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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Zyv0x

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zyv0x

Mordekaiser - Hextech Jungle Mace

Zyv0x Last updated on September 14, 2011
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Brute Force
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Utility: 12

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This is a guide to jungling as Mordekaiser. After all, it ain't too slow - actually it's quite fast with his Creeping Death. All of his spells except his ultimate are AOE's, making it awesome to jungle with. E.g while you auto-attack and Mace of Spades the blue wraith, all the others will die by Creeping Death within you finished the blue one, and in addition it'll give you good armor - not much damage taken.

I'm planning on adding videos soon!

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Pros / Cons

- Your armor. It's incredible. Many hates you because of just this.
- Very hard to kill, mostly due to armor.
- Two AOE and one multi-target skills. Easy to get armor.
- No mana/energy pool.
- Can do some good damage.
- Epic ultimate = epic ghost. How awesome.
- You're a metal man. How even more awesome than being a dog ( Nasus).

- If you don't get fed, you're gonna have a quite hard time not to die till you get your items.
- Your ultimate can be easily countered.
- Uses health to cast spells. (Note that with Will of the Ancients, this will vanish).
- Banned a lot in rankeds, especially in the lower ELOs.

I can't find too many cons with Mordekaiser. <3

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9x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration for the Magic Penetration, helping your spells to do even more damage throughout the whole game.
9x Greater Seal of Armor for the armor. With this build you're going tanky, and it'll help a bunch in the jungle aswell.
9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist for Magic Resist. You're tanky. It's just needed.
3x Greater Quintessence of Armor for an extra armor boost - it'll greatly help in the jungle allowing you to gank with a higher chance of success.

Of course, swaps would be allowed. It's personal opinions.

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A pretty basic tanky mastery-build, except that we'll put one point in Smite for the extra gold (and CDR). The extra exp is HIGHLY needed.

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You're going tanky. We'll get some tank items, however Sorcerer's Shoes to increase your damage output a lot. Those can be sold for e.g. Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi later on.

In the cheat sheet's build, I only chose five items, due to that the last item depends on the enemy team:

- Do they have a/several (fed) AP damage dealers?
In this case, get Force of Nature as your last item.

- Do they have a/several (fed) AD damage dealers?
In this case, get Thornmail as your last item. It'll tear them apart.

- Do they have a quite balanced damage output (AP&AD)?
In this case, get either Warmog's Armor or another hp/balanced armor/MR item.

I have chosen Guardian Angel due to that it gives both Armor and Magic Resist, and has a great passive. It'll build up to the opposite of what you get as your last item, and will help if the team has like 40%/60% AD/AP damage output. In addition, as said the passive is awesome.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is brilliant for chasing. There is countless times that either me, or my team, chases and enemy and he gets away. Why? Because I didn't have Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Indeed, this item is awesome. A slow to your spells, a good HP boost and some good AP in addition. Brilliant!

Will of the Ancient will help both you and your team. It'll make you able to spam your spell without losing hp at all, but gaining some. Also gives a good AP boost to you, and in addition shares AP and spellvamp with your allies.

Sunfire Cape is a great item for any tanky guy. Combined with your Creeping Death, it can deal a good amount of AOE damage.

Notice that I didn't write it in the sequence as the sheet cheat. It has nothing to say how I wrote it, it's just how it fell to my mind. I'd personally follow the cheat sheet, I'll explain later.

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  • Iron Man is imo a very, very unique passive. It's what gives you your armor - what the QQ'ers complains about.
  • Mace of Spades is a great one-target damage spell, or a bit weaker multiple-target spell. It's just great.
  • Creeping Death is one good defensive spell, and really really helpful with jungling. It deals some good AOE damage, and in addition protects you. How magnicifcent.
  • Siphon of Destruction is one of your main damage spells. It does a good amount of damage in a cone in front of you. How awesome for farming.
  • Children of the Grave is one of the most ANNOYING ultimates in the whole game. How pissed don't people get when they're like "HAHAHA 2HP LOLOL NOOB TRY2CATCH MEH!!! NOOB!" and then turns "Wtf is this laugh..." and starts raging when they die. Just awesome. Not to even MENTION that it gives you a sick ghost for 30 sec, which actually deals major damage. I have killed a lot of people by just sending my ghost on them - and someone with full hp even stays and fights the ghost - which results in that they die. A Caitlyn ghost would probably be the best one, due to a good ranged AD carry.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

