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Ezreal Build Guide by AES98

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AES98

Marksman Ezreal Guide (Season 3)

AES98 Last updated on February 2, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi everyone! My name is AES98 (on EU West and EU Nordic and East and BETA) and I play ALOT Ezreal. I feel comfortable making this guide and I think that I know what I am doing. If you wonder anything feel free to write a comment and please vote . I really like this build and it works for me. Hope it works for you. Which one you should pick of all different ADC's? You can get help via the "Player Based Site" known as LoL Counter. This site gives the best "Counters" to all champions. The whole site is what players, like you and me, think is a good counter for things. Its REALLY GOOD when you are in champion select in a ranked game.

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Pros / Cons

So why play Ezreal?



- Fun to play.

- Very strong passive, Rising Spell Force.


- Strong at "out poking" the opponent's.

- Global ultimate.

- He has a very nice auto attack animation (personal opinion), which make's it easy to farm.
- Worthless if you can't skill shot.

- No damage on his ultimate if it passes through a minion wave.

- Hard to play GOOD.

- You HAVE to hit the ultimate.

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Here I will explain all of my item choices. The different builds are good for different enemy's and so on. There are 3 MAIN items that you almost HAVE to use on Ezreal, or you will not do that good.

Trinity Force is Ezreal's main damage. Since he is a champion who is based on his spells, and cast's them ALL the time, you really like to get more damage on your next basic attack.

As the ADC, you're going to want to do some damage, but you still want to get some life (HP) back, so you want the The Bloodthirster's lifesteal even more than its damage. Overall its a nice item for Ezreal.

This is almost standard for ALL ADC's, since you will be focused in the lategame teamfights. Your team cant needs you alive in the teamfights. Get the Guardian Angel, PLEASE.

Now lets get to the other items...

Berserker's Greaves is the normal ADC boots. They give you more attack speed that with your passive, Rising Spell Force, give nice attack speed both earlygame and lategame.

Enchantment: Furor gives you the power of THE POWER OF CHASING!. You like that since, after all, you are the ADC of your team.

(Update 2013-01-21: Just because you run fastest in your team when chasing now, don't mean you can run in front of all and just get owned. Of course you CAN do it, but then you are stupid. Remember that, you DON'T want to be stupid. Then your team will hate you and you will be reported so just don't.)

Infinity Edge is your hardest damage, except Trinity Force. You really should get it since; You get a FAT boost of AD, you get HARD critical damage and you get a LARGE boost of critical strike chance.

Phantom Dancer is really good when chasing, since you will be able to ignore unit collision, get bonus movement speed and attack speed. It really is nice for just that extra damage and last hitting gets easier too. The critical chance also stacks and combo's with Infinity Edge.

The Black Cleaver literary MELTS their armor, so when facing much armor, GET The Black Cleaver!

Last Whisper is also good for much armor, but I recommend that you DON'T GET BOTH Last Whisper and The Black Cleaver. I say get Last Whisper most of the time. But if the enemy want to teamfight all the time get The Black Cleaver, because then you will be able to land many basic attacks, and "on hit" applying effects.

Mercurial Scimitar is if you face WAY TO HARD CC.

Blade of the Ruined King is only if many stack much life (HP). Otherwise The Bloodthirster is better.

Iceborn Gauntlet is the alternative to Trinity Force, since people told me that Trinity Force is almost no longer viable on Ezreal. That got me thinking... I find this item good on Ezreal too but you loose about 10 percent overall damage and gain 300 mana, among other things. This is the biggest change, and most critical, according to me. Pick this if you feel like you need to be more tanky and don't have to get that Phage part, and then I mean the slow , not the life (HP) :D

(The whole Iceborn Gauntlet post is a update from 2013-01-21)

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Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor I want this rune for Ezreal because I am supposed to be able to tank some minions and take less damage from the enemy ADC.

Greater Mark of Armor Penetration I want this rune for Ezreal because I want to do more damage in midgame and lategame.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist I want this rune for Ezreal because I want to not be "one hitted" by the enemy APC lategame.

Greater Quintessence of Armor Penetration I want this rune for Ezreal because I want to do more damage in midgame and lategame.

