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Lux Build Guide by Humvoffla

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Humvoffla

LUX: Vaporizing mid lane

Humvoffla Last updated on December 3, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 0


Utility: 9

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-> Introduction

Hello everyone, my name is Humvoffla and I am here to present you with my Lux guide!

First of all I'm happy you are interested in Lux which, accordingly to me is the funniest and most rewarding champion yet to set foot in the League of Legends universe.

I have only picked up MOBA games until very recently and I am only up to about 500 games normal and 50 or so ranked so take my guide for what it is worth. I am by no means a pro but to have played this game as little as I have I fare well in almost every game.

This is my first guide I publish because I feel like I have a good grasp on this particular champion. I look forward to hear what you think about it and I very much appreciate comments, tips on what to improve and constructive criticism!


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-> Lux in a whole

Lux has always been my favorite champion to play mainly due to the fact that every spell is a skill shot which greatly rewards fast fingers, good reaction time and awareness. Skill shots adds a dimension of excitement and every encounter plays out different, you always learn something new from every skirmish which in turn greatly improve you as a player in whole.

To me Lux also has that feeling of being tuned to perfection.
1. Her spells are just the right range
2. Her auto attack animation is crisp
3. Her movement speed combined with quints and boots just feels right

I could go on and on but you get the idea.

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-> Pros / Cons





SPACESPACE + Long range skills
+ Crisp auto-attack animation
+ Scales well into late game
+ High mobility
+ Fun to play
+ Exciting
+ High burst combo
+ Great ultimate
+ Slow and snare
- Mana trouble
- Trouble against gap closing bruisers
- Trouble against hard pushers
- Dependent on successful skill shots
- Requires high awareness

Guide Top

-> When to play Lux

This is a general outline on what champions you should/shouldn't pick Lux to play against. This is all very dependent on your overall team-type. You could, for example completely shut down Kassadin in mid with good jungle support but you will get destroyed without. LeBlanc will dominate you but with a quick gank and a Banshee's Veil you might win for example. Morgana is a very hard pusher but if she plays passively you will easily win etc. Exception goes for Galio, never ever play Lux against Galio :)


SPACESPAC You will die SPACESPACES Hard pushers with a lot of HP SPACES High mobility, high burst


SPACESPA Requires gank SPACESPACESPACES Similar to you SPACESPACESPA Annoying poke/pushers



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-> Items and summoner spells

SSummoner spells:

S SPACESPACE SP Finisher if you know you can be aggresive or against bruisers such as Dr. Mundo.
S SPACESPACE SP Utility if you want to be a asset to your team. Teleport to wards for snares and easy kills.

SPStarter items:


SPA This is my personal favorite. These starter items builds into a quicker Chalice of Harmony and the added mana regen lets you stay longer in lane. The potions also helps you to stay in lane along with the ward to prevent ganks.


SPACE Even after the nerf Crystalline Flask is still incredibly good and will save you alot of money towards the midgame. This is a very viable choice if you want to stay in lane as long as possible.


x3 SPA Boots and pots is always a viable choice.

SAMid game:

SPA SPACESPAC I will pick up a a chalice against pretty much every popular midlane champion right now. The magic resist coupled with the added sustain (mana regeneration) it provides helps alot to stay ahead in both creeps and the ability to survive burst champions such as Katarina.

SPA SPACESPAC If I am playing against a very sustain oriented team or in lane against Swain for example I will replace Chalice of Harmony with this item. We get it so we can rush Morellonomicon which is a great item to prevent sustain champions from surviving your burst. This item also builds into Deathfire Grasp if you need to fill the role as a glass cannon.

SPA SPACESPAC There's a constant debate on whether to get Sorcerer's or Ionian Boots of Lucidity. I always get my Sorcerer's because otherwise you'll be running with a measly 8.55 magic penetration which is a no-no. You gain CDR through items and there is only 2 suitable magic penetration items for Lux, we need them.


SPA SPACESPAC A go-to item to get as Lux. Doran's Ring is very cheap, cost effective and has the MP/5 you need. You shouldn't be afraid to pick one up, especially if you are ahead.

