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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Pantheon Build Guide by Brmifi

Jungle Man-Drop Incoming! - Detailed Pantheon Jungle - Pre-Season5

Jungle Man-Drop Incoming! - Detailed Pantheon Jungle - Pre-Season5

Updated on January 26, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Brmifi Build Guide By Brmifi 17,164 Views 0 Comments
17,164 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Brmifi Pantheon Build Guide By Brmifi Updated on January 26, 2015
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Hey! Welcome to my guide on Pantheon! I'm a Jungle main on NA and LAN. At my best being Platinum 5, I'm now at mid Gold as I don't play as much anymore. Anywho, This is my first guide ever, Pantheon is one of my favorite champs and is very strong in the jungle. From what I've learned and tested, this is how I believe the best way to play him is. I hope you'll give this guide a (spear) shot! Bad pun sorry...
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Pros / Cons

+ Extremely strong early game
+ Aegis Protection Makes diving considerably easier.
+ Good mobility
+ CC
+ Scales up quickly
+ Wants to be a baker

- Doesn't scale as well into late game
- Isn't very tanky
- Easy to lock down in fights
- Will probably never get to be a baker
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The masteries we take optimize for how Pantheon's kit is played in the early to mid stages of the match where he's at his strongest.

Utility: Three points into Wanderer allows us to abuse Pantheon's already incredible Movespeed. At 355 base, he's the highest in the game (Matched only by Master Yi). With these three points, and one Movespeed Quint, we get 366 Movespeed at level one, allowing very little room for anyone to escape your ganks.

Defense: We only take 5 points into Defense since our passive allows us to sustain the jungle better than most other junglers at early levels. This allows us to be a bit greedy and take a more offensive investment.

Offense: We take 22 in offense since Pantheon is a high damage dealing AD bruiser, and scales extremely well with everything this tree has to offer him. The CDR we get from Sorcery helps us clear the jungle, as well as in fights to help us spam Spear Shot. Feast and Butcher help us sustain a bit. Executioner , seeing as we do loads of bust damage, especially to anyone under 15% hp. The point in Frenzy helps us clear a bit, since we gain a bit of attack speed every time we crit. The rest are pretty self explanatory for ganking and such.

Why 22-5-3? Why not 21-9-0?
Taking this mastery page gives us more utility and faster clear speeds in the jungle (You won't need to buy boots until ~15 mins). The trade off being a tiny bit of hp and hp regen that we can negate since we have our passive.
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These runes allow us to gain utility through the one MS quint and 6 CDR glyphs, without sacrificing our damage output.

The six CDR glyphs grant us 5%, which in combination with our masteries starts us off at 10% from level 1, which is extremely useful. With three scaling Magic Resist glyphs, we scale better into the late game than from taking flat glyphs.

The single MS quint in addition to the 3 in Utility that we take allows us a 366 MS at level one. This allows us bypass boots for some time, allowing us to pick an extra longsword or a few wards.

The AD marks and quints are because we scale from AD very well.

The armor seals helps tank the jungle creeps.
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Flash and Smite are staples for any jungler. Smite is used for securing objectives, and Flash since we don't have any natural forms of escape.
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I take Ranger's Trailblazer firstly, as now we can swap our jungle items, so long as they aren't yet enchanted. Pantheon could use the sustain early on, and doesn't need the extra damage from Stalker's Blade just yet.

By the time you have The Brutalizer completed and 150~ g to enchant it, you can swap for Stalker's Blade. Why Stalker's? Once we have a few levels we don't need the sustain as much. We aren't an AA reliant champion so we won't get Skirmisher's Sabre. Likewise, we won't pick up Poacher's Knife since we don't scale from attack speed, and we aren't a counter jungler.

The Brutalizer and Last Whisper make up the core of this build, as our scaling from AD is MASSIVE. Long Sword is very gold efficient, and very cheap. It's not often that you'll be backing and won't have at least 360 g. All of the components to these items are very cheap, making each back you have efficient, as you're able to pick up something to give you combat stats nearly every time.

Hexdrinker is situational, and is usually picked up first after your jungle item against an AP mid that's giving you trouble.

