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Lux Build Guide by 3mptied

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 3mptied

Lux Support - Light the way for your team!

3mptied Last updated on August 19, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Utility: 21

Threats to Lux with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Janna Not much of a threat. Play aggressive when her shield is on cooldown.
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Hi everyone, I'm 3mptied. I've mained Lux ever since I've started League of Legends. She is my favorite champion and I think she's a really fun champion to play. I've played her both as mid and support, and i think she does a great job in both roles. I've read many Lux guides, but there aren't as many Lux Support guides, so I decided to make one myself. This is my first guide so any feedback would be much appreciated.

I think Lux can be a great support. I hope you enjoy reading this guide as much as I enjoyed writing it!

This is the way I play Lux Support, so if you disagree with me, please comment a reasonable explanation, I'm always looking for ways to improve my guide. I will include a FAQ if needed.

By the way, this is still a WIP (Work in Progress). It means I'll keep adding, removing or changing content to improve my guide.

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Pros / Cons

  • Very long range abilities!
  • Good Poke and Harass!
  • One of the best shields in-game!
  • Avoid Ganks with double snare!
  • 2 abilities grant vision!
  • Final Spark to snipe fleeing enemies!
  • Final Spark to steal objectives!
  • Fun way to support!
  • Backup AP caster!
  • Really squishy...
  • Long cooldowns... (not counting Final Spark)
  • Early-game mana problems...
  • All abilities are skillshots...

Lux has long-range abilities and uses it to her advantage to poke effectively. Her Light Binding can be used to snare two people, useful when being ganked. Lucent Singularity and Final Spark grant vision. Final Spark can be used to kill fleeing enemies or to steal objectives, such as baron or dragon , or even buffs (it has a short cooldown anyway). Lux can Prismatic Barrier shield all the team twice, giving up to thousands of effective health. Plus, she's really fun to play in the support role.

On the down side, Lux is really squishy and has long cooldowns, especially for her Light Binding, so if you miss it, you greatly lower your chances to get out alive, or getting a kill. Lux uses a lot of mana, which can be a problem early-game. All Lux's abilities are skillshots, so you need some practice (practise?) to land those. But by personal experience, the hardest skillshot to land is Prismatic Barrier, you need some good synergy with your AD Carry, because they seem to try and dodge the shield.

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The masteries are preferential. However, I recommend using these.

Utility tree

The extra movement speed helps with roaming, returning to lane or saving teammates.

Lux's mana pool is really small. This helps a lot in the early-game, as her spells' mana costs are high.

As you will be placing wards the entire game, this may help in warding, especially when warding over a wall.

It reduces your summoner spells' cooldowns, meaning you'll be able to use Flash and Exhaust more frequently!

It increases the duration of potions. More sustain!

With this, your potions (well, biscuits), now instantly give you health and mana when used.

This is great for supports. Extra gold income is very good as you'll not have the luxury of farming gold from minions.

Extra gold when an ally gets CS!

Extra starting gold to buy and extra potion, or buy a ward!

Free gold for poking and harassing? Great!

Lux is really mana-hungry early-game. So this will help her stay in lane a bit longer.

Stacks with the passive of Boots of Mobility. Better roaming!

Offensive tree

Extra cooldown reduction to help you only in the early-game. No need for it in the late game because with items you'll easily reach the 40% cooldown reduction cap.

Your allies deal more damage to a target after you've dealt damage to them with a spell. It's great.

Extra ability power per level is great for a Lux that won't have that much Ability Power as an AP Carry.

Extra Ability Power for harassing and poking more effectively early-game.

I use 9 points on the offensive tree rather than on the defensive tree, because Lux is still as squishy with some defensive stats, though she takes less damage and thus can sustain a bit more, the extra damage will benefit her more than the extra defense.

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Summoner Spells

I always use these.


I think Exhaust is a must have summoner spell for supports. It puts the target in a huge disadvantage by reducing their damage, attack speed, movement speed, armor and magic resistance. It helps secure a kill, save lives or even turn the tide of a teamfight.


Flash has so many uses: jumping over walls, juking enemy spells, gap closing and escaping. I don't see why you would not use it (maybe Ghost is more useful for certain champions). For Lux, a champion that doesn't have any escape spells, just her snare, which can be missed, it is a must have.

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Lux's Abilities


Illumination is Lux's passive. This passive does a lot of damage early-game. It's a great ability for the laning phase as it let's Lux harass and poke effectively. Basically, Lux's damaging spells apply an Illumination debuff onto the enemies. Lux's next basic attack or Final Spark to that enemy will proc it, dealing extra magic damage.

Light Binding

Light Binding is Lux's Q ability. It is a line skillshot that will damage and snare up to two enemies. The second enemy receives half of the effect. This ability applies the Illumination debuff, so try and auto-attack right after (don't put yourself in danger while doing so!). Tip: you can snare an enemy through a minion, so if you've got the chance to do so, go ahead! It will make them feel insecure even behind their own minions.