SPLate game:

SPA SPACESPAC Athene's Grail is incredible and a core item for Lux. Lux has mana issues, this item solves that problem. It adds 20% CDR which is super important for Lux along with 60AP and 40MR. The stats coupled with the passive means you pretty much never run out of mana.
SPA SPACESPAC A situational item that I replace Athene's Unholy Grail with. I use it versus sustain champions such as Dr. Mundo, Swain, Volibear and others. It offers less in terms of mana sustain and it does lack magic resist, otherwise it's pretty much a identical item to Grail. It is also 400 gold cheaper.

SPA SPACESPAC I have experimented with all sorts of different items but Rabadon's exceeds in every aspect. The flat AP increase makes you a force to be reckoned with and sets you up in a nice way towards the lategame.

SPA SPACESPAC Lich Bane is a perfectly suited item for Lux and is something you should aim to get in every game. AP/Mana and that oh so important movement speed is a perfect mix of stats for Lux. The thing that makes this item godly though is the passive effect of Lich Bane + Lux's passive ( Illumination). With maxed items a simple auto attack will do a whopping 915 damage.

SPA SPACESPAC Boosts your damage tremendously and makes your laser cut through the opposing team like butter. Void Staff coupled with runes and Sorcerer's Shoes is all the spell penetration you will need.

SPA SPACESPAC 120 flat AP and 50 armor completes our build and at this point Lux is a absolute beast. The active is there to save us seeing as we will be a power house and the enemy team will be trying to pick us of first.

SPACE All of these are good, depends on the situation you are in. If you are getting chased alot pick Alacrity. If the game is stalled and the game is dependent on big team fights pick Distortion or if you need to defend quickly or backdoor pick Homeguard.


SPA SPACESPAC As I explained further up, I will pickup Deathfire Grasp if our team is lacking burst, the opponents are too tanky or if I want to finish of my Kage's Lucky Pick if I went that route. In contrast to popular belief, Deathfire grasp is actually pretty damn good on Lux. AP and CDR is the 2 most important stats on Lux. The most frequent argument on why Deathfire Grasp is bad is due to the "fact" that you have to be up in peoples faces to make use of the active. The active range is 750 (150 more than Ignite) which is more than sufficient.

SPA SPACESPAC After further inspection and testing (along with the 5% CDR nerf) I no longer find Nashor's tooth worth to pick up as a core item. It is still really good coupled with Lich Bane though.

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-> Masteries

My masteries are pretty self-explanatory but
I'll go through the small details anyhow.

In the offence tree I pick Expose Weakness
because you normally hit alot of targets with
your spells alas it is a small DPS gain in teamfights/ganks.

I also get Spell Weaving because Lux relies
alot on auto attack especially in the early levels

I pick everything else AP oriented, nothing weird-
normal stuff. Cooldown reduction, spell penetration,
damage increase, AP/lvl, flat AP and 3% increased
damage all of which is useful for Lux.

In utility I get Fleet of Foot because
MS is a superb stat for Lux.

I get Meditation because you need the
extra mana-sustain. Alchemist because
you start with alot of pots.

I finish up my masteries with Runic Affinity
to get extra length on the blue buff which is
very vital for Lux.

Guide Top

-> Runes


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

--I go with magic penetration glyph's which scales very nicely
--throughout the game as is a obvious choice for any AP champion.

--I use replenishment seals to have that mana regeneration Lux so desperately need throughout
--the early to mid game stages which is why I go with plain MP/5 instead of MP/5/lvl.

--I get AP/lvl glyph's because Lux does not need that initial high
--burst damage seeing as you will be aiming to farm. You can also get flat MR glyphs if you are against a pokey champions such as syndra/ziggs

--I use movement speed quintessences because I feel that MS is very important when playing Lux.
--This is a personal preference, you could also go with flat AP runes. But I recommend trying it.

Guide Top

-> Skills and sequence

Level 1:
Level 2:
Level 3:
Level 4:
Level 5:
Level 6:
SPACE (1st point here due to invades/getting caught out of position)

(I pick barrier against bullies, for example Ziggs or Gragas)

Skill sequence should go in this order:
-> -> ->

Guide Top

-> Creeping and awareness

Lux is a very farm oriented champion in the early to mid stages in the game. Your main goal will be to pick up every single creep for a minimum of 15 minutes, only casting your Lucent Singularity on top of creeps when you know you can damage your opponent or when you are getting heavily creep pushed.

