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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

LeBlanc Build Guide by CherryHillEast

ADC Magical Autos - A LeBlanc ADC Guide

ADC Magical Autos - A LeBlanc ADC Guide

Updated on January 14, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CherryHillEast Build Guide By CherryHillEast 13 4 79,586 Views 4 Comments
13 4 79,586 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author CherryHillEast LeBlanc Build Guide By CherryHillEast Updated on January 14, 2018
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  • LoL Champion: LeBlanc
  • LoL Champion: LeBlanc
    Chain Spam
  • LoL Champion: LeBlanc
    On-Hit ADC


Fleet Footwork
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Perfect Timing
Magical Footwear


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

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Extreme Threats
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For the most part, when one champion (that is not traditionally played in the ADC role) is played as ADC, they are often suboptimal counterparts to a more commonly played ADC. For the most part, there are reasons that the ADC pool has rarely had any additions that weren't new champions in the first place. Beyond the marksman class, only Ziggs and Twisted Fate have had any long-term success. Hopefully, from reading this guide, you will see that LeBlanc, too, has some viability as an ADC.

LeBlanc ADC, in terms of viability, will not match that of LeBlanc played in the middle lane. LeBlanc's kit has a particular synergy with the middle lane (a combination of map position, match ups and overall geometry) and it cannot be simply converted directly into the bottom lane. This guide will not describe LeBlanc's middle lane existence in the bottom lane. What this guide will do, however, is explore LeBlanc's unique and independent identity in the bottom lane. One must acknowledge that LeBlanc ADC is not common for a reason but know that it doesn't make it impossible to work with. Below are examples of success.
(Authors Note: I've edited out the names for my own sanity)

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Pros / Cons


+ Self-Reliance
+ Amazing Mobility
+ Hard CC
+ Good Skirmisher
+ Above-average Utility
+ Mindgames

LeBlanc as an ADC has some very substantial advantages. LeBlanc is incredibly self-reliant due to her mobility and self-peel through Distortion and Ethereal Chains, which are only further improved with the use of her ultimate. Moreover, LeBlanc's mobility paired with her crowd control gives her nearly unmatched skirmishing ability as an ADC.

- Average Late-game
- Weak Laning Phase
- One-Dimensional Playstyle
- Predictable
- Poor Waveclear
- Mana Issues

Though LeBlanc possesses a large amount of utility in teamfights and skirmishes, LeBlanc's effectiveness in lane is minimal. With low range, high relative mana costs and no AD scaling, LeBlanc's abilities are a non-factor in the lane outside of rare situations. As a result, LeBlanc often finds herself passively farming as an ADC and giving up the lane.

LeBlanc is very extreme when it comes to her advantage/disadvantage profile. The above section is a quick summary of what LeBlanc ADC can and cannot (or should and should not) do. That being said, picking LeBlanc ADC is not a completely straightforward decision; though I admit it is not a particularly complex one. This section will provide a detailed explanation of LeBlanc's characteristics to help do so.

LeBlanc can actually compete with Ezreal in self-reliance. Whereas Ezreal relies on the use of Arcane Shift and at times Iceborn Gauntlet via Mystic Shot to kite away threats, LeBlanc has the advantage of hard CC in Ethereal Chains. LeBlanc's Distortion does go further but it is not a blink. With this in mind, LeBlanc ADC competes well against enemy champions and compositions that rely specifically on catching one with crowd control.

Furthermore, LeBlanc's mobility combined with the hard CC of Ethereal Chains enables her to make plays. In circumstances where a teammate is applying pressure in the enemy jungle, LeBlanc's roaming pressure can surpass that of Jhin and Ashe.

