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Jax Build Guide by MadHellsing

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MadHellsing


MadHellsing Last updated on October 30, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello there im MadHellsing Diamond 1 on Eu East but thats enough about me you are here for something different right?

So jax is hybrid off tank. What does that mean? Hybrid - deals both magic damage and psychical damage. Off tank - means that he can take some damage and deal dmg as well.

Ok so you are probably asking if this build is really good right? Well i went and got lof of information how do pro players play jax in solo que(like dyrus) but maybe its not good for you who knows. But the main question is if jax is really good right now. My motto is if best players do it its probably best and lot of pro players play jax now so this is my answer.

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How do i play Jax?

Farm is most important thing for Jax! But you can try to attack your opponent as well if you think its good time for it!
Focus ad carries you can kill them easily but you can kill even tanks with your hybrid damage and % damage from ruined king. Jax is kinda like Vayne as long as he auto attacks its good.

He is really good for 1v1 and split pushing.
Strong in long fights.
You can kill even champions with lot of escapes.

He is weak early be careful and wait until you get to mid and late game.

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9x Yellow flat armor
9x Blue flat magic resist

These two kinda explain themselves alone - every champion does physical damage so armor is always good. Why magic resist? Well if you meet vladimir or rumble you will be really happy you have these.

9x Red flat attack damage - Good for last hitting which is what you want to do with Jax.

2x Life steal
1x Flat attack damage
Ok so now we are on big ones! Why does this guy use life steal runes is he crazy?! Well im not and i will explain why. Jax weakness is his early game and he has no sustain and he auto attacks a lot so i went for 2x life steal runes (4%) so you can stay in lane and farm forever. If you dont like life steal you can go for 3x flat attack damage(6,75 AD) so you can last hit even better but you will probably have lot of trouble against champions like kennen or elise(poke to death :( ).

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I go half damage, half tank. Jax is off tank so its good for him. This is because jax does a lot of damage with just his abilities and items he doesnt really need too much offensive masteries, you can go even more tanky if your team needs (you can check that on other page).

There are some questionable masteries so i will explain them.

Why the hell you go for Butcher you could do more damage with attack speed! As i said a lot of times already farm is really important for Jax and if you got runes for life steal you will need this masterie even more but if you are really confident in your last hitting skills or if you got 3x big flat attack damage runes you can change from Butcher to Fury.

Why attack damage (Deadliness) and armor penetration (Weapon Expertise) and not ability power (Blast) and magic penetration (Arcane Knowledge)when jax abilities do mostly magic damage? Its because he auto attacks a lot so does more physical damage than magic damage.

Theres nothing to ask about in defensive just about Safeguard which is really good for diving.

More tanky page - Two questions here.

Defender- this thing is really good for team fighting it gives you 5 armor and 5 magic resist which is same as 3 points in Hardiness and Resistance.

Reinforced armor - Jax is good against ad carries because he can stay on them with his Leap Strike, dodge their auto attacks and stun them with his Counter Strike so if you focus ad carry who has infinity edge or trinity they will probably do lot of dmg if they crit. Well this thing reduces critical damage by 10% so if Ashe crits you for 500 damage its 250 damage from crit so masterie reduces this damage by 25 and its not only ad carries who crit, people build trinity a lot these days so even junglers can crit.

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Leap Strike - Jump on something hell yeah! You can jump to run away or to catch your enemy, you can jump on champions, creeps or even wards (you can always have ward with you so you can jump even if theres nobody else).You get proc from trinity as well!

Empower - Another auto attack with more damage! You should always auto attack and then use your W if you do it like this you will get more auto attacks on your opponent which means you deal more damage and you get auto attack for your ulti as well. You get proc from trinity as well!

You can combo your Leap strike with your Empower it deals more damage if you jump but you losse additional auto attack and trinity proc.

Counter Strike - Dodge + AoE stun - this ability is really great for 1v1, against ad carries, you can stop spells with it like katarina ulti or malzahar ulti and you can use it as defensive spell as well if you want to run away.

GrandMaster´s Might - This is what makes Jax so powerful. This ability is just great for everything. You can push faster, you can last hit with it, its good with your passive and its awesome even for 1v1 and teamfights. Ok now so when do i use this thing? I dont mean that auto attack proc i mean the defensive part. You should use it when you can deal most damage and when they will probably deal most damage to you like when zed uses his ulti he will spam every single ability on you in second so you need to click your ult so he does less damage and you do more to him. Its easy to forget you have this because you already have proc so dont forget, it can save your life.

Hit ulti combo - Great combo for poke if you are against champions like jayce who kick you away if you want to fight them or teemo that can kite you. You auto attack minion twice and then you jump on them with Q-W and auto attack them with your ult proc.

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Skill Sequence

Counter strike level 1 - its for dueling - most of damage on start is from auto attacks.

