i didnt got those runes, he would run at 20 hp. good to know you will deal some more dmg early that is base spell damage

quintessences - 2 ways - Greater Quintessence of Ability Power x3 or Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration x3. I use flat ability power cause i got enough magic penetration. you have to remember penetration is not reduction so it wont make enemy resist lower than 0

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standard 9-0-21
most important:
- Archaic Knowledge - cause you sometimes will be made to build void staff for harder champions
- Haste - nice to improve your only one escape ability
- Mystical Vision - longer duration, lower cooldown
- Intelligence - some cdr
- presence of the master - spam cv more

please say me you dont want to go defensive masteries ;x

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with building her i got my first core and second core build that i never change


i start with Meki Pendant to get early mana regen and 2 healt pots. then i build my Tear of the Goddess to have no more mana problems (hell yeah. now i can laugh at all luxs that take clarity, and omfg cost? 1000 gold) then i have to build Mejai's Soulstealer and Sorcerer's Shoes. which first? it depend . if you got enemy like lux, brand, or any other hard skillshoter or chaser i prefer to take boots first. if my enemy is for example tf or karthus i prefer to get my stacks earlier. why i dont take ionians? ffs every lux i see got those boots. what can I get with spaming laz0r and make enemies go to base and back regenerated? i prefer to kill, not to scare (also if all go well you will get that ****in 40% cdr from mejai, blue buff, masteries, or even runes)
im happy now, cause it was most boring thing that happen every game.


u have to get Rabadon's Deathcap before you get Archangel's Staff . trust me, it will provide more ability power in shorter time. if you are some fed you can snipe enemies with q e r now and dealing lethal damage. almost always when i get deathcap i got 9-16 mejai stacks. after successful feeding on enemies, if they didnt surrender yet, you are going to have archangel. It should be arround 30-35 min now. now you got 600 ap, and that amount for many players is enough. but not in this guide


enemies are balanced/squishies/rangers - you continue with 2 additional archangels, and if your mejai got less than 19 stacks when you can buy third archangel, you are going to sell book and buy staff to get enormous ability power instead of cdr. let me count. 1150 base mana, 1000 from tear, 1600 from 4 archangels. 3750*12% = 450 450(ap from mana*4 archangels)+180(ap from archangels)+155(ap from rabadon)+30(masteries and runes)=815. then i have to add 30%ap bonus from rabadon so there we got 1060 ap, and you can always use a blue potion that gain at all ~~80 ap or take nashor, that give another 80 ap. po po po po po po power

enemies are tough/melee - you are going to buy Void Staff first (need at least 2 enemies with >100 mr), then continue with Lich Bane to allow you make more damage but you will be made to come closer.


- almighty Rod of Ages! hmmmm, not. health - you dont need, mana - got enough , ap - silly amount, no kick-*** passive or active ... that you buy one or two hp items dont make you tough. you are still going down fast if trapped, so i find it as a waste of item slot

- Rylai's Crystal Scepter - why do you want to slow death enemies? or why you want to slow sneared enemies? or why do you want to slow after slow enemies? i find this item good but not on this champ. also ap amount is so dammit low

- Deathfire Grasp - only one situation when you may want to get this against 5 tank enemies. but this item got lower range than your all spell, so you will not be alowed to use it while your comboing from behind a wall. remember - enemie is near, so one of you two have to die. i'd rather that was that stupid shako.

- Zhonya's Hourglass - you got shield that absorb moar dmg than shen ult. so why the **** you want to get this? they got fed karthus? ok, that is only one situation when i allow you to use this padawan

- Morello's Evil Tome - good item if only ap amount was 400 instead of 75. just not enough nuke, we dont need cdr that much as more ap

- Abyssal Mask - emmmm, does it work only when you are near enemy? yes it does. next please

- Haunting Guise - good item but i find it as waste of very important early game cash

- Will of the Ancients - you shouldnt take dmg that you will need spell vamp as karthus that have to come closer and try to stay alive. but it would be nice if your tank/support can get this one (also with abyssal)


yes! get this when your game is very dynamic, but if enemies or your team is goin to ambush all time, just forget this one

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Summoner Spells


- Clairvoyance - when i got game with this one i said it is must. this spell allow you to control half of already-need-to-know-is-this-bush-clear-or-not. pros: allow to know were are those 10 hp guys running, then snipe with ult. frag out of ****in nowhere; allow to check jungle to get info or even steal monster; allow to know is that place you want to rush is noob-free or not; allow you to know where enemies are goin to go, which lanes etc. throw at platform at 10 sec.