However, LeBlanc realistically cannot use her abilities to harass in lane. Low damage (due to the lack thereof AP investment) coupled with high mana costs and poor range means LeBlanc has to forego all but her auto attacks in the lane. That being said, occasions will exist where LeBlanc can go for a chain or quick Shatter Orb to make a play, they are rare. Whereas some such as Caitlyn and Jinx rely on auto attacks, and some such as Ezreal or Miss Fortune utilize abilities, LeBlanc does a mediocre job at the former. To compare LeBlanc's early game, it would be like Tristana's, but far worse. LeBlanc ADC lacks the all-in potential and the wave clear but has the similar mobility in spite of weakness.

Moreover, LeBlanc ADC is peculiar in the late game. LeBlanc does not have the damage amplifiers that Vayne or Kog'Maw do, nor the ability firepower that Xayah and Ezreal have. LeBlanc in the late game is better than average, due to her self-peel. Whereas non-mobile ADCs are forced to forego damage to reposition, LeBlanc does not. Regardless, LeBlanc's damage is still gated to her auto attacks.

TL;DR: LeBlanc has her Distortion and Ethereal Chains. They don't do a whole lot on LeBlanc ADC but do their job incredibly well.
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Runes Reforged

LeBlanc's rune page reflects on her damage profile as an ADC: Auto attacks. Burst damage and ability-based damage function poorly on LeBlanc as it actually accentuates her weaknesses further in a 2v2 lane. LeBlanc has to either land a skill-shot via Ethereal Chains or all-in through Distortion, which becomes difficult in bottom lane due to the presence of the other opponent. As a result, gating her damage profile to auto attacks is more viable. The primary path will thus be the Precision tree.

Which Keystone?

All Precision keystones have some degree of viability on ADC LeBlanc, given the correct circumstances.

Press the Attack
  • Press the Attack: PASSIVE: Basic attacks against enemy champions apply stacks for 4 seconds. Attacking a new target removes all stacks from the previous target. Applying 3 stacks to a target deals 30 - 120 (based on level) bonus Attack Adaptive damage and makes them Exposed for 6 seconds, causing them to take 12% increased damage from all subsequent sources (except true damage).
  • Press the Attack: Press the attack is a great keystone but not so much for LeBlanc ADC. Since it requires three successive auto attacks, LeBlanc has to commit to an aggressive all-in of sorts. Doing so is very risky as LeBlanc is ultimately unable to all-in very effectively. However, this keystone does provide good snowball potential; in lanes where one expects to get an early lead, Press the Attack can be worthwhile.

Lethal Tempo
  • Lethal Tempo: PASSIVE: Damaging an enemy champion begins a 1.5 second timer. Upon completion, you gain 30% - 80% (based on level) attack speed as well as removing the attack speed cap for 3 seconds. Attacking a champion while the effect is active will extend the duration to 6 seconds.
  • Lethal Tempo: I've not tested Lethal Tempo much, but it may have some late game utility on the On-hit ADC build. Out of the three keystones, this is by far the worst in the lane, as competent ADCs will not handshake trades when it is active. Late game, however, this increases DPS substantially.

Fleet Footwork
  • Fleet Footwork: PASSIVE – ENERGIZED STRIKE: Moving and attacking generates Energize stacks, up to 100. When fully energized, your next basic attack gains FLEET FOOTWORK.
  • Fleet Footwork: FLEET FOOTWORK: Your next basic attack restores 3 - 60 (based on level) (+ 30% bonus AD) (+ 40% AP) health and grants 30% bonus movement speed for 1 second. The healing is only 60% effective versus minions.
  • Fleet Footwork: This is the most consistent option as sustain is good with a weak lane phase. This synergizes well with the energizer build,
    as it allows LeBlanc to forego life steal options until later. That being said, this rune has virtually no use in team fights in the late game.