Farming is the number one thing people take for granted more than anything. Every creep counts. Lux is fairly weak early game so keep that in mind, your main focus should be creeps above anything else. There is few mid champions you will be able to go toe to toe/get kills on early on so just poke instead. Did you land a
Light Binding? Perfect, launch a auto-attack, Lucent Singularity, auto-attack and then back off. Your auto attacks won't finish him off and you have too little CDR yet to be able to chase them down but they will be low and forced to play passively until pots have kicked in or even better, they returned to base; more farm for you.

As you are entering the mid-game and gotten Rabadon's Deathcap you will start clearing creeps with a single Lucent Singularity. This is the time when Lux shines and you should start pushing your lane hard, clearing wraith camps and making your presence known by roaming both top and bottom lane. You need to take advantage of time when your mid opponent is missing (either backed off to shop or MIA). Push the lane and then head straight back towards your tower, making sure you are out of range of minion vision so they don't know which direction you will be headed.

Roaming top-lane is generally considered high risk/high reward and you should only assist your top-lane teammate if he is getting pushed, outfarmed or ganked. In higher ELO, top water will generally be warded (unless you have a jungler with oracle). I usually move through their jungle but only if you see or know that their jungler is bottom or dead. This way you can make use of their tri-bush and catch their top-lane off guard.

Roaming bottom-lane is a more safe option because there are more ways to escape and you can always get assistance from your bot-lane duo if you get caught in a 1v1. I head bottom-lane every chance I get even though I know they have a ward, especially if I had a good early-game. Your presence will result in interesting scenarios. It will force your opponents bottom lane to play passively, making creeping easier for your own duo. You and your jungler might catch their jungler or mid off-guard and secure a kill for easier dragon control/kill. If bottom-lane is unwarded and you get a good jump you are almost guaranteed a easy kill or at the very least make their bottom-lane duo waste flash. If I had a good early game or if I am up against a very blue dependent champion (Gragas or Anivia for example) I will pick up a additional ward and place it in their blue grass on my way back to lane (only if I know the whereabouts on the opposite team) and then try to steal it with my - Final Spark. This is a very detrimental move against your mid opponent and you will be very ahead in a matter of minutes.

Map awareness:

This is the two places I usually ward when playing Lux. Their wraith camp and their side bush. When to start getting wards is very different from game to game but I try to pick up 2 when I know I can quickly dispatch of wraith camps (usually after needlessly large rod) or when I know I'll get the blue buff from our jungler.

Warding these 2 positions makes you safe to grab your own wraith's and thus keep myself against the bottom water or even escape that way if I get jumped from our top jungle. I don't have to be paranoid about bottom bush except playing against Shaco/Twitch or Evelynn of course. I also keep track of their creep camp. If I happen to push the lane a little more than I'd like I can sneak in and grab their big wraith and then return to lane either via water or though our side bush when the following conditions apply:

SPA- Water is not warded (watch the movement of your opponent)
SPA- I know the general whereabouts of their jungler

I try to pick up every wraith camp I can, especially when I have blue. The extra gold provided may just win us the game.

Each time a opportunity presents itself (ex: mid is mia) I roam bottom or top lane depending on the situation. If their bottom is warded I go top, vice verse. Lux utility is so incredibly strong. One simple snare and your team is almost guaranteed a kill or at the very least make them waste flash. I cannot even tell you how many times a simple snare have made me snowball games.

Guide Top

-> Teamfights

Lux's purpose in a team-fight is her combination of utility and high burst. Positioning is everything. You should be relatively withdrawn until a fight breaks out. I usually open with Prismatic Barrier to help guard my team and the moment the fight gets out of hand I tap that Light Binding and try to snare their AD carry/AP mid or support. I throw out my Lucent Singularity while quickly charging Final Spark, making sure I hit as many as possible and then activating my AOE for that high burst damage Lux is so well known for.