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I want a point in this because I get 5 more AD and AP. But you only care about the bonus AD. Of course all of your skills scale on AP, but its not so much to talk about.

I always want more attack speed. A solid choice.

More AD for the ADC. I say that's kind of viable.

You saw that I took armor penetration in my runes too?. I get it all so that I get almost true damage lategame.

(The Weapon Expertise post's picture bug was fixed at 2013-01-21)

More damage. I don't complain.

The more AD for the ADC. I still say that's kind of viable.

It stacks nicely with Infinity Edge.

When you come in to lategame you have a fair chance to critically strike. This mastery means that you get more attack speed when you critically strike.

You get even MORE armor penetration.

That you get more damage when the enemy is low means that the chance is higher that you get more kills lategame. That is worth investing in, after all you are the ADC of your team.

Getting more health earlygame is always a good thing. This means that if the enemy ADC have not invested in this

Even more defense so you can tank minions so your turret wont steal.

More armor so you wont die when STILL tanking minions, so your tower STILL wont steal any farm.

More health for health gods.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

  • Mystic Shot is a great damage output both earlygame and lategame for poking, or even in an "All Out Burst" or "AOB". I only take a point in it in level 2 though, because I don't want to waste Flash in the beginning. If I get ganked or something I want to have Arcane Shift early. Take a point in it level 2, and max it first.
  • Essence Flux is a good way to get more damage THROUGH minions, without wasting your ultimate, Trueshot Barrage. Take a point in it at level 4, and max it second
  • Arcane Shift is the great escape tool that make so much people want to play Ezreal, since it is a " Flash in a can" spell. Take one point in it at level 1, and then max it last.
  • Trueshot Barrage is really good for "sniping" enemy's who run away with just a LITTLE health, giving you more kills. Its damage, when fired straight in to a teamfight, is also AMAZING.

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For your summoner spells you may want to get Flash and Ignite. Its also acceptable to get Flash and Cleanse or Flash and Heal. Other summoner spells is not the best option. Please don't get other summoner spells.

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Unique Skills

Only Ezreal has so high damage-mobility ratio in the game ATM (At The Moment) and he is really good if you can hit your skill shots. This means that if you hit them all you even out damage Draven.

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Ezreal has a really nice attack animation (personal opinion), which makes it easy to farm and get more gold. That results in getting more items, which results in to that you get more kills. This now results in your team dealing more damage and winning teamfights. If you win the teamfights, you win the game. Profit. Also, you can or maybe even should use Mystic Shot when farming. Hitting this spell makes all your spells loose one second if they are on CD. This means that if you hit this many times you get Trueshot Barrage all the time. You can also use Trueshot Barrage to get some more minions when you are about to go back.

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Ezreal and supports

Now I will make a list of all supports and how well, or not, they work with Ezreal

Alistar is one of the best supports in the game right now, according to me and many others. He has 1 healing spell, Triumphant Roar, and 2 hard CC spells, Headbutt and Pulverize. His ultimate, Unbreakable Will, makes him a great tank in teamfights and he can tank almost anything. This includes the spawn turret, also known as "Laser Tower". This allows you to play very aggressive and you don't have to care for almost anyone. You have got Arcane Shift and Alistar have Headbutt and Pulverize so they basically cant touch you.

When facing Alistar you should never push, because then he can CC (Crowd Control) you when the jungler come, and then you will be hard ganked. Just try to stay safe and farm as much you can. You should even be careful with poking. If he gets you under CC, the enemy ADC will hurt you badly, if not kill you. And try to keep the lane brush warded. Then you see if hes about to come out of the bush and CC you from behind. Also take in the calculation what summoner spells Alistar has. If he has Flash, he can Flash in right on top of you. Then he will Pulverize and Headbutt you right in to their team. Then you are most certainly going to die. Only go in against Alistar and his ADC when you are 100 percent sure that you will kill them, and get away.

Leona is the most hard CC support in the game, Solar Flare, Shield of Daybreak and Zenith Blade. That is 3 stuns, which is amazing on one champion. I recommend Leona as a support for Ezreal, since she makes them sit still so you easier can hit your skill shots. Alistar can, not on purpose, knock them away from your skill shots. That's a big minus.

