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Malphite Build Guide by JingleJimmy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JingleJimmy

Malphite - How to kill even as a tank

JingleJimmy Last updated on May 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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With this guide, you will learn to use your abilities, learn what items to build and why, you will learn how to do your job, but one thing I cannot teach you how to do is learn, if you are unwilling to learn and just look at items and masteries you will think I'm dumb and you'll most likely fail miserably. Please take the time to learn Malphite

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Pros / Cons

Pros Of Being a Rock:

Insane Harass with
Easy initiating
Farming with & is none the other with the easiness it takes
Chasing with is nothing hard at all.
Not health reliant as some other tanks are, meaning they just cant kill you with a
There will be clutch moments, dont be afaird you're a rock you got this.


Complete mana *****
Can get you killed if your team isn't smart.
If you don't farm right you could fail.

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Summoner Spells

Good to get:

As said in the Pros/Cons section Malphite is a complete mana *****, this summoner spell is a MUST get with how much you will be using your Q to harass and your E for farming, you never have enough mana regeneration even if you were to get Greater mark of replenishment&Greater seal of replenishment&Greater glyph of replenishment&Greater quintessence of replenishment

This is a great summoner spell to get for Malphite since you can flash away, flash closer for a or a when they're low enough to kill them with it.

This is good for escaping, and chasing for those last hits, but it's not nearly as good as flash, but if you're one of those people who don't like flash go ahead and grab this, but its kind of unnecessary since you have and and with the mastery

If you find yourself recalling a lot cause of mana, or just because, go ahead and grab this, it's helpful in many of ways,such as, helping another lane if they need to recall, buying, and replenishing your mana.

Does the enemy team have a Tryndamere or a Master Yi Or just any high DPSers grab exhaust to block them out

Is the enemy team built around heals? ( Sona, dr.mundo, Fiddlesticks) These people will be devastated by ignites 50% reduced healing.

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The reasoning behind my mastery choice is, the survivability is there since you're a tank, and the utility, because once again, Malphite is a huge mana hog. With these Masteries you'll be able to take more hits, and be able to harass further.

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I have stated my favorite runes for Malphite, but i will list some other options.

For Marks:
Greater Mark of KnowledgeKnowledge

For Seals:

Greater Seal of Vitality Vitality
Greater Seal of Knowledge Knowledge

For Glyphs:

greater glyph of knowledge Knowledge

For Quintessence:

greater quintessence of Knowledge Knowledge
greater quintessence of Defense Defense
greater quintessence of Vitality Vitality

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Skills why and how

Seismic Shard
This is what makes Malphite such a damn good laner, this low cool-down high damage ability has such a high early game damage that your opponents will have no idea if you're a tank or a nuke. This ability will be used almost every chance you get, if you see them proceeding to you hit q and click them, it will scare them also do damage and make your faster so you can run into the creep wave, last hit and run out quick without receiving an harassment.
TL;DR: harass with it none stop.
Brutal Strikes
This ability is kind of MEH till mid-late game it helps with initiating while also putting out damage with Ground Slam because it increases your armor and Ground Slam scales off of armor.
TL;DR: Use this right after you ultimate into a fight or right before you
Ground Slam
This is your farming skill, try to always hit at least 2-3 minions with it, late game when you start stacking more armor you will have quite a nice damage output with this skill, remember always use Brutal strikes before this skill for the additional armor ( damage )
TL;DR: Farm with this one
Unstoppable Force
This is what makes you an amazing tank, with this skill you can initiate, tower dive, save teammates, and escape, or just plain out annoy the **** out of your enemies. Only user this ability to escape when absolutely necessary, only use to tower dive when they are like 400 hp at 6-10 from 11-15 you can do it at about 600 hp with your teammate and at 16-18 do whatever the hell you want, not really, IDK how far youll be here but you should already have the feel for Malphite's power.

Skill Order In a Team Fight

and repeat your skills as necessary

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Doran's Ring
I choose this because of it's mana regeneration but also because Seismic Shard has a .6:1 ap scaling, this means you'll be hitting 9 extra damage from level 1 which believe it or not, is a huge boost.
Sapphire Crystal
This item is to solve some of the huge mana problems that Malphite has, it will later be built into Glacial Shroud
Boots of Speed
This is my next item, because who doesn't love a good speed boost, also it allows you to get closer quicker so you can hit your Seismic Shard
glacialGlacial Shroud
This is just a great item for Malphite, it has nice mana, CDR, and some armor, always get this item
catalyst the protectorCatalyst the Protector OR Kindlegem
Choose between these 2 items, get the Kindlegem if the enemies are more of a AD team and if your team is mana/CDR reliant but if the enemy team has a lot of casters or strong abilities/cc get the catalyst the protector
Boots of Swiftness
Now its time to finish up those boots you bought, i prefer Boots of Swiftness over any because it supplies amazing speed boosts however if the enemy is ALL ad or ALL ap get Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads
Banshee's Veil OR Soul Shroud
Buy whichever one depending on whether you got a Kindlegem or catalyst the protector
Frozen Heart
This is a really neat item with the high armor, high mana, high CDR, and that beautiful aurora
Now that you have your core you must make some situational decisions.

Finalizing your build:

Aegis of Legion
This is a magnificent item, it has great tanking benefits for your whole team but also acts as a miniature Rally that's permanent.
Guardian Angel
If you find yourself dying a lot or being focused for whatever reason, or are just up againest a well balanced team and want another all around item, grab this.
Great Great GREAT tank item against high dps champions grab this to counter Tryndamere Ashe Xin Zhao etc.
Abyssal Scepter
Ap, magic resistance, an aurora that helps casters? hell yes take this for more damage with Q and R and to help your casters and if the enemies have casters too.
Use this item for more health regeneration, also if you want to chase more, or if they stacked some serious casters.
Sunfire Cape
In case you need more health, or armor, plus the 40 magic damage a second helps a lot with farming, and in team fights, so get it for more farming, or if you're losing team fights.
Warmog's Armor
This item i really hate, it can cause you to die a lot, it has a **** ton of health so if they buy madred's blooodrazors you can be screwed over so just be careful when buying this, also it's very expensive
Getting fed your balls off and they dont have people to buy madred's bloodrazors on? grab this cause it gives a lot of health , but at 20 stacks, you will be unstoppable because of that damage reduction it supplies.

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I'm not going to do a, how to play because everyone is different,I personally am very aggressive,and some people are not, so just do your job of initiating, while also farming, early game just harass with your Q.