- Ghost - we have to have something to escape. snear + ghost is good combination for that.pros: when you are chasing your spell range and see that 10 hp guy is faster than you, u dont have enough time to cast and hit with ult, just go with ghost, get some range then shoot; allow you to gank from mid faster. one combo from bush or behind a wall and come back lane. your ganks should be one minion wave

- Flash - thing better than ghost is you can ignore wall or minions to snear. thing worst is that snear + flash is worse on open ground than snear + ghost


Clarity , Heal , Exhaust , Ignite , Teleport , Cleanse , Fortify
coment - useless for this champ or there are better spells


Smite , Rally , Revive

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Skill Sequence

Illumination - your passive - good to abuse this early. also if game is not that late now, and you dont have enough ap to kill, use Q - passive - E - passive and rush back. but never use it against ranged dps, or casters that didnt throw they combo yet that have bigger range than you (caitlyn, mf, leblanc, kassadin etc) cause you will lose more than you deal, and your point is not to lose hp - you have no lifesteal or spell vamp. you have to be the boss and dont let them kill you
your range - 550

Light Binding - Q - deal a bit higher dmg than E, but it is also harder to hit. dont harras with it, only when you are 99% sure you will hit. it is only waste of mana, and without it you are easy target (yeees, that yi is only waiting for you to waste your Q :> ) . start spam it when you got your Tear of the Goddess .

Prismatic Barrier - W - your defensive spell. i always take it at 4 when enemies/enemy on lane got ignite or any damage over time (malzahar, cassiopeia etc). also good to take if there are some of that gay champions with gay ultimates like karthus or caitlyn. shield protect everybody starting from you that cross it way, then back and shield again. with this build in late game every your single shield tough provide more dmg absorb than Shen ultimate but on low lvl it absorb almost nothing so i manage to take this on lvl 13

Lucent Singularity - E - main harras spell. i try to spam this at lvl 3 or 5 because on lvl 1-2 it deal minimum dmg with big mana cost. BUT that doesnt mean you shouldnt throw this anytime until u got 3. u have enough mana regen to hit with it 3 or 4 and stay with full mana. just to let them know whos the boss. when you got more than 40 ap, you can clear all minion mages with your E + passive on lvl 5, and if you have 0 ap, you can do this at lvl 7. it isvery helpful to get farm on pointless lanes for example soraka + nidalee

finales funkeln - R - this is what every lux player loves. if you throw it with using your clairvoyence remember that enemy may be running with mapclick and dont pay patience so if you shoot perpendicular to enemy target it with a little advance. remember also that red beam is not an area it damage. it is some fatter, so if enemy is running near wall, try to clsoe him to give him not chances to avoid. if enemy is running straight from you fire it through him. also you have to remember about enemy champions abilities, for example vlads blood lake or ezreals spell flash. make sure that abilities are already on cooldowns or you might fail your ultimate, where on low lvl it take so long to get another one


early game - Q, passive, E, passive or just E E E E E E
mid game - Q E Q E R or with mates Q E R
late game - Q E R or Q E

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Noob Tips For Noobs (Some Spam)

