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Morgana Build Guide by iSpain17

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iSpain17

Morgana - the way to success in RANKED!

iSpain17 Last updated on October 31, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey, I am iSpain17, have the same name in the game. This is my first guide, where I introduce my playstyle on one of my favourite chapions, Morgana. I hope you'll love my guide :)

Morgana is a really usually banned champion nowadays due to the buffs made on her like half a year ago. Actually, I do not consider her to be OP or anything like that, she is OK with those buffs, but nothing special. Personally, I have got the best ranked stats of mine with her because I think i could master her playstyle really well and could point out her weaknesses/advantages. I've got 71.2% win ratio with her at the moment in ranked, having won 79 games and lost 32 with average K/D/A ratio of 7.0/3.2/9.5.

Please read the whole guide before judging! Send to my email ( your end game-stats and comment every thought and result about the build/achieved with the build!! IF it does not work, please tell me!

So let's start discussing her!

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Pros / Cons

Morgana has a few pros and some drawbacks as well. I'll list the most important ones below:

Pros / Cons

+Unbelieveable level 6 damage.
+Great ganking potential.
+Considered to be OP so enemies may troll or rage.
+Good AoE ulti skilled champ synergization.

- Black Shield is useless against physical damage.
-Really bad real late game.
-Some hard counterpicks like Ryze, LeBlanc or Galio.
-Even when fed still has to take risks to be effective.

How to react when you've got one of the AoE ulti champions?

Wait for them to use ultimate then flash in/go in range where you hit the most enemies with Soul Shackles and try to stay in range. You should be able to chase them with ultimate due to the applied slow to them. Don't forget, this slow does not break if the shackle has broken! Don't use Zhonya's Hourglass too early because it can cause that you'll be standing yourself at the end of the effect, not stunning anyone. (Forever Alone-effect.) Do it like this:
Okay, probably won't always work this way, enemies are sometimes smarter than just running around in a small place without trying to go out of range... Thanks to xidi111 for this video!

Now, let's see a good usage of Zhonya's Hourglass:
Thanks for the video GenocideBlaster! Zhonya's Hourglass is always your friend, even at 10 HP.

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Now let's talk about masteries. As I already have mentioned earlier, Morgana's level 6 combo of skills can be devastating at mid lane so we will try to increase the most this combo's effectiveness with the Mastery Tree. So take every possible ability power increase, the 4% cooldown reduction with the 10% MR penetration that Sorcery and Arcane Knowledge provide, the 1.5% damage increase from Havoc and the 6% damage increase under 30% HP from Executioner . Only one this is to notice here: for better farm, let loose of 2 AP for the +4 damage on damage dealt to minions.

I recommend using the Utility Tree next to the Offensive because of Morgana's mana hunger after level 5. So get the bonus mana and mana regenerations from Meditation and Expanded Mind as well as taking the Runic Affinity since your jungler should give you blue buffs from the second one. Improve your flash with reducing its cooldown by Summoner's Insight and choose between the 0.5% MS bonus and the faster Recall. It doesn't really affect your game, I guess :D

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So, we arrived to items. The itembuild I have given to you is the optimal itembuild which you should build when you are well farmed and picked up 1-2 kills in the early game.

+ + + +
  • You should open up with a Doran's Ring or a Boots of Speed and 3 Health potions, depending on your enemy. If you get an opponent like Cassiopeia or Karthus who have got skills which you should dodge, you need the shoes. If you see you have no chance to press on your enemy and no chance for good ganks, open up with the Doran's Ring and concentrate on farming.
    I know there can happen many things to you, so I detail many ways from here.
  • If you've got a great farm and you're safe, keep farming as long as you can (Approx. until minutes 15-20). After your first back you should have Boots of Speed, Chalice of Harmony (maybe Athene's Unholy Grail itself and a few health potions. If you have the gold for Needlessly Large Rod rush Zhonya's Hourglass. If you buy Chalice first, rush the Athene's Unholy Grail. Usually I have it around minutes 15-18. You should be able to reach 100 farm in 15-20 minutes. If your situation seems to be good when you buy Chalice of Harmony but immediately after goes wrong, follow up with an instant Zhonya's Hourglass after. Try to gank lanes if your allies call for it.
  • If your laning phase hasn't gone well, try to stack up to 3 Doran's Ring and concentrate on getting Zhonya's Hourglass. They will help you in farming. In this case you should concentrate on ganking whenever your ultimate is available. Ask for blue buff from your jungler, too.
  • If everything goes well, get some magic resistance now since that will empower Morgana's tanky mage nature. Abyssal Mask is the best choice because you will stand in the center of the fight, anyways... Champions like her are the best to carry such items.
  • After your base items you should decide what to buy. If they've got many magic resistance go for a Void Staff else get the Rabadon's Deathcap . But since you have 50 MR penetration from your already taken items, void staff isn't that necessary, only if all of them is really tanky.
  • Now, get Guardian Angel which is the best choice for last item since even while you're in the pseudo-death state (being revived by GA) your ultimate is still going on, or get Frozen Heart. You'll get a total of 34% with Elixir of Brilliance, Blue buff and the 4% bonus from Masteries so it is not the best item, though. Still mainly I recommend Guardian Angel: improved ultimate, mr, and armor. If you get the Frozen Heart, give the blue buff to another teammate who needs it because you've got a great amount of mana and maximum cooldown reduction with the items I listed above.
+ + + +