Leap Strike level 2 - you can jump on minions to escape from gank (Jax is really vulnerable to early ganks) and it deals more damage than W at start. You can combo it with your E. Frist you stun them then you get close enough so you can jump on your minions.

Empower level 3 - this ability does most damage after ult the more you max it the more auto attacks you do.

I dont think i need to explain why level ult.

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This will be really long so be prepared!

Start items - There are three starts you can go.

1. Doran blade start - you should take this thing if you will be able to auto attack minions without getting bothered much (Nasus).

2. Doran shield start - you take doran shield if your opponent does a lot of damage from auto attacks (Gankplang, Jayce, Teemo).

3. Crystaline flask + 3 pots - you will probably use this most of times because jax is weak in early and laning against champions like renekton is terror before you get some levels and items so you will need as much sustain as you can get.

You should get one or two dorans blades after you comeback to base so you get more sustain and health for your weak early.

Core items -
1. Terror lane - If you are lossing, you are getting low all the time and you have problem to beat your opponent 1v1 you should go for ruined king frist (good agasint tanks).

2. Normal lane - You arent lossing and he doesnt deal too much damage to you but you always fight. You should get Vampiric Scepter or even Bilgewater Cutlass and after that go for trinity.

3. Yay! free farm - so if you are winning or your opponent doesnt do almost any damage to you, you can just rush for trinity and deal as much damage as you want.

Why Ruined King, Trinity Force and Guardian Angel?!

Ruined king - Jax is based on auto attacks so more auto attacks you do the better. Sustain is good for him as well. Its already hard to escape from you and now you have slow and movement just go hunt him down!

Trinity Force - This item is simply amazing for Jax. It gives you everything you will ever want - Attack speed, AD and AP = more damage, crit is kinda bonus its not something you need much but its nice, HP and Mana - you always need those right? And now the glorious passive - You get more movement so your enemy cant run away and you can auto attack them to death + your abilities give you proc so you can just spam your w dealing magic and physical damage and destroy even tanks.

Guardian Angel - You jump into fight so enemy may focus you a lot so its great to waste their time because they need to kill you two times and you can still stun and Q away or even life steal and kill them anyway, but you should be really careful if you get caught somewhere you may waste your passive for no reason. You shouldnt build this item if you are behind a lot or when your team is behind because they wont be able to help you if you die and you will just waste passive. Just skip it and go for Omen and Visage (Zephyr).

Randuin´s Omen and Spirit Visage

Jax has already enough damage from trinity and ruined so you want to survive as long as you can. Best things you can build for that are Randuin´s Omen and Spirit Visage.

Randuin´s Omen - Armor + Hp but this thing does even more than that. As Jax its good to focus ad carries and this item is made to kill ad carries. Just jump on their head use this so they cant run away and just murder them.

Spirit Visage - Magic resist + HP + Cooldown reduction + 20% more from your life steal. Enemy team does magic damage as well, you may have to focus some mage if ad carry is not around but mainly this item is for surviving AoE ults (Gragas barrel of doom) and poke (Nidali spear of doom).

What do i build frist Omen or Visage?
It depends on your enemy team. If they have lot of magic damage (Orianna mid, Elise jungle, Sona support) you should go for Visage. If its physical damage then you go for Omen (Zed mid, Nocturne jungle). But you dont always need to go with this. If theres someone really fed lets say Vayne but they still have Orianna mid and Elise jungle you can go for Omen and focus Vayne only. It all depends on you, what you want to do and what your team needs.

We have three boots that are good for jax.
1. Berser´ker Greaves (Attack speed boots) - more damage but i dont really like them, i think its better to get some tankyness you will deal damage even without them.

2. Ninja tabi - Works same way as Omen and Visage. You can look at your whole enemy team or if you have problems in lane with like fiora you can go for armor and 10% less damage from basic attacks. Probably best boots for jax (good against ad carries).

3. Mercury´s Tread - You should build these if enemy team has lot of stuns (Leona, Amumu) or if you have problems in your lane with Vladimir or Rumble.

Situational ithems -
1. Ravenous Hydra - If your enemy pushes a lot or you need to push. You can build this item instead of ruined king if you are against someone like Singed and Mordekaiser (maybe Renekton but he will probably outpush you anyway)or if your team needs you to split push -
A. Your team is lossing but you cant really help them if you join teamfight so you push so enemy team has to come and stop you - buy more wards so you dont die.
B. Enemy team has Shen so if he teleports you push and get turrets faster.

2. Maw of Malmortius - so even Mercury´s treads cant save you? Or your enemy doesnt let you life steal? Well theres this ihem to save your a**. If you have problems you need to get frist part (Hexdrinker) really fast. You should get it after two dorans blades. You really dont need to upgrade it to Maw of Malmortius, Hexdrinker passive should be enough if its not you are probably screwed even if you upgrade it.