Lesser Runes



  • Overheal: PASSIVE: Healing in excess of your maximum health is converted into a shield for 6 seconds, up to 10 (+ 10% of maximum health). Receiving healing, dealing or taking damage will refresh the shield duration for 6 seconds. When the shield duration is over, it will start to decay over 2 seconds.
  • Triumph: Champion takedowns, after a 0.5-second delay, restore 12% of your missing health and grant an additional 25 gold.
  • Presence of Mind: PASSIVE: You restore mana equal to 100% of mana expended for 7 seconds whenever you score a champion takedown or level up.
Overheal and Triumph are both consistently decent rune choices for the Heroism rune. Overheal finds its utility through its synergy with both Fleet Footwork and Relic Shield, making LeBlanc's weak early game much more manageable. Triumph is more greedy but is also useful because it caters well to LeBlanc ADC's playmaking and roaming play style. The choice between the two is the passive/aggressive playstyle dichotomy, and neither is really strictly better than the other. That in mind, Presence of Mind is suboptimal. It is true that the free mana is certainly useful, but it is often subpar compared to Triumph's health restore anyways. Moreover, LeBlanc's survivability is more often gated by cooldowns, not by mana.


Legend: Alacrity

Legend: Bloodline
  • LEGEND: Gain Legend stacks for every 20 points earned, up to 10:
    • 20 points for champion takedowns
    • 20 points for epic monster takedowns
    • 5 points for large monster kills
    • 1 points for minion kills
  • Legend: Alacrity: PASSIVE: Gain 3% (+1.5% per Legend stack) bonus attack speed, up to 18% with 10 stacks.
  • Legend: Tenacity: PASSIVE: Gain 5% (+ 1.5% per Legend stack) tenacity, up to 20% with 10 stacks.
  • Legend: Bloodline: PASSIVE: Gain (0.8% per Legend stack) life steal, up to 8% at 10 stacks.
Both Legend: Alacrity and Legend: Bloodline are okay runes for the Legend rune. While Legend: Bloodline has it's direct use through the additional life steal making LeBlanc's early game less difficult, Legend: Alacrity, too, has early game benefits. Having additional attack speed means last hitting minions is easier. Having larger amounts of attack speed from Legend: Alacrity is good late game, but Legend: Bloodline's 8% life steal is also not too bad in the late game. Legend: Tenacity is a bad choice since LeBlanc's slipperiness means that crowd control should be a non-factor.


Coup de Grace

Cut Down

Last Stand
  • Coup de Grace: Passive: Deal 9% increased damage to champions below 40% health. Additionally, you gain 9 bonus attack damage or 15 ability power (Adaptive) for 10 seconds whenever you score a champion takedown. This bonus does not stack.
  • Cut Down: Passive: Deal 4% bonus damage to champions with at least 150 more maximum health than you. This increases up to 10% bonus damage versus targets with 2000 more maximum health than you.
  • Last Stand: Passive: Deal 5% bonus damage while below 60% of your maximum health. This increases based on your missing health, up to 12% bonus damage while below 30% of your maximum health.
Coup de Grace, Cut Down and Last Stand have some use but none are particularly compelling. LeBlanc ADC is passive in the early game beyond skirmishes, making Coup de Grace an okay albeit inconsistent option. In circumstances where one expects to win early on, Coup de Grace is good at threading the needle and expanding leads. On the other hand, Cut Down in some games is an overall decent rune at all points. LeBlanc's mobility gives her an advantage against bulkier supports such as Braum and Thresh, and this rune pushes the edge further. This is useful in the late game as well as it helps LeBlanc get past tanks with Last Whisper. However, in the common chance that you do not face a tank support, Cut Down will be near useless early on. Last Stand is more of a fringe option but has its uses. Some matchups will be so negatively skewed against LeBlanc that the sustain of Fleet Footwork, Overheal and Relic Shield coupled with a passive play style is insufficient. In those circumstances, opting for Last Stand takes advantage of LeBlanc's low standing health.

Secondary Path Runes

For picking LeBlanc's secondary rune path, it is usually better to just choose two preferred runes from another tree and go from there. Since Precision gives attack speed no matter the secondary rune path, one does not need to consider the bonus stats. Below is an assortment of useful runes on LeBlanc as an ADC.
Taste of Blood, Nullifying Orb, Manaflow Band, Iron Skin, Conditioning, Revitalize, Second Wind, Biscuit Delivery all help LeBlanc with her weak earlygame through some combination of sustain or defensive stats.

