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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RazorFangz

My Two Main Builds (Lux & Warwick)

RazorFangz Last updated on December 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Intro ◘_◘

Hello, this is my first " official" build, I hope you like it. As this is my first build I wont be going into "detail" like some of the other Lux builds, if you want to learn how to play Lux super good read this build ---->
This build taught me the basics about Lux and I owe just about all my Lux wins to it XD
Anyways, back to this build, at first glance your thinking something like "why" or "is he stupid" and if you thought that then read some more and change your thoughts to "WOW" or my personal favorite "Super Special Awesome" <-- (LittleKuriboh)
P.S. Despite what the picture up top says, DeathFire Grasp Lux maxs around 690 AP and Lech Bane Lux maxes around 730-ish AP.

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Intro ◘_◘

Revision 1: First off, a thank you to all those who commented on my "guide". The most recent update changed some of my items so I changed it around on the guide.

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Super Special Awesome Items ^_^

First off, I'm glad you continued to read this. Secondly "ArchAngle's Staff" is AMAZING, I got the idea from watching an Ezreal play, continue reading to find out how its awesome. I'll give you a hint,MAGICAL SHIELD XD

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The Walkthrough •_•

OK, heres what you've all been waiting for, the "why's" and what not's. So this Lux build runs will in 5v5, but for a 3v3 you will have to change some things up, which I will explain later. Lets start with the runes, after looking at many different builds I picked up a few helpful tips.
Rune Tip 1: most runes that give you "X" amount of something per lvl is better then the ones that just give you "X" amount regardless of lvl, and the reason is that when you get to lvl 8 to 10 the lvl runes start giving you more then the set amount does.
Rune Tip 2: Magic Penetration is a MUST for any Lux, cuz lets face it, you'll fight people with magic resist often and your ulti is rendered useless for the most part, but what if you could take their magic resist out of the equation? The answer is MORE DMG ^_^
Rune Tip 3: Mana regeneration is REQUIRED by law on any/every Mage build, cuz with out it you going to be recalling every time you run low on mana or waste your money on mana potions when you dont need to. If your mana regeneration is high enough you can use yourand by the time you can use it again, you will have recovered most if not ALL the mana you used AND increase your mana thanks to ArchAngle's Staff.

Now that I've finished the Rune section time for Summoner Spellz.. YEAZ -_-
Clarity: recover 170 to 700 mana instantly... have you ever been in a fight where you both use up your mana and hope you get lucky with basic atks? well with this that will not happen as often XD Cuz every 3 minutes (180 sec) you can use it again. Also if your in a team fight it will give 50% of the mana you got to nearby champs, who do you think the M.V.P. will be then? thats right it'll be you, enjoy the spot light XD
Teleport: Summoner's Rift is a huge map and wit ha lack of super speed it takes FOREVER to get across map, especially when you see minons at bot turret and 5 champs trying to take your top turret. With teleport you can go across the map in 5 seconds then push through their back door for the win.. sounds nice right? and your thinking "well thats too situational for my tastes" then how about this, lets say you DO need to go to base (rarely) and the enemy is right next to your outer turret, you can teleport to said turret bind them in ur turrets range then use to kill minons/ champs HP cuzing the turret to focus the enemy Champ and giving you a free kill and money.

That ought a do it for summoner spells, now on to masteries.
Offensive Masteries: Straight AP, so these 20 points are a no brainer I mean come on, Ability power AND Magic penetration what more could you ask for, other then her phone number.
Utility Masteries: Summoners insight gives you +20% extra mana from ur clarity which means longer fights for you XD and teleport cast time is reduced by 1 sec, perfect for a great escape. Good hands takes your 60 second spawn time down to 54, which could be the difference between winning and losing. Then you get more mana AND more mana regeneration, which increases both your AP (ArchAngle's) and your fighting ability.

Sweetness, only a couple thing left to cover. Next up is actual walkthrough.
So you'll start of with your Sapphire Crystal (+200 mana) you by that first before anything else, starting with a 200 mana leader is always helpful. Next up use to farm minions and rack up the money, with the occasional champ kill every now and then. As soon as you get 594 gold returns to base at the next available moment. The reason is The Tear Of The Goddess (+4 mana every time you use a skill, 3 second cooldown), the sooner you get it the better. Next up is your Blasting Wand (+40 AP) for 860 gold dont base for this one, but if you need to base and you can pick this up, go for it. Then once you get 1000 gold you can buy.... ArchAngle's Staff, Yayz. If you've been using ur skills every 3 seconds, preferably your shield, since its low cost and somewhat low cool down makes getting to 1000 easy. (to be continued from here)

Sorry, this all I have time to do for now, let me know what you think so far, I'll finish it when I get a chance.