3. Zephyr - I had to build ninja tabi because i had problems in lane with Renekon but enemy team still has lot of crowd control and i cant do damage. Well you build this then, its up to you what ithems you think are best in your game.

Fun items - If you are winning really hard and you want to build something different you can go and try these for fun they are good for Jax just not best.

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Who is Jax good against and who is his weakness?

There are several really hard counters to jax.

Malphite - slows, reduces your auto attack speed and his ult is big crown control. You will have to farm you probably wont be able to kill him if he doesnt do some mistake like dive you 1v1.

Singed - he is really dangerous because he can throw you and slow you so you can die to early gank when you are vulnerable - its really hard to escape from him even if you jump on your cs because singed usually uses ghost. If he gets ahead he will just ignore you and farm, throw you around and slowly kill you with his poison. You can beat him in early he is even weaker than you so if you get ahead you can win but dont forget that he can easily kill you with jungler if you are too aggresive.

Garen - strong early has silence so you cant escape or use your abilities to outdamage him while he spins and he can even burst you with his ult. You just have to survive and farm until you can sustain his damage then just jump on him and fight with him you will win more if the fight is longer, he has to wait for cooldown, you dont need to wait for auto attacks.

Renekton - Renekton is jax nightmare unless he is ******ed or theres really big difference in experience you are probably f*****. Renekton has everything you hate he can poke you with his E W Q combo and he even gets hp from it, he has stun and his ult is good for long fight as well. You can attack him when his abilities are on cooldown but they are not as long as Garen so you may not be able to do much damage. You will need some help from jungler if renekton pushes a lot and theres still not guarantee you can kill him if Reneton has ult. You just farm and after some time you will be stronger than him and you will win 1v1. Renekton is probably worst counter to Jax i hate to play against him even thought i play Renekton even more than Jax.

Darius - He is stronger than you in early so he will poke you will his Q you have to avoid that as much as possible if he tries to poke you he will push so he is easy target for gank so try to tell your jungler to come (be nice if he doesnt come dont flame him just continue to farm and patiently wait.). He may stack his passive on you so look when it ends so he doesnt just stack 5 and ult you. Dont use your E aggresive unless theres your jungler to gank him, use it if he pulls you with his E. Be really careful about his ult even if he is really low he can still burst you down with true damage his passive and ignite. You will outsustain him and outdamage him really soon after 6.

Elise - Poke to death! You need to avoid getting auto attacked and her explosive spider so you dont just stand next to creeps, you hide in bush or behind the minions and wait for last hit. She is really good with jungler ganks because of her human E (Cocoon), you should try to avoid getting hit by it as much as possible. You will be stronger after 6, you just need to survive until you get there.

Pantheon - Another poke to death champion Yay! So yeah its same tactic as with Elise but you cant really avoid his abilities so you need to be even more careful. Just sacrifice few last hits you have to survive.

Jayce - Poke with auto attacks he will jump on you and kick you away so you cant jump on him. You need to avoid his auto attacks so go and hide and come for last hits but you need to be careful about his ball of doom he may send it to bush. You may need help from jungler. After you get some life steal i will be sustain battle you have to life steal more than he does damage with auto attacks and hammer Q-E combo . You can use hit ulti combo or even your stun if he has cooldown for his E or if he isnt fast enough to kick you away when you jump on him.

Teemo - this small rat is really annoying do same thing as with elise and jayce try to avoid getting auto attacked as much as possible dont jump on him in early he will win trade because you will get blinded but you can stun him as well problem is his auto attacks with W deal more damage and he can run away from you with his E. Try to outsustain him use hit ulti combo, you can get pink ward after 6 so you get mushrooms in river so your jungler can come for gank. Dont step into bushes when he gets 6 theres probably a painful present.

Jax is good against champions who auto attack a lot because he he has dodge and stun..

Irelia - She has stun but you have one as well. Try to fight her without your minions because she gets life steal with her ult and ignite her if she uses ult and W she will get less hp from it.

Aatrox - Be careful in early he does lot of damage with his abilities but you will sustain that damage soon. Never forget he can revive you can wait with your ignite and finish him if he tries to escape after he revives if you arent winning 1v1 yet use it while you fight so he gets lower life steal.

Fiora - Same with Aatrox her W is really good in early but you will win later if she doesnt burst you with her ult.

Tryndamere - This is tricky one he may still win 1v1 fight with you if he gets lucky crits (and these happens really often). You either wait with your ignite so you kill him after his ult is done or you use it in fight because he is dependant on life steal as well.

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I hope you could found something usesful for you and that you enjoyed my guide. Critics are welcome if its reasonable and dont write that i have grammar mistakes in my guide i know and im sorry for it. Thanks for reading my guide and have a nice day!