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Master Yi Build Guide by chf23

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League of Legends Build Guide Author chf23

Master Yi-Press 'R' to win

chf23 Last updated on November 16, 2011
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This is my 2nd guide(1st 1 bombed), this time for Master Yi. The skill build works just like DEWO's, but i do not rush starks fevour. Please give some comments!!! For my corki build, no one posts any reviews! Please help me!! I do agree that attack speed can help you get many double strikes faster, I feel that getting a Phage for survivability and diving :P helps more. Then i get AD items. A Zeal helps as this item is easily pieced together by cheaper items and do not require waiting, just like Phage. That is when i move on to some real firepower.

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Summoner Spells

Notable Summoner spells:
Ghost- Usual chase/gtfo skill
Exhaust- Disable on that high dps or for 1v1
Ignite- Good in early as Alpha in whack once with wuju style passive doubled then ignite and gtfo
Flash- Epic gank gtfo skill
Cleanse- No more CC! Great item to save you
Not so notable ones........
Smite- Get if you want to jungle
Heal- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB (I'm raging, no offense heal lovers) But this with Exhaust and meditate will let u bait with like 250 hp safely.
Teleport- Great spell to gtfo after backdoor and defending. Unfortunately, you cant backdoor in high level games where people have map awareness and have planted wards like EVERYWHERE)
Clarity- Good when you plan to 1 v 2 a lane and will need mana for all those alphas. If not, not recommended, no matter how mana hungry yi is, this is a waste in late game.
Revive- If you know how to use this, go on, if not NOPE
NO NO NO spells:
Clairvoyance- Good for avoiding ganks but leave for support. Also, your support/tank/jungler should be buying wards for you
Rally- CMON man support can do that
Fortify- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (not my eyes even though i have seven, it aint THAT much)
Promote- HAXOR!

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Mercury's Treads- Swap your berserker's greaves out for this after hitting the 20 minute mark.

Zeal- This is easily build by cheaper small items and unlike a BF sword or pickaxe, most probably will not require waiting.

Phage- Same, this item is easily gotten and solves any mid game squishieness especially after getting your chainmail/negatron cloak. Do not underestimate the 25 percent slow chance, that can allow you to kill when it procs so rapidly with your ulti on.

Infinity Edge- Great DPS item any carry should get

Frozen Mallet- Great hp boost. Slow effect is just great. The small damage bonus is just the icing on the cake.

Atma's Impaler- Gives a nice armor bonus. I like this as i get a small crit chance. The passive also adds a small damage bonus, about 60 damage if you follow my build. Makes this a great defensive, offensive hybrid item.

Frozen Heart- I do get this whenever I feel that the dps carries are too much a pain.

Thornmail- Cheaper alternative but i prefer atma's impaler as the offensive capabilities is better than the 55 extra armor IMO.

Banshee's Veil- Great magic resist item that gives nice hp and mana bonus. Passive is great to block cc's. Also can save your *** against a karthus ulti.

The Bloodthirster- Great damage and lifesteal. Enhances your dps by a lot.

The Black Cleaver- Good against armor stackers by helping increase your dps against that guy.

Last Whisper- I dont see a point in this as you will not be fighting squishies with 20 armor and above. If its a tank, you are attacking the wrong guy.

Phantom Dancer- Nice crit chance, as and ms bonus. Good item for its price.

Sword of the Divine- Good against people who get dodge, especially Jax. Gives 30 armor penetration which helps in early game.

Madred's Bloodrazor- Great against hp stackers like cho and some tanks who stack hp.

Wit's End- I do get this sometimes when im against a mana hungry hero. When i get this, i constantly alpha and whack them a few times. However, this is not recommended as yi is melee, unlike ranged who can chip your mana away safely at a distance.

Zeke's Harbinger- Great team aura item. However, you are a melee dps carry, please ask your supporter dps like sivir to get it if u like it so much.

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What to do in 1v1

During early game when your ultimate Highlander only lasts 6 seconds, I recommend saving your Exhaust and ultimate. This i because once you spend everything, the guy can just Ghost off. Even with Ghost, you cannot kill him unless he is really low health. usually, the guy will fight it out, maybe even throw an Exhaust on you.

When that happens, run back and bait him for more space for chasing, but still be careful. He may even use flash or do something reckless thinking he can kill you. Just hold off, waiting for the Exhaust to wear off, then go back and continue to fight. When you hit 300 hp, he would most probably be only 500-600. Now, you spend everything except Ghost. If anything does not work, Ghost can still be your escape route, so be careful on using Ghost as a chase skill. After early game, just own him.

