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Master Yi Build Guide by Ozel

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ozel

Master Yi The BackDoorer, for newbe only :)

Ozel Last updated on February 17, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 0


Utility: 9

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Read this before all the next walls of text of 18 chapters

This guide is very particular.

If you want a guide to be strong, don't be a coward, have lot of kill, powned everyone, be a PGM, you have to pass your way.
I'm here to propose another game play and game experience. And have fun to playeur who have always hard time in team fight or don't like to die.

  • I remind that this guid is only to backdoor during all the game.
  • I remind that this guid is for player who has ALREDAY played but often have hard time and want to take an OTHER WAY.
  • I remind that this guid is for player who want more explain about what he have to do and WHY. The concise game play are ALREADY everywhere.
  • If you don't feel concerned, pass your way.
  • If you have some construct idea, you are welcome.

I'll finish my guid, I'll correct grammar synthax and I'll reduce the next walls of text. Please be patient.

I thank you for your attention.

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Introduction : Guide explain

Why BackDoor ?

To win a 5v5 game, we need to destroy the nexus.

Moreover, you are not useless when pushing a lane while your team is in team fight because you force enemy to retreat to counter you. Or if no one come, you can make as much damage on structure as your enemy. You can push the lane so hard that you can sometimes destroy an inhibiteur.

When an inhibiteur is destroyed, a super sbire apeared who naturally push a lane. And enemy are forced to play less agressif to defend. If they don't defend, super sbire can reach the 2 last turret before nexus. At this point, its time to you to help super sbire to destroy turret. You are really near the Victory.

In the case where enemy defend against super sbire, you can take advantage of this situation to push an other lane. They need minimum One person to defend. Is like a 4v5 for you.

Why Master Yi :
He has a natural good movement, attaque speed and damage.

Why for newbi ?
Because it's easy VS AI.
Because in PvP, enemy can't coordinate to success a gank to stop your back door
or they do nothing to stop you until is too late,
or an enemy come to kill you and never success so he give up for the rest of party,
or they don't know how to stop you.

So why this build can't be success with good enemy's player ?
They always counter you. So you can't backdoor, you can't farm and you are always focus because you are too weak.
So you are useless, blamed, and nobody will have a good experience game.

Guide Top


You have to focus on :

You have to farm to make many money. And destroy turret when the occasion is favorable.
Always look at map to take creeps on an alone turret and push lanes.
If you push and you start to destroy a turret and if an enemy come, you have to back.
You can go farm on a next lane. But be sure that you are not seing by an enemy.
If you can't be anywhere, go to kill monsters in the jungle.
Don't try to help teamates if you are too far or you think that he is dead.

Avoid :
Never steal creeps of teamates (exept early laning phase).
Try to avoid teamfight.
Never think that you are stronger than 2 enemy if you are not feed.
Never forget that your purpose is to push lane and destroy turret. It is not to kill enemy as many as possible.
If you have the choice, kill the turret first, then run.

The way to make more damage to a turret :
  • Attack damage
  • Attack speed (maxed at 2.5)
  • Critical hit (maxed at 100% (Amazing !!!))
  • Critical damage
  • 1 point in Destruction

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Pros / Cons

Pros :

  • +Easy to use
  • +Easy to learn
  • +Easy to farm
  • +Easy to Last Hit (LH) with
  • +Quite good to escape
  • +Easy to push
  • +No one run faster than you

Cons :
  • -Very weak
  • -Always focused
  • -He need his stuff
  • -You could have hard time with
  • -Always be vigilant
  • -If you can't success in your role, you are blamed
  • -People can think sometimes that you troll
  • -People can flame because you never help teamates

Guide Top

Summoner Spell

Why I choose they Summoner Spell ?

Flash :
If you are trapped, you can have a wall pass, near the only way for Master Yi to have.

Ghost :
If you have not flash ready and/or your Ulti, and you have to escape.

Cleanse :
If you are disabled, you can't escape and you can't activ you'r ulti, and you can die fast. The better way is to have Cleanse to remove all the disable, Flash and run.

Teleport :
Is the best skill to this guide. But he is hard to use well and the cool time is very important (300). Take it to push more longeur a top lane for exemple, and if someone come, use it to teleport you in bot lane. Or if you back and you want to come back fast. Or if you see a turret pushed and you are too far. Or if you are ganked and the only way is to teleport you to anothere way, that can save your *** ! (sometimes you die during the summoning).