Akali: worthless until 6, when she hit 6, she propably may be greedy. snear at turret, E at smoke bomb
Alistar: if he got flash care on early lvl, cause he may knock u at his turret. crush him by range
Amumu: if he cant catch u with his bandage, u win, if he can, care at 6 cause he may get all ur hp with his combo. crush by range
Anivia: buy boots asap, make sure she cant hit u with any of her spell. when she got ult she begin being a problem cause she will abuse her ult + icycle . facing her sometimes will make u know her playstyle. every anivia play the same. snear at turret, or kill her at her
Annie: if she know what she do, ur in deep ****. one of best nukers. care of ignite + flash. play defensive and TRY to show her ur dont want to make her dominate.
Ashe: if she got exhaust dont let her crit u first . ashe do insane 250 dmg . if not, just let her and get peace of mind. after lvl first should be seriously easy. crush with range
Blitzcrank: he will try to grab u every 15 sec. get boots asap. hard lane, if only u know you should have flash. dominate with range
Brand op op op op. . . . hmmmm not? ofc not, if only u got boots. you have to be very mobile, and very careful. able to dominate but hard
Caitlyn: ^%$#$%#^&$#% 58#56#%&48 %&#*74#67 . Avoid her Q ant try to not miss your E . only one way to dominate. dont step into her cookies. and dont use your passive
Cassiopeia: take shield, boots, avoid her spells, and use yours
Cho'Gath: boots. avoid and farm. u can try to kill him on early but honestly it is waste of mana. pointless lane
Corki: crush with your damage and range. if he flash to you just make sure you are in your minions, he wont have enough damage. at 6 be more mobile to avoid his missles. crush with range
Dr. Mundo: avoid his cleavers, and farm. if he come to you snear. care of lvl 6 dive
Evelynn: if eve is some fed take oracle or visions. she cant get you. everytime when enemies got stealther i fail. and even if you got oracle care of her ult + ghost + flash. try to spam her.
Ezreal: stay by crieps and spam. if he flash to you he will get all minion fire on him, that can help you with fb. wait him for being greedy . he can use his flash spell to move when sneared
Fiddlesticks: you will crush him at late game. now farm, cause he is goin to drain minion. if he suddenly disapear at 6 check bush with cv or run. he ult u as every fiddle do
Galio: boots + mobile + E spam. care of his 6 and flash
Gangplank: use your combo without passive. dont allow to parley you.crush with range
Garen: spintowin trololololo .your snear should do all job. kinda pointless lane, farm as much as possible. care of dives
Gragas: boots are welcomed, you should spam with spells more than he, not hard not easy
Heimerdinger: dont rush him, cause ur squishy and his turrets are goin to do all job. crush him with your range, shouldnt be hard
Irelia: care of her especialy when she is on jungle and you are staying mid. as a melee should be easy but her heal and jump make annoyed
Janna: avoid her tornado, detonate your E quickly, sho she wont shield herself. as a squishy shouldnt be hard but with her movement speed you will miss every your spell
Jarvan IV: try to harras him and not get caught, especialy on lvl 6. crush with range
Jax: He is hard enemy on lane cause he is goin to deal dmg to get half of your hp on half a second and run easily to do this again after 10 sec. if you snear him, that dont change he will end his jump and deal you dmg
Karma: as a support karma is goin to shield and heal herself. try to deal more dmg than she heal and you might get a frag. not as hard but try to not stay at minions to not recive dmg from her shield on minions
Karthus: easy on range, stay mobile, dont let him closer your distance, and care of gay ultimate. take shield on lvl 4
Kassadin: this one i really dont like. good kassadinwill provide bigger harras tha you. before 6 you can try staying far away and spam him, but after hit 6 he is going to engage you and silence, and deal dmg that you will flame him all game. dmg > boots
Katarina: this one is one of noobbest champ ever. she will stay behind turret, throwing her daggers, regenerating with dorans shield and jump to you after she got 6. even unskilled player can do **** so seriously, if you got caitlyn on your team, ask her if she can go on mid insted of you. take shield, buy boots, stay away from minions to not get face dagger
Kayle: she got annoying ultimate and heal. if she heal more than you dmg her, just lie down on the job and farm crieps
Kennen: aggressive kennen is going to drive thru minions then throw shurkien and use lightnings. this one is seriously hard, get boots, try to avoid his coming closer, spam with E, wait for your Q
Kog'Maw: be mobile and kog is no problem. dont get closer and you should crush him with your spell range and damage.
LeBlanc: this furious ***** is a serious problem. she can lock spells on you, silence and avoid every your spell wtih her Distortion. try to stay at big range from her and throw your spells, but tbh you will land after your turret quicker then her at her. use your ultimate to make her back and allow you to crieping some
Lee Sinworthless if he cant aim you with his Q. boots are welcomed but not must. at 6 care to not land at his turret when he ultimate you
Lux: belive me or not but better lux it that who buy boots faster. boots are awesome counter for lux, i know that, i have played her a lot. u win if you hit more - simple. u can take shield to counter her passive when sneared
Malphite: hard one. you wont deal that dmg to make his shield of instant and he is going to engage you and spam his Seismic Shard. at lvl 6 he got instant frag, probable he is goin to target you. be VERY careful
Malzahar: happy Farmzahar is happy cause he farm and got insant frag on lvl 6. care of flash + ignite. stay away from minions and spam him. if all is done correctly, you should keep him under the turret
Maokai: get shield, get boots, and he become worthless. crush with range
Master Yi: underestimated enemy on mid. if he goes ap, farm, he is goin to heal all dmg. if ad try to not miss your spells and NEVER use your Q cause you will need it when he alpha strikes you. remember, master yi can deal 100 dmg every single attack on 1 lvl and he may double strike you or critical strike. 2 crits - your dead
Miss Fortune: avoid staying near crieps, spam your E and dont come closer cause she is goin to exhaust you and you instant dead then. her high movement speed make her hard to target. pay more patience
Mordekaiser: once i herd there is a posibility to kill morde on mid by lux. mehehehehe, keep patience on farming, snear him at turret, dont let him do whatever he wants with using your spells. shield might be useful