When facing Leona i say: "Oh lord. Sweet baby Jesus. Now you are in trouble." - Ididacactus. As I said she has amazing CC so you HAVE to get Cleanse and then as I said about Alistar, DON'T PUSH. If she gets you under CC you are in trouble. And then only go in when you are 100 percent sure that you will get kills.

Soraka is one of the strongest healers in the game now. I think Soraka is good with Ezreal. This is because Soraka can restore mana and health like no one else in the game. The bonus mana gives you the chance to pop all skill shots all the time. Never have to worry about being mana conservative. But that means 0 CC. If the enemy have, say Alistar, then he CC you and Soraka heal you... I say Alistar is better. But I guess she WORKS at max.

When facing Soraka you don't really have to care at all. You may want to look out for her Infuse, since it silences you. But that's all. She is not a big problem to face.

Taric is a good support. He has a stun, Dazzle, a heal, Imbue, an inbuilt Aegis of the Legion, Shatter, and his ultimate, Radiance gives you, and him, more AD and AP for a short duration. He is all you need, but hes still kind of "meh". I still prefer Alistar or Leona, BUT he still works more than fine.

When facing Taric you don't have to care that much. His stun can be really annoying but when he pop it, you should always, when its flying towards you, Arcane Shift towards your turret, or in to a bush. Then they cant hurt you while you are stunned.

Blitzcrank is one of the better supports too. He has 3 major CC spells, Rocket Grab, Power Fist and Static Field, and one positioning spell, Overdrive. And Blitzcrank's passive is really good to bait with too. Blitzcrank is really strong, but have the same problem as Alistar. He can actually pull them away from your skill shots. That's a big minus, which usually result in you loosing the fight he fails with that.

When facing Blitzcrank you really should care and stay behind minions, preventing Blitzcrank from hitting Rocket Grab. Once again keep the bushes warded and just farm unless Blitzcrank is OOM (Out Of Mana), in which case you can go in and do some damage, or get a kill.

Janna is an amazing late game champion with a very good passive. However, early game she's kinda meh because (1) her Howling Gale isn't a guaranteed hard CC unless the enemy is right in front of you, (2) she's really squishy, (3) she shields you for nice attack damage so the lane depends mostly on your skill. You might not want to engage with Janna because usually she can't follow up or engage that well. Ward the brush so you can poke them if they try to zone you.

When facing Janna take advantage of the fact that Janna provides no sustain to the AD carry. Poke them when Janna's shield, Eye Of The Storm, is down and profit. Watch for Flash + Monsoon when she's level 6.

Lulu provides nice shields with her Help, Pix! and movement speed with her Whimsy. She can also harass with her Glitterlance which also slows enemies. This means that you get really nice harass since her Glitterlance makes them sit still / the enemy is REALLY SLOWED HARD.

When facing Lulu remember, she is an annoying pest. She'll sometimes bait you by saving her ultimate Wild Growth. Just don't stand too close to her.

I generally don't recommend Lux support just because I find her lack of heals, her 4 skillshots, and lack of reliable CC very discouraging. If she misses her Light Binding, it's unfortunate. If she does land it, keep in mind that the target can still use skills and auto attack you if you're in range. That's why I prefer Alistar or another support over Lux. Her slow is a bit unreliable because she'll either land Lucent Singularity a bit behind or in front of the target which means that it's dodge-able. Unlike mid Lux, support Lux isn't supposed to kill minions because that'll push the lane. In conclusion, if you do lane with a Lux, try bursting the enemy down.

When facing Lux get a support with heals and hard CC. Avoid her Light Binding and stay behind minions. If she uses her Lucent Singularity to harass, she'll most likely throw it a bit behind you so avoid your instinct to back off and move up a bit. Remember, she has already used one of her spells so she can only use her unreliable Light Binding or her Final Spark to hurt you now! She has no escapes and avoid running in a straight line.