So, to start off select Mace of Spades. Why? Simply, it's the one of your spells that can do the most damage in the start - when you are 1v1 vs the blue golem.
After that, get Creeping Death to do some good AOE damage in the jungle.
Put another point in Mace of Spades and max out your Siphon of Destruction asap.

Siphon of Destruction is your main source of damage, alteast early on to farm the mobs. Along with Mace of Spades it's able to take down a bunch of already damaged creeps. Therefore we'll max Siphon of Destruction asap, and Mace of Spades and Creeping Death around the same speed.

After maxing out Siphon of Destruction, It's all about personal opinions. Myself, I level them around equal, as I use both of them good. If you are a damage Mordekaiser, go ahead and max Mace of Spades. It can do some good damage against one target, or a bunch of targets.

Children of the Grave is just amazing. It deals a high amount of damage, and not to mention that it gives you a badass ghost for 30 seconds. How AWESOME! If you could get a Caitlyn ghost late game, with 300+ AD, you can just send your ghost on anyone and kill them easily. How lol. IN ADDITION, you get enhanced stats for a duration. It's just... wow.

The art of multitasking your ghost is not too hard once you get to it. Just walk like normal, but to control your ghost just press the alt key before you click. I mean, it isn't hard with some practise.

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Summoner Spells

A must for ANY jungler. ANY. It makes your jungling go wayyy faster, even you sometimes don't necessarily need it.

I think this is probably the best summoner spell for Mordekaiser. Ignite + Children of the Grave is a deadly combo for anyone around 15-20% hp. If you're well fed and go AP, it might be deadly for even people with 25% hp! Just think of that. Anyone with 20-25% will just die like that? Amazing!

Other choices:
Flash: This is one of my personal favorite, and it can be swapped for Ignite. However, on Mordekaiser jungling, I prefer Ignite with, of course, Smite. If you aren't jungling, Flash and Ignite would probably be one of the best combos for offtank/hybrid.
Fortify: Are you going tanky? Are you the tank? Then you might consider having this.
Ghost: This is always a good spell to have.
Exhaust: Isn't really preferred, but if you find yourself in a lot of 1 on 1 battles, or people usually escape you, then it might be a good choice if it annoys you.
Heal: Yes, this could be useful.

Spells not to get:
Clairvoyance: Leave it to the support. Please.
Teleport: You're a jungler.
Clarity: You're Morde, duh!
Revive: A good Morde should NOT die a lot.
Rally: Just nooo...

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Children of the Grave: Countered

Yes, it is unfortunately possible. If you have an Ignite on the target, it'll make heals and Health Potions less effective, but it still might save your target.

These are the current counters I can come up with:
- Health Potion
- Heal
- Banshee's Veil
- Quicksilver Slash
- Nasus's Fury of the Sands
- Soraka's Wish
- Elixir of Fortitude
- Sivir's Spell Shield
- Nocturne's Shroud of Darkness
- High MR whatsoever
- Any form for healing.

Anything that can give the victim some instant hp, e.g. Fury of the Sands, will effectively terminate your ultimate. Even Ignite doesn't affect these spells. Ignite does effect Wish though, but even with a 50% decreased amount it gives a lot of HP and will probably terminate your ultimate aswell. Ignite is still smart to use though, to disable the use of Health Potions and maybe even Heal - and it givrs some extra damage in addition.

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Playing Mordekaiser: Jungling

So, basically it's two routes. It's the basic ones. The main thing for Mordekaiser jungle, is that you wanna stack up your armor.

Route 1
Items: Cloth Armor, 5x Health Potion
Other: A pull/leash. Get someone to hit the blue buff and run away.

