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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by WhatsLeft4Dead2

Top |M|ExecutingYourEnemies

Top |M|ExecutingYourEnemies

Updated on January 29, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author WhatsLeft4Dead2 Build Guide By WhatsLeft4Dead2 30 4 543,543 Views 12 Comments
30 4 543,543 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author WhatsLeft4Dead2 Dr. Mundo Build Guide By WhatsLeft4Dead2 Updated on January 29, 2019
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  • LoL Champion: Dr. Mundo
    Thought You Run From Mundo?[Patch 9.2]
  • LoL Champion: Dr. Mundo
    Mundo is Lost in Jungle?


Grasp of the Undying
Bone Plating

Legend: Tenacity


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Im WhatsLeft4Dead2 and I'm here giving you access to my personal favorite Dr. Mundo Build that I used to use when I mained Dr. Mundo. Glad to say it still works. It works great in ranked games as well as anywhere i mean " Dr. Mundo goes where he pleases"

So basically, Dr. Mundo is that Big Ol' Slab of Unkillable Meat(That isn't dead for some reason so undead meat) who can bust into tanks providing Peelyourfaceoff gameplay which is essential for most Tanks. You are going to take hits, and take them well while dishing out more than they can chew. Prepare for the Blunt Force Trauma cause the Maximum Dosage is...huh, don't even know where to go with that pun. ENJOY!!!
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-His Infected Bonesaw is great for Staying on a Target.

-His Maximum Dosage allows him to tank AlOT and can also be used to chase someone down.

-Is a Late Game MONSTER.

-His Goes Where He Pleases gives him great sustain.


-Being Ignited on can put you on death row.

-Can easily be caught out if not map aware.(Although you still have a bit of a chance to get out)

-Very slow attack speed so you really have to rely on your Infected Bonesaw and other passive items that dish damage.

-Poor Ganking Potential.

-Also as you may have noticed there is a lack of Boots, mainly because I never let people get away but it also makes you slower.
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Skill Sequence

So we start and max Infected Bonesaw first because it deals damage based on current target Health. Plus the slow is amazing.

Max Blunt Force Trauma Second because it buffs up your basic attacks. 100 AD to 250 AD for a few seconds which can really turn the tide of a fight quick when you activate it.

Last we max his Heart Zapper, Its basically a Sunfire Aegis active. Does a decent amount of damage. Dr. Mundo is a AP tank so you can also build a Rod of Ages on him if you choose to do so.

You got Dr. Mundo's passive Goes Where He Pleases which regenerate .3% hp a Second. It works good with Spirit Visage and can save your life.

Tip: Use you're Maximum Dosage to turret dive enemies ONLY if you're sure you can take them down. If someone is screaming at you to go in with you're ult Ignore them, Cause chances are, they could be wrong and you will be left with the dead.

This is the Jungle Skill Sequence:
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Now, I know what you're thinking, "Why don't you take Revitalize, it gives huge bonuses to your healing factor?" and you're right, it does, but we have to think about the numbers for a minute.

Dr. Mundo already gains 100% of his HP back over the entire duration once his ultimate hits level 3. *It doesn't heal him until he's full, just the exact number his HP is at. So if you have 3,000 HP, you will heal 3,000 HP(without Spirit Visage or Mortal Reminder/ Morellonomicon factored in.)

Revitalize: gives 5% more to healing & 10% more when below 40%, which is when you'll always pop your ultimate, hopefully.

This also gives you a minor boost to the HP you receive from landing your Q - Infected Bonesaw, so it's not always a steep drop.

You also have a passive that heals you over time.

Overgrowth grants .2% Max HP for every 8 Minions or Monsters you kill or die in your vicinity. That means for every 1 wave & 1 minion worth, you're gaining .2% HP, no matter where you are, as long as you're around them when they die.

Even more Specifically, 32 minions or monsters that die around you grant you 1% of your Max HP, & for Dr. Mundo & this build, 1% is pretty great for your ultimate, Maximum Dosage in the Late game, when you're pushing 4k HP & when paired with the bonus 135HP you get at level 18 from the Resolve Tree, it can make a difference when you press R.

Realistically, if you are a skilled laner or enjoyed farming, you'd get 3-4% bonus HP for being around 98-130 dead minions, but ideally, you'll be wanting to roam around with your Teleport. No worries though, you still pick up health stacks during this time period.

Overgrowth increases Max HP per 8 minions,
Revitalize increases Healing by 5% or 10% below 40% HP.
Both are good. Pick one.

Bone Plating & Second Wind only make the most sense in the balancing act.

Bone Plating: grants you damage reduction for the next 3 spells after taking a hit.

Second Wind: heals back 4% of your Missing HP over 10 Seconds.

Do you see how well these two go hand in hand?

The Secondary Rune Path, Precision, is a very good choice for Dr. Mundo for 2 reasons:
Reason 1. He gets Overheal: Excess Healing on you becomes a Shield. What do shields do? Block damage from your health bar.

