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Neeko Build Guide by Hoshikoo746

Support ★Neeko Support Guide★

Support ★Neeko Support Guide★

Updated on August 15, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hoshikoo746 Build Guide By Hoshikoo746 4,072 Views 0 Comments
4,072 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Hoshikoo746 Neeko Build Guide By Hoshikoo746 Updated on August 15, 2020
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Runes: Electrocute : Strong 1v1 or 2v2

1 2 3 4
Taste of Blood
Ghost Poro
Ravenous Hunter

Perfect Timing
Biscuit Delivery

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None
Hello, I'm Hoshikoo746 and i am a support main. Neeko is my main champ with Senna and Swain.
(Some other champ i play : Soraka (trying to get M7), Leona, Rakan and Jhin if i'm adc)
I'm unranked for one reason, i don't like to tryhard. I prefer having fun in normal draft with friends.

Why do I love Neeko?

Neeko is a really fun champ to play cuz of her kit. She has CC and great damage.
If someone on my team has a beautiful or expensive skin, i use the passive Inherent Glamour and i feel rich :'D.
Neeko is a strong tomato and that's a good reason to love her!

Why do you make a guide ?

I want to make a guide because my friend wants to play Neeko and i can tell her everything i know on a guide. Maybe it will help you too...
I also have free time, i just use it. Haha
If you find something weird or unclear, you can ask me. I'll try to respond.

Pros and Cons
+ Good damage
+ Great CC
+ Can take vision easily
+ Passive confusing for ennemies
+ Engage/Disengage
+ Only support mage with mobility
Neeko is a cool support mage with a useful kit.
Her Tangle-Barbs and Pop Blossom allow you to engage/disengage, you can combined them with Flash and Inherent Glamour to have a better surprise effect.
Her Shapesplitter can scout for you, gives you mobility and tanks 2 tower shot !
- Squishy
- Low range
- Difficult to play if behind
- Falls off late
- Have a certain skill floor
Neeko is a strong champ but she also has weakness. She has a short range (but she has a good mobility/escape ability) and falls off late. She is squishy like a lot of mage.
If you fall behind, just do your best : a Pop Blossom can change a bad situation but don't int.
Abilities and combos
Neeko also copy the health, mana/energy/none, buffs, range if lower than hers, recall animation, voicelines, taunt/joke/dance/laught animation...
She also copy the base ms and as, which scales with your items.
Take the form of the fastest member of your team and W to go back in lane. You can also take form during a fight to bait your ennemies !
Your Q can proc the support item 3 times, it's interesting...
Neeko's funniest ability !
Your clone can tank 2 tower shots, scout for you (for example, verify a dangerous bush), take all the **** things like binding, trap, bomb and charm. YOUR CLONE CAN'T GET STUNNED
I noticed that the passive of W also stacks if you are disguise. Maybe it's a bug and it will be patched.
Your E can go trough minions and you can E + Flash, that's all I have to say.
Neeko's ult is so good !
The bonus shield also count clone and ennemy's invocation (like Summon: Tibbers)
Insert a video here
> > aa
E > Q > aa
the basic combo : you can use Shapesplitter before Tangle-Barbs to reposition yourself and getting a better surprise effect.
Insert a video here
> > > > >aa
W > R > Flash > E > Q
the all-in combo : good for teamfight, you can reposition yourself a little bit before using Tangle-Barbs to root all your ennemies.
Insert a video here
> > (+ if needed)
E > R > Q (+ Ignite)
the "HAHA I WAS ON THE BUSH AND NOW YOU ARE DEAD" combo : just times right your Pop Blossom. This combo is even better with a teamate on the bush with you. Don't forget to Control Ward the bush.
For all of these combos, you can use Inherent Glamour before doing the combo to get a better surprise effect.

Electrocute is a really good keystone for Neeko for multiple reason. You can proc it easily with your basic combo E>Q>aa (your Q only count for 1!) and it gives you some extra damage. It will cost the half of an adc life after lvl 4/5 with a charged aa.

Predator is also a great choice, if you know you won't have kill pressure or not a really good laning phase, you'll be able to help other lane with less difficulties.
Neeko is squishy, has a low range for a mage and often go melee. With these informations, you must know what she needs. She needs some sustain and Taste of Blood give it to her.
Cheap Shot is viable on Neeko (because she has a root) but it's not really useful for you, to stay alive...
Ghost Poro is a good secondary runes to take as support because it gives you some extra vision, extra stat (AP for Neeko) and it is worthier than Zombie Ward if you play "normal game". People in normal game aren't that much focus on macro.
If you need more sustain and ennemies have good dmg, i recommand Ravenous Hunter because it heals you when you deal damage with your abilities.
If you need more temporization and you use some utility item (like Twin Shadows, Zhonya's Hourglass or Redemption), i recommand Ingenious Hunter because it gives CDR on active items.