Prismatic Barrier

Prismatic Barrier is Lux's W ability. It is a boomerang skillshot, meaning it goes in a straight line, and when it reaches max range, it returns to the champion. Lux throws her wand, shielding herself and everyone in it's path, upon reaching max range, it goes back to Lux, refreshing the shield to everyone in its path again, including herself. In laning phase, shield yourself and your AD Carry before a trade. In a teamfight, try to hit as many as posible. Remember the shield returns after max range, so if you didnt hit someone with your shield, try positioning yourself so that you shield him/her in its returning path.
Tip: When shielding only yourself while escaping, the direction at which you throw the shield may be vital: when, running, throwing the shield in front of you causes the shield to return faster because you are moving towards it, thus, refreshing the shield earlier. But, when throwing it behind you, the shield refreshes later. Depending on what you need, you should throw it in front or behind.

Lucent Singularity

Lucent Singularity is Lux's E ability. It is a ground-targeted AoE skillshot which slows enemies in the area. After 5 or reactivation will cause the singularity to explode, dealing magic damage. This is your main damaging spell. It also applies the Illumination debuff upon explosion. Use this to poke from a very far and safe distance. In the laning phase, try not to hit minions if you're not trying to push the lane. In teamfights or while chasing, as a support, you shouldn't primarily use it for the damage, but for the utility it provides, the slow, explode it when enemies are about to reach the border of the singularity.
Use Lucent Singularity to check bushes, objectives or in the fog of war, it's a great vision tool.
In the laning phase, don't use this too often as its mana cost is pretty high.

Final Spark

Final Spark is Lux's ultimate (R ability). It's a line AoE skillshot which damages enemies in its path. It channels for half a second before firing a lazer that deals lots of magic damage. It procs the Illumination debuff and applies it again. It grants vision of the area and can damage champions, minions and even monsters, so it's a great tool to steal objectives, like dragon or baron . It has an incredibly low cooldown (30 seconds at max level and with 40% CDR), so don't be afraid to use it often, even if it's just for wave clearing or even just for the vision!

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Lux's Combos

In this section I want to show you some useful combos to use when trying to deal damage. These are used to poke and harass but also to burst the enemy health bar so your AD Carry can pickup the kill. Note that these combos can be used/are used by AP Carry Mid Luxs, either to poke/harass or to kill.

>> auto-attack
>> proc passive (always put together with another icon)
>> Lux's Q ( Light Binding)
>> Lux's W ( Prismatic Barrier)
>> Lux's E ( Lucent Singularity) (first time means place Lucent Singularity, second time means explode it.)
>> Lux's R ( Final Spark)

General combos

These combos are pretty easy, but I'll mention them anyways, for new players. These combos always proc the passive to maximize the effect.

General combo #1
Snare the opponent than quickly proc the passive with an auto-attack.

General combo #2
>> >>
Throw Lucent Singularity onto the opponent than quickly explode it. Immediately follow with an auto-attack to proc Illumination.

General combo #3
>> >> >> >>
Snare the opponent and place Lucent Singularity on him/her. Auto-attack to proc the passive. Then explode Lucent Singularity and follow with another auto-attack to proc the passive.

Quick Combos

These combos don't care whether or not you proc the passive, they just deal some quick damage to the enemy. Of course, if you have the chance, you can proc the passive if it's safe to do so!

Quick combo #1
>> >>
Snare the opponent and you have time to throw Lucent Singularity and explode it.

Quick combo #2
>> >>
If you're to far to do Quick combo #1, try this: Throw Lucent Singularity onto the opponent so it slows them down. When you're close enough, snare them. And then explode Lucent Singularity.

Kill combos

These combos are to set up a kill or just do massive damage. Can also be used to harass or poke!

Kill combo #1
>> >> >>
Snare the enemy and throw Lucent Singularity on him/her. Blast the enemy with Final Spark, which also procs Illumination. Then, explode Lucent Singularity. If you were a full AP Carry Lux, this combo would be enough to kill other AP Carries or AD Carries but, as a Lux Support, this will be enough to bring the enemy health bar low enough for your AD Carry to get the kill.

Kill combo #2
>> >> >> >>
Same as Kill combo #1 but finishing with proccing Illumination for extra damage.

Kill combo #3
>> >> >> >> >>
This is the maximum damage Lux can do in a single combo. It's the same as above but proccing another passive for extra damage.


Lux's combos are very situational. Whether or not to proc a passive may mean you should die or not, or may mean your team will get the kill or not. So the best way to know which combo to use and when to use it is by practice and experience (that also means doing risky things to see if it's worth doing it again).

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Core Items

In my opinion, Talisman of Ascension is better than Frost Queen's Claim. Though it doesn't give you Ability Power, nor does it give you extra damage on enemy champions, it gives you more mana regeneration, and gives you health regeneration and movement speed. It's passive and active is what makes Talisman of Ascension better than Frost Queen's Claim. It's passive gives you extra gold and health when a nearby minion dies. It's active gives you and nearby allies bonus speed. But, this is my preference and others might prefer Frost Queen's Claim, it's also good.