(Update 2013-01-21: I got a comment that Ezreal and Lux is really strong together. That is true, but only if both are really good at Lux and Ezreal. But most are not that good so I will say "Don't try this at home" - Mythbusters
This basically means only for pros :D)

Sona is an excellenet support. She can provide an attack damage boost, a movement speed boost, and a defensive boost. Her passive Power Chord + Hymn of Valor combo deals tons of damage. However, keep in mind that she's really REALLY squishy and has no Croud Control except for her ultimate and her unreliable slow that she gets from her Song of Celerity. Whenever her ultimate Crescendo is up, consider using it with your combo.

When facing Sona... A good Sona can and will effectively harass you to deal tons of damage. She can do this without the help of her AD carry. Always bring Cleanse for her ultimate
Crescendo, but beware of her using Crescendo and then following that up with an Exhaust.
Be sure to get an aggressive support because she's pretty vulnerable before level 6. So jump on her FTW (For The Win).

Nunu is a really good support I think. Just remember what I will say in the next sentence. NEVER PICK Nunu WITH Caitlyn, IF YOU DO I WILL FIND YOU AND HIT YOU IN THE FACE. But back to this guide. Nunu works well with Ezreal, but you should consider getting Flash + Heal, since he cant heal you. Overall you really enjoy the movement speed, mostly for positioning with your Trueshot Barrage, and the attack speed is nice too.

When facing Nunu, NEVER OVEREXTEND. He has to powerful slows so you will not be able to get away if the jungler comes and ganks.... Even if the jungler doesn't come you should be ready to take some serious damage from the enemy ADC when you are slowed. And he have a VERY nice bush surprise... If you get slowed and don't know why Arcane Shift OUT IMMINENTLY!. That of course is his INSANE DAMAGE DEALING ultimate, Absolute Zero.

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The enemy ADC

Lets make a list of all your friends in the botlane...

When you face Ashe, hide behind minions to avoid her Volley and be sure to take Cleanse if she tries to use her ultimate Enchanted Crystal Arrow on you. Otherwise just pop all you have on her and out damage her. Remember her first basic attack after she has been back. Her passive, Focus, makes that attack critically strike.

When facing Caitlyn remember, Caitlyn is a rather annoying AD carry to lane against. This is a match-up where I generally don't harass the enemy AD carry until I'm level 6 because her attack range is too big. Remember, you out-scale her and your level 6 is way better than her's.

When running botlane against Corki you just have to go poke ALOT. Stay at max range so Corki cant Phosphorus Bomb you in the face all the time. If Corki Valkyrie in you just Arcane Shift out. You have shorter CD. Only engage / stay in the fight if he is low. He have more damage spamming Missile Barrage in your face than you can do.

Caitlyn is really annoying. Try to clear out all Yordle Snap Trap's when you see that she cant hit you with her Piltover Pacemaker. If you by accident get stuck in a Yordle Snap Trap when the jungler gank or so you are in trouble. And then stay behind minions since her Piltover Pacemaker loose damage by each subsequent target. And ALWAYS go back when you are on low health (HP). She will just Ace in the Hole you otherwise.

Shudder* Draven is actually OP according to me ATM (At The Moment). He has CRAZY damage on his basic attacks and Spinning Axe. Its not OK. You just have to try to farm and not die... If he gets fed its GG. Why? HE IS Draven! That's about how it works... Don't expect to win the lane. You have to focus the **** out of him in teamfights and you MIGHT win. Nothing to do about it. By the way, meanwhile on Brazil server.

(again Shudder*) If you ever run double Ezreal on bot, remember, ITS ANNOYING TO MEET MIRRORS. No special play style. You know how to play Ezreal if you read all above, so just play. Nothing to say.

When facing Graves you just poke him all you can. If you stand and have a "basic attack duel" when he Quick Draw you should Arcane Shift out. He gets more attack speed and you can wait for it to end and then keep fighting. Nothing special about him. Try to dodge Collateral Damage.


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Here we go to finish it all off. Ezreal is a really good ADC who is hard to catch or kill and has high burst and DPS. Overall most players call him OP. Before his nerf, he was REALLY OP. But now he is just moderately OP (Over Powered). He is a solid blind pick choice. I really recommend him too, since he is fun to play too.