Zombie Ward is very useful as it increases LeBlanc's vision control in times when the two Stealth Wards are insufficient.

Transcendence and Cosmic Insight are useful on builds that utilize cooldown reduction such as those with Essence Reaver and Ionian Boots of Lucidity.

Sudden Impact, Eyeball Collection, Scorch and Gathering Storm are more offensive options that increase LeBlanc's damage output.

Perfect Timing and Magical Footwear give LeBlanc free items that enable her to make plays and accelerate her midgame wakeup.

Future's Market gives LeBlanc better back times as most of the time, she will not have very good back timings leading to being short on gold.

Revitalize in particular works well with sustain options such as Fleet Footwork and Relic Shield.
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Summoner Spells

FLASH: Flash is a must-take on virtually every champion for two good reasons. For one, Flash grants an instant reposition. This is incredibly useful because positioning is the perhaps the most important skill in League of Legends (beyond mechanics). Positioning can compensate for virtually every falling, and Flash is the singular best option for it's sheer "speed." Moreover, " Flash beats Flash." If the opponent takes Flash, you need to too because otherwise, the advantage the enemy has cannot be equalized (e.g. your opponent Flashs and you cannot, etc), even if it is on a 300-second cooldown.
HEAL: Heal is a good option since as an ADC, you lane with a support, it is useful to take Heal as it will help survivability of both you and your support. Furthermore, the additional speed is useful as it allows you to disengage (and at times, engage). You generally want to take Heal over other summoners because of bottom lane's dynamics. Not only are the effects of Heal instant, it can be done at greater range (compare this with exhaust, where one has to be closer in range).
EXHAUST: LeBlanc generally will take Heal over Exhaust, but there are times when taking exhaust (and thus your support will take Heal) is optimal. When your support stacks increases in healing such as from Forbidden Idol or Revitalize, it will be better for them to take Heal
instead. Stacking it is a bad idea due to its reduced effects, so it is better to take exhaust. Barrier is an okay alternative, but in the current meta, exhaust is better defensively.
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Champion Abilities

Sigil of Malice (Passive)

INNATE: LeBlanc's spells mark affected enemies with Sigil of Malice for 4 seconds. The Sigil charges over the next 1.5 seconds, after which LeBlanc's next spell that hits the target will shatter it to deal 30 - 300 (based on level) (+ 80% AP) bonus magic damage.

Sigil of Malice cannot occur on the same target more than once every 5 seconds

Shatter Orb (Q)

RANGE: 700
COST: 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 MANA
ACTIVE: LeBlanc projects an orb towards the target enemy, dealing 55 / 90 / 125 / 160 / 195 (+ 50% AP) magic damage. If Shatter Orb triggers Sigil of Malice, the orb bounces to the closest charged Sigil and damages its next target, dealing 60% damage to minions.
  • Avoid using Shatter Orb unless to guarantee a kill or you have disposable quantities of mana.
  • Use Shatter Orb to break spell shields from range.
  • In the late game, do not use Shatter Orb for the cast time temporarily locks out auto attacks, heavily reducing damage.

Distortion (W)

RANGE: 600
COST: 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 MANA
COOLDOWN: 18 / 16 / 14 / 12 / 10s
FIRST CAST: LeBlanc dashes to the target location, damaging all nearby enemies for 40 / 55 / 70 / 85 / 100 (+ 20% AP) magic damage upon arrival and leaving a return pad at the cast location for 4 seconds. After a delay, she can recast Distortion at no additional cost.
SECOND CAST: LeBlanc blinks to Distortion's return pad.
  • This is half of LeBlanc ADC's identity. Make good use of the mobility.
  • The 0.25s lockout (you cannot cast Distortion again right away) means you should avoid going in unless confident.
  • Use Distortion to check past walls or in brushes (probably follow it up with a Stealth Ward or Control Ward), as the second cast gives you a disengage.
  • Distortion's two casts can avoid many skill shots without completely disengage by dashing backward then back.
  • Mind the gap. LeBlanc's Distortion goes much further than most dashes.
  • Dashing to and from helps increase the charge on Fleet Footwork, Statikk Shiv and Rapid Firecannon.

