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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Bulld0zerss

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bulld0zerss

Mundo The Tank

Bulld0zerss Last updated on March 23, 2012
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Full tank and very annoying


Ap Dmg + Speed

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 0

Honor Guard

Defense: 22

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 8

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Get over here!!!!

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Summoner spells

Best mundo spell... just heal... and not only u, also ur allies. And it is perfect to kill cuz mundo loose a lot of life with the spells.

Very good option. Just flash... to hunt or to run.

Also a good option but i dont use it cuz u have ur ult and u have ur first skill 2 slow the others... (just dont miss the spell).

MMMMM... we have a good mov speed.. u already slow ur enemies... not the best but it can also help.

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Greater Quintessence of Defense x3 = Tank...

Greater Seal of Vigor x9 = tank...

x9 = tank...

x9 = tank...

Lets hunt babe

x3 = We need this speed... Super effective

x9 = we need some mr...

x9 = we need some def...

x9= some health...

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Dont dare to use another tree xD. Just get defense, magic resist, helth and health rege... ALL U NEED IS THAT, dont change and we have a perfect full tank. Those masteries are the best and they just upgrade ur basics stats, just NIIIIIIIIIIIIICE xD.

Now we need more speed that basic stats, so get speed and try to play smart cuz u are fast and u can slow tem, u have all u need. U can get some damge here, if u want it, dont change ur speed its better to change ur defense or mr, but it this tank stats are very important. U can change it but i dont advise it.

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Tank Mundo

I like to play with micro, and as my other guides this isnt different. This Mundo is a heavy Tank, We can run and hunt enemies, open the battles, help carrys and we are a very important guy in ALL the game. This is not an early or a late Mundo, we are all the game active. We help, we kill and we win... (Mundo´s word). HF with this guys cuz it is very funny and everybody wants to have a tank like this in the team.

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Items Tank mundo

= Best item, dont get boots with posion, we have armor, health and health rege... Just perfect.

= Mov speed, mr and tenacity. Mercury's Treads and doran's shield are the best start for our Mundo. We have all the basic stuffs that we need, helth, armor, mr, health rege and speed, and is cheap.

= With this we have a strong mundo and we can use all we want. Very good at early game.

= Basic item of this Mundo, a lot of ppl get or ... but dont... This is how we tank our Mundo, dont change it and ull see that it will help u no matter what minute is.

= Another basic item, we need MR, if we a lot of the dmg is ap. Our worst enemy is the , so we need MR and a lot of health rege bezause we are the tank of the team. We get the first because the ap dmg.

= This is our late dmg and our late armor. + + = Near Dmg -melee-.

= We finish with this item... WHY¿¿¿, easy, we have our Tank and our dmg, now we need to help our carrys and this is the perfect way, We are even a better tank (+life and +armor) and we have our active to slow ALL our enemies, plus we have our beautifuls skills to hunt. Just perfect in all the possible ways. If u dont like this item and u want to tank even more... another is the best option.

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Get Over here babe!!!!!!!!!

Our ap Mundo. I always have 2 ways or builds to use a guy. This is the hunter Mundo. We use our skills, our spells and our mov speed to be the best in the map. This is an early Mundo, if we play good all will hate you and call u a nigthmare. Why¿, u have health rege and life so u are not easy to kill, and its a *****... xD. Just try it, it is just funny to see the anger in the others xD.

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Items Ap

+ = What an annoying start xD, just hit ur enemies and stay safe with ur range.

+ = Speed and health... Must i explain¿¿

= We need thoose to hunt, they are VERY effective, this speed and our are the best combination to be the perfect hunter.

= Life + Ap dmg, this is a very good item... only for an ap Mundo. + = A lot of ap dmg and we slow them with . Any chance to breathe¿¿¿ NAAAAAA. xD

= More ap dmg, attack speed and mr. I love this in this build...

= Health and EXTRA SLOW... WOW.. xD just ... perfect... we can follow any ***** in our way... NIIIIICEEEEE xD.

= Well... we need more armor and we have a decent life, so... why not¿¿¿ i dont see a better option at this min...

= Well... this is a very good item if we use the active, it is good, and efficient, plus the good stats.

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Mundo Gears

Tank Mundo

( or )

Hunter Mundo

( or )

Slow but Safe Mundo

( or )

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Pros: Great tank!!!, good as team work and vs, strong and annoying skills, low cooldown and no mana... niiiiiiceeeeee

Cons: If you are with someone in ur lane.... usually u should let him farm, so... slow at getting gold and in a very late game it isnt the best vs ad carrys.

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Gl HF GG!!!

The result... is always the same...