Ninja Tabi against all AD comps, and Mercury's Treads against AP or any hard cc to lock you down.

Randuin's Omen is a great item to ensure you aren't kited to death.

Locket of the Iron Solari is amazing against double AP, if someone else isn't buying one.

Banshee's Veil against combo dependent assassins, and Spirit Visage against poke comps.

Guardian Angel is always good to save your life, if you're just dying too quickly, or your team just needs someone to take focus for a while.

Infinity Edge is here as a snowball item; If you're fed enough and have the gold for it, it's not a bad choice. 80 AD is huge given that our Q scales from 140% bonus AD, and the crit damage multiplier is even bigger, making your Q deal MASSIVE amounts of damage.

Items I don't usually pick up

Youmuu's Ghostblade Isn't really a bad item, but there are better choices.

Bloodthirster We don't auto attack enough to make full use out of this item. The large AD is nice, but we're wasting stats on an expensive item, which isn't what we want.

Ravenous Hydra Not that this is a bad item, but it's usually hard to find a place for it in your build.

Blade of the Ruined King We don't scale from attack speed, so we're wasting the execute damage on the passive. We don't need more chasing potential between Chilling Smite and Aegis of Zeonia. All in all Hydra is a better choice.

Sunfire Aegis This is just preference, honestly. I much prefer Randuin's Omen to it for the attack speed debuff.

Warmog's Armor Since it's been nerfed it isn't as good as it once was. Not to say it's bad, but the 200 health missing hurts.
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Skill Sequence

We max Spear Shot first as it's a very short CD skill with good base damage and amazing AD scaling. We take Heartseeker Strike over Aegis of Zeonia at two because of the extra damage it provides, as well as the passive it grants, making it far more useful then renewing your passive block once per jungle camp. At three, you can opt to take a point in either Spear Shot or Aegis of Zeonia, depending on how the lanes are going, and if you have gank or counter gank potential on a lane. Take a second point in Spear Shot if you're opting to farm a little more.
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Jungle Routes

The way I like to play my jungle routes is like so:

BLUE SIDE - Krugs (smite) -> Red -> Wolves (smite)

From here you have level 3, and by smiting the Wolf camp grants you safety from having someone invade you. You may opt to back, or try your hand at a gank and then recall.

If you want to be cheesy, you can ask your bot lane to leash you red, and gank mid/bot lane at level 2 immediately with a point into Aegis of Zeonia.

RED SIDE - Gromp (smite) -> Blue -> Red (smite)

Ending on red in this case means you'll have a bit more health, and are usually safer for a gank. After three camps it's more important to recall quickly to get your jungle item. Delaying it denies you a healthy recall phase, but if a gank opportunity presents itself, do not hesitate to take it as you are an extremely strong ganking champion.
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Team Fighting, Skirmishing, and Ganking

In team fights, You'll be looking to peel for your carries or delete theirs. Not many ADC's will take a full combo of yours to the face and appreciate it. You can also join a fight at any time with your ult, making your global presence to be feared, as you have the ability to join your allies and turn the tides pretty easily. I wouldn't advise using your ult to initiate a fight until you have at least one completed tank item. If your ult is your team's main means of engagement, then you'll need to get tanky fairly quickly. After your jungle item and finishing The Brutalizer or Last Whisper Grab yourself a Randuin's Omen or a Banshee's Veil as the game demands.

In smaller fights it's important to remember to save your Aegis of Zeonia for after a flash whenever possible. A smaller mechanical detail to be noted is that you can cast Spear Shot and Aegis of Zeonia simultaneously, allowing the CD of Spear Shot to come back almost as the stun wears off. Using Heartseeker Strike shouldn't be used unless the target is stunned, allowing you to get off all three hits of damage.
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Thanks so much for reading my guide! As always feel free to comment with questions, critiques, etc. that you may have. Any and all feedback is appreciated, and I love you all. Good Luck on the Rift boys and girls!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Brmifi
Brmifi Pantheon Guide
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Man-Drop Incoming! - Detailed Pantheon Jungle - Pre-Season5

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