Ethereal Chains (E)

RANGE: 925
COOLDOWN: 14 / 13.25 / 12.5 / 11.75 / 11s
ACTIVE: LeBlanc flings an illusory chain in the target direction, dealing 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 (+ 50% AP) magic damage to the first enemy it hits and tethering herself to them for 1.5 seconds. If the target does not break the tether, they are rooted for 1.5 seconds and dealt the same magic damage.
  • This is the second half of LeBlanc ADC's identity, take advantage of the crowd control.
  • Once Ethereal Chains has been used multiple times, simply moving forward can threaten the enemy without actually using it.
  • It's often better to use Ethereal Chains as follow-up crowd control in the lane due to its tether mechanic.
  • While fishing for chains forces plays, it does not do much damage.
  • Ethereal Chains can be used both to peel and lock-down other carries. Doing the latter should only be done if the combination of positioning, mobility from Distortion and your teammates peel is sufficient.

Mimic (R)

COOLDOWN: 54 / 42 / 30s
ACTIVE: LeBlanc gains access to an alternate set of basic abilities, as well as a new ultimate ability, Shadow of the Rose, all of which are independent from their base ability's cooldown and costs no mana. After 8 seconds, Mimic is deactivated and its cooldown is refunded.

MIMICKED BASIC ABILITY: LeBlanc vanishes for 0.1 seconds, summons a Mimic beside her upon reappearing, and casts the selected ability. This Mimic lasts on the battlefield for 2.5 seconds and is dismissed if it takes single target damage from an enemy champion or turret.
  • The majority of the time, your mimicked ability will be Distortion and Ethereal Chains due to the utility.
  • Using mimicked ultimate does not reset the cooldown of Mimic, so make use of it.
  • Mimics can absorb skill shots. This can be done more easily through mimicked ultimate.
  • Be careful when using Mimic into Distortion after already using Distortion once. There is a 0.1s lockout after using Mimic, so hitting Distortion immediately will use the second cast instead of using a Mimicked Distortion.
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Ability Sequence

Skilling Order

#1. Mimic
6 / 11 / 16

#2. Ethereal Chains
1 / 4 / 5 / 7 / 9

#3. Distortion
2 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 13

#4. Shatter Orb
3 / 14 / 15 / 17 / 18
> > >

LeBlanc should max either Ethereal Chains or Distortion for the sake of utility.
Leveling Shatter Orb is suboptimal without Doran's Ring for it only increases damage output, which is irrelevant without substantial ability power invested. Since both Ethereal Chains and Distortion get lower cooldowns as their level increases, it's personal preference on which to max. Leveling Shatter Orb is okay in the lane with a Doran's Ring. Even if one opts to do so it is completely suboptimal outside of the lane.

Ethereal Chains's is usually the better option, but even then, Distortion has some circumstances where leveling that is better. Using Distortion forward is unreliable in multiple ways. The combination of the delay and lack of burst damage in LeBlanc's damage profile means it's generally not done unless to make a play with Ethereal Chains. As a result, the damage increase from Ethereal Chains makes a positive difference more than that of Distortion. Furthermore, leveling Distortion increases the mana cost. However, in lanes where Ethereal Chains plays are uncommon, or the mobility is simply more valuable, Distortion can be viable as well.
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Starting Items

LeBlanc in the bottom lane has a very poor early game and as a result, her only damage comes from auto attacks. Committing all-in is very difficult in a 2v2 lane early on making it unreliable. Though with proper play, ability damage can still be used (though gated to Shatter Orb).