These items work well with each other because first you get the % penetration and then the flat one. For example i have 100 mr you have 30+30% mr penetration so I will reduce your MR to 40. (Obviously the Abyssal Mask's aura MR reduce will be counted before the %)

Items that are optional:

: Though it is basically a support item, if you need a cheap cooldown reduction item with some Ability Power and mana regeneration (which is great for Morgana), this is the best choice. Sometimes I buy this item last in my build.
: They have over 9000 MR? Let's buy every magic resistance reducer item! Great if they are hardcountering you with MR.
: They have over 9000 HP? Let's buy this item! Even gives cd reduction and some mana regen. Really optional.
: Too many nerfs have been made to this item. Just not worth it on Morgana

Items that i do not recommend:

: Morgana has really long cooldowns, has no real use.
: She does not benefit from the slow at all, Dark Binding has no use of it, Tormented Soil would apply 15% slow and Soul Shackles slows itself. It is a poor item on Morgana in my opinion.
: As I already told you, Morgana has long cooldowns, so you cannot stack this item up.
: Woot?

Standardly take Sorcerer's Shoes. If they got really hard crowd control effects, buy Mercury's Treads. The other boots doesnt really work in any cases. You get enough armor from Zhonya's Hourglass and optionally Frozen Heart, you have enough cooldown reduction and you dont have to move over the speed of an aeroplane, either have to attack faster.

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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence:

At level 1, it is recommended to take Dark Binding because your team maybe wants to invade enemy team's jungle so you will snare for 2 seconds the enemy you've captured and profit from the optional first blood you take.

As you reach level 5 you should have Tormented Soil upgraded to level 3, getting your farmer tool. Place the soil under the caster minions or under the most possible amount of minions and your soil will kill them by the last tick itself. You should be farming with this skill mainly. (Well, not mainly you can only farm effectively with this one.) Upgrade this at level 7 as well, but the last level's upgrade should be left to level 13 because even the level 4 Tormented Soil kills every minion.

From then on, your goal is to upgrade Soul Shackles whenever possible and do the same with Dark Binding to get longer snare duration and higher damage on it because this spell has the highest AP ratio of 0.9, as well as benefitting the most from your Soul Siphon.

So you've got the level 5 form of Dark Binding by level 12 this way. You should get Tormented Soil to its maximum by level 13 and from then you can only upgrade Black Shield. If you aren't support Morgana you shouldn't upgrade this skill beacuse with levelling it up you only gain higher shield strength.

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Summoner Spells

My basic summoner spells:

: This is a must-get for Morgana. It helps you to get in the center of the fight without taking any damage while running through your enemies. Just use Flash+ Soul Shackles, maybe later followed by Zhonya's Hourglass in epic teamfights to do the best you can.
: You need this to increase your level 6 damage and to instakill at that level. Even it is good against the nowadays really common Heal summoner and against champions like Swain, Galio, against Soraka's Astral Blessing or every other heals.

Optional summoner spells are:

: If you wanna concentrate even more on farming or if you are thrown to top lane this summoner is your best friend in helping to take dragon or fighting over the dragon or getting back to your lane without letting enemy solo top laner to push it.
: It works instead of Flash if you really wanna stay in range with Soul Shackles against fast enemies.
: If you are at bot lane as a support, take this and watch out for sneaky gankers. DON'T FORGET THE WARDS!

I do not recommend the next spells:

: Just no special use on her, she cannot really get nuked...
: You just don't need it, you have slow from ultimate and snare from Dark Binding.
: Don't even try.
: Same. Though as support I can imagine it to help taking the last hits on dragons and barons.
: Not worth it, rather take Quicksilver Sash optionally + Mercury's Treads.
: Maybe early you think you are out of mana and you cannot do anything without it, but you don't wanna take a totally useless spell in the late game... Though if you are beginner, take it if you want.
: If you play for splitpush, why not? Else it is a really bad spell.
: No , you aren't Jax.