Morgana:until she dont have 7-9 lvl there is still possibility to kill her. spam spam spam spam, and do it fast, after hitting 7 by her she is going to restore heal on minions very fast. know that and know she will throw her W, that is your occasion to snear her and kill. boots make you untargetable by her
Nasus: e is goin to only laugh at you. srysly, farm crieps, stop hitting him, if he is not incedibely weak. but on early lvl abuse your auto attacks to make him go at turret. if you dont zone him correctly, on mid and late game it will be only "nasus > lux"
Nidalee: God, why her? pointless is hiting her at lvl higher than 3. farm crieps and gank as much as possible. i herd on bot turret there are 2 low hp guys :> thats your job dear lazorlady
Nocturne: he is that harder than every melee, u cant snear him if he know his job. so on mid game he will dive turrets as if it was nothing. if he got at least 2 frags he will feel almighty, and you are in deep *** especialy if they got all jungle warded. stick to your mates. you can always try a trick to throw your shield and make him to use his anti magic also. it works :> sometimes :>
Nunu:oh no, he is goin to spam with snowballs and heal so hard. care of him especially when he got flash. just play defensive. you can take shield, I would say it is recommended cause his snowball got slow animate so you will be able to put it on you when he throw.
Olaf:save your ghost to run from him, avoid throwed axes, get boots, spam to make him stay at turret.
Pantheon:if he got flash you have to be very careful. spam him with your E to make him not able to attack you. save your Q
Poppy:her passive make me nervous, her ulti also, and generally she is op. stay away from walls, snear at turret when she have no ult. keep big range from her, get ward when she is staying at bush all game
Rammus:dont let him come closer to you, use your Q wisely, and be more careful when he got flash. do E spam, care of 3 secound taunt
Renekton:he can easily come to you by spining twice. once by crieps and secon time at you. then he will want to stun you and kill. try to avoid staying nearby crieps. keep your Q for critical situation. abuse your E
Ryze:this guy is awesome caster dps so dont let him Q Q Q Q Q Q you all time. crush with your E range. care of flash + ignite combo
Shaco:if he goes ap buy on sight ward and place in bush, to make his jackes in the boxes a good way for your earning money (once this *** placed 10 jackes nearby my ward that allowed me to earn 100 gold with one E). if goes ad just make him hardly spammed to not allow him stealth and dagger you. especially care of this one if he jungle, get wards to protect yourself
Shen:spam him ;o
Singed:throw your Q when he come closer, then use standard combo with passive. repeat that until he is dead
Sion: he is very squishy. if you spam correctly with your range he is worthless (if only of course he have no flash/ignite/exhaust). remember that he has some more hp late game dont mean you cant one shot him :>
Sivir: she will be scared of goin out turret, only one way to get dominated by her is only when she abuse her magic shield. remember also that has big cooldown early lvl so if she avoid your first E doesnt matter she will do with your next E. get boots and be mobile to avoide her bumerang. also avoid staying at crieps to make her not allowet to ricochet you
Sona: spam her, she is goin to lose more mana with healing than you with spaming. also she is one of squishiest champs, so that your chance to get fed :>
Soraka: if lvl is higher than 3 just farm. she will regenerate her health and mana quicker than you. also keep ganking
Swain: kill him until he got 6. after 6 kill him also when he is oom. if he has rushed archangel, just keep crieping, snear him at turret, whatever, he shouldnt be problem for you
Taric: you can keep spaming but only if your mate is ready to spam also. make him oom then kill. care of stun. should be easy/pointless
Teemo: hate this one. all because he is very fast early lvls, so it is hard to hit him and almost impossible when he got boots. but that dont change he is squishy and will go down fast. dont use your passive cause if you will come closer, he is goin to blind you and you wont be able to use your illumination. when he go bush, make him go out by clairvoyance nad E to prevent him shrooming
Tristana:omg she has heal and flash ;o spam her and know she can get you when you are low, so just dont be low or get her at turret
Trundle: hard enemy, all because he can get you whenever he want. spam him with E, keep your Q. you can take shield cause he have one damage-over-time spell
Tryndamere: he is squishy. even after 6 when you snear is used wisely he can be worthless. just do whatewer you want to do with him but not allow him get you. all philosophy
Twisted Fate: say me who dont love to face tf. squishy, your range > his range, easy to avoid his cards, he provide no dmg. it is your chance to get fed, do your job
Twitch:dont be scared when he is stealthing. your damage is much higher when he appear, so he is kinda like a twisted fate. your chance to get fed
Udyr:have you ever seen this guy on lane? anyway if yes spam him with E, sometimes get with Q, repeat until he is dead
Urgot:i dont ****in know why everybody say "oh no! urgot, im dead, cataclysm! armagedon!" lol, not. BUT FIRST ITEM YOU HAVE TO HAVE ARE BOOTS. you dont want to get meki now. just go abck base when go 1000 gold for tear. when you are mobile he wont hit you with this green splash, and he is squishy so it isnt that hard how everybody thinks. hey! but be careful , m'kay?
Veigar:worthless before 6, try to get advantage on early, in late never get in his range. just snipe from safe distance. facing veigar is not hard but you have to be very careful. as never, righ?
Vladimir:on mid lane remember before lvl 9 lux > vladimir . get advantage, spam him, remember he got his bloody lake that he can avoid your ult. make him to waste it for your E then, lasthit with ult. after lvl 9 facing him become pointless and frustrating he will dive you when you got 4/5 hp, you are really poor against him. try to put any dps mate on mid instead of you
Warwick:ye ye, magewick on lane. Q him, E him, kill him. his heal is not that hard yet so until 5 lvl killing him should be not a problem. care of him and his mates after he hit 6, cause he will be that annoyed that he will rush you whenever he will be able to
Xin Zhao:very dangerous, use your Q wisely, make him play def by spaming E. try to go with a tank on lane to make you safer. if he started playing def, just spam spam spam, and get a kill. in late game tray to snipe him first if he get fed, cause he can 2 shot you
Zilean:get your shield, spam him and he wont be annoying anymore.spam him and when he run, dont snipe him imidietly cause he will put ult, do it will shock few second later so he probable wont put revive on himself


red lines are place where you will love having teamfights. you can ultimate all enemies easily, that will give a huge advantage. if it is possible, try to lure enemies there

green points are places where you hide yourself to gank side lanes from mid. from this places you throw all your combo to poor enemies

violet points are places where should be wards. if you got wards there, you are not able to being ganked

when you are on mid and enemy team got jungle, try to search him with your cv especialy when you got lvl 6. once i remember i wanted to snipe vladimir(but he got still his boody lake), he have hidden under his turret, that i couldnt see him. i put my cv and? I found poor ramus hitting ghosts. i imidietly shoted my ult that gain me a frag and a blue buff. try to serch him as often as you dont need cv for your own

if you are on side lane nearby blue buff put a ward (yes you bought meki and one ward instead of potions) at blue when you hit 4 lvl . if enemy jungler is greedy he will try to grab your buff :> its ganking time!

when i play lux if i get my first core item build i stop farming. im in every sinngle action, every teamfight. try to keep safe range from your amtes, especialy if they are rushing enemy bushes as rambo. that allow me to get most of kills and most of assists almost every game (yay, nobody can say imma ks'er :> ), and have my mejai high stacked all time. when i perfectly know im almighty i go with 3 wards to enemy jungle (ofc clairvoyence first. i dont wanna die :< ), ward 3 bushes around me and im staying for frag. if squishy come, hes dead, if tank come, i just do safely tactical rush back

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i hope you enjoyed, im sorry for my bad english, imma not an english language guy.
i wait for your coments and questions.
and dont whine this build have no survi items, because this is for true bazooka nukers with commando lux, that enjoy something more than rightclick enemy in combat
see ya