Doran's Ring
Doran's Ring gives ability power, some health, and mana regeneration for 400 gold.
Staring Doran's Ring is at times a good idea because it enables one to have somewhat more damage in her spells, but more importantly because the increased mana and number of potions enables LeBlanc to be more aggressive with her spells in the lane. Instead of just auto attacking, it becomes feasible to use Shatter Orb or Ethereal Chains offensively. Don't take Doran's Ring if the matchup makes aggression a bad idea, for the mana regen will mostly go to waste. Dark Seal and three potions is a similar concept but more passive.


Cull is a good option because it helps LeBlanc get through the early game. By granting an additional 400 gold in its passive, it compensates for LeBlanc's weakness in the lane. Moreover, it's stats are actually useful on LeBlanc (compared to say Doran's Blade. The on-hit damage of Cull is more effective than raw attack damage early on since the latter is wasted due to LeBlanc's lack of AD scaling abilities. The life on hit is incredibly useful in sustaining through more difficult lanes. That being said, opting for Cull forfeits virtually all lane pressure, as LeBlanc will be completely unable to trade back effectively. If one expects to go passive in the early game, Cull's weakness isn't as prominent.


Relic Shield
Relic Shield is the desperation item to sustain against incredibly difficult matchups. Not only does the minion execute's health combined with three potions make it very difficult to kill LeBlanc, the additional gold funneled can help your support. Taking Relic Shield with three potions is similar to Cloth Armor or Boots with four potions, but the difference is Relic Shield's synergy with runes such as Overheal and Revitalize.

Core Builds

Classic Core Build

When regarding a complete build for an ADC, one expects to increase the overall damage output versus time as much as possible. Since LeBlanc ADC will be gated solely to her auto attacks for consistent damage, only the following stats will have any utility in increasing her damage. They are the following:
  • Attack Damage
  • Attack Speed
  • Critical Strike Chance
  • Critical Strike Damage
  • Armor Reduction/Penetration

Spoiler: Click to view

When building an ADC a combination of upgraded B. F. Sword and Zeal items are generally the acceptable core build. This is because it obtains at least three of the five stats in few items (with Infinity Edge, it can be four). In general, one dedicates three items to this "core", as it supplies a meaningful amount of critical strike chance.
Pure Damage
Infinity Edge is a great item as it magnifies LeBlanc's auto attack damage substantially, which is necessary. Due to LeBlanc's great self-reliance through mobility and peel, LeBlanc is able to auto attack more often than the average ADC. As a result, Infinity Edge can take advantage of this. This is further accentuated in situations where LeBlanc's Distortion and Ethereal Chains with little to no cooldown reduction provide sufficient peel.

For the Spellslinger
Essence Reaver forfiets the additional critical damage of Infinity Edge for two distinct advatanges: a far better build path, and its passive. By granting mana on critical hits and giving up to 30% cooldown reduction, one is able to use spells far more often. This is better for situations where one will have to frequently use Distortion
or Ethereal Chains in teamfights.

Harness Electricity
(AN: I grouped them together because you generally buy them together)
These two items, when combined with Fleet Footwork, create what is known as the energizer build. Statikk Shiv enables AoE and subsequently waveclear, whereas Rapid Firecannon gives range and tower damage. As a result, the two work very well in sieges or split pushes as one can push very fast and hit towers hard. However, if any of waveclear or tower breaking is covered by the team, it may be redundant.

Never Fall
Phantom Dancer has fringe applications. While the passives are generally redundant due to LeBlanc's safety and mobility, it is sometimes necessary against champions with very high burst. Furthermore, of all the Zeal items, it grants the highest attack speed,
useful for builds that lack it (consider a build with Infinity Edge and Essence Reaver.