If you don't have your ultimate up you should focus on supporting your team with shields and well-placed snares. Your top priority should be to snare the opponents teams AD Carry, shield your allies and make use of your Passive + Lich Bane proc. This should not be a problem late-game due to your incredibly short cooldown (16 seconds on Final Spark).

If you hit any of the above (AD/AP or support) you are pretty much guaranteed to win the team-fight because you will bring them to the brink of death and they will have to back off rendering their team useless. You will also play a big role in hunting down escaping enemies due to your long range snare. The moment you notice they are trying to retreat you should be on your toes, closely following and making sure you aim your Light Binding to secure a kill/kills.

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-> Tips and tricks

This is a more detailed description of tips and tricks you can use while playing Lux. Her skill shots offer many ways to take advantage of any given situation.

Lucent Singularity offers vision and can be used to great effect. You can use it to check baron, intersections and bushes for incoming ganks and more. During the laning phase you can often times expect a gank if you keep close watch to the movements of the one you are laning against. If you ever get a hunch that you might be getting set up for a gank you can use your Lucent Singularity to check the water bushes if the enemy jungler is nearby. If you happen to catch them it often times discourages their jungler to stay around knowing that you are aware of their presence. This simple trick lets you resume the creep farm.

Lucent Singularity also has a slow which some people seem to forget. Often times than not an escaping Lux will throw it and then immediately detonate it for the damage which you shouldn't do. You should navigate to close quarters when escaping and throw your Lucent Singularity in tight intersections and then leave it there for the full duration. The slow helps a lot when you need to escape. You should also leave your Lucent Singularity ahead of your enemies so that they have to do the full walk duration through the slow to increase your chances of escaping. The slow in addition to the vision it grants makes it easier to hit your Light Binding which may even turn the tides. Imagine hitting 2 people chasing you and then using your ultimate. This often discourages the opponents to keep chasing, making them think twice about following through with their chase. I cannot explain to you how many times a situation like this have made the enemy turn around to get caught in a bad spot, securing kills for me and my team.

Another trick I recommend using is doubling the use of your passive when clearing wraiths or wolves. Wraith's can be annoying, especially at the earlier levels when your Lucent Singularity does not do enough damage for it to be effective, making you lose creeps in lane. The solution I use is simple. I throw my Lucent Singularity above all of them. Usually before I even get there to make sure they are actually there (counter-jungled). When I get there I line up 1 front wraith and the big wraith and hit them both with Light Binding. I immediately follow through with an auto attack onto the big wraith, making use of my passive and then detonating my Lucent Singularity followed up by an additional auto attack to quickly dispatch of the big wraith. This way the remaining wraiths will only require 1 or 2 auto attacks and you can quickly return to your lane. This "technique" if you would call it that, only applies to the early game when you don't have enough ability power to clear it quick enough.

Lich Bane is a incredible item and coupled with your passive it does huge amounts of damage. This may seem obvious but people should really be extra careful making use of it's passive ability. The tool-tip explains it's use. You simply use a spell and the passive will proc, making your next auto attack do a additional 100% of your ability power. The passive has a 2 second cool down which is important to keep track of, especially in clutch situations. It can easily secure kills and keep you alive.

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-> Summary

I hope this guide has been helpful to those of you that want to learn how to effectively play Lux. This guide is still a work in progress and I will continue updating it as time goes on.

The stats at the top of the page is wrong, if you followed my guide you will have the following at level 18:

Attack Speed:
Movement Speed:
MP Regen per 5:
Ability Power:
Spell penetration:
Spell Vamp:
Cooldown Reduction:
Magic Resist:
23 + 40%

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-> Changelog

March 13, 2013: Minor changes to the item section, explaining in further detail why you should replace Chalice of Harmony with Kage's lucky Pick + additional spell check.

March 5, 2013: Added boots enhancements and changed the summary to match the new item build.

March 5, 2013: Big update to match season 3 changes, along with spellcheck and a complete revamp in Items/Masteries.

January 26, 2013: Quick update to match season 3 items and changes

August 17, 2012: 1st published and released on Mobafire

October 10, 2012: Updated masteries, adding detailed skill usage