Guide Top

Masteries' Sequences

First, put 1 point on Summoner's Insight .

Then, focus on Offense Tree :
Put 4 points on Fury .
Put 1 point on Destruction .
Put 4 points on Deadliness .
Put 1 point on Weapon Expertise .
Put 2/3 points on Havoc .
Put 2 points on Lethality .
Put 1/3 point on Havoc .
Put 1/2 point on Brute Force .
Put 1 point on Frenzy.
Put 1 point on Brute Force .
Put 2/3 points on Sunder .
Put 1 point on Executioner .
The Offense Tree is complete.

Finish with complete the Utility Tree :
Put in the next 7 points.

Guide Top

Champion's Abilities

Passive Double Strike :

Attack Twice every 7 auto attack. Very usefull !

Try to prepare your passiv before attack a turret. You know when it is actived by : an animation on your champion and when the counter is at 7 (above quick key's ability).

"Q" Alpha Strike :
It's a good skill to farm and push creeps, master it first, abuse it. It also can act like a wall gap if any mob is on your range.
If you want to try, take a ward and place it in the jungle when you don't see a mob, and target a mob with your skill under a wall. You will be teleported on it and gap the wall. It's quite hard to succes well. You have to be fast, but you can escape an enemy like that.

"W" Meditate :
Regen you'r life for a few amount. But the biggest is at lvl 5, increase you'r bonus Armor and Magic Resist by 300 (Amazing !!!!).

Warning :

  • You take damage even if you have 400 Resistance.
  • You can't move while activated (or if you move, you lost the bonus).
  • Be Causious because This skill is easily stoped by any Crowd Control (CC).

Put 1 point in if you nead health earlier than lvl 4. Use this skill to regen a little HP out fights, or if you are in danger and you wan't escape, or waiting for a cool down. ALWAYS use it in a brush if an enemy is near as soon as possible because you can't be attacked with a target ability, so you can gain a little time and surprise your foe.

"E" Wuju Style :
Natural damage increase. Second maxed ability. When you active, you'r passive double. And when the skill is on cool down, you have NO passiv (= 0 attack bonus). So i recommanded to Never active it exept for tower, or kill a Big mob more fast (The Big mob in the jungle).

To simplify, you can active the skill just when you know that you don't have to attack when the ability is on cool down.

"R" Highlander :
Only 75 Cool Down ! And is refreshed like all you'r ability if you kill someone. Is you'r main skill to kill a tower or to escape. Increase your movement speed and your attaque speed. And remove all slow during the activation.

Active it if you want to kill fast a turret. But I recommands to keep it to be sure to escape an enemy.

Guide Top

Item Start

You start with 480 Gold, I recommended to buy :

Brawler's Gloves :
You can run an Avarice Blade for only 400 golds. Back immediately when you have the 400 money.

2x Health Potion :
Yi start at lvl 1 with 444 health. With 2 pot, you can regrow passively 300 health. It's approximaly 1 recall so 40sc without farm. Always use one when you miss 150 health. Avoid to show your face when you miss health.

Guide Top

Item that you need fast

You have to rush :

Avarice Blade :
It's an essential item for your farm. Every kill give you additional 2 Gold, and you gain 3 Gold every 10sc.
For exemple : the little ghost in the jungle give you 4 Gold. With this item you gain 6 Gold. So the rantability of little ghost is 50% (or 1.5x) higher.

Then, go farm until you have 1150 Gold, and go back to buy :

Madred's Razors :
You'll kill Mobs faster, near to OS. Give a little Armor, help you to survive. You are ready to kill all the jungle's mob :).

Boots of Speed :
It's always good to run fast =D. As a master Yi, you need to run faster than opponants. You can clear jungle faster and change lane faster.

Guide Top

Situationnal Boots

Boots of Swiftness :

With this boots, Master Yi is sure to run faster than opponant. Moreover, you are less sensitive to movement reduce (reduce the slow's EFFECT by 25%). It's a good way to be elusive.

I recommanded to buy it when :
  • Lot of enemy have slow
  • An opponant always success to kill you with hard slow
  • You really need to run faster than others
  • You want to always run faster (to oppose Boots of Mobility)

Berserker's Greaves :
With this boots, Master Yi's attack speed is granted. You can destroy mobs and turrets faster.