No One Escapes Me
Runaan's Hurricane can act as a weaker though more slot efficient replacement to the energizer core. The bolts are useful for waveclear, though it is weaker than Statikk Shiv in doing so. Where Runaan's Hurricane is useful are when LeBlanc is able to free fire multiple front line targets, for it does more damage than the energizer core if done properly (note that this is very infrequent)

In the vast majority of the games, the core build will be three items with at least one B. F. Sword item and at least one Zeal item.

Example Classic Core Builds

This build is the most consistent build for LeBlanc ADC due to its sheer flexibility. With this core, LeBlanc has a teamfight presence, sieging power, and split-push capabilities.

(AN: I use Zeal here to mean a Zeal item, not Zeal itself)
This build centers around Essence Reaver for mana and cooldown reduction, and subsequently more spell rotations. To compensate for the loss in Infinity Edge, one ought to take it too, or to take Phantom Dancer for its attack speed compensates for the loss of raw attack damage. I recommend not using Statikk Shiv for the second zeal item unless LeBlanc needs the safe waveclear. The double B. F. Sword and Zeal core actually does the most damage, but has a higher barrier of entry as the lower attack speed makes perfect kiting more important to not lose damage.

The Pirouette
This build does well if one is able to safely position so that the bolts from Runaan's Hurricane are constantly applied to multiple targets while kiting near perfectly so no damage is lost. Otherwise it is overshadowed by the consistency and flexiblity of the energizer build.

On-hit Core Builds

Instead of the traditional ADC core, sometimes one will opt for an on-hit focused build. These are better for split pushing and one on ones but have less of an impact on team fights. While LeBlanc ADC should generally not be going for on-hit builds (that's more for top lane, if anything), it is for LeBlanc ADC players that are adamant on split pushing.

On-hit Core Build

The Mighty Shall Fall
Blade of the Ruined King is actually a really good item, to the point that this is probably the one item that could oontest a B. F. Sword item due to all its stats. In one item, you have sustain, health shred, and kiting potential, all necessary when split pushing, espicially against a bulkier opponent. The build path is also very useful, as early life steal is good for LeBlanc ADC.

A Thousand Strikes
Guinsoo's Rageblade is the characteristic item of an on-hit build where one completely foregos critical strike chance for sheer on-hit damage and attack speed. Guinsoo's Rageblade is useful as the passive that is normally difficult to constantly keep on is not when LeBlanc is constantly split pushing.

Everybody Perishes
Wit's End finds its utility in its ability to shred both tanks and squishier targets alike by hitting their magical resist. Since on-hit LeBlanc will be primarily physical in her damage profile, this hybrid damage makes it harder for the enemy to itemize.

Frozen Mallet is a really good item when split pushing against melee champions as it gives an amazing amount of kiting potential while making LeBlanc a little bulkier. This item has far less utility against team compositions that have carries focus you in the split push, however.

Bolt Flurry
Runaan's Hurricane on an on-hit build is primarily for the waveclear (as with sufficient attack speed, it is faster than Statikk Shiv), but also because the ability to apply on-hit effects to multiple champions is very useful in numerically disadvantgeous situations.


// Having movement speed and mobility in general is a key facet of League of Legends. Being simply "faster" than the enemy team is gives advantages in positioning, making plays and rotating on the map, hence getting Boots.
LeBlanc has only one choice of what boot to take: Berserker's Greaves. LeBlanc ADC's damage profile is gated solely to her auto attacks, so virtually anyway to bolster her damage is necessary. Any other boot choice can be substituted by a rune, whereas Berserker's Greaves cannot.

Auxillary Items

To supplement the core build of damage, other items exist to make your build more receptive to specific threats in a game.
  • Bloodthirster is LeBlanc's sole lifesteal item. Death's Dance is suboptimal since LeBlanc's abilities do not deal physical damage, making its passive useless.
  • Guardian Angel gives LeBlanc ADC more flexibility in her role mid to late game. Instead of constantly playing defensively, having the ability to revive means LeBlanc can take risks and go for more plays.
  • Mercurial Scimitar is for when the sheer amount of crowd control on the enemy team cannot be managed by LeBlanc's Distortion and Ethereal Chains.
  • Blade of the Ruined King and Frozen Mallet are good to kite away threats. The latter is better against a specific, constant threat.