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What to do in a teamfight

As a melee carry, i wont say that you are the hardest guy to bring down. Just hang around somewhere else and wait for your lovely tank. Get ready to fly in right after seeing your tank take the cc's. Now, press 'R' and 'E', right click on the squishy, and WIN. Well, remember to not overextend. There might be 2 squishies, with 1 lower hp but running. The other is happily raping your team. What do you do? Save your team's *** of course! Ignore the one running away, and focus the 1 thinking that you have all 7 eyes focused on the other and have decided to ignore him. Show him that you do care a lot about him and start giving him some warmth with your sword. I believe he would return your favor and decide not to move and stay there after a short while. Don't worry if he appears to be dead. settle the others first before offering your condolences.

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Why i do not jungle

I feel that Master Yi is not effective like other champs like Shaco, Udyr and Warwick for jungling. He has to back base once to heal, while others clear their jungle and proceed. Period.

The worst part is, your jungle route is known and cannot vary as you either start at twin golems or wraiths. Thus, you are easily crippled if the enemy jungle comes and smites your blue wraith. This way, they will no spawn and your jungling WILL be serverly crippled.

Other than that, i just prefer a 2 v 2 lane for earlier kills or a 1v2 lane for faster leveling. Just a personal choice actually.

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With Wuju Style maxed, you last hit will be a piece of cake. If you solo mid, this will be a piece of cake, unless against twitch who runs with stealth or an akali in that dam twilight shroud, waiting for creep to ulti to. Oh yeah that vlad with that pool that lets him run from everything. (Will explain how to counter in later chapters)

For 2v2 lanes, unless you are supported or your allied lane champion is very aggresive and can zone your enemies out, you will most probably take quite some damage. When this happens, i would usually call to hug tower. Most champions cannot last hit the ranged creep while hugging tower due to lack of damage. However, Wuju Style at lvl 3 can allow you to take it with the last hit.

Usually i take the 1v2 lane and tower hug. I usually do put a point in Meditate at lvl 4 for this. Although i do have problems with losing the turret, i can usually bait them and time a Meditate + Exhaust, screwing up the diver and even getting kills. To farm in a 1v2 lane, just use Alpha Strike a low health creep to last hit. If you think it is dangerous and want to farm with less danger, there is a trick.

When the turret creep shoots its bullet or what ever at a creep that WILL die after the hit, use Alpha Strikeon the creep just before it dies. You will still bounce to 3 other targets, but you will not get the kill on the first one. However, you will return to your original position before Alpha Strike if you alphaed onto a (insert something) that dies before you return after the jump. This is very important to avoid taking hits and yet be able to farm and harrass (by luck unless you wait for less creep).

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Alpha Strike is for a 1 v 2 position where you let your bounce hit them. This is your only form of safe harassment though. While in a 2 v 2 or 1 v 1 lane,(tell your lane mate to cover you when you do this in 1 2 v 2 lane) farm up you double strike or at least until the 6th strike, depending on safety of situation.

When this is done, approach a creep like you want to last hit to avoid scaring them, then Alpha Strike on the target. Switch on Wuju Style for the Double Strike, then whack-whack! After the Double Strike is done, gtfo to a safer place! Repeat until it is save to go kill the target.

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Usage of meditate

Whenever im against a character that counts on a finishing blow, e.g Karthus, Vladimir also, who would rush you with ulti and ignite. Meditate lasts for 5 seconds, so you cant miss Karthus' ulti, requim. For Vladimir's ultimate, looking at your status will allow you to know when vlad's ulti will unleash damage.

Against Vladimir like this, i up meditate once, just once at level 5, in preparation of the joker who will try to finish you, this is in mid game that is. If you are side lane, I up this at level 3 or 4, which is around their level 6.

The 100 armor/mr will reduce all damage by at least 50 percent, allowing karthus ulti to deal maximum 150 damage at level 1. Unless you are at below 100 hp, you will not die as the regen from meditate will allow you to survive. Against tryn's who wait for their endless rage to own you, just Meditate at that time. Your five seconds will match his ulti's five seconds just nice. When he leaves, just alpha and use your exhaust which you SHOULD have saved. Most probably you can kill him if you have enough space before the tower.

Meditate is also great to bait someone into overextending. There are many uses which can reap rewards but beware if they cancel your channel and kill. But then again, epic kills will come with risks, use with precaution.