I recommanded to buy it when :
  • You have difficulty to Last Hit
  • You think don't really need the others Boots
  • You want to attack faster early
  • You need to destroy turret faster

Mercury's Treads :
You gain a little Magic Resist. And the Duration of Crowd Controle (CC) is shorter. And Master Yi is hard countered buy CC.

I recommanded to buy it when :
  • Enemies have Hard CC
  • Lot of opponants have magic damage
  • You always die because of CC and you cannot do anything

Boots of Mobility :
Your movement speed is very increased when you don't attack or be attacked after 5sc. Else, you have the minimum bonus that a boot can give and you have no more bonus than other boots. That can be a problem for master Yi if he want to escape when taking damage. So it's risky to take it but you can be everywhere faster.
To see if the bonus is applied, look at your boot's icon in your item slot.

I recommanded to buy it when :
  • You want to be every where
  • You are able to easily escape the enemy

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Core Items

Guide Top

Situational Boots Enchant

Guide Top

Situational Item

Guide Top

Final Build

Guide Top

Early game : what you have to do


NEVER take Risk

FOCUS on farm

Before the battle creeps (that title rocks :p) :
Try to find a lane (bot or top).
Stay near the turret until creeps going to fight.
If you enought fast (directly going on lane max before 00:10 time play), go to the first brush on the side. If an enemy come ON YOUR brush, retreat to the tower and wait creeps.
Always be wary of brush if you don't see any champion. Or advance to the lane as far as possible of brush. If an enemy get out of the brush, immediately retreat. (Trick : If the first or the second OWN creep die, go to lane because there is a HIGH probability (not ALL) that nobody is in the brush)(Trick 2 : You can dangerously approach the bush and retreat immediatly several times to tempt enemy to attack you)
DO NOT think that you can win 2v2 or 1v1. You have NOT any mastery/rune/summonner spell/first item to win this or survive this !! You are sure to be focused and be harrassed !! So, avoid the fight as soon as possible.
If a fight start and you are with a teamate : stay behind your teamate, stay at a certain distance of enemy, use your "Q" then retreat immediately if you are near your tower, if enemy have low health and if you have near all your life, try to purchase and kill one of them, if you be near to win the fight, try to kill one of them to get the money.

First laning until 400 Gold :
Always be in retreat except for Last Hit a creep.
ALWAYS attack a creep for Last Hit him !
Try to never forget any Last Hit.
Stay as closer to ally's turret.
ALWAYS recall under tower.
Don't forget to use your pot.
Only farm until 400 Gold, then back to town.
Don't hesitate to steall your ally's creep (It's only until you have 400 Gold and you need it fast. When you recall, he can farm better).
Try to avoid enemy's attack.
Don't go near an enemy if you are below 50% life and when the enemy has more than you.
Prefere finish a creep than attack an enemy.
If you can't Last Hit a creep because of the enemy who always attack you, use your "Q" on a low life creep to kill him then back.
If you think that you can harrass an enemy, kill him. Else, never try !

Second laning until additional 1100 Gold :
Same things than "First laning", only farm until you have 1100 Gold, then back to town.
Remember to don't hesitate to steall your ally's creep.
Remember to try to avoid enemy's attack.
Remember to don't go near an enemy if you are below 50% life
Remember that if you can't Last Hit a creep because of the enemy who always attack you, use your "Q" on a low life creep to kill him then back.

Third laning phase :
Now you have Madred's Razors ! You are ready to go on jungle and farm with less danger.
If you find an enemy on your jungle, try to escape him.
Try to keep your life above 50%.
Stay in jungle until you are forced to recall (low life, enemy (every where) in jungle...).
NEVER be killed by a neutral monster !!! Even if you think that you can kill him before he kill you !! Mean that you have to recall.
When an ally line is pushed and near your tower, and no ally near, go kill creeps and push lane until someone come (ally or enemy). Don't forget to always Last Hit the creep, and try to miss neither creep.

How jungling with Master Yi :
First use your "Q", then focus the big mob. When he is mid life, use your "E". Use your "W" when your life is missing. This way consume a lot of mana so try to get blue first (make blue with FULL health and FULL mana). If mana is missing, try to defeat neutral monster until you are low life and make a fast recall.
In jungle, ALWAYS recall on brush.
When you have more stuff and more level, try to always keep a certain amount of mana with never use "E" and "W", and rarely use "Q" exept for really hard killing mob.

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Mid game : when team start to group

Guide Top

Late game : if many tower are destroyed