Tank Shred
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Early Game + Lane Phase

With Doran's Ring LeBlanc ADC has enough mana and ability power to actually deal damage with Shatter Orb. It then becomes useful to use it whenever possible (though being prudent with mana as one should always have enough to use Distortion and Ethereal Chains) as its range of 700 exceeds the auto attack range of all ADCs.

With an enchanter support such as Janna, Soraka or Lulu, LeBlanc can try to make trades. Without, however, LeBlanc will likely lose trades, and as a result, LeBlanc should only poke if it comes without risk. This can be studied more in-depth by a video made by UNSWLOLSOC below.

Most of the time, however, LeBlanc should be playing passive and focusing on killing minions. LeBlanc loses most matchups in the bottom lane so having a gold income can ensure LeBlanc can scale and keep up. This will get better with time but can be focused on by playing a custom game and practicing it until it becomes second nature.

LeBlanc should save her Distortion for avoiding crowd control such as Thresh's Death Sentence or Braum's Winter's Bite. However, due to the large downtime on Distortion at early levels LeBlanc generally ought to play passive when it is on cooldown. This is especially true when one does not have vision. Should your ally support be hit by crowd control, this often times to commit to a fight as they likely will use spells on your support so you can engage without risk. This is covered in more depth in a video UNSWLOLSOC below.

Warding and Vision Control

Warding and vision control is useful as it can help one avoid unfavorable situations while using the information to make plays. If you see another player roaming down, it can be avoided far more easily with vision. Your vision repertoire consists of a Stealth Ward and Control Wards. While the support with a Sightstone is generally more effective at warding, at times it is better to rely on yourself. Later in the game, one can opt for a Farsight Alteration. For specific positions on warding, I recommend a video by LS, a professional league analyst, shown below. The video is for supports but is still useful for the ADC to watch.

Roaming, Rotating and Splitpushing

LeBlanc ADC is similar to Ashe and Jhin in their ability to roam, that is, to make plays across the map. While it's not very reasonable to run across the map to make a play, LeBlanc does a very good job at fighting jungle skirmishes nearby due to her ability to lock down a target while playing safe. This requires thinking, however. Gambling on low percentage plays is generally a bad idea; consider if it is worth it (to get a kill or other similar rewards) versus the consistent play of staying in the lane. By playing more this will be more reflexive. The actual mechanics are discussed further in a video below by UNSWLOLSOC.

Split pushing is a good way to take or threaten objectives if done properly. By pushing a lane solo without the enemy team, the enemy team is forced to answer the threats of you and your team independently. If they do not answer you, you can take and threaten objectives freely. If you are threatened by multiple champions, there is a drop in focus on the rest of the map which is generally an advantage for your team. However one must take care (via vision) to make sure one does not die from the enemy team making a play. This is analyzed in further detail by a video by UNSWLOLSOC.


As an ADC, getting auto attacks without compromising safety is key. This is accomplished through weaving in movement commands with auto attacks to reposition with a combination of Distortion to reposition and Ethereal Chains to lock down enemy champions engaging. However staying alive and auto attacking is not the only skill. An ADC has to be able to focus the proper targets. While charging forward to attack the enemy carries is a bad idea, one can reposition and change targets based on a combination of safety (based on the enemy's ultimates and such) and position. This can be seen and analyzed by a professional caster and analyst Jatt below, with more general videos below.

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Summary and Conclusion


LeBlanc as an ADC is an extremely unusual ADC with her very specific niches, advantages, and disadvantages. I don't claim LeBlanc ADC to break the meta or be incredibly viable, but she can definitely carve a niche as a self-reliant skirmishing ADC.

My ears are open to any comments and criticisms. I hope you enjoyed the guide!

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