Relentless Hunter is a good choice if you play a roaming Neeko with Predator or something like that...

Glacial Augment is a good keystone for Neeko, if you want to trade, slowing an ennemy will give you a great advantage. But it is not my favorite primary rune.

Prototype: Omnistone is a FUN choice. Random keystones can make a stituation different each time.
Zhonya's Hourglass is one of your core item, by getting a free Stopwatch you'll save 650 gold (it's a lot for a support) and get your Zhonya's Hourglass faster.
You can take other runes if you prefer, but think about it...650 gold !
Biscuit Delivery is a good secondary runes to take for Neeko because it gives you 150 mana max (once you used or sold them), allow you to stay longer in lane. The bonus mana is good because i almost never buy "mana item" for Neeko

Future's Market can be really useful but i don't know how to use it correctly.
Cosmic Insight is a good choice : it gives you extra cdr on summoner's spells, item and your "normal abilities" and it allows you to reach a maximum of 45 % cdr.

Approach Velocity is a good option too, approach faster when you hit any cc to do your combo... Noice.

Arcane Comet is a basic keystone for a lot of mage. This one fits well with Neeko's Q and E (you are sure to hit comet if E hits), giving you some extra damage and good when you poke.
Summon Aery is like comet but with less damage whereas you are sure to "summon aery" every time you aa or Q or E...

I haven't tried Phase Rush for support but i think it can be viable on Neeko, for mid or top...
Manaflow Band gives you free 250 mana. Why not take it ?
Others runes are not really efficient for Neeko as support...
All of these runes are great !
I prefer Celerity to get some extra ms when i use W but you are free to take one of the others.
I usualy take Scorch for better poke due to the extra damage.
Waterwalking is a nice choice if you'd like to roam (bonus ms on river) and Gathering Storm is a must have if you know that you'll go late game (because it scales with playtime).

Aftershock is THE keystone for a tanky Neeko. It gives you resistances every time you hit a cc (E or R) which is "necessary" because Neeko often go melee to combo.

Guardian is also a great choice to protect your allies. With the new range you can proc it without being "stuck" to your adc and you can use your W if your are out of " Guardian range" to go in faster in a bad situation.
Neeko has cc. A root (E) and a stun (R), both are considered as "movement modifiers" (and hard cc) which can proc Font of Life.
Other runes are not really effective for Neeko.
Conditioning is a good choice, it gives you free mr and armor after 12 minutes (wihich is a good moment ~mid game).
You can take Bone Plating instead, better for the laning phase.
Usualy, you will take Overgrowth as a tanky Neeko because it will allow you to have more health but if the ennemy team have a lot of cc (a team example : Irelia, Zac, Lux, Ashe and Nautilus ; all have CC), it would be more favorable to use Unflinching, thanks to the tenacity and the slow resist it offers.

The Precision's keystones are not useful for Neeko support and the runes choice are limited to
Triumph, Presence of Mind and Legend: Tenacity for supporting (which are good secondary runes to take).
Triumph heals you after a kill/assist and add 20 gold to your use, which is useful.
Presence of Mind gives you 500 extra mana max (but you need kill/assist), i like this one because i almost never buy mana item.
Legend: Tenacity offers hummm, tenacity ? It's useful against cc.
Summoners spells
Flash is a must have on every champ, at every role (there are some exception : for example Shaco). Flash teleport your champ to a short distance, you can go trough many walls.
Ignite is a common spell. Once used, it deals true damage over the duration and applies healing reduction. Wow !
Use it to execute an ennemy or just to apply the healing reduction.
Still on experiment Ghost make your champ fast ! This spell is good for roaming but i haven't experimented enough with.
Exhaust is great against assassin. It can be used just to slow an ennemy and catch him or to reduce ennemy's damage.

You know which runes are good for Neeko and which spells to use.

Make your own combination !
Here is an example :

Spellthief's Edge is your usual choice to start. Neeko is good at poking due to her W passive.
Spellthief's Edge gives you AP, hp and mana regen which is great because Neeko's spells scale with AP and you will poke with your aa and Q in lane, getting some mana regen is useful here.
Relic Shield is a good choice if ennemies have annoying poke champ or high damage champ OR if you play tanky. Relic Shield gives you hp, AP and healthregen.
You need to stay alive... These potions heal you...
Ocasionaly, it's good to start with a Control Ward. If you know that the ennemy jungler can gank at lvl 2/3 or if the ennemy botlane can't poke you a lot (short range adc, melee support...), you can buy a Control Ward instead of 2 Health Potion. If you have taken the "biscuit rune", not having potions isn't a huge problem. But you must beware of grab or other "engage ability".
During the game
Bla bla
Final words
If you want to join a cool LoL discord server : you can join Kim Community.
We are friendly people ;)
League of Legends Build Guide Author Hoshikoo746
Hoshikoo746 Neeko Guide
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★Neeko Support Guide★

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