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Hecarim Build Guide by Minel

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Minel

My lil´ pony - Welcome to the jungle

Minel Last updated on August 18, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to the jungle guys!

First of all, I want to tell you, that i am a professional Hecarim player.
I hav about 2k+ Wins, and 50% of that in the jungle.

However, I love jungling, especially as Hecarim.

In the following guide, I will show you how to carry every game.

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+Fast as hell
+Becomes a really strong Bruiser
+Deals Hybrid DMG
+Gets tanky and deals a lot of dmg
+Erveryone loves Ponys!

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-Starts very squishy
-Is mana hungy at the beginning
-Is hard to learn
-Expensive build

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Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
Go for Armoration reds, because you already have got AD by your MS quints+masteries.
Btw, the Armoration stacks brilliant with your Q, and it is really good in connection with the truedmg from Spirit of the Elder Lizard and the redbuff.

Go for Armor Seals, because you need them to take less DMG from the jungle mobs, and the enemy team.

Go for MR Glyphs, because you need them to take less DMG from the enemy team.

Go for MS Quints, because you need them to stack more AD and MS.

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I think my Masteries speak for themselves.
But i want to explain them anyway:

It may be, that you see these masteries on Heca the first time. Well, I play Hecarim with the Utility tree since about 6 months. Before i started playing utility, i played him with a 9/21/0 Masterie page, but believe me, utility is MUCH more useful for Heca than Defense.
Let me tell you why:Utility grants you: Mana reg (and Heca is mana intensive!), a lot of Movement speed (which grants you a lot of AD) and it reduces your Summoners, which allows you to spam Ghost and Smite. It increases the duration of Buffs by 20FKN%, and this is just AWESOME.
You also get +3% Livesteal+ 3% Spellvamp, what allows you to be a better jungler, because you wont have to go often to the base to heal yourself. You get more exp, and this makes you really strong, because you gank with more HP and more DMG as the enemy laner has. The Cooldown reduction allows you to spam your spells all the time, especially, its useful for Spirit of Dread, because it has a really hard cooldown. You also get some Spellpen and AP, and this is just great for the earlyjungle, because your W is more effective.

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Warpath is really useful with your e ( Devastating Charge), with the MS Quints and your Masteries.
Movement speed makes Hecarim fast, and allows him to deal tons of DMG. This is really cool!!!

Rampage is really nice for clearing minion waves if you are defending a lane,
or just for clearing junglecamps.
It´s totally useful in teamfights too, because the cooldown is very low, and it´s AOE DMG.

Spirit of Dread is your main-junlge spell.
Because of your Masteries, it will deal more DMG, and it will heal you insanely, from the beginning on! But it gets totally useful when you get Spirit Visage, because the heal is increased by another 20%.

This spell is really great to gank, because you are extremely fast, which increases your AD and allows you to stand on the lane before your enemy even gets that you are here.
It is a very good knock-back too. You can use this spell to escape too. Combined with Ghost, you will become as fast as no opponent can be.

Onslaught of shadows makes you an insanely ganker.
After using it, its good to knock your enemy back (by Devastating Charge) in your turret.
The ult is just incredibly nice, becase of its fear. Also, it is a really great way to escape.

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Skill Order

Skill order:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Get started with:
Spirit of Dread, because you get a huge amount of health back, that you will lose while fighting monsters. Also, its great in in connection with my masteries. Later in the game, in connection with Spirit Visage, this spell can save your Pony***, because your selfheal is insanely increased.
Now continue with:
Rampage. Rampage is your main DMG spell. Its cooldown is very very low, and if you use it often in a row, the cooldown will get shorter and shorter. Rampage Is a low ranged AOE DMG spell, which doesn´t costs a lot of mana. In connection with Spirit of Dread, you become a heavy AOE DMG dealer. It is a really great spell to clear minion waves, to clear jungle camps, or just to deal insanely DMG. This is why you really should max this skill.
After that:
After skilling Devastating Charge, its time to gank. More about ganking later in the guide. Use your e to charge, to escape, to knock back opponents, to deal DMG to the enemy´s turret, to deal DMG to minions/monsters or just to move faster in the jungle. In short: USE IT FOR EVERYTHING.
Finally the Ultimate:
Onslaught of Shadows is your Ultimate. It has a very high cooldown, but just as Devastating Charge, it can be useful in EVERY situation you can get. It allows you to jump over walls, deals strong AP DMG and fears the opponent for 1 second. That allows you to get away, or to attack the enemy without getting hitted. It is really useful against 1 enemy, and also again 5 enemys, if all of them are in the hitbox. I've made about 100 kills by surprising a squishy opponent by using Onslaught of Shadows over a wall, and while fearing him, knocking him back by Devastating Charge and DMGing him to death.