Reason 2. He gets Legend: Tenacity: Takedowns on enemies grant permanent Tenacity. (This pairs extremely well with Dr. Mundo's W - Heart Zapper because of the huge amount of Tenacity they both grant at a single time. This also reduces the need for Mercury's Treads & allows you to build either another tank item or Ninja Tabi, for more time under the tower.)

I guess a technical Third Reason would be the 9% Attack Speed you gain from the tree so his Autos gain a bit more precision, paired with his E - Blunt Force Trauma, which increases your 1 v 1 potential & pushing/farming.
A viable mention(s):
Demolish: Wait a duration while under turret & deal bonus damage to said turret.
(This is a decent rune if you feel you're going to be an aggressive laner.
Dr. Mundo is a double edged sword in this regard because he has the stats to deal mega damage to Towers & the health & sustain to Dive them or outlive a gank. The part that bites back is that it isn't hard to keep Dr. Mundo latched down so he can't escape to safety if need be.)

Font of Life: Movement Impairing Effects applied to a target(s) grants healing to anyone who attacks said target.
(This is really good if you want to progress even more as a team player. You're already a walking slab of meat that anyone can rely on to take some shots for, so why not?)

Conditioning: After 10m, gain 8 armor & 8 magic resist then increase both stats by 5%.
This is an amazing rune on any tank. (What makes a tank a really good one? The ability to take more hits than his HP bar in damage. I recommend this rune if not Second Wind.)

Triumph: Refund 12% of your Missing HP & gain 20 more gold on a kill.(Not sure if it applies on assists as well, but if so, this is an excellent choice.)

Coup de Grace: Deal more damage to low hp enemies. (This increases your kill factor a bit. Your Infected Bonesaw's won't lose too much effect when the opponents HP gets lower, as well as the big damage your Blunt Force Trauma will do. Also not sure if your Heart Zapper damage increases per tick but if so, the more the merrier, right?)

Domination Secondary Tree:
Cheap Shot: Deal true Damage to enemies with Impaired Movements. (Another good skill for your 1v1 skirmishes. Opens up huge damage for your Infected Bonesaw + Blunt Force Trauma combo.)

Relentless Hunter & Ultimate Hunter are also amazing choices in their own respective reasoning.

Relentless Hunter: Grants 8 Movement Speed for killing a unique enemy(up to 5; 40 Movement Speed). (This means you kill everyone once & you get an amazing buff to your movement speed, which Dr. Mundo lacks.)

Ultimate Hunter: Decreases your Ultimate CD by 5% and then by 2% per Unique Enemy killed after(Up to 4 for a total of 13% Ultimate CDR. It also Stacks MULTIPLICATIVELY with other items that grant CDR.) <--- More Dr. Mundo Maximum Dosage Spams = More Dives = More Team Play.

In the Inspiration Tree, there's Approach Velocity, which grants you 15% Movement Speed when you run at a target you've impaired or an ally who's been impaired.
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Flash - Clearly a requirement since Dr. Mundo has 0 mobility

Teleport - Map Presence with this Dr. Mundo build is a requirement.

Ghost - Can replace Flash since the buff

Exhaust - Can replace Teleport/ Flash

Clarity - No.
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I've always preferred to just Infected Bonesaw the minions to death because it kills them faster and you stay out of range of an attacker. You can go ahead and get up close and personal without the risk of being attacked. It's also good that the distance Dr. Mundo can throw his Infected Bonesaw is a pretty decent range.

Notes: Throwing your Infected Bonesaw's instead of basic attacking minions will also keep you out of the lake view so they wont be able to catch you if you're Ganked. That is why I prefer the Distant Pokes with your Infected Bonesaw over Auto Attacks.
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Items Explanation

This section is for all the new boyos who need some more detail as to why & how each item works its magic in Dr. Mundo's Onslaught.

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This build will make you unbelievably tanky and will render opponents team useless. If you question the build go ahead and post in the discussion section of this forum.
To answer the no damage output problem that everyone thinks they see. Your Infected Bonesaw's can cut through tanks. Your Blunt Force Trauma gives you a damage buff. Your Heart Zapper gives out AOE damage to anyone who is around you. You're Sunfire Aegis gives out AOE damage to anyone who is around you. You will be hurting teams in team fights no matter how they try to build against it. You're Maximum Dosage and Infected Bonesaw's are what makes Dr. Mundo, well Dr. Mundo.

Patch 8.17 Update: I'm back baby! WOO! Look at that time gap, too, huh? Anyways, alot's changed since 5.16 & I'm returning some well deserved love by bringing you some of my new Dr. Daddy Physique( Dr. Mundo guys, c'mon now...).

Patch 5.16 Update: I don't see any of the new items released, as being well on Dr. Mundo.
League of Legends Build Guide Author WhatsLeft4Dead2
WhatsLeft4Dead2 Dr. Mundo Guide
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