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Unique Skills

Soul Siphon: Grants Morgana 10/20/30% Spell Vamp. This skill is pretty much the guaranteer of nonstop laning. You just have to use Tormented Soil to recover HP.
Dark Binding: Its projectile is fairly slow so you must learn how to fire it in the great direction. I recommend to learn it in a custom game on bots. Try to predict the enemy's movement and follow up with it. This is kinda a skillshot. By the way pay attention to its large cooldown! If you need to escape from a lost fight, using Dark Binding on a minion can grant you up to 300-400 hp, making you easier to escape. Use it after a CC to make sure hitting. Before level 6, Dark Binding+an instant Tormented Soil after hitting is your harass combo.
Tormented Soil: This is your best farming tool. It should be noticed though that the first tick applies instantly upon placing at the target so if an enemy with really low hp is to escape just land tormented soil where they are. Try to use other abilites after this one because they will deal more damage due to the constant MR debuff.
Black Shield: This is your ultimate saver skill. It can cause funny situations, it can block the stun of Petrifying Gaze, Enchanted Crystal Arrow the suppress of Infinite Duress, Nether Grasp, Impale or Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverse or save you from dying caused by Requiem or Children of the Grave.
Soul Shackles: This is your ultimate. Use it always on as many champions as you can. At level 6 it is a pretty strong spell making it almost impossible to escape from dying. Flash in, instantly use Soul Shackles, wait until stun proc, place Tormented Soil and snare the stunned enemy with Dark Binding, use Ignite and profit. Don't forget to use autoattacks at this early point of the game, it can really add up damage! Notice that I turn on Black Shield before starting the combo. Do it like this:
Though warwick hasn't died, the much squishier mages will do :)


Sadly, there is a common bug with Soul Shackles. Sometimes damage and stun do not proc after the 3 seconds, for an unknown reason, while enemies are still in the range. So pay attention to this, if this ever happens, do not block down, just run away or chase them, depending on the situation.

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Picking her in ranked games/countering.

If you are first pick and wanna play her in ranked games, you should follow a base tactic. Choose any other champion which is considered to be 'OP' and leave these 2 champions open and let the other team's captain have to choose which they ban: Morgana or the other. So, you'll have the chance to play a strong champion!

If enemy team picks Morgana you should counter her with:

  • Karthus
  • LeBlanc
  • Galio
  • Ryze
  • or optionally Talon.

    The base concept of countering her is either to burst so hard that her shield has no use or to constantly harass her so she will use mana and has to constantly go back to base leading to a non-farmed Morgana. For example, if you play against her as Karthus poke her with Lay Waste while she wastes Black Shield and then use Wall of Pain. Talon's physical damage burst is just awesome against her. Though you must care because at level 6 she can kill you easily if well played or with the help of the enemy jungler. If yoou are countered with any of these champions, consider taking the 3 health potions + the Boots of Speed or maybe a Regrowth Pendant and a health potion.

Ask for the blue buff from your jungler whenever you can and try to gank whenever your ultimate is up. It should be really easy due to the slow from the Soul Shackles and the snare from Dark Binding. You should pay attention to brush ganks. For example if you are ganking the botttom lane, care for the shackles of your ultimate, they do not indicate correctly your enemies' location if you are out of the brush and they are in the brush and you have no vision. In this case you should try to predict where they're moving and delay the using of Dark Binding until you've hit them with your Soul Shackles' stun.

The fact that your Soul Shackles goes available whenever an enemy champion is within range (even if it is stealthed or is in a brush you do not have vision of). This works well against stealth champions' ganks like Evelynn, Twitch or Shaco.

If you get ganked at mid lane after you've hit level 6, you should not fear going in and fight in every case. If they are low health champions you can kill them easily with your whole combo of Soul Shackles + Ignite then after the stun followed by Dark Binding and Tormented Soil. If they dive you, it is even easier. Don't forget to use Black Shield if you have mana for it! (The entire combo can be found in the "Unique skills" section.)

If you are often ganked, get a ward and place it in one of the side bushes and ask your jungler to place another one in the other bush at the side. With this you can avoid getting ganked and feed the enemy team.

Right before level 6, try to get the 6th level before your enemy so try to take the minions fast and you'll have a level advantage for a short time. This way you will kill your enemy with the combo even easier :)

Another thing is that there are many people who just play her because she is 'OP'. Just think over them and try to predict their moves, because they are bad players. You can easily counter them with any champion.

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I hope you loved my guide of Morgana. Please let me know if you miss anything and ask whenever you want :) Comment after reading the guide ty!