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Jungle route

Since the latest patch, its not worth it to start at wolves, because they spawn at the same time as the bluebuff spawns now. So you have to start at the Bluebuff.
Ask your top/bot-lane for a smiteless pull, because: The faster you jungle, the faster you are ready to gank.
After getting a smiteless pull, it is normal to counterjungle, and steal the enemy's Redbuff, but with my masteries, you are too squishy for that. So do Wolves after Blue, get the Wraiths down fast and use your smite on the redbuff. Now you are lvl 3, and you are doublebuffed. It´s time to gank top or bot now (it depends on the direction you start at).

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Try to come out of the jungle behind the enemy(top-laner or ADC), and knock him in your turret's direction by using Devastating Charge. This should give your teammate and you enough time to deal DMG on him. After knocking the opponent back, dont forget to use Spirit of Dread, because you heal yourself, and you deal DMG. If the enemy is near enough, get him lowhp by using Rampage.
After recieving a kill/assist or none of them (if you have enough HP), keep on jungling.
If you are lowHP, go back and buy Spirit Stone, and if you have enough money, buy Boots of Speed and a few health and mana pots too.
Gank mid now: Camp in the one bush, who is nearer to the opponent as the other one is. After your teammate told you that he is ready, come on the lane behind the enemy, and knock him into your turret's direction, by using Devastating Charge.

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The art of war

In this chapter, i am going to tell you about Hecarims playing style. Let's get started.
Untill you arent tanky (ca. 2500 HP), you have to play really defensive, because you dont have Flash to escape over walls, and your ult isn't always ready. But if you have enough healh, you can inniciate a teamfight and lose less hp by using Spirit of Dread. But generally: Stand near a turret and wait the opponents to do mistakes, and dont be afraid to use your ult instantly.
Spirit of Dread and Onslaught of Shadows stack with AP, so it´s useful to go on a hybrid build (more about that in the building section).

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Building the pony

My favourite itembuilds:

Against 3 or more AD champs:


Against 3 or more AP champs:


Spirit of the Elder Lizard is one of your most important items, so try to get it ALWAYS, but sometimes, you have to play really defensive, which can make Spirit of the Ancient Golem the better option. I get Spirit of the Elder Lizardin about 85% of my Hecarim games, because the truedmg on the item is just perfect for him. But if you buy Spirit of the Elder Lizard, make sure that you get tenacity anyway, because you need it to chase, get away or get to the enemy ADC to focus him, or to get to your ADC to protect him. You can get the tenacity by Mercury's Treads or by Zephyr too.

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Good items

Don't be afraid of buying AP stuff, such as Liandry's Torment or Twin Shadows.
Twin Shadows makes you a insanely CCing and fast ganker, but it also makes you squishy, but that should be no problem, because of the MR on it, and because you can get Health from other items.
Liandry's Torment is great because of the dot. The dot in connection with a redbuff and the Spirit of the Elder Lizard dot, secures nearly every kill. The dot is great also, if you hit many opponents with your AOE spells.

Here is a short list of every good item for Heca, which is not already listed in the guide:

Shurelya's reverie : Grants you regeneration and Movementspeed->AD

: If your enemy team has many livesteals/spellvamps

: Good in connection with Twin Shadows, makes u a faster ganker

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Jungle Heca gets countered by:
If there is anyone of them in the enemy team, be sure that they will try to counterjungle you, especially Nasus. So you have to ask your support to ward either the Redbuff, or the Bluebuff, and ward the other buff on your own. If you are not fed, do NOT try to mess with them, because they will probably beat you. Just keep jungling and ganking, untill you can handle them in teamfights, if you are not fed, dont try to go in a 1vs1 fight against one of them

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Ok guys, this was my new Hecarim guide. If it was helpful, please give me +1, if it was not, vote -1 and tell me what my mistakes are in the comments.
Greetings: Minel!

Keep on rocking!