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Maokai Build Guide by Chaotic Bliss

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss

Moakai, the Hybrid Treant

Chaotic Bliss Last updated on June 25, 2011
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Welcome to another Chaotic Bliss original. This time I present Maokai, the Hybrid Treant. A DPS short of build, with the power to engage the enemy, but still deal some effective dmg. This look at the resident of Twisted Treeline, will make you see the power of un-natural birth. Having read his bio, I think this build brings it to life.

I decided to try my hand at this rampaging oak, and I have found success. From tank/support to AD/AP hybrid, this Moakai will wreak havoc on the enemy. His seething hatred for the perverted magics that brought him to life, are displayed in this build.

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Pros / Cons


is a great ganking/engaging skill. Think of it like . But instead of a stun, its a root that deals a fair amount of dmg to low MR targets.

Can do it all. I mean literally it can. Need to harass? . Need to stop someone for a gank, kill, or to start a fight? . Need to slow someone, or keep them in a friendly AoE? arcane Smash. The enemies have some good dmg output? . There is almost nothing that can cut this tree down to size.

Self Healing. With Spell Vamp and Life Steal, this will give him great lane time.


Mana issues early game. While he can harass and zone out the enemy, if he is OOM than he is near worthless.

Less tanky than by design. Though the dmg is great, the survival lacks until you have both Spell Vamp and Life Steal.

Though able to start team fights, he is team reliant. He can do some dmg, and with his ult to many champs, but without his team to follow him into the fray he will get snapped like a twig.

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Summoner Spells & Masteries


Tier 1 Cripple and Arcmage's Savvy. Since this is a hybrid build, the -10 armor and MR debuff from makes this tree hit so much harder. Savvy helps with AP as the game goes on. Since I dont worry about critting, there is no point in getting Deadliness.

Tier 2 Sorcery is for the CDR. Its only 3%, but I need it to get Archiac Knowledge.

Teir 3 Embers and Archiac Knowledge. 15% MP and 10AP while is on CD. Those are both very helpful. This build gains AD faster than AP, so that 10AP can make a difference. Exspecially early game.


Tier 1 I take the MR and Armor. Helps keep him tanky.

Tier 2 I take HP regen based on mana. He might have a shallow mana pool, but anything that ups regen is good.

Tier 3 I take reduced dmg and 1 pt in reduced minion dmg as a filler to Tier 4

Tier 4 Vet Scars for HP. We all like HP.

Tier 5 I love Ardor for the AP and AS as I lvl. It might seem minimal at best, but AP and AS bring help with skills, and of course his auto-attacks.

Summoner Spells

and are what I choose. I take these because this is basically a DPS build, and no other spells help with DPS than these. The debuff from means for 3s, he is dealing increased dmg, no matter the form. Ignite is great for getting that extra 10AP and to finish off a target. It cuts down on healing too, so its always useful to have.


and is great for early game longevity. This combo will keep you and your mates alive and in lane. This is more of a support combo.

and if you want to keep your mana up, and still want to get some kills at the last minute.

and if you find your team is a lil AD heavy. This is a great combo for pushing lanes, AD mates and of course KSing.

KS=Kill Secured

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Skill Sequence

Lets start with the 3/5 kills. is that skill. I take this because its a great way to farm, harass, and of course a scouting tool. So much utility with this skill, I find it best to lvl it first.

The next skill to get lvl'd is . I choose this second because it is his opening skill when it comes to fights. This gains power mid game where there are more fights than farming and harassing.

arcane smash is the last to get lvl'd. I only use it for the slow after the root from . It helps keep the target close, and helps me lead the target with a second sapling.

is one of the best ults in the game. It protects the team, than returns dmg to anyone in the AoE. with the Mpen, this is like an AoE nuke. This is a great skill if you can keep the enemy in it long enough to absorb enough dmg than turn it to a nuke.

Passive is a great passive. This is a small heal that happens when enough spells are cast near him. This helps when you have spammers in your lane or around you. If you have the right team comp, this has little down time in team fights. is one such champs to have around. Preferably on your team.

Engage order

This is the order you engage a target without items.

>>arcane smash> if you have a nuke or burst DPS champ has your target>

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This is where the chaos begins.

is first. This is great for the armor, LS, scouting, and of course farming. This is a longevity item, and its useful in lane as well as in the jungle.

help this build deal extensive dmg with all skills, while the runes help with auto-attacks. So as far as items go for a hybrid, this ups magic dmg. Cant beat that.

is the start of this hybrid feeling. AD makes use of ArP runes, the AP makes use of the boots Mpen, and the AS helps with ArP too. This item is choice for all hybrids.

is a rarely used item, and I take advantage of that. This helps nuking single targets, and the sooner a target goes down the better. This is great against other nukes and tanks.


> >>arcane smash> if you have a nuke or burst DPS champ has your target>.

is next. This item is another that suits hybrids. Its active is something that I like to use to snipe that one person that is trying to get away. If you time it just right, you can use it to get a kill. the Ls and SV are great too. Healing no matter what you do. Oh did I mention that you can have burst heals with sapling and maelstrom?

is my last item. This is a great item for a few reasons. Movement, mana regen, AP, mana, and than of course the passive. 100% added to your next auto-attack. Oh the joys of the proc when you gain stacks from Guinsoo's.

Other Items

if you have an AP heavy team or you want more healing from skills. Cheap and viable item.

if you really want to play more on the AD side. We all know why this is a great item. Add this to and you can be sure to do work on someone.

is fun too. Makes you a lil more tanky, gives AP, and gives a debuff. Since there is only MPen from boots and masteries, this can increase your dmg.

or arch angel's staff if you feel that you want more mana. And of course these items reward you for having mana.

Rylai's Crytsal Scepter This is more of a bulk item. Its great since it would help all your skills slow. That said there would be no need to worry about the enemy getting away.

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Starting item and item building

Start with . AP, HP, and mana regen. Great item to start with.

Recall 1 and

Recall 2 and

Recall 3 and

Recall 4 and kage's lucky pick

Recall 5 and

Recall 6 and

Recall 7 and


can be built early for extra power. If you think you need the power early, than make it early. If you are doing ok, than wait till late game.

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Farming is important to this guide. It is a lil expensive, so you need to focus on farming early game. The sooner you get some of the items the more aggressive you can play.

Its also very easy for this build. With power in skills and auto-attacks, this will make short work of minions.

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Team Work

Since this isnt a tank, you must be sure that your team is around for team fights. This is a great build to engage with, but cant handle more than a few champs. Make sure to and so the team can follow your lead. Great communication and coordination with the team will lead you to victory.

Visit Pillars of Order in my sig for an in depth look.

With this guide, you might not tank, but you are very important. With 3 AoE skills, you can deal dmg to more than just one enemy, and your team will love you for that.

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From Support Tank to DPS Hybrid, my chaos has no limits. This is a build that just hit me, and within a few weeks, it was set up and effective. The power to heal while still being able to support the team is something that makes this even better.

Remember, this build can do it all. Harassment, CC, support, insane dmg, healing from every source of dmg. With the right team, you wont even need a tank. From single target roots, to AoE slows and nukes, this build, if played right, will bring you victory. Just make sure that your team is built up right too.

NOTE: Help feed your carries. Set up kills to make sure they can get fat. It helps make their job easier if they dont have to chase a kill.

NOTE: This is a team dependent build for team fights. You can 1v1 most champs, but you cant take an entire team. You must have mates that will follow you into a fight. They must understand, that while you have mana for your ult and skills, you are helpful to the team. If they dont get that even though you not a tank, that your ult can help in team fights.

NOTE: This is not an engaging build. If you have to than do it. If you have someone like than you should go in after him. You do not engage if there are better engaging champs on your team. If there isnt a better engaging champion, than dive in. But make sure your team will follow.