So it goes in steps to make it easy;
- Head over to blue buff and get a pull/leash. It'll spawn at 01:55. Make a teammate hit it and run away. If your mate stays, he will leech your exp and you won't get to level 2. However, if your teammate owns a brain, he should understand so and run away.

- Stick very close to the blue buff as he won't go back and heal, and keep auto attacking him and use your Mace of Spades whenever you can to build armor. At once he starts hitting you, use one Health Potion. Keep auto attacking till he's around 470 HP, and Smite him. Put a point in your Creeping Death and move on to wolves.

- Hit the big wolf once, then at once you hit him throw your Mace of Spades for a double attack, and cast Creeping Death on yourself. Auto attack the big wolf till he dies, and kill the rest. Use an ability whenever you die. Remember to always keep a Health Potion active if you aren't full HP.

- Move on to the wraith camp, hit the blue wraith once and Mace of Spades and cast Creeping Death on yourself, just like before. While you auto-attack the blue wraith, the others should die of your Creeping Death. Put a point in Mace of Spades and move on to the two golems.

- Pewpew the two golems around the same way as before, and remember to keep a health potion active!

- Now, if you feel confident to kill the golem, go for it. It should be no problem with full runes, but if you haven't you can just try it anyway. Remember that if you see that you can't kill the golem at around 50 hp or earlier at yours, just go into a bush and recall. If you managed to take him down (like you should), go for a gank if you have enough HP. If not, recall anyway.

- Buy Boots of Speed and stack up on some Health Potions, and eventually some wards. Head to the wolves camp.

- Kill the wolves, move to wraiths and kill them once again. If you didn't kill the red golem already, get him now and go to gank. If you got him, you should still have the red buff. Go gank.

- If they don't have a jungler, always steal their red buff when you can. It's big help for ganks, as Mordekaiser doesn't have any cc's - so he need the buff for slow.

The rest of the jungle is pretty straight forward.

Route 2:
Items: Cloth Armor, 5x Health Potion.

- Start of at the wolves camp, and attack the biggest one. Use Mace of Spades JUST after an auto-attack for a double attack. Consume a Health Potion when you feel like it.

- Head to the wraiths camp, and smite the big blue one. Put a point in Creeping Death and kill the other ones.

- Head down to the two golems, and pewpew them.
Remember to use Health Potion.

- Go to the red golem and pewpew him too. If you have too low hp for some reason, call back, and go back and get red.

- Gank.

The rest is straight forward.

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Playing Mordekaiser: Creeping/Farming

This is really, really straight forward.

Your standard farming combo is

Throw your Siphon of Destruction and walk over to them and pull your Mace of Spades. It'll hunt down most minions after at mid game and later in the game. If necessary, you can throw Creeping Death at yourself too, and go in the middle of them. Combined with Sunfire Cape, it's quite some damage.

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Playing Mordekaiser: Ganking

Ok, this is very straight forward.

Siphon of Destruction whenever you can - throw in a Mace of Spades whenever you can aswell.

Your ultimate
Use Children of the Grave at the start. It'll grant you shield/armor, and in addition HP with your spell vamp.

It's nothing more to say here, really.

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Playing Mordekaiser: Teamfights

You're a "battle tank". That's a tank that battles with no cc's. You're the initiator. You go in there, pull your ulti, and do massive damage with AOE's; Open with Siphon of Destruction, throw Creeping Death on yourself, enable Mace of Spades, and go in the middle of the ****. It's where you shine. You can also save your Children of the Grave to the end to screw up escaping enemies, but that ghost is a great ally, atleast when it's rank 3 and you get a Caitlyn ghost.

Mordekaiser can very very easily get a quadra or penta in teamfights. I, myself, get a lot of triples and quadras when playing Mordekaiser. By this, I mean pretty much every game. A penta is a bit more rare, but can also easily happen if you're well fed.

A fed more is instant /gg if your team isn't HORRIBLE.

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Yep, that was a Jungle Morde. Maybe a bit weird, butbut. :):)
Comment for suggestions etc.

I didn't get other/situational items, as that is up to yourself to decide. I might update it later on.
Credits here

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Change Log

[14/11/11] Published the guide.