Sightstone is a must-have item for any support. It essentially a gold income item, because every ward you place with it, you save 75 gold. As Lux, I don't usually build this into a Ruby Sightstone until it's the last item to upgrade, as she doesn't need the extra health, she'll be squishy no matter how much health you give her. Also, replace Warding Totem with Sweeping Lens once you get Sightstone. And remember to ALWAYS upgrade you trinket when you can (NOT ONLY AS SUPPORT, every other role should do it too).

Best boots for Support Lux. It gives her a lot of mobility. If I have 800 gold, after sighstone, i get these boots before Frost Queen's Claim. Don't get Sorcerer's Shoes as Lux Support doesn't need the Magic Penetration.

Athene's Unholy Grail

Get this after your core items, starting with Chalice of Harmony. Athene's Unholy Grail grants cooldown reduction, magic resistance and mana regeneration. As well as a unique passive which grant mana on kill or assist. I'd get this over Morellonomicon because I really think the passive is more valuable for Lux than the passive on morellonomicon.

Last two items

The last two items should totally be situational. Here are some examples, and why and when to grab these. Also note that I like to reach the 40% cooldown reduction cap, so I can spam snares, shields and lasers! 30% cooldown reduction comes from Frost Queen's Claim or Talisman of Ascension and Athene's Unholy Grail so you just need 10% more.

Get this if you're having trouble against AD champions like Zed. It gives you armor and Ability Power, plus that awesome 2.5 seconds of invincibility can save you life. (No cooldown reduction comes with this item)

This item is great for many supports. It gives survivability to you and your team, because it gives health, magic resistance and an aura which grants nearby allies more magic resistance and health regeneration. Plus, it's active shields you and nearby allies. Definetely recomemded. (10% cooldown reduction)

This is an interesting item. It gives you Ability Power and Movement Speed. It's active is what is really good: It summons two ghosts that try to reach the two nearest enemies. If they touch an enemy champion, it slows him/her and reveals him/her. If they don't they try to return to the owner, reducing its cooldown. (10% cooldown reduction)

Definetely a useful item but, I wouldn't get this unless I were against a heavy Crowd Control team (with champions like Leona, Amumu, Morgana and others). Why? Because its stats are not that good in this build. For example, its unique passive gets cancelled because Athene's Unholy Grail has the same unique passive (because unique passives with the same name don't stack). You get enough mana from Athene's Unholy Grail so the mana regeneration it provides is not all that useful. And it gives no AP, which Lux definitely needs. So it is a very situational item (10% cooldown reduction)

This item is really useful on Lux. Though it doesn't give that much Ability Power and, as mentioned before, the mana regeneration isn't useful, it gives you movement speed and a great passive which grant allies you shield bonus attack speed and on-hit magic damage for 6 seconds. For Lux it's great because she can shield the entire team at once, thus giving the entire team the bonus stats. (10% cooldown reduction)

This item. It revives you when you die! It's really great if you die constantly in teamfights. It gives you armor and magic resistance. (no cooldown reduction)

This item is useful. I wouldn't get this is if I have Locket of the Iron Solari, because I wouldn't need extra health, also, the unique passive aura doesn't stack. It's a very expensive item for supports, but if you find yourself getting many assists, I would recommend this item.

Boots Enchantment

Gives you health and mana when returning to base, plus a lot of speed that decays over time. You'll be able to return to lane a lot faster.

Pick this if you are roaming constantly, a bit more movement speed means you can roam better.

Reduces the cooldown of your Flash. Plus gives you bonus movement speed when you use Flash. Pick this if you find yourself needing flash often (either for escaping or for chasing).

This expensive enchantment gives your allies bonus movement speed when running towards you, useful if you're running to save their lives. I don't recommend this item because the three enchantments above this one are better in my opinion.

This gives you bonus movement speed when hitting with a basic attack or single-target spell. Lux doesn't benefit from this effectively because she has to hit with basic attacks to receive the bonus speed. I would only recommend this for champions that rely on basic attacks to deal damage (like Jinx). So don't get this.

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Roaming and ganking as Lux works really well. While roaming, you can ward the path you're using to gank other lanes, thus having more vision on the map. As Lux, ganking top is not recommended, as the top laners will completely destroy you if they get too close, plus, you're too far from the dragon pit and bot lane. So you should gank mid.

Blue: gank this way if you're in blue team.

Red: gank this way if you're in red team.

Pink: Vision Ward here recommended.
An example of what you should do while ganking: Snare the opponent, pop Lucent Singularity and proc both passives to deal some damage along with your mid laner. Or do a kill combo onto the enemy so that they receive massive damage so that your mid laner can finish them off.
Don't be afraid to use your ult if you're confident that your teammate(s) will get the kill, it has a short cooldown anyway.

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The End

Thanks for reading this guide. I hope you've learned a new way of playing Lux or how to play her well in the Support role. I also hope you've liked it.

I'll repeat that this is my first guide, so if any of you have any tips, or you've seen any errors or possible improvements, please comment :)
Any feedback will be much appreciated!

I have to say thanks to jhoijhoi's Making a Guide guide because it has helped me greatly on making this